A boy goes to his friend’s house and gets a lot more than he bargained for

Roddy’s mother sat on the settee stroking a big black
dog. The black butler brought in the boy.

‘Thank you, Charles.’

She uncrossed her legs but crossed them again as the dog
tried to nose up her short skirt. ‘Naughty Fritz, don’t
you think?’ She smiled at the boy. ‘Wouldn’t you be more
comfortable taking off that jacket and sitting over here
beside me?’

He did as she suggested, awkwardly, blushing. She was
wearing a strong perfume. Her large, full breasts swelled
out, filling her tight transparent blouse. Her large
nipples were erect, pushing their points out hard through
the silky material of her bra. She saw the boy looking at
her tits and smiled.

‘You’re my son’s best friend, I believe, Peter?’

‘I think so, Mrs. Tennant.’

‘Please, you must call me Amanda. And you thought Roddy
was here?’


‘Well, I’m afraid I have to disappoint you. He won’t be
here till tomorrow.’

‘I’ll go then.’ He made to get up.

‘Do you have to go right away? I would like to talk to
you, if that’s all right? I like to know the kind of
things that boys like you get up to these days.’

‘Nothing much, I’m afraid.’

‘Now, don’t try to tell me that.’ She moved closer to him
and laid her hand on his knee. ‘You don’t have
girlfriends? I’m sure Roddy has girlfriends.’

‘No.’ He was swallowing. Her hand had casually slipped
between his legs. He could feel his cock stiffening
embarrassingly in his trousers. She was very slowly
running her hand up and down his inner thigh, brushing
against his cock with her wrist.

‘I’m sure a big, handsome boy like you must turn the
girls’ heads. Why are you blushing?’

‘Am I?’

‘You don’t like me doing this?’

‘I… don’t mind.’

‘I can tell you like it.’

‘Can you?’

She laid her hand gently on his little stiff cock. ‘This
little thing tells me.’

‘Oh.’ He was swallowing furiously. She was undoing the
belt of his trousers.

‘I think we should slip these off, don’t you? Your little
man doesn’t seem too comfortable in there.’

She unzipped his trousers and his tight, swollen cock
pushed forward in his loose underpants.

‘You are quite a big boy, aren’t you, for your age?’

‘I don’t think so.’

‘I’m sure you are.’ She was gently rubbing his cock
sending electric waves through his pelvis. ‘Let’s take
these off.’ She pulled off his trousers, his socks and
his shirt. ‘That’s better, isn’t it? We’ll leave these on
for a little while, will we?’ she said, patting his cock
through his underpants.

She leaned back, slowly pulled up her skirt and opened
her legs. She had no pants on. Immediately Fritz put his
head between her thighs and began to excitedly nuzzle her
cunt, crying and whimpering.

‘I wonder what he’s after, Peter? Would you like to
investigate?’ She took his hand and laid it on her
swollen mound. It was warm and very wet. ‘You see what
you and Fritz are doing to me?’

She made him rub his hand backwards and forwards over her
cunt. She opened her legs to let him push his hand in
further and beneath her. She gave a little gasp. ‘Now
you’re getting the idea, Peter.’ She let him rub her for
a while, breathing deeply. ‘That’s nice, Peter. Very
nice. Go on. Don’t stop. Go on.’ He rubbed harder and
harder, his fingers sliding on the thick mucous emerging
from her open cunt,

His cock was almost bursting through his underpants.

‘I saw the way you were looking at my tits, Peter. You
don’t want to feel them?’


‘Then go ahead. Fritz can keep me occupied down there.
He’s not interested in tits.’ When he removed his hand
from her cunt, the dog immediately began to lick and
nuzzle her with more and more excitement. She took the
boy’s fingers up to her nose, sniffed them and licked
them, giving them little nibbling bites, then placed them
on her tits. She leaned right back, her legs wide open,
enjoying the dog snuffling her cunt with deep sighing and

He unbuttoned her blouse and she slipped off her bra,
releasing her large, pendulous tits. He ran his hands
over them catching her large black nipples between his
fingers. She groaned. He played with them, pleased to
hear her groan even more…

‘You do know what you’re doing, naughty boy. You may kiss

He took her large firm nipple in his mouth. She sighed
deeply. He began to suck the nipple, harder and harder.
She was squirming and groaning pulling the dog’s nose
harder and harder against her cunt. ‘Suck me, you two
naughty boys. Suck your mummy. Suck her. Would you like
me to be your mummy, Peter. Then you could suck me all
day long. Come on, suck your mummy! Suck her! Suck her!’

