A couple doggy-sits a friend’s dog for a few weeks and find out how pleasurable it can be

My wife and I have been married for 10 years. When I
grew up, my family always had cats and dogs so I was
very used animals. She, on the other hand, never had
pets, so she wasn’t very comfortable around them. So we
never had a dog or a cat in the house. She didn’t get
too comfortable with dogs up until couple of months

My friend and his wife decided that they were going to
take an impromptu vacation to Hawaii. It was like a
second honeymoon for them. Unfortunately they forgot to
make kennel arrangements for their dog Elfie. So, in
the last minute they asked us to dog-sit for them.
Since they were such good friends my wife agreed but
she was kind of reluctant since Elfie was a 90 pound
Weimaraner and even though he was a really good dog he
intimidated her.

The first couple of days that Alfie was at our house
she stayed away from him I took him out for a walk in
the morning and evening, and fed him. After a couple of
days she got brave enough to go up pet him and come on
the walk with me when we took him out.

My wife and I are both very horny people (she more so
than me) so several nights a week we enjoy putting on a
good porno on the TV and fucking each other’s brains
out. Most of the time after a good fuck session I’m
totally drained so I usually go up to sleep while she
stays and gets herself off a couple more times before
she comes to bed. It was about the fourth night that
Alfie was there and we were on the couch fucking she
looked over at Alfie and then says to me “he is looking
at us”. “Don’t mind him” I said. After the nights
activities with both retired and went to sleep

The next day I had a horrible day at work. I came home
a couple of hours late. My wife had already finished
dinner and took Alfie for a walk. As I sat down to eat
I noticed how she had gotten comfortable with him. Good
old Alfie was enjoying the attention too. He was laying
on his back as she scratched his stomach. He enjoyed it
so much that he started getting an erection. My wife
noticed it and froze. “Oh my God, it’s huge!” she said.
She drew back into her chair and after a few minuets
Alfie went into the other room.

After dinner I decided to just go up to sleep. I went
over to her and kissed her good night. She was
disappointed that I couldn’t stay for even a quicky,
but she understood. As I was walking upstairs I heard
her put a porno on, and I wished I could join in, but I
was way too tired.

It was about two in the morning when I stirred to her
slipping next to me in bed. She tried to be careful not
to disturb me but I came to consciousness and caressed
her. She turned away from me and curled up. “Are you
okay?” I asked.

“Yeah, I fine,” she quietly answered.

Since I already had a few hours of sleep because I came
to bed early I didn’t feel so tired so a caressed her
and started slowly stroking her arm. She remained very
still. Slowly I started making my way down her waist
and I cupped her ass cheek in my hand. She usually
reacted to that by turning onto her back and opening
her legs up to me but this time she remained just as
motionless as before. I thought it was a bit strange,
but I kept going.

Slowly my hand wondered down between her legs. I felt
the heat of her crotch. Her panties were soaked. She
tightened up her legs. “Are you sure you’re okay?” I
asked again, “this is not like you.”

She gave me a quick, “I am fine!” and curled up even
more, and added “just tired.”

“You must have enjoyed yourself tonight baby” I said as
I slipped my middle finger into her panties and made my
way over to her pussy. I finally got my finger to her
labia and felt how hot and wet it was. I was getting
excited. She clenched her legs again. “Oh baby, can’t I
have some?” I asked as I pulled my finger away and
pulled it up to my mouth.

As my finger got closer I noticed that it didn’t smell
like that delicious wet pussy I always love to eat. The
smell was musky, strong and smelled more like semen. I
took a close sniff. “Oh!” I exclaimed. “You fucked
Alfie!” Just as I said that she cringed. She probably
felt that she cheated on me or something so she just
stayed curled up tightly.

Crazy thoughts went through my mind, and they were all
really kinky. It was like those beastiality pornos I
sometimes see on the net.

“How cool!” I exclaimed. At this point my dick was
really hard, I reached around and said “hey hon, I know
you fucked the dog. I am really turned on and I really
wanna fuck you… Please!”

Slowly she turned around and quietly said “I am
sorry… it just kinda happened…”

Before she could finish what she was saying I gave her
a kiss and positioned myself between her legs. I
couldn’t pull her panties off quickly enough. As soon
as I did, I plunged my hard cock into her pussy. It was
hot, wet, and loose! Alfie’s dick must have been
enormous, her pussy is usually very tight! With each
thrust some of Alfie’s cum dripped out of her vagina
filling the room with that musky sex smell. I was going
wild, I kept fucking her harder and herder going balls
deep with each stroke.

All I could say was, “Oh my god!” I didn’t slow down.
Suddenly I felt my balls bubbling and my cock getting
so hard that it felt like the skin was going to split.
A second later I rammed my dick into her and pushed as
hard I could so I could empty my balls as deep as could
into her cunt. It was awesome! It took a minuet to calm
down from such an incredible orgasm.

I lay on top of her kissing her deeply, sweeping my
tongue inside her mouth. “That was fucking incredible!”
I said. My cock was still hard, even after that orgasm.
That hardly ever happens, except when I am super turned
on. I gave her a few more slow pumps with my hard cock.
Then I slowly pulled it out. I laid down on my back and
reached over to her.

She seemed to know what was in mind, and she got up and
moved over top me for some sixty-nine. She grabbed my
cock hard and started running her tongue up and down to
mop up the mixture that was Alfie’s cum and mine. After
a few licks she slowly slid her lips down my shaft. It
was ecstasy! As she did that she straddled my head and
pushed her pussy right into my face, making sure that
my mouth could fully engulf her entire labia and suck
out all that delicious cum. My tongue went right to
work. Starting each stoke at her clit and moving back
to her vagina where I would shove my tongue in as far
as it would go.

We went on for a while like this and I felt that my
dick was about to erupt again, so I positioned my mouth
over her clit and started sucking really hard to create
a vacuum. Then I started pulling my head back just
slightly to tug on her lips while racing my tongue back
and forth over her clit.

She exploded, squirting her juice into my mouth and all
over my face. In turn I obliged her by shooting my load
into her mouth.

We were motionless for a minuet. She got up and turned
around and lay next to me. She gave me a kiss and said,
“I think I like having a dog around the place.”

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