Idiot Indian sex story

Hii everyone I m Rajveer from Punjab, 5’11” with muscular body doing I m 20 years old.
Coming back to the story, it happened when I was in 12th class. Our school has recruited new staff for the better board results and mrs Meenakshi was one of them. She was our chemistry teacher. She was married from past ten years and had two kids, she recently completed her post graduation and joined the job to make her hubby realize that she can also earn and do something. By the way she was really hot even after 10 years of her marriage and her dressing sense would make her even hotter. I think she was 36-30-34 and she knows that how flaunt her oomph factor. I really loved her plump and chubby body as I love women like her.
So by the time our mid terms got over in October the whole class got very poor marks and everybody was worried about boards. So Mrs Meenakshi thought to give tuitions to the weak students and also earn some quick bucks. She selected some students and I was one of them and told us that we should start taking tuitions from her otherwise all of us would fail in the board exams. We all lived in the same area but mam’s residence was very far from our homes. So mam decided that she will rent an apartment in our area and teach the tuition. She told me to arrange a flat for the tuitions. Everything was going smooth but still most of the students don’t want to join because they were not serious about the studies. So she told me to start coming to her and others will also join by watching me. I was ok with it and she told me to come at 5 in d evening.
So I reached there on time and was waiting for her. She came in 5 mins on her activa. She was as usual looking damn hot in red sleeveless salwar suit with deep neck and back. I greeted her and she smiled and asked me to come inside. We went in and sat, she started talking about usual things about the school studies etc. I was staring at her heavy breasts she noticed that and the situation became awkward but she ignored that. We studied some basics and left. Everything was going alright for some days and I studied alone there sincerely.
But one day it was raining heavily and I went there but thought that either she will not come or come by car. But she came on activa fully drenched and I was stunned looking at her. She was wearing blue chudidaar and sleeveless kameez. We went inside and she removed her duppata and soaked herself and sat on the chair. She said she is not feeling well and also feeling cold so she will not teach today. She said that she was in the mid way when the rain started that’s why she couldn’t get back home and came here. I thought to leave but it was raining heavily so I decided to wait till it slows down so I also sat on the chair beside her.
I was again staring at her and caught me this time and asked me dat “why do u stare at me so often?” I had no answer. She said “come on, say na, I ll not say anything” I was again silent. But this time she got angry and shouted that ” if you will not speak up den I ll complain to your parents.”
With fear in my mind, I spoke up that “mam you are very beautiful”
She: “so what?”
Me: “that’s why I look like dat”
She: “what do you like in me ?”
While saying this she untied her hair and started wiping the water from her hair.
Me: “ummm,mam….hmmmm”
She: “cmon speak up na”
Me: “mam ur figure…ummm.. grrr..”
She: “oh I knew that, u teenagers are all same. Dnt worry but u should realize that I am ur teacher and you shud control urself.. btw what do `u like in me ?”
Me: “mam ur..your breasts…ummm
She smiled and looked at her boobs for a while then said “would like to see them?”
I was stunned.
She understood my feelings and said “come with me” and took me to the next room which was almost empty and she sat on a shelf meant for keeping books etc. and said “ok c’mon remove my kameez”. I removed it with shivering hands. Oh my god, she was so fair and beautiful. She was wearing black padded bra. She pulled me towards herself and started kissing. I was fondling her body and kissing her deeply, she was also enjoying. Slowly I removed the strap of her bra from her shoulders. She hurriedly opened her bra while kissing and then pushed me on them. She has light brown nipples.
But suddenly she got a phone call and she said that she have to leave immediately. I was very disappointed, she noticed that and smiled “do u have any free period tomorrow”

I said “7th period is free mam”
“Oh good, mine is also free. So meet me in the staff room” she said calmly while hooking up her bra.
Next day she had 2nd period in our class. She was wearing light green saree with matching red skin fit blouse. She was frequently looking at me while teaching and smiling also. Then I went in the staff room in 7th period. She was having having tea. She saw me and came to me and said “go and wait near staff washroom”
I ran from there and rushed to the washroom. The staff washroom was in the corner of the school building. She also came there in few minutes and entered the washroom without watching me. I also followed her and she entered a cabin there, no one noticed me as most of the students were busy in their classes. As you all know school washrooms have small cabins having commodes so that multiple people can use it.
I also entered the cabin and immediately she locked the door. I understood what she wanted and I held her waist, pulled herself towards me and started kissing her violently.
She pushed me away and said “don’t waste the time and do the main thing” and sat on the commode and signaled me to come. She picked her saree upto her thighs and removed her black panty and threw it on the floor. I also sat on the commode and started opening her blouse and then her bra but she stopped me and said ” don’t open this, we have only 30 mins, all this will take time” and she took her boobs out of her bra. I bent down and gave a small kiss on her pussy lips and she moaned. I then took out my tool and banged it in. She gasped a loud moan while I started squeezing her boobs. I was pumping her hard while we both were sitting on a same toilet seat.
She started moaning loudly so I started kissing her. I fucked her in that position for almost 15 mins. Then I said “mam I am coming” she replied ” don’t worry, I am on the pills” while she was speaking I shot my thick cum inside her and she also exploded. We stayed like that then I got up and started dressing myself. But she was still lying there because of her pleasure. I saw her closely she was looking sex goddess with her blouse was open and legs widely spread her hairs were messy. The sight was awesome. Then she got up, buttoned up her blouse, corrected her saree, she took the panty and kept it in her handbag. Again kissed me tightly, winked at me and went away till then bell of the next period also rang. After that incident, I have fucked her couple of times and still we are in contact.

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