A slave must endure the punishment inflicted by her Master, which includes encounters with animals at the local zoo

Warning, extreme story, but only fiction. “Up,” said my Master, coldly. He was obviously very angry with me. This was never good. He dragged me by the dog collar around my neck from the small closet that passed for my bedroom. “You will be punished,” he continued, “for your behavior last evening.” Last evening, I

On their first wedding anniversary, a jealous man watches his wife kiss her brother, who was away when they were married

Normally, I’m a very jealous man, so the events of the last couple of months leave me puzzled. Excited and angry, but also puzzled. I’ve lost girlfriends because of my jealousy. I had it under enough control to ask Wendy to marry me, even though I knew she’d had a previous lover. She told me