Breasty Bobbi Meets Santa

It was just another card game with the boys when Brad said something weird. “Oh, fuck! My wife is going to kill me!” he suddenly exclaimed. “What the hell are you talking about?” asked Joe. Brad’s young wife Bobbi was the most timid and woman around. Not like Paul’s wife. She had just wandered through

A frustrated wife seeks help

The knock on the door had been gentle. When I opened the door Kay’s voice was very nervous. And now we were sat opposite each other on the arm chairs drinking coffee. And Kay was clearly upset. We had known each other for many years, but not as strong friends. Kay and her husband Tony

The Most Humiliating Weekend of My Life

I live in a pretty big house in a quiet upper class neighborhood outside of Boston with my wife Beth. We have been married for almost three years now and while I hold a corporate position with a Fortune 100 company, Beth is still just a housewife. I don’t mind really because she keeps the

Pregnant Pause

The stylish and expensive car pulled to a stop before the small and modest apartment building. The owner sat inside, tapping on the steering wheel before putting the car into park. She remained sitting in the car for several minutes, still tapping the wheel, trying to get the courage to get out and deal with

A traveling salesman with a secret fetish

Robert was fed up. He’d already had three days of driving around trying to drum up business, with consequently two nights in mediocre hotels and the only consolation there had been was that he was able to spend both nights totally clothed in his beloved rubber. Even when he had the anxious moment when the