Sharing my wife

We’d been celebrating Jess’ and Jack’s baby with rather a lot of alcohol and with Jess in hospital for a few more days Jack had no need to be home at any particular time. We’d known the couple since teenagers and had done pretty much anything you could think of together one way or another.

Modern Love Story 2.

“It’s simple really. When you think about it, all three of us want the same thing. So, make the most of the opportunity. If you want to fuck him, or if he wants to fuck you, then do it. It doesn’t matter whatever else you’re doing.” “Whatever else I’m doing?” Her incomprehension was obvious. “Well,

The Cuckold Conference

I’d just checked into my room at the mountaintop resort where the conference was being held. As I pulled back the curtains to enjoy the view, a man on the next balcony waved to get my attention. When I opened the window he explained that they were locked out of their room. I called the