The Black Sandwich

About two weeks ago we received an envelope with a picture of a young good looking, tall black stud who had a 10 inch cock and wanted to join us in our fantasy. We contacted him and arranged to meet at our place the following night. When he arrived I thought Jennie was going to

A Canadian wife gets creampie

“What do you think of him, Connie?” I whispered. I nodded in the direction of a muscular, somewhat intimidating looking, black man sitting up at the bar. My wife and I were sitting in a little neighborhood tavern near our hotel looking for a likely candidate. We’d been fantasizing about having a threesome with another

Alternate Lifestyle

The room was dark with only candles illuminating the tables as I walked inside the restaurant. My heart was racing as I contemplated what I was getting myself into. I had agreed to meet a couple at the restaurant to see if I met their screening criteria to join them in a rendezvous for sex.