A boy returns home to become a man in his mother’s arms

Losing my job hit me like a freight train. Only two
years after graduating college, I was not used to this
kind of disappointment. With no major assets to worry
about, I considered moving back home to save money and
look for a new job.

The tough part would be breaking the news to Mom and
asking if I could move back home. I swallowed hard and
worked up the courage to call.

“Of course Danny,” she responded reassuringly on the
phone. “I’d be delighted! You’ll find your room exactly
the way you left it. I’ll pick you up at the airport!”

The phone conversation sure made me feel better. I now
looked forward to moving back home and starting over.
Mom has a way of making the best of a bad situation.

It had been a while for me. I had not been back home
since dad’s funeral. I was fraught with emotion getting
off the plane and retrieving my bags at the carousel.
“What is this going to be like? Is it going to be
awkward moving back home with mom after dad’s passing?
Would I be an intrusion… maybe she liked having the
house to herself?”

As I should have suspected, Mom was there waiting, and
suddenly all the anxiety disappeared.

I barely noticed her. She looked dazzling. She had her
hair done, makeup and manicure… a new outfit. I
momentarily lost my breath when I realized it was her.

“Mom?” I said, briefly at a loss for words. I wanted to
take her in, look her up and down… it had been almost
a year since I’d last seen her and today she was
breathtaking. I was not prepared for this sight and
from the way she smiled back, she knew it.

“What do you think?” she asked, extending her arms and
tossing her head to the side. I instinctively threw my
arms around her and squeezed hard. I nestled my head in
her shoulder and took in her perfume. “We have a lot of
catching up to do…” she whispered in my ear as we

I don’t remember if it was she or I who broke the
embrace; I was lost in the moment. I so dearly loved
the intimacy; it had been a while since I held a woman
in my arms. But the airport baggage claim was not the
kind of place for such displays of emotion. At least
that’s the way I was brought up.

My head was spinning as we walked to her car from
baggage claim. What a wonderful surprise not only to be
welcomed home, but to be greeted by Mom looking so
stunning. I wanted to hold her hand… or put my arm
around her. I just wanted to be close to this beautiful
woman. At the same time I wanted to stand back and
marvel at her: Her tight charcoal skirt, hemmed just
above the knee, matching hose, her black patent
stiletto pumps, white satin blouse opened to expose
cleavage and pearls underneath her matching suit
jacket. She was a vision to behold.

“Oh Danny it’s so wonderful to have you home dear. I
took the afternoon off to give you a proper greeting.”
I was wondering why she was dressed so elegantly, then
I remembered she had gone back to work in commercial
banking. After 20 years raising us kids, it looked like
she never missed a beat.

“Thanks mom, this is awesome,” I said getting into the

The ride home brought back all kinds of memories,
driving through all the old streets and neighborhoods.
But I could not pull my attention from my mom. Seated
next to her in the car, my attention became fixed upon
her, especially those legs. Her skirt rode up on her
thighs as she drove, giving me an even better view than
what I had been treated to at the airport. The sheer
dark nylons glimmered in the afternoon sun.

“Not bad for an old girl, huh?” she said demurely as
she glanced over at me. Her words startled me from my
gaze and I looked up to see that she had caught me
looking at her legs. I was mortified and once again at
a loss for words.

“Mom you look fantastic” was the best I could muster.
“Thanks for taking the afternoon off. You look like
you’re doing well.”

By the time we got home I was woozy; delirious with the
sight of this ravishing beauty squiring me home,
uncertain of my own future and where my life was
headed. But for the moment I was smitten with the
company of my beautiful Mother and the care and
attention she was giving me.

“How about a drink” she asked, opening a bottle of
Cabernet, not waiting for an answer. “Sure!” I replied,
“Where do I put my bags?”

“Oh honey, now don’t tell me you’ve forgotten where
your room was! Go upstairs, take your time and I’ll be
ready for you when you come down.”