She thrashed about. He sucked each nipple as hard as he
could. ‘Oh, you good little boy.’ She pulled open her
cunt lips to let the dog tongue her deeper and deeper
inside her. Finally she arched her back with a scream,
then sank down onto the couch with a deep satisfied sigh.
‘I don’t know, ‘ she said eventually, ‘with you and
Fritz. I think we need to go upstairs.’

She led him up to her bedroom. The bed was large and low.
She took off her clothes and took off his underpants. She
reached down, rubbed her hands over her cunt and then
rubbed them over his arse.

‘Bend over the bed, Peter.’ He bent over the bed and
Fritz immediately started to lick his hole. ‘Do you like


‘Good. Feel the dog.’ She guided his hand down under the
dog to its large, throbbing cock. ‘Give it a wank. He
likes that. Gently now. Cradle his big red cock it in
your palm. Just the way you like it yourself.’

He knelt wanking the dog. She came up behind him and
began to do the same for him, at the same time rubbing
cream around and up his arse. She crouched to open her
cunt and ran her fingers deep inside herself and then
pushed them gently into his arse. It felt so good. ‘We’ll
add a little of this to make sure.’ She opened a box and
rubbed him with a mucous cloth.’ You’ll be able to thank
Milly later.’

‘Mount, Fritz.’

Fritz sniffed his arse excitedly for a second, licked it
then rushed frantically to mount him. She helped the dog
get its cock in the right place. The dog thrust deep
inside him then began to fuck him furiously. He could
feel himself coming. Amanda, lying on her side slipped
her head underneath him. and took his cock between her
lips. She began to slowly suck him off, deeper and deeper
into her mouth. The dog was digging deeper and deeper
into his arse.

He moved his hips backwards and forwards fucking her in
the mouth, being fucked in the arse by the dog. Faster
and faster, Fritz faster and faster in his arse, till,
with a last sudden lurch, his come erupted down her
throat. She swallowed and kept sucking till she’d
swallowed everything. She let the softening cock slip out
of her mouth. ‘That was good, wasn’t it, Peter. Me and


‘You can rest now. Come along, Fritz, it’s mummy’s turn.’
She sat on the bed and let the dog lick her, gradually
falling back on the bed holding open her cunt until the
dog’s tongue was deep inside her. She thrashed about
moaning and groaning. Peter lay on the bed and held one
of her large breasts taking the large nipple into his
mouth, sucking hard until it became rigid. She was still
groaning. Her hand searched for and found his cock. She
squeezed it and released it until it started to rise
again, harder and harder.

‘No, Fritz.’

The dog obediently stopped licking her and sat down
licking its own cock. She lay Peter back on the bed, his
cock sticking up hard into the air. She sat astride him
and down on his cock taking it easily up her arse. She
opened up her cunt, took his hand and guided four of his
fingers into her.

‘Push, Peter, you’ll get all five in if you try hard
enough. Keep pushing. You can’t hurt me only please me.’

All the time she was rising and falling slowly on his
cock. Gradually she got faster and faster as he plunged
his fingers faster and faster into her cunt. They both
came together in a screaming frenzy. She lifted herself
off him and lay beside him on the bed.

‘Aren’t you glad Roddy wasn’t here?’

He answered by filling his mouth with her nipple.

She put on a silk robe and gave him one in white
toweling. Go and shower in there, I’ll use this one.
They showered quickly.

‘And what will we do now? I think it’s time we fetched


‘Fritz’s female counterpart. I hope we haven’t tired out
poor old Fritz. Lilly’s in heat at the moment.’ She rang
the bell and Charles appeared with the large black bitch
on a lead.

‘Let me have her. I think we may need you later,

‘Very good, Mrs. Tennant.’ He gave Peter a look, which
made his balls, move in his scrotum.

‘Now, Peter, if you hold Lilly’s collar we’ll see what
old Fritz can do.’
Fritz was scraping the ground with his front paws. His
large red cock was unsheathed and dripping. He needed no
encouragement to mount Milly. He locked her in his front
paws and in went his cock, fucking her like a ferocious
machine. Peter felt his own cock swelling again.

‘Aren’t they magnificent? Makes you randy again, doesn’t
it?’ She took off her robe, opened her box again and
rubbed her cunt with the mucous cloth. ‘I think it’s our
turn now, don’t you?’ She eased Fritz off Milly, letting
him sniff the cloth and leading his nose to her own cunt.
She kneeled down and Fritz mounted her with practised
ease and began fucking her as if his life depended on it.

‘See to poor old neglected Milly, will you Peter,
darling? Kneel behind her, that’s it. On you go.’

