A couple in love, both like sex and indulge in it frequently

“You’re drunk!” I laughed as I closed the door behind
my slightly merry wife.

“And you’re staring at my tits?”

“They are very large darling… and only just in
that… BRA!”

my gasp made her laugh again as she hooked her thumbs
under her strappy top and pulled it up to reveal twin;
slightly sheened globes of flesh.

“They are rather large” she giggled and shook her
wobbling breasts at me, looking down and admiring them
for herself.

What she had been doing at this so called, ‘girly night
out’ god only knows?

“Do you want to sit down before you fall down?”

“I would love to sit down… Though not necessarily on
the couch.”

God she was horny and tonight she was even more horny
than usual.

“Look honey let’s get you into the lounge and get you
off those ridiculously high heels” it became obvious
that she was in know mood to be told what to do at that
moment. She leaned forward and attempted to kiss me
wetly on the mouth, telling me that she had been a
naughty girl and let someone feel her up at night club.

“Oh have you now?” I laughed “anyone we know?” I asked.

She shook her head and sighed as she recalled memories
of the brief encounter.

“He was large and black!” she whispered “he was all
over me and he had his hand in my bra feeling me up
like he owned me!”

Well she was dressed like she was asking for it.

“And you didn’t stop him?” I asked with a smile, which
turned into a return kiss as she continued to kiss me
and force me against the hallway wall.

“He wasn’t the type to say no to,” she smiled, “he
wanted badly to fuck me but I’m a one man woman,” I
told him.

“Pity,” I said in between hot kisses.

“What?” she moaned.

“Pity,” I repeated.

“So… You… Wouldn’t… be annoyed… if he’d have
fucked me?” she said in between using my mouth as a
mashing tool.

“Absolutely… Not!” I said in the same breathless way
as we kissed passionately. I was getting more than
excited at the thought of her being unfaithful and
letting herself be fucked by someone else.

She suddenly stopped kissing me; she placed her hands
on the wall either side of my head or f****d herself
away from my hot kisses. I let my head rest on the wall
and looked at her in the eyes. She seemed suddenly to
have sobered up.

“What if I’d have let him and come home with a cunt
full of his come?” she said.

“Well you didn’t,” I laughed trying to keep her in the
mood for sex with more kisses up and down her neck.

“How can you be so sure I didn’t give in and let him
fuck me?” again she seemed intent on getting my
attention to the possible thought of her being

“Darling if you are going to go out with a top that
hardly covers your tits and a skirt that I short enough
to see your stocking tops as you walk up the slightest
of inclines, then you will attract all types of
attention, after all you are only thirty and fit as any
model that’s currently on the catwalks” I smiled.

“You’re not at all jealous?” she smiled at my

“Honey I would have you fucked senseless while I
watched any night and indeed every night of the week”
she knew that from a previous encounter that happened
when we were courting.

I had left her alone at the bar in a club while I went
to the men’s room. I returned to see a young guy trying
to buy her a drink and get her number. She was
embarrassed and squirmed at the thought of me catching
someone else getting anywhere with her. He saw me
coming and shoved his number into her purse. Turning
away he mouthed “call me” and disappeared into the
dancing crowd.

I asked her who it was. She smiled and went red as she
explained the she didn’t know but he was very
persistent and extremely fit but she wasn’t that type
of girl and didn’t want me to be upset.

“Pity,” I whispered into her ear.

She turned to me, looked into my eyes seeing no hint of
jealously, blushed and laughed.

I was now my turn to take the lead and I grabbed her
arms and spun her round to face the wall. I drew in
close behind her and ground my rock hard cock into her
butt as she gasped at the quickness of the maneuver.
Grasping her elbows; raising her arms high up above her
head squashing her tits into the wall. Gripping her
wrists in one hand I let my free hand drop below her
skirt hem line I drew a finger up her thigh to the top
of her stocking.

She moaned a let her thighs open slightly. Her buttocks
tensed as I lingered over her butt crack and teased her
with a fingernail going under her thong. I drew the
gusset away from her cunt lips. I inserted the very end
of my digit into her sopping lips. Again she moaned as
I pushed a finger into her cunt.

“Yes… Just like that,” she sighed.

I continued to finger her wet cunt.

“Oh my god that’s just what he did,” she moaned eye
tight shut as she brought the memory up.

“Was it good?” I asked keeping up the fingering of her

“Yes it was good” she moaned “only he had me with me
back against the wall; leg up resting on stool and
looking into my eyes as he shoved two fingers in and
out of my fanny.” she sighed remembering it all too
well as it only happened twenty minutes ago. “He had
his friends stood around watching over his shoulder
while he did it to me. I looked at them all wishing
that one of them would pluck up the courage to fuck me
by force.” She was really letting it all tumble out
under my exquisite t*****e of her cunt.

“But you didn’t did you?”

“No not there,” she moaned, “he grasped my arm and
dragged me to the men’s room.”

She went on, “he pushed me in and threw out a young guy
in a cubicle. I asked him not to as I loved you too
much. He laughed and said that he was going to fill me
full of cock and cum.

“Go on,” I urged as I continued to finger her.