Come down??? Could she possibly realize my head was in
cloud nine? Did she have any idea what she was doing to
me? Was it all a plan? I closed my bedroom door and
took a deep breath to compose myself. ‘This is my mom!’
I thought to myself. ‘I can’t be thinking these

When I came back downstairs she was seated on the
couch, legs crossed, arm draped across the backrest,
with a glass of wine in her hand. Another glass sat
waiting for me across the coffee table, but all I could
look at were those legs. It was like they grabbed my
attention and would not let go. “Thanks Mom” I said,
looking up to make eye contact as I reached for the
glass. Boy I could sure use this drink, I thought to

“Well Danny, she said with a smile, what do you have to
say for yourself?” It was her standard conversation-
starter, I’d gotten it a thousand times upon arriving
home from school as a c***d. But this time it was
different. This time I wanted to tell her what was on
my mind. I wanted to tell her that she was driving me

“Gee Mom I can’t believe how long it’s been. I don’t
know where I’d be without you,” I said, sipping the
wine but unable to break my fixation on her legs. My
cock by now was pulsating in my pants. She nonchalantly
dangled a high-heeled pump from her foot as we chatted,
crossing then uncrossing her legs. I tried my best to
keep the conversation going, but as usual Mom would
pick up the ball and run with it.

“It hasn’t been easy since your dad passed, Danny” she
confessed. “Going back to work, trying to make a living
and keep the house in order…” she gazed wistfully
into space as her sentence trailed off.

“But it’s just so wonderful to have you back home,
Danny” she perked up, returning her eyes to me.

“Danny… DANNY? Did you hear a word that I said?” she
asked, now sensing my preoccupation.

“I’m sorry Mom… I just can’t seem to take my eyes off

I could not believe what I said. However gorgeous she
looked in that airport and on that couch, she was still
Mom, and I just crossed a line I might never be able to
retreat back from. But I had proclaimed my desires and
it was now up to her to respond. Mom, not one to ever
sweep things under a rug, confronted the statement

“Come now Danny. Do you think I haven’t noticed you
staring at my legs all afternoon? Now why don’t you sit
over here on the couch with Mommy?”

The lump in my throat grew to match the one in my
pants. With sweaty palms and quivering knees I quickly
rose to take my place beside her on the sofa. With a
wine glass in one hand, she put the other arm around me
and looked into my eyes.

“It’s okay Danny… I understand,” she said,
momentarily glancing down to admire herself. “Girls
your age probably don’t need to dress like this. It’s
different for me darling. I’m 56 years old. And I
compete with women half my age.”

She took my hand and gently placed it in her lap, just
across the hem of her skirt, looking at me but not
saying a word. As my head was swimming in the aroma of
her perfume, her breast peeked discreetly from the
half-buttoned blouse, and now my fingertips were
actually touching the legs I had been longing for since
I first gazed upon them earlier in the day.

Her bright red fingernails softly stroked the back of
my trembling hand. “It’s okay if you want to touch them
Danny, I understand.” She raised her hand to caress the
side of my face, staring as deeply into my eyes as
anyone ever has before, “I got dressed special for you,
Danny. Do you like what you see?”

“Oh my God… Mom you’re beautiful… so incredibly
beautiful…” I could not bear to meet her gaze and
averted my eyes back down to her lap. My trembling
fingers began to stroke her thigh as she ran her
fingers through my hair. She repeated herself, now
whispering in my ear “It’s okay Danny, it’s okay…”

Her lips were now close enough to brush my earlobe as
she whispered, sending further shivers up my spine. My
fingers softly worked their way from knee to hem. Just
then she took a nibble of my ear and asked if I’d be a
dear and help her off with her blouse “I’ve got so much
else to show you darling” she coyly said.