Milly’s cunt was red and swollen, covered in mucous. As
he approached her she backed into him taking his rock
hard cock deep inside her. She was beautifully tight and
firm, the muscles of her cunt gripping and releasing his
cock. He had never felt anything like it. He thrust into
her, pulled out and thrust again. The sensation was
unbelievable. ‘Like a very young, tight virgin, I’m told.
Would you agree, Peter?’

His reply was lost in c*****g pleasure as he exploded his
come deep inside the patient dog.

‘Stay in, Peter. She’ll hold you.’ She reached down and
rubbed her hand around his cock and Milly’s swollen cunt,
then rubbed the juice around his arse. Fritz, his
interest revived, sniffed and licked his arse. Milly’s
cunt, gripping and releasing his cock had made it swell
again. Fritz mounted him sending electric pleasure up his
arse. Amanda stepped over Milly facing him and drew his
face into her dripping cunt. ‘Tongue me, Peter.’

She pulled her lips of her cunt apart and he slid in his
tongue as deeply as he could into her. He found her large
bony clit and tongued it as strongly as he could, being
fucked by Fritz and fucking Milly till he thought he
would die with the pleasure. Amanda screamed and thrust
her hand up into her cunt, writhing in pleasure. Again he
came in Milly just as Fritz brought off the wildest
pleasure in his arse.

They put on their gowns and Charles took the dogs away.

‘I’m not keeping you against your will, am I, Peter?

He laughed. They showered again; lay down beside each
other on the bed. They ate fruit, drank some wine and
fell asleep.

Peter awoke to movement on the bed. In the subdued light
he could see Charles kneeling on the bed sucking Amanda’s

Charles had a strong and powerful body with the well-
defined muscles of an athlete. Again he looked at Peter
with a look that made his balls curdle. He was so good-
looking and so black.

Charles lifted one of Peter’s feet and sucked his toes.
He sucked Amanda and Peter’s toes alternately, then
proceeded very slowly up the bed sucking their ankles,
their calves, their knees, and their thighs. He stopped
and very gently laid each of his hands palm down just
below their crotches. He rubbed them backwards and
forwards inching slowly upwards. Peter’s cock swelled and
slowly lifted.

Amanda groaned.

His hand was on Peter’s cock, holding it and squeezing it
gently. His other hand caressed Amanda’s cunt, round and
round in the golden hair. He dropped his hand down
Peter’s cock onto his balls, which he lifted and
caressed. He bent over, brushing his lips over his raging
cock and kissing his balls. He bent over and kissed
Amanda’s cunt, slipping his tongue into her as she opened
her legs and arched her cunt up to meet him.

She gasped and tried to hold his head into her. He
removed her hand and placed it against his bulging
pectoral. She caressed it and played with his nipple
between her fingers.

He opened his mouth, took the whole of Peter’s cock into
it, sucked it and slowly slid back up off it. He placed
his cupped hand on Amanda’s cunt and working slowly soon
had it in her almost up to the wrist. She bucked on it
moaning and groaning. ‘Don’t stop. Don’t stop.’ In
another minute she screamed, sighed and sank down onto
the bed with her eyes closed.

Charles smiled at Peter. Again he took his cock into his
mouth while dipping his other hand into a jar of cream
and sliding it underneath his arse. His index finger
found his arsehole and gently slipped in, moving it
backwards and forwards with exquisite pleasure. His arse
tightened and he realised that he now had two fingers up
his arse. Charles slid his fingers out of his arse, slid
his mouth off Peter’s cock and gently gripped it, wanking
it slowly and firmly.

Slowly he turned, stepping his knees over Peter until he
was facing the other direction, his arse above Peter’s
face. Still he gently wanked Peter lowering his arse to
just above his face. Peter slid his tong up to his arse,
licking it, trying to enter him. Charles sat back on his
haunches allowing Peter to lick his huge black balls. He
could see his long, thick cock swaying above his face.

Charles moved again so lithely that Peter hardly realised
he’d moved. He turned Peter over on his face and lifted
him up to the doggy position on the bed. Reaching under
Peter to grip his cock and keep gently wanking it, he
took more cream and smeared it over his big cock and
Peter’s arse. Slowly and gently he eased it into Peter.
It was so tight and so long he thought he would tear him

Miraculously his arsehole expanded to take the rigid
cock. Wanking Peter and fucking his arse at the same
rhythm he gradually built up the rhythm and the speed
until they bath came, Peter spurting over Charles’s hand,
Charles filling his arsehole with soft, fluid.

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