Sibling relationships sometimes take a turn for the bizarre

This text contains material of an explicit and adult nature. If you are not of legal age to view such text DO NOT READ ANY FURTHER. The following incidents and characters are fictional and in no way reflects any known persons, situations or places. Any similarity to real life is purely coincidental. Permission is granted

I do my best to solve my sister’s ugly problem

Since I was home from school on the semester break, I took my sister to a nice restaurant on the night before her 16th birthday. “How’s your love life?” I asked her with a smile as we studied the big menus. She shook her lovely head. “I have none. Boys are disgusting.” “Your pardon, miss?

Aunt Jane came to fuck

I had been married to my wife for six years. From day one, everyone went to her aunt Wilma’s house to hang out, grab a drink, play cards and in general just chill out. It was where I could go for a good game of poker, as she was 67 years old and retired. I