With unsteady fingers I worked my way down the complex
fasteners of her blouse. Together we undid the cuffs
and slid the silky material from her shoulders,
revealing her breasts encased in a beautiful white lace
bra. She looked down at me and smiled. She knew that
she was taking her loving son to heaven. I resisted the
temptation to tear into the bra. No… this moment was
going to last.

I gently leaned forward to kiss the cleavage of her
bosom while gently cupping her breast in my hand. I ran
my thumb across the lace to sense her hardening nipple.
I teased it through the lace fabric with my teeth. It
seemed Mom would allow her son full access to her
treasures and she was enjoying the moment with equal

“That’s it baby… suck on Mommy’s nipple” she moaned.
I was able to lift the breast from the bra cup and
suckled on the nipple, just like I did so many years

We moved together to unhook the bra, releasing her
large mounds from the restraint of the brassire. With
awe and wonder I gazed on the two beautiful globes
before me, crowned by enormous, dark hard nipples.
Instinctively, I took one, then the other to my lips,
with mom softly moaning above me while stroking my
hair. “I so badly need a man to suck my breasts, Danny.
Ohhhh… that’s right. Please be the one… Please suck
on my breasts baby.”

Her free hand moved down over the bulge now straining
my pants. She gently unzipped the fly to free my cock.
Mom gasped at the sight of my pulsing erection: “Oh
Danny, you’ve become a man! Look at your magnificent
manhood! Oh Danny it’s so beautiful! Can I touch it
baby? Please let mommy touch it!”

I picked my head up long enough to stare into her eyes.
Whatever lines we were crossing were quickly becoming
ancient history. I didn’t want to speak. I wanted my
eyes to do the talking. We smiled together as I guided
her hand to my throbbing shaft.

We sat on the couch like two teenagers feeling each
other up. Perhaps in a sense we were, neither having
physical intimacy for extended periods in our lives. We
were rediscovering each other’s bodies and souls and
the room was on fire.

She had both hands wrapped around my cock and a gleam
in her eyes, soothingly running her fingers up and down
its length. “You have a magnificent cock, Danny, may I
suck on it? Danny… please let Mommy suck on it!”

She didn’t need to wait for an answer- and quickly went
about wrapping her lips around the knob, leaving a
swirl of lipstick and saliva in her path. I shifted to
allow my trousers down and better access for Mom. She
cupped my balls and sucked my cock with a hunger I’ve
never experienced before, working all the way down the
shaft without a breath. Before long I felt that
stirring deep inside that meant an eruption was

I put my hand on hers. “Please Mom, I’m gonna come…”

She broke off long enough to look back up at me. “It’s
okay Baby. I want you to come in my mouth,” she smiled
and quickly went back to work.

Those words shook my psyche to the core. In seconds I
commenced a shuddering upsurge of come that seemed to
go on forever. Spasm after spasm of shooting jism from
deep inside my body was going right into my wonderful
Mother’s mouth. I gasped with amazement as I watched it

When she finally lifted her head from my lap, a stream
of come dripping from her lips, I was taken by passion
and took her head in my hands, bringing my lips to hers
for a long steaming kiss. Our tongues swirled together,
sharing the juices of passion she brought forth from
her son.

“Oh Danny that was so wonderful. Thank you so much
baby. It’s been so long since I’ve had a man’s hard
cock, and I’ve needed it so badly.” She looked down and
softly stroked my penis, now contracting. “I hope you
don’t feel badly about this.”

“Mom we have nothing to feel badly about” I consoled.
“What you just gave me was the most wonderful sensation
I’ve ever experienced in my life! I will hold this day
with me forever, just like I’m holding you now.”

Enough words were spoken. We were discovering our power
to provide each other with unspeakable pleasure, and we
both yearned to go forward.

As I regained consciousness of the room around me, it
became clear that Mom’s remarkable cocksucking prowess
left the leather sofa spotless in the aftermath. I slid
off the couch to kneel before her.

