Prostitute Lady

Carol and Alice decided to sneak off to go see Foxy Brown. It was frowned upon to see R-rated movies at the Brady residence but they thought “The Hell with it”. They told Mike they were going to a book club meeting. The two women didn’t say a word as they watched the movie and

Animal porn chapter 1.

It was about three-thirty the afternoon of December twenty-forth and as was common this time of year in New England, a light snow had begun to fall. But most everyone was undeterred as they flittered about filled with holiday cheer. Even the downtown office towers were filled with smiling men and women running about trying

Adventures of Mary Webb

My name is Mary Webb, and I have been around, let me tell you. I love men and women both. I guess you can say I am a ‘free spirit’. Let me describe myself to you. I am 38 yrs. old with shoulder length dark brown hair and dark almond shaped eyes. I am 5’6″