A woman who has always liked to dominate her boyfriends

“You’re kidding!” said Madison. Vanessa laughed. “No, I’m absolutely telling the truth,” she said. “You’ve been a conniving, controlling bitch since I first met you, but it’s hard to believe you pulled this off,” said Madison. “But I did,” said Vanessa. Madison knew Vanessa took her insults as compliments. “You’ve seen him.” “Yes, and I


“Don’t forget to call me if you catch an earlier plane home from the conference or if your plane is delayed,” said Florence. “I want to know either way, so I can be ready.” “OK,” said Erwin. “Why are you so obsessive about this vacation?” “Because your company owns you for the next five days,”

Arriving Home Late

Slowly you walk towards the house. You don’t see any lights on and let out a sigh of relief. Maybe he went to bed and won’t know that you were out later then you were supposed to be. Gently the door opens and inside you creep, your heels in one hand and your purse in

Andrea’s Husband

Andrea Harris sat and stroked the big black cock as she watched another black man thrash her husband’s ass with a cane. There were welts all across his bare ass cheeks as Andrea let go of the cock and walked up to him, she pulled the duct tape from his mouth, “You won’t embarrass me