Dominant Mother

Peter heard the click clack of high heels on the stone floor of the cellar coming towards him. He was naked and tied to a bench, his arms were tied to the side, his feet with his knees bent were tied to the legs. His back rested on the black rubber covered seat. He knew

Dating In The Hills

‘Billy Bob!’ I yelled in a shaky voice from being pounded from behind, ‘Hurry up and finish.’ Damn, I know family comes first but he could hear Rufus, my date for tonight, honking his truck horn in the driveway. My older brother replied, still hammering, ‘If’n your pussy wasn’t so loose from all the screwing

Hotwife in the bar

It was a Friday evening. I had graduated from High School three weeks previously. I started a summer job the following Monday. It was now my 18th birthday. All of my friends were away for the summer, and my parents had given me a used car for my birthday, and left on vacation. I was

Dog sex on the pool

“You guys know something? I could really use a dip in the pool. What do you say we get the boys and take a swim?” I think it was Deidre this time. “Sounds good to me,” Debra agreed. I was ready as well. We put on white, terry cloth robes and nothing else and headed

A couple meets an unhappy pregnant woman on the beach

I was walking down the beach when I spotted her. I knew my husband had not seen her. He can sometimes be in his own world. I don’t mind. When his mind is off, he is usually thinking of me. He is just enjoying being with me, thinking of what he’d like to do with

Mrs. Brown intensely involved with her Golden Retriever

“You are going to be late, Alicia. Better hurry up!” I reminded myself. It was Friday afternoon and I was due for a weekend house sitting gig. I needed to get going. Actually, I was looking forward to it, getting away from things, maybe doing some reading, and just generally relaxing. The Browns always had

True Bestiality 2.

It was a long summer this year, I finally got a job and worked full hours. While I was working I had met this beautiful lady. She was tall, red hair, a little wider, the way I like them. And she had a nice butt. It wasn’t long till I started talking to her trying

African Seduction of Three White Women

African culture regards the seduction of sexually active women totally different than that of the western hemisphere. Sadly, there are few laws enforced to protect women in some countries and this appalling practice of sexual humiliation has torn families apart. A lot of kidnapped women, wives and daughters, have been forced into prostitution and sex