An Interracial Fantasy

About ten years ago, I had an interracial fantasy involving me, my wife, and a neighbor. Our daughters had got into a fight and the black family mother had come over to settle the incident. Unfortunately, it was settled pretty easily but I had this fantasy through the years of what would have happened if

Leroy’s slut wife

Having a black buddy like Leroy Washington is kind of odd for a white guy like me. Not because I’m racist or anything, but because he works the loading dock at my company where I’m a systems analyst. Plus he’s in his forties and I’m just a couple years out of college. He’s also a

Christina, a new young Cop

First Undercover assignment gets really complicated for Christina, a new young Cop. She must make some hard choices to stay alive. The following is an excerpt from “Undercover with Christina” a full-length story I have been writing for a couple of years. It has stalled for lack of time to finish it, so I decided