Lesbian sex with Chubby Erin

In 2006 I lived with this girl named Erin. She was a cute, chubby girl who died her hair red and black and wore it in a bell cut. She had a smile that could make you cum right in your pants. In summer, she’d go to bed early because of work, and I would stand at her door. You could see her curves through the small teddy she’d wear, and I would stand at the door, tugging at my hard cock.

It was too much to handle, and eventually I’d go to my computer and load up some videos of bouncing tits to cum on. One night I was doing exactly this, and that’s when I heard her:

You’re a very naughty boy.’ She said. ‘Standing at my door, and then going to your PC. I can hear you cumming you know.’ I was often very load when I blew my load, letting out moans of ecstasy. ‘For this you must be punished. Keep wanking your dick, and I am going to sit behind you, fondling my big tits. And you can’t look! If you dare turn around, I move out, and we never do this again.’

And so that’s how it went for a week or so. I so desperately wanted to turn and glance at those tits, especially when she started masturbating herself some days in. But I loved her watching me so much, I couldn’t bare to do it. By week 2, she made it more intense.

‘Today, I am going to sit behind you, and rub my tits on your back.’ I sat in her lap, wanking it hard, and felt those huge tits. It was incredible. By week 3, I wondered what else she had in store.

‘Don’t go your filthy porn websites today, masturbater.’ she said. Go to your porn folder. I have a surprise’, and that she did. I found a folder called ‘Erin’, each picture was more explicit than the last. They started with clothed side boob shots, showing her curves. Then bikinis, then underwear, then topless (I almost blew it then!) and then her masturbating. I was in heaven, and she sat behind me the whole time rubbing tits on my back.

On the last day of the third week, I went to open the folder. ‘Don’t be silly,’ she said, and pulled out her tits. ‘You stand there, and face my tits, I want your cum all over them!’ I couldn’t believe we’d finally made it to this, and I blew my load in record time!

She moved out later that year, but we had plenty more fun in the meantime. She even sucked my cock and we fucked on occasion. I still see her once or twice a year, but those three weeks with Erin will always stick in my mind!

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