Young marrieds have a little naughty fun

Cyn and I have always enjoyed a good sex life over our 28 years of marriage. This is one episode which helped keep things interesting and fun in our earlier years… We were in our mid 20-‘s, having been married a few years. We had two young children and were thrilled with getting invited to

A young couple are offered a chance

Maura burst into tears and grabbed her pocketbook and dashed off to the ladies room. For about the millionth time. So much for this night. And this marriage. We’d had a decent run as husband and wife. Most marriages founder on the same rocks – bad communications, children, outside interference, money, sex, bad communications, ridiculous

Husband and wife start role-playing

My husband and I had been married for ten years, we had decided to leave children until later, it wasn’t that I was career minded or anything like that, just that John was starting his own company and he needed all the capitol he could get his hands on until the business could properly support