A Caribbean Vacation

The sun was high on this hot July afternoon. Taylor’s parents had brought her to this wonderful ocean resort as a reward for completing her first year of college. She was thrilled with the pool area and preferred it to the beach. Because she was in Mexico she could enjoy adult drinks and loved having

A True Life Tranny Experience

My real name’s Benny, and I’m a 32 year old very passable bi transvestite that has an insatiable craving for receiving another guy’s cum. I’m 5ft 7in tall, quite skinny (10 stone ‘ 140lbs to you Americans), and have perfected the mannerisms of a ‘real’ woman in every way, without going over the top by

Action In The Woods

I was working in the Bracknell area at the time and I stopped off in this car park after work to go for a run. Its quite a well known trolling area and I made sure I was wearing a sexy pair of running shorts in case any interesting opportunities arose (something’s arising right now

A Hole in the Wall

It hadn’t been my first trip to a place like that. Every city of any size has them. The trick was finding them. Lawrence isn’t big for a city but it’s a university town. This was before the Internet and its incredible simplification of the process of finding a dick to suck. Hell, back then