I savored the moment, taking in all her loveliness in
the afterglow. I took her hands in mine. “Mom, you’ve
noticed that I haven’t been able to take my eyes off
your legs all day. I never realized how sexy your legs
are. Would you let me caress your legs for a moment?”

“Oh Danny, thank you for noticing my legs. There was a
time when all heads would turn as I walked down the
street. Nowadays I’m not so sure.” She extended a leg
to look down and admire herself. “I bought these
pantyhose especially for you, Danny. The shoes too. Do
you like them?”

I placed my hands back on her thighs, aching to push
the hem of her skirt up higher. “Go ahead Danny, take a
long look at Mommy’s legs.”

I could contain myself no longer. I pushed her skirt up
as far as I could. She accommodated me by lifting her
legs to allow me to go a little further. I brushed my
cheek across the inside of her thigh and began to kiss.
I was between her legs and in paradise. She stroked the
top of my head as I wrapped my arms around her waist to
pull her close, and advanced up her thighs with light
kisses all along the way.

I could feel the heat from her crotch as I moved upward
and knew my destination was within reach. My hands
massaged her buttocks through the hose. I ascended
along her thighs, hoping to get close enough to catch a
glimpse of her sex. By now her scent was heavy &

I lifted my head to see her pussy spread out before me,
obscured slightly by the sheer black hose. “Oh Mom…
look at your pussy… it’s beautiful!”

A thick thatch of pubic hair was tufted behind the
crotch of her pantyhose. It glistened through the nylon
barrier. I could almost make out the swelling lips of
her pussy beyond. Her nether region was warm, moist and
fragrant, and it was drawing me closer.

“Oh Baby I can feel you’re getting close to Mommy’s
private parts,” she cooed. “Can you see my vagina
Danny? Have you ever wondered what Mommy’s vagina was

I was in a wonderful place, and wanted to stay forever.
I continued to caress her legs, feverishly planting
kisses along the way. I desperately wanted to reach the
nirvana of her pussy, but at the same time was in no
rush to get there. Her breathing grew heavier as I
progressed, and I was certain we’d both get our wishes.

I pushed my head as far up her raised skirt as I could.
My lips could finally make contact with her pussy
through the thin nylon obstruction, and they strained
to plant soft kisses on her pubic mound.

Forcing my mouth against her sex, I was able to suck
her juices through her hose. I could finally taste her.
I was savoring my own mother’s pussy and she was
feeding me her sweet nectar.

“Oh Baby, you’re going to make me come right through my
pantyhose!” she moaned. We rocked in unison on the
couch; my mouth locked to her crotch, her pussy flowing
in torrents. She heaved herself on top of me, grinding
her way to a shuddering orgasm. “OH Danny! OH Danny!
Make Mommy feel good! You’re making me feel so good!”

Her thighs locked around my head as she unleashed a
flood over my face. It was if she hadn’t experienced an
orgasm in years and all that pent-up tension and come
were finally being released. I was unable to breathe,
but it didn’t matter. This woman needed to come and I
wanted it to be as good as she was to me.

We recovered in each other’s arms on the sofa, slowly
regaining our breathing and composure. She held me and
kissed her come from my face. “Oh Danny, you make Mommy
feel soooo good!”

“Did you get to see Mommy’s pussy when you were down
there, Baby? Mommy’s pussy is very hot for you darling.
I want you to experience my pussy, but I want it to be
good for you.”

She paused, passionately staring into my eyes. “I need
you to fuck me with that wonderful cock of yours,
Danny. I need you to fuck me like the man you’ve
become. Please take me upstairs to my bedroom and I
will reward you with ecstasy beyond measure!”

My Mom was asking me to fuck her. This woman I had
known all my life was now a vixen bitch in heat.

I swept her up in my arms like a bridegroom on his
wedding night. I felt like a knight winning the king’s
daughter. I lifted her from the couch and proceeded up
the staircase towards the master bedroom. My parent’s
bedroom, in the bed where I had been conceived so many
years ago. As we ascended the steps, I thought of my
father and how he had fucked this woman. How wonderful
it must have felt to make love to this beautiful woman.
And I was soon to experience it myself.

