A Mother’s Nasty Thoughts

I know it’s nasty, but I had this thing for my son’s
girlfriend and she didn’t seem to mind, and well…
things just sort of happened.

Up until Brad started dating Jennifer our life was pretty
normal. Sure, I knew that my son was a little more
attracted to me than was normal. I’d realized that he had
erections when he’d seen me in various states of undress
over the past few years.

But even though deep down in my darkest thoughts I had
fantasized about making love to my son, I certainly would
never do anything about it.

I was a firm believer that everyone had perverted
thoughts from time to time. I often wondered what middle-
aged fathers were really thinking when they were in the
act of kissing their pretty young daughters. I know what
I usually thought about when I was kissing my son for one
reason or another.

But when Jennifer came home with Brad one night and he
introduced her to me and we performed the ritual cheek
kiss and hug, I was surprised by the feeling of warmth I

I don’t mean warmth in the sense of fellowship. I mean
one of those heart rate, wet pussy, prickly skin feelings
of warmth. Jennifer reminded me of myself when I was her
age. Actually she could have easily been mistaken for my

That first time I was confused and embarrassed and I
noticed the smug look in the teenage girl’s eyes. But I
got over the feeling and composed myself and then the
kids went out on their date and I tried to forget the

Both Brad and Jennifer had just turned 18 and were both
graduating from high school in a couple of months. They
seemed deeply attracted to each other so when I heard
noises up stairs one Saturday afternoon just after
arriving home from the store, I knew what was happening.

I was worried, I hoped that they were practicing proper
birth control. Even though I liked Jennifer, I thought
that both her and Brad were too young to get married and
especially too young to have c******n.

As I continued to hear my son’s bed squeaking and the
headboard bumping against the wall of his room in a
steady rhythm I became more and more nervous. What if
they were ignoring birth control? I knew how passion
could over power teenager’s common sense in the spur of
the moment, and I really didn’t want to risk being a
grandmother at 40.

With no real plan of action I climbed the stairs to my
son’s bedroom. As I crept down the hall the image of the
two kids making love kept running through my mind. The
image of a “young me” screwing my son in the heat of

By the time I reached my son’s bedroom door I was
breathing harder than I normally would have from the
climb. I pressed an ear to his door and listened.

I could hear muffled voices, first a female voice then a
deeper male voice. I couldn’t understand what they were
saying but when I heard a muffled female moan of pleasure
I knew that Jennifer was enjoying my son’s efforts.

I knew that I should have waited till later but I gently
pushed open the door and peered in. What I saw pushed
thoughts of birth control and motherly concern right out
of my mind.

Jennifer was on top and she was “riding” my son like a
cowgirl riding a mechanical bull. Neither k*d could see
me from my angle, but I could see them perfectly. My son
was stretched out full length with his feet toward me and
Jennifer was rising and lowering herself on his big shiny
dick at a fast rate.

It was as if I was in a dream. I watched fascinated as
Brad’s dick appeared and disappeared to my view and
Jennifer’s motions increased at an even faster rate.

It was so sexy looking; watching my son plugging into
Jennifer’s pretty young body, to see his legs straining
with need as he humped his crotch up against her as she
ground herself into him.

I could imagine how it must be for them. I could
perfectly imagine the feelings Jennifer must be receiving
from my son’s full erect cock as she sank down onto him.
I was soaking wet and my heart was in my mouth as I
watched on, unable or unwilling to move.

Then Jennifer groaned and her strong young body seemed to
shiver and she leaned forward and uttered a gasping,
“God, Brad. I love you.” Then she slumped down on him as
if in exhaustion.

As I silently closed the door I heard my son say, “Okay
baby, now it’s my turn, roll over and lets see how long I
can last.”

The fear came back to me again, over powering my lust. He
hadn’t cum in her yet, but he was going to. And I had
seen them fucking and knew he wasn’t wearing a rubber.
Damn, what could I do?

I knocked on the door. Then I opened it and walked into
the room. Both Brad and Jennifer were struggling to cover
themselves with the disheveled bedclothes.

“C******n,” I said, “I hope you’re using birth control.”
There, I’d said it, and I was glad I had because as
stupid as it might sound they hadn’t been. Brad’s big
plan was to pull out at the last moment and cum on
Jennifer’s belly.

Apparently the kids had been doing if for a couple of
months whenever they had the chance. I was glad that I’d
nerved myself up enough to burst in on them. God, what a
disaster if Jennifer had gotten pregnant.

It turned out that Jennifer hadn’t bought pills because
her mother was very religious and believed that people
should never have sex until they were married. She hadn’t
gone to her gynecologist because her mother would have
found out.

I know that it wasn’t my right, but I gave Jennifer my
birth control pills and told her to start taking them
right away. My husband was on the road so much because of
his new job that I wasn’t expecting any action for a few
weeks at leas and by that time I could get more pills and
hopefully get Jennifer sorted out.

As it tuned out my plan had a few flaws in it.

That night I heard Jennifer and Brad at it again. I ran
up to his room and rushed through his door yelling, “You
can’t have sex until Jennifer’s been on the pill for a
couple of weeks. STOP!”

Both kids were shocked by my intrusion, but this time
even though Brad pulled the sheets up to cover himself,
Jennifer didn’t. she just lay there naked resting on her
elbows and looking up at me.

