Pleasure Unit

For as long as she could remember, Gina had wanted to be a PLUN and a level four Pleasure Unit at that, the pinnacle of sexual strength and wondrous joy, the golden and tireless vagina and luscious body. Nothing else would do. All her anatomically correct Barbies were PLUNs and all of them were put

Pervert Sci-Fi

People will always have dreams, and when technology progresses the methods of attaining those fantasies will become more available… But what worth does a fantasy have if it could easily be fulfilled? Walking through the rainy streets of San Francisco, Jeanna Nolan made her way towards an appointment she had reserved a month in advance.

Chloe and Zoe in sex orgy

Chloe your boyfriend’s at the door, Which one? I don’t know do I, maybe if you got off your ass and stopped fingering yourself and had a look you would know! How old does he look? About the same as you, ?? Now come let him in. Fuck sake, ok. I got up and went