A continuation of my story about the fun I had with my dog – Enzo

After the fun I had with my dog Enzo and my drunken
friend Karl, I decided to keep my eye out for more
opportunities for fun with Enzo. Enzo was my German
Shepard mix dog. I’m not sure what he was mixed with,
but he ended up being a good bit bigger than a standard
German Shepard. I’m 6′ 1″ and he stood almost eye to
eye to me when standing up. He could put his paws on my
shoulders easily.

None of my other friends were as big of a drunk as Karl
was, so none of them gave me the chance that Karl did.
Karl, if you read my previous story, was a friend that
would pass out hanging on my toilet after a night of
watching a game on TV and drinking with the guys. He
always stayed the night hanging on the toilet, out
cold. It was strange how he seemed to maintain a
balance without falling in or off. Enzo took advantage
of him one night when he passed out with his pants
down, which led to more nights of the similar fun.

Karl wasn’t coming to my game nights as often as he had
in the past. I wasn’t sure if he suspected something or
just didn’t like the attention that Enzo gave him. Enzo
stuck to him like glue even grabbing his leg and
humping him. The other guys got a great laugh about it.

I had to spend some time teaching Enzo that it wasn’t ok
to just hump anyone he pleased anytime he felt like it.
Eventually I had him reacting to cues from me. I would
whisper his name, give him a look, a hand motion or a
nod and he would go and do something. Sometimes he
would look at me for permission and I would either nod
or shake my head no. He always obeyed my cues.

I had some fun with this at parties pretty often. I
always made sure that there were things placed on low
tables so opportunities would present themselves. If I
saw a particularly obnoxious girl or drunk bending over
just right, I would get Enzo after them. Enzo would grab
onto them or nose under a skirt and cause some real
embarrassment. It was a real howl.

Sometimes people told me to not bring Enzo to a party
and sometimes they told me make sure I brought him.
Some people realized what I was doing and enjoyed it as
much as I did. A lot of people knew how to avoid being
victimized and it was funny how cautious they would
sometimes be, especially the girls.

At a party at a friend’s house I lost track of Enzo for
a while. I didn’t realize that he was gone right away.
When I realized that he wasn’t around I started looking
for him. I looked all around the house for him and was
starting to worry. I checked all the bedrooms but one
that was occupied. I could hear a woman in it obviously
having a good time. She was moaning up a storm. I moved
on to looking for Enzo outside thinking that he might
have gone out to the bathroom. I didn’t find him there
either. I was panicking by then and when I went back in
the house there was Enzo sitting at the feet of a
beautiful strawberry blonde.

Her name was Sharon. She was a tall and had a great
body. Enzo was glued to her feet and she was petting
him. I introduced myself as Enzo’s owner. She introduced
herself and said she really liked Enzo. I sat and talked
with her for a while and eventually exchanged phone
numbers. Shortly after, she had to leave the party.
Strangely there was a slight scent of sex in the air.

When I told a friend of Enzo’s disappearance, they told
me they saw him following a hot looking strawberry
blonde up the stairs. CLICK! I thought to myself “WOW!
It was her and Enzo I heard upstairs.” I could not
believe it. I was going to have to call her for sure.
My head was in the clouds the rest of the party.

I could only hold out for two days before calling
Sharon. I told her that I couldn’t stop thinking of her
(which was true). We chatted for about an hour after
which she agreed to a date on Saturday afternoon. She
wanted to go for a picnic out into the country, with
Enzo along at her insistence. She said she knew just the
right place.

I picked Sharon up Saturday around eleven and she
looked great. She didn’t look like she was dressed for
a picnic as she had on a sort of short clingy skirt and
was obviously braless under a very snug top. But I
wasn’t complaining, she looked great and my cock was
throbbing it’s approval.

We took a lunch along with us and had a great 80 degree
sunny day for our picnic. Sharon directed the drive and
had us go to a very nice area in the country where we
had some privacy. As far as I could tell there was no
one around for miles. We had a nice stroll through some
woods and came to an open area with thick woods around

She said we could eat here. We spread out a large
blanket, sat and had a nice lunch. Enzo sat quietly
while we ate, never begging. Sharon was impressed. She
said he was very well behaved.

She asked if he did any tricks. I told her he did a lot
of tricks, some of which I couldn’t show her. He did
the standard shaking the paws, rolling over, playing
dead and fetching. She wanted to see more, she wanted
to see the other tricks that I didn’t want to show her.
I told her they weren’t very nice tricks.