I opened the bedroom door and we crossed the threshold
together. I looked around to reacquaint myself with the
surroundings. My parent’s bedroom was always a place of
mystery to me. But it was different now. The decor had
become more feminized since my father’s passing. She
had retaken possession of the premises: a canopy bed
with an eyelet lace comforter was now the focal point
of the room.

I gently laid her down on the bed. She was a little
disheveled from our tryst downstairs, but still
ravishing. I wanted to undress her, and tenderly
removed the high heel pumps from her feet. My raging
hard-on bobbed as I worked.

She reached up to stroke my face and noticed her now-
dried come in my hair. “Oh darling I think I may have
made a mess out of you. Why don’t you freshen up a
little while I get ready?”

“Yes Mom, but please don’t take too long.” We both
looked down at my throbbing penis and realized the
urgency. She reached out to grasp my shaft and replied,
“Yes darling, I understand.”

I stepped into her bathroom and closed the door behind
me, more to give her a moment of privacy than me. But
the moments I had to compose myself were well worth it.

When I re-entered the bedroom she stood before me. She
had redone her hair and freshened her lipstick, and
changed into a sheer black babydoll nightgown with a
matching sheer black panty and high heel slippers. Like
earlier at the airport, she extended her arms and
twirled around, seeking approval.

No words would be forthcoming from me. I purposefully
stepped up to her and took her in my arms. Our bodies
locked in passionate embrace while standing on the
bedroom floor. Arms around each other tightly, she
raised a leg to wrap around my backside. Our tongues
entwined while she reached down for my cock. I pulled
her other leg off the floor to complete our embrace,
clutching her bottom for support.

She was mine now. Her body wrapped around mine for me
to do with as I pleased, and the time for foreplay was
over. I was to mount her and fuck her like the stud she
required. I carried her to the bed and laid her back

“Danny darling, this is the moment I have been yearning
for so long. You are going to savor my pussy tonight
and I am going to experience your cock.” She languished
across the bed, inviting me with her eyes. “Now help me
off with my panties won’t you, and feast your eyes on
your Mother’s naked pussy for the first time.”

I leaned forward to kiss her, in appreciation for the
wonderful gift she was preparing to bestow. We both
silently acknowledged the solemnity of the night with
our kiss. My hands slid from her shoulders down her
side to the waistband of her panty. I knelt before the
bed in reverence, and slowly tugged the panty from her
hips. Her steaming wet pussy came in to view.

She slowly parted her legs as I carefully pulled the
panty over her heels. I dropped the garment to the
bedside and gazed with awe. “Oh Mom it’s beautiful.
It’s like a rose… It’s more breathtaking than I could
ever imagine!”

“Yes darling, this is my vagina, and soon it will be
yours to enjoy. This is the source of all femininity,
the font of my womanhood, and the place which gave you
life so long ago.”

She stroked her pussy, gently parting the hair covering
the mound, allowing her son a better view. The room
filled with the aroma of my Mother’s wet pussy, and I
breathed in deeply. She rubbed her swollen labia and
eased a manicured finger into its folds. She pulled it
out, coated with her sex, and extended it to me. I
closed my eyes and sucked it into my mouth. We moaned
together in rapture.

“Danny, my pussy is ready for you. Is your magnificent
cock ready for me?”

“Yes Mother.” I stood up to show her. My cock stood at
attention, throbbing. Its shaft thickly veined with its
red bulbous head oozing pre cum. She reached forward to
take it in her hand. “Ooh darling this is going to be
marvelous!” she exclaimed, leaning forward to kiss the
tip, then pulling it towards her.

But it was my turn to take control. I followed by
hoisting one knee onto the bed, and then took hold of
her legs behind her knees to raise them into the air.

