A female vampire seduces a young stripper

Jezebel watched intently as the young girls on the stage swung themselves about brass poles. Their bodies undulated to the rhythm of the music beneath the bluish- purple wash of the lights. It was a Wednesday night and there were relatively few patrons in the club. “Hey, Jezzie!” Eddie yelled from behind the bar. His

A woman has a fantasy that her friends are willing to help her fulfill

“I’ve been thinking,” Ildi said, sipping a Margarita. “Thinking and dreaming…” “About me, perhaps?” Nikki asked mischievously. Ildi looked across the table at her tall, cool friend. For the millionth time Ildi asked herself exactly what it was about Nikki… true enough, she was striking to look at, with her cascading auburn hair, sparkling dark

Dirty Moving

It had been simple, a drugged drink and the next thing she knew she was in a strange room, a decorated basement in some remote canyon of northeastern Los Angeles. Upon awakening she had found herself nude and held captive in this big room. Shortly after she awakened, two women walked in. “Hello Kerry,” one