This had her more curious and she insisted that I show
her. I told her some of his tricks were only for
parties when everyone was drunk. They weren’t as funny
when everyone was sober. She insisted on seeing them so
I told her to bend over like she was looking at
something on the ground. She did and I gave Enzo a quick
look and rubbed my leg. Quick as ever Enzo had his nose
up the back of her skirt nudging her. She gave a quick
jump and turned away from him laughing loudly. She
thought that was great.

She wanted to see more so I had her stand and look over
into the woods. I looked at Enzo and rubbed my hands
together quickly. In a flash his nose was up the front
of her skirt and it looked like he gave her a couple of
quick licks before she got away from him. She laughed
again and wanted to see more. I asked if she was sure
and she said yes.

This time I had her kneel down like she was cleaning up
on her hands and knees and she did facing me. I looked
at Enzo and gave a quick turn of my head. In a flash Enzo
mounted her and started humping away.

She was laughing hard but didn’t make an effort to get
away from him. Enzo was hanging on tight and humping
like it was for real.
Then I realized that she seemed to be enjoying it more
than she should. She looked like she was moving back
against him in time to his thrusting.

She looked up at me with glassy eyes and told me she
wasn’t wearing any panties and Enzo was fucking the hell
out of her. She told me to get out of my clothes and
feed my cock to her. My cock was hard in a second and
in her mouth in two. She was sucking my cock like she
was ready for dessert now. It didn’t take me too long
before I was feeling the cum boiling up from within. I
fought it all I could but she was determined to suck it
out of me. I came hard deep in her mouth and she drank
it all down not spilling a drop. She kept sucking me
until I was clean.

I was so turned on by what was happening that I never
went soft. She licked and sucked my cock until Enzo
pulled up tight and started cumming. She closed her
eyes and I could tell she was cumming too. She was
grunting and pushing back at Enzo moving her ass in
circles. She held Enzo by the collar so he couldn’t turn
around and try to get away.

She said she really liked a good dog fuck once in a
while. I asked her if she had one back at the party.
She smiled at me and admitted that she had lured Enzo
upstairs and took advantage of him. I told her that I
had heard her while looking for Enzo but thought that it
was a couple having a good time not her and Enzo. She
was still stroking and sucking my cock and talking to
me while waiting for Enzo’s knot to shrink enough to
fall out.

When Enzo’s cock came out she released him and he
cleaned her then laid down and cleaned himself. She
looked at me and said it was my turn. She wiggled her
ass and I jumped behind her and rammed it home. Since I
had already come once I knew I would last for a while
so I reached under and twiddled her clit while I fucked
her. This got her going and she started thrashing
around like crazy. She came four times before I
unloaded into her. It felt like I came more than
before. It just didn’t want to stop. We rolled to the
ground and caught our breath.

We hugged a while then she told me to be a good doggy
and clean her up, and since I couldn’t clean myself
like a real dog she would clean me. so I straddled her
head and dipped my head down to her freshly fucked
pussy and looked at my first creampie. It was a sloppy
matted mess of mixed dog and people cum creampie at
that. I licked around it at first teasing her clit but
she quickly bit my cock and told me to get down to
business. I tasted the wet sloppy mix of our lovemaking
and decided that I liked it a lot.

I got to the task and licked and sucked that pussy
trying to get every bit of cum out of her. She was
going wild under me and had her legs wrapped around my
head pulling it down tight when she would cum.
Meanwhile she was doing a great job on me too. It
seemed like every time she would cum she would deep
throat me.

This was getting to me but I was holding on trying to
make this one last. After she came about the sixth time
she started slapping my butt while sucking hard on me.
I thought she was trying to tell me that she wanted me
to cum so I started to concentrate on getting there. I
was still sucking and licking her pussy and she was
getting ready to cum again when I felt the stirrings of
mine. Right about then I felt her tighten up and start
cumming. She was sucking hard trying to make me cum too
and I was getting closer.

All of a sudden I felt Enzo on my back humping me from
behind. I was too close to cumming to stop him. He
found my ass and plunged in deep. Well, that hurt like
hell but I started cumming like a fire hose.

Sharon was almost c*****g on my cum but was doing a
great job swallowing it down. She pulled me down to her
pussy and ground off another orgasm that seemed to
paralyze her.

She held me tight and kept sucking my still rock hard
cock as Enzo had his way with me. When he knotted with
me she sucked another load of cum from my cock which
was getting quite sensitive by now. Never before have I
cum so many times in such a short time.

I looked under me and Sharon was rubbing Enzo’s balls
while he unloaded into me. She kept talking to Enzo
telling him what a good dog he was and how much fun we
were going to have with him.

