Tessa and the Unicorn

Tessa stood in the forest, the hunters behind her. While she knew the ways of a man with a woman, she had never been with a man, and indeed had never even kissed one, not counting her papa. She also knew why she was there, and why the hunters were there. They were hunting unicorn,

Clarissa’s massive tits

I landed myself a woman that most regular guys would run screaming from. Her name is Clarissa and she is one whopper of a big woman, just the way I like them! Fat and all that! Mmmm dayum! Yeah, most guys would call me a freak because I dig picking up chicks at the local

Dance with a fattie mom

When I was 16 years old, my family and I were staying at a hotel for Spring Break that also happened to be the location of a BBW Bash, basically a hookup and relaxation and week-long party for fat women and people who like them. My parents tried to ignore it, but I was fascinated.

Short story, short on sex

Elaine stood next to me at the hotel bar with a bemused twinkle in her eyes that was probably in part due to the fact that thirty minutes earlier we’d been fucking like crazed weasels in the hotel room. I would have been happy to stay in bed and order-in, but Elaine had wanted to