Erotic story

My on air Greek Goddess hadn’t been around much lately busy with her on air duties plus being with her family I know not to bother her she’ll get in touch with me. Last night I’m sitting home my phone rings it’s my goddess… sorry I haven’t been around I’ve been really busy that’s ok

Miserable Aunt

My marriage wasn’t much of one. It felt more like a partnership than a marriage. I was on the road a lot to make ends meet and my wife was working part time, being homemaker and raising our daughter. Needless to say, we both were pretty miserable without being able to spend much time together.

Consensual Sex

“Mr. Chandler!!!!” Todd turned at hearing his name called. A sixteen year old beauty was facing him. Wholesome good looks, perky breasts, and a tiny waist perched atop a delightful bubble butt, tapering down to a pair of gorgeous gams, aptly displayed by her Daisy Dukes. Her low slung shorts exposed her hip bones, and

Uncle Bob’s Gas Station

Lana Masters approached her brother’s service station with some trepidation. This was her first job, in actuality. She’d married young, when her boyfriend had knocked her up at age seventeen. The following ten years had been good, but then he’d been killed by a drunk driver leaving a bar. The life insurance had carried her