Body Swap

Mitch Robertson was a little bit homely and so was his girlfriend Layla. They tended to suit one another rather well but Mitch always had the yearning to make love to a really beautiful woman, a fashion model would have done admirably. Layla wore glasses, had a rather large nose, big hips, and a very

A Nice Piece of Ass

It’s not often that a guy’s girl friend takes off and rents her apartment to a friend but that happened to Jake Morrison. Amelia and he had a big fight and although he’d been trying to get her on the phone for three days, in the hope of patching things up, she just wouldn’t pick

Naomi and me

Naomi and I had known each other all of our lives, and dating each other just came naturally. We were a steady item from 6th grade on through high school, and by our senior year we were an intimate, steady couple. Our families knew each other, and they were supportive of us being together. Everyone

Male on top

Faith let out a soft sigh and let her head fall back, her eyes closing as she relaxed atop her padded stool, elbows on the metal rail at the edge of the bartop, a slender glass stem held delicately in one hand, the other clutching the strap of her bag. She hadn’t really been sure

Seduced by a Horny Friend

I am an oversexed, 60-year-old, married man who was forced to endure the God-awful experience of being raised as a Mormon. During my early childhood, virtually all of the adults who were a part of my everyday life–with the notable exception of my very open-minded father–considered homosexuality and bisexuality to be an abomination that a

My Boss Is a Shemale

I slowly put my tongue on it. It’s so hard and solid. I feel like I could break my skull on it. I can feel her breathing and shiver as I slowly put the head in my mouth, so warm. I alternate between suck the head and licking the shaft, even giving some attention to

Tale Of A Father And A Daughter

This story is completely fictional! After my wife and I were married, we had a little girl. We named her Sandra, and she was a joy to us. Sandra and her mother were so much alike. My wife emphasized the similarity and went everywhere with our daughter dressed in matching outfits. We both spoiled Sandra,