Jane was tending to the Bonobo chimps in the zoo

Jane has been in charge of the Bonobo enclosure for a couple of month, and she was enchanted with them. She has come here from ** where she had been in the staff of the local zoo, working with the Chimpanzees. She liked these lively and curious apes but their irascibility and mischief making especially

Sperm Roulette

Several weeks had passed since Barb’s ‘date’ with Tom’s black friend and it turned out that she did not get pregnant from her first interracial fling. After Barbara’s black lover left that night, her mind in a turmoil with the possibility that she might well end up pregnant with a black child. It was the

Pussy Rosa’s First Affair

Rosa and I had been married for seven years before the idea of her having sex elsewhere than our marriage bed ever really came up. Both in our early- 30s, we had an active, varied, satisfying sex life, unlike so many couples that have been married for years. While I am a tall, slim, fairly

Tracey desire for Big Black Cock

This was not how Bill had envisioned his weekend. As he approached the house, he thought of how he had just recently blacked out Ashley and had been looking forward to a weekend full of fucking her in his currently empty house. Ashley has developed the biggest tits in school over the last few months,

A woman spies on her neighbors while gardening in her backyard

It was a beautiful late spring day and Lisa was in her backyard weeding the landscaping. Like all the homes in the subdivision she had a high privacy fence around the yard and Lisa was working on the fence line between her and her neighbors Tabby and Greg, a couple in their mid-thirties that had