For a few moments I couldn’t tear my eyes from her
perfect young body, she looked so inviting. Then I heard
her say, “But Mrs. Hall I’m so horny I don’t think I can
wait 2 weeks, I need to get off now or I’ll bust.”

I looked at her and then to my son. “Son, there are other
ways of satisfying a girl other than intercourse. And
Jennifer the same goes for you, you can always use oral
sex and wait until the pills take effect before going
back to this.”

My cheeks were glowing from embarrassment now, but I’d
said what needed to be said.

I hadn’t moved and had hardly taken my eyes off
Jennifer’s lewdly sprawled out young body. She looked so
inviting, I could see why Brad wanted to screw her at
every opportunity, if I were a man I know I would.

Then my eyes went wide when Jennifer moved to a sitting
position and looked up into my face and earnestly asked,
“Mrs. Hall, could you show Brad how to eat pussy? We had
oral sex when we first met and Bard can never seem to get
me off. He needs someone to show him how to do it and I
can’t get down there, (She indicated her nicely trimmed
pussy with a casual gesture) to show him myself.”

At first I was going to shoot back with a sarcastic barb.
How dare this c***d try and embarrass me! But as I
continued to look into Jennifer’s eyes I saw the lids
become hooded and she opened her mouth slightly and I
could see her pink tongue moving over her lower lip in

I knew I was doing wrong, but suddenly I didn’t care. I’d
had a brief lesbian affair in college with my roommate
and I knew what to do to get another female off. But I
have to admit that I thought that episode in my life was
over. Apparently not.

I walked into the room and stood over the c******n. Then
I pulled my blouse off over my head and then my slacks
down and quickly removed my underwear. My son lay beside
his girlfriend unmoving. I think he’d actually stopped
breathing. I knew he wasn’t going to protest and I knew
he was aroused because I could see a rather large tent
with a wet spot at the top in the sheet covering his

Then I gently pushed Jennifer back to the mattress and
gave the girl a long sensual french-kiss, smooching our
lips together for over a minute.

Then I broke our kiss and began to kiss Jennifer’s neck
and collarbone, then her breasts and then I moved down
showering her body with kisses and tiny nibbles.

The whole time I was moving toward my target Jennifer lay
sprawled out willingly surrendering herself to me. She
squirmed under my attention and moaned softly every time
I caused a new sensation. I was enjoying this

Occasionally I looked over at my son and was aroused even
more at the sight of him laying there beating off beside
us. It was like a dream, my perfect son, naked and
masturbating to my little sex show. And pretty young
Jennifer moaning in pleasure under me.

I finally decided to get Jennifer off and increased my
tongue rhythm and in a minute she was screaming, “YES!
YES! OH FUCK YES!” As she came hard on my tongue.

When she finally was able to catch her breath she gasped,
“See Brad. That’s the way you should do it. If you could
eat pussy half as well as your mom, I could give up
fucking permanently.”

I smiled and said, “I think Brad would have a hard time
with that.”


After that incident our relationship changed. Although at
first I drew the line at fucking my own son, I did join
in regularly with them and pleasured Jennifer and let her
pleasure me. We became sort of a threesome over the next
few weeks.

I purchased birth control pills for Jennifer on my
prescription, and let the kids start having intercourse.
I also enjoyed watching them and even joined in from time
to time to increase Jennifer’s pleasure. (And mine.)

But things took a terrible turn when one evening as I had
Jennifer down on the bed and was eating her pussy
fervently I at first didn’t realize that Brad had moved
up behind me. But when I felt him push into my wet pussy
I reared up and told him no.

But Brad wasn’t having any of it, he just firmly held my
hips and pumped away. It felt so good to have a stiff
dick in me again after so long, but I knew it was wrong.
Then suddenly I realized that I’d run short on birth
control pills this month and hadn’t taken any for several
days intending to get back on schedule soon.

But as I was about to protest loudly, Brad thrust hard
against my butt and I could tell by his jerking body and
gasps of pleasure that he was emptying himself in me.

I looked down into Jennifer’s eyes and whispered, “I’m
not on the pill.”

To my utter surprise she just smiled at me and reached
up, taking my face in her hands and kissed me deeply as
my son finished his long deep cum in his momma.

I went to the pharmacy the very next day and filled the
birth control prescription. But 6 weeks later when my
period was 3 weeks over due and I’d shown positive from a
home pregnancy test, I knew I was screwed. What had I

When my husband came home I made sure that we fucked like
rabbits. I needed a cover for my son’s baby and if I
could make him think it was his then everything would be

The one good thing about being pregnant was that I didn’t
have to worry about birth control any more and that left
a whole new vista of wonderful things I could do. With
this new feeling of freedom I began to participate in my
son’s and Jennifer’s sex life regularly.

When they came home after work, (They had graduated from
high school almost 6 months now) I would invariably be
home and ready to make their experience more interesting.
I was able to instruct them in sex positions and fun
things to do that they might never have though about on
their own.

When nine months later I gave birth to my son’s baby boy
I was strangely glad. Jennifer knew what had happened, I
couldn’t seem to keep anything from her, we were like
sisters and certainly lovers. In fact when Jennifer and
Brad finally broke up and he started dating other girls,
I left my husband and we set up house together.

Jennifer is better than any man, including my lovely son.
She knows how to give and receive pleasure better than
any man will ever be able to.

Just for old times sake though, when Brad is between
girlfriends we’ll let him join in. I do like a big stiff
dick from time to time…

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