After Enzo finally shrunk down enough to fall out she
grabbed his cock and licked it clean. Then she licked
my ass clean and even tried to suck the cum out of it.
She hugged me tight and told me that this was as much
fun as she had ever had and she loved me for it. She
said she had been fucked many times by a dog but it was
her fantasy to watch a man get fucked by one. She hoped
I wasn’t upset about it. I told her it wasn’t my first
time with Enzo. She laughed and said I was her dream
lover and hoped this was going to be a long lasting

Needless to say she moved in with me and Enzo the next
week. My friends could not believe it. How could I have
a girl move in with me after one date. They thought I
would never marry and thought Sharon would end our game
night fun. I told them game nights were still on as she
had agreed that she would go out with friends on that

On the first game night Karl showed up and like usual
got drunk as a skunk. When Sharon came home, Karl was at
the throne passed out. I showed her what we did after
game nights. I made sure Karl was out and pulled down
his pants. She had to hold Enzo back as he seemed like
he couldn’t wait. We whispered to Enzo to be easy and he
slowly mounted Karl and started humping him. We each lay
down on each side of Karl and watched his hard cock
bounce to Enzo’s thrusting.

She looked at me and asked what I did now and I showed
her by taking his cock in my mouth. She reached in and
rubbed Karl’s and Enzo’s balls while I sucked Karl’s cock.
I gave her a turn and she sucked it and hummed on it
for a while. Enzo was starting to whine and Sharon told
me it was my turn again. As soon as I got it in my
mouth Karl let loose with a huge torrent of cum. It
squirted out the sides of my mouth before I could seal
my lips around it.

Sharon whispered for me to save some for her. I passed
it to her and she sucked it dry and then some.
Meanwhile Enzo had pulled up tight and was unloading his
own load of cum.

I got out from under Karl to make sure Enzo didn’t try to
get away until his knot shrunk. Sharon stayed under Karl
still sucking his cock. She loved sucking cock. After
Enzo pulled out and licked Karl’s ass clean he went to
the corner of the bathroom and cleaned himself.

Sharon was still trying to suck another load out of
Karl. She said he was hard and would cum eventually. I
decided to fuck Karl’s ass myself to help him cum. I
lined up my cock and slowly slid it up his sloppy ass.
I quickly got into a good rhythm and gave him a nice
slow fuck. Sharon was encouraging me telling me that it
was helping and he was about to cum. I sped up to cum
with him and this time when he came a slight moan came
out of his mouth. That did it for me. His clenching ass
made me spew my load deep in his ass.

Enzo came over and jumped on Sharon’s back and was
humping her before she was finished with Karl’s cock.
She had already removed her panties so she was ready
and he rammed it home. I pulled out of Karl and sat back
and watched the show while I cleaned myself off.

After Enzo was finished with Sharon we engaged in a
sixty-nine so I could suck Enzo’s cum out and get her
off several times while she sucked another load of cum
out of me.

We repeated this game night scenario several times
before we realized that Karl wasn’t really passed out at
the toilet each time. I watched him get drunk game
night once and realized that he had only drunk 3 beers.
We continued our game nights with him and never let on
that we knew that he was awake for it all. We did all
kinds of things in the bathroom with Karl present. I let
Enzo fuck me right beside him with Sharon under me
sucking my cock.

A couple of times we had sex in the bathroom beside him
and his cock would be throbbing and dripping until we
let Enzo fuck him and usually he would shoot his load as
soon as Enzo would mount him. One of us had to be sure
to be ready to suck his cock or he would shoot his cum
on the floor. That would be a waste as we both liked
swallowing it. We found that if we teased him by having
sex without him first, we could get him to cum hard
three times in one night.

We never did let Karl know that we knew he was aware of
everything we did with him. He never missed a game
night in the seven years that Sharon and I have been
together. We had at least one game night a week and Karl
even started bringing good beer to them. I guess he
appreciated a good party. I know that we sure did.

We decided to add another dog to our home because our
appetite for sex was still on the rise and using dogs
was a way to add something that we couldn’t get
anywhere else. Since Enzo was starting to get older he
was tiring out quicker than he had been. Sharon picked
this one out and she was especially careful to make
sure he was equipped for what we had in mind.

She picked out a Great Dane mix breed dog that no one
seemed to want, probably because of his size. She named
him Rodger for some reason. He was only 3 months old
and was already bigger than Enzo in all ways. He has
been very easy to train but sexually all he is good for
so far is licking Sharon’s pussy. She loves his big
tongue and he seems to really like her juices. He gets
all excited and humps but so far no banana.

The great thing about dogs is they don’t gossip or get
aids. They are always willing and ready when we are. We
keep them in a fenced in yard and take them to the vets
regularly for checkups. We didn’t worry about Karl
getting aids because he was a loner that still lived
with his parents and didn’t date anyone. The only sex
he is getting is with us, which is why he is at every
party we throw.

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