Pregnant Pause

The stylish and expensive car pulled to a stop before the small and modest apartment building. The owner sat inside, tapping on the steering wheel before putting the car into park. She remained sitting in the car for several minutes, still tapping the wheel, trying to get the courage to get out and deal with

Lessons From A Mature Woman

Naked, young Benjamin Dryor strolled back into the bedroom from the tiny bathroom of his efficiency apartment. Although he could have easily grabbed a washcloth to clean up after himself, he didn’t. He decided to enjoy the wetness and the pungent odor of clover and vinegar, of green tea and yeast which clung to his

A wife’s exhibitionist lifestyle

A while back, I sent you “Volume I” of my experiences. In case you’ve forgotten, here’s a copy: I guess I’ve always been an exhibitionist. I can remember the thrill I got in high school whenever I realized that a boy was trying to look up my skirt. I also remember that on such occasions,

True telling of a slut wife

This story I am about to relate is true, a few names have been changed of course but otherwise totally true. My name is Andrew and I have been married to Katie for a little over 8 years. I am 29 and she is 26. From what she has told me she has been sexually

When I spied on my boyfriend and found him fucking his dog

“Jason, where are you?” I said as I walked into my boyfriend’s house and peered around. My boyfriend told me to meet him at 10 o’clock to hang out. I started to walk up the stairs when I heard noise, which sounded like moaning coming from the room at the end of the hall. As

White, married social worker raped by BBC

This story was written as an adult fantasy. The author does not condone the described behavior in real life. The September sun beat down on Lisa through the open sunroof of her blue Acura as she pulled up to her last case of the day in the middle of the projects. The young, 21 year