Mom looked surprised at her son taking the lead. She
laid back smiling as I positioned my cock at the
entrance to her pussy. I paused briefly to prop her
lovely head on a pillow.

“Mother, may I enter your pussy now?” I asked

She moved her hand down to spread her pussy lips. “Yes,
darling, it’s time for you to fuck Mommy.”

“Then so be it,” and I plunged deeply into my Mother’s
wet gash. There was no working it in. She self-
lubricated so well that I slid all the way in with one
shove. She swallowed hard as I buried my cock to the
hilt, and collapsed to rest my head on her bosom. The
experience was at once blissful and traumatic.

My breathing was heavy and labored. She comforted me.
“That’s it Baby. Your cock feels so good inside Mommy.”
I could feel her tightening her muscles around it.

Our lips met for an extended series of heated kisses,
our bodies locked together on my Mother’s marital bed.

I wanted to cover her with kisses. I worked my way down
to her neck. “I need to be fucked hard darling,” she
whispered in my ear. “Be a good boy and fuck your Mommy
nice and hard.”

I propped myself back up onto my elbows and began to
fuck. Slowly I would ram it into my dear Mother just as
far and deep as I possibly could. She writhed below me
in ecstasy on her bed.

“Oh Yes Danny that’s it… this is how Mother needs to
be fucked! Pound me with that big dick of yours. Can
you feel how nice my pussy is on your cock! I’m going
to come all over this cock of yours… Do you like the
feel of my pussy?”

With her words of encouragement I picked up the pace of
my ministrations, her legs now straight up in the air
as she clutched at whatever flesh of mine she could
grab. Her fingernails raked my chest as her eyes rolled
to the back of her head. She squealed with delight as
she received the fucking she hoped for.

To stave off ejaculation for as long as I could, I
diverted my attention momentarily away from my Mother
and her exquisite body. I picked my head up to look
around the room.

Reality drifted back… I’m here on top of my Mother,
fucking the daylights out of her. She just pleaded for
me to bury my cock in her pussy. As I continued my
rhythm, her body laid out before me as I’ve never seen
it. An hour ago she was sucking my cock on the same
couch I watch TV on, and I came in her mouth!

I looked down longingly into her eyes… “I love you
Mom.” I knew then that I had found the place I needed
to be. In my Mother’s arms, with my cock buried deep in
her body, giving her the pleasure she longed for.

We locked eyes as she wrapped her legs tightly around
my neck. My cock working furiously like a piston into
her magnificent body. Faster and faster, we would soon
reach the point of no return.

“Oh that’s it Baby… Fuck your Mommy. Fuck her pussy

The tension built inside my balls and they began to
tighten. “God Mom I think I’m going to come!”

“Baby I need you to come inside your Mommy. Fill her
pussy with your hot load. Pump my vagina full of your
wonderful come!”

I could not take much more. I was ready to explode. “Oh
God may I come now Mother?”

“Oh Danny fill me with your come! Make me a baby!”

With those words I let out a grunt that echoed through
the neighborhood. My toes curled as I made a final
thrust into her womb, pumping thick hot streams of come
into her pussy.

The spasms went on interminably. I buried my face in
her heaving breasts as my orgasm continued well beyond
anything I’d ever imagined.

When the waves of pleasure finally subsided, we
collapsed into each other’s arms and I rolled onto my
back. She climbed on top of me.

“My Wonderful son, you have no idea how happy you’ve
made me! How glorious to have a big strong man in my
bed to please me with a cock like yours. Did you enjoy
my pussy this evening?”

“Mom this was the most special night of my life. I’ve
never known the passion and intimacy you’ve shared with
me. You’ve taken me to a place I never want to return

She nuzzled the side of her head against my chest. “Yes
baby. Tomorrow you’ll move your things from down the
hall to your new room. Right here with me.” She turned
out the light for some well-deserved sleep.

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