“He bent me over the cistern and lifted my
skirt…pulling my panties aside…I drooped my head
giving in… he fingered me hard then I felt his cock
head at my cunt lips… I moaned at him not to… he
ignored me and shoved his ebony hard cock into my
unfaithful cunt… in and out it plunged… in…
out… on and on until he filled me with his cum!! I
screamed as an orgasm hit me making me shuddered on his
rod. He pumped rope after rope into my unprotected
womb.” She was panting hard as I rammed two fingers
into her cum filled cunt.

“So he filled you full of cum did he?” I panted at the
effort of ramming her hard with my soaking wet hand.

“Yes full as he could” she gasped as an orgasm ripped
through her

“Well we better clean it out of you hadn’t we?”

“Yes I might be pregnant with his BLACK c***d,” she
emphasized the word to send me over the top.

“Let’s get you cleaned up then,” I pulled her thong
down her stocking clad thighs.

Turning to look at the lounge door I called out for

“Chance,” I called, “Here boy.”

“NO!” she yelled squirming.

“Oh yes,” I laughed “now spread those legs baby.”

She sighed and spread her legs wide. Slightly bending
her knees making her cunt gape wide.

“Stay like that,” I said leaving go of her wrists.

Obediently not moving as Chance padded into view. “Your
bitch needs cleaning up.”

He sniffed the air. It was full of sex. Tilting his
head looking at me I pointed at my wife and commanded
him to “CLEAN HER UP.”

Immediately he went to her cunt and licked it
thoroughly. She went wild screaming into her arm to
avoid letting the neighbors hear her.

Ten minutes of cleaning up by Chance and she was
sobbing to be fucked.

“On your knees then,” I said.

Chance backed away as my cock hungry wife dropped to
her knees.

My dog was sporting a nine inch hard-on. She threw her
skirt up and begged to be fucked.

“Will one of you please get behind me and fuck my

“Chance old boy I think it’s your turn,” I laughed.

He was ever the eager helper. He mounted her back;
strong forepaws wrapped round her waist; hopping to
gain control of his bitch; red; thickly veined rod
bouncing comically between his hind quarters. He lunged
forward spearing her cunt I one go.

“Fucking Jesus” she screamed as his nine inch rod
rammed into her cunt. His pace was electrifying as he
pound at my wife’s cunt. She was pushed forward towards
the door. He pounded at her cunt the noise of their sex
was bringing me to an un-helped orgasm. I creamed in my
pants as I watched them fuck. He was giving her cunt
hell with jack hammering action, she was pushing back
trying to get all of his cock in.

“Fuck…fuck…fuck… come on boy fuck your mummy,”
she urged, “fuck me baby.”

I stood there watching in awe as she allowed our dog to
mount and fuck her. I left her to be fucked as knew it
would be thirty minutes of intense coupling and then
twenty minutes of being tied together butt to butt.

Sitting in the lounge with a beer looking into the hall
watching them fuck. She was arched at such an angle as
she pushed onto his cock. He bit at her neck keeping
her still as he impregnated her with his seed.

Both were panting. Both were totally sexed up. Both
were oblivious to me as they fucked. He pounded her
cunt she urged him on. The carpet was wet with her cum.
Her top was wet with his spittle as they fucked

A second hard-on began to rise as his efforts were
rewarded with orgasm after orgasm that shuddered
through her.

I went in quietly and watched from underneath them as
his knot was bumping her clit. Their sex was loud and
wet her cunt was foaming as he rammed her fast and
hard. She moaned and groaned as he fucked her

I squirmed under them with my face inches away from the
action. My rod was waving in her face she was not in
any way going to suck it until she was tied. I
contented myself to licking at her now and again as he
rammed his cock home. At thirty minutes the knot was at
it largest. He changed his rhythm slightly and started
whimpering. This was a sign that he had to cum. One
hard slow push and I saw her cunt lips part and his
knot agonizingly push past them. She moaned in
delicious pain as it went in.

Tied together now he slowed his fucking to a tempo she
could concentrate on my cock. I licked away at the
joining and she sucked my cock. He then stopped
fucking, lay across her back for two minutes the lifted
his hind leg and twisted his tackle so they were
finally butt to butt. He was pumping her womb full of
his red hot cum. She sucked at my cock until I pumped
her throat full of cum.

“Mmmmmmm,” she sighed, “full of my boys cum,” she
squirmed on the dogs cock making sure that it was all
in knot al all.

“You go and clean up darling” she smiled “he’ll be in
me for a while yet” she leaned back and patted his rump
letting him know that there was no rush and he could
continue to use her womb until he’d finished.

I stood; walked down the hallway to the bathroom door.
Stopping before going in I looked down the hall at the
lovers. She was kneeling; resting her head on her arms
comfortably; skirt rucked up her waist stocking
stretched taught up hr thighs top rucked up over her
dangling tits. Chance was intermitting small whimpers
as he pumped rope after rope of dog cum into my wife’s
cunt. He was likely to be filling her for ten minutes
then would rest until his knot shrank and he would pull

She would stay in this position while I pushed a towel
under her as she leaked his seed. He would the spend
ten minutes licking her cunt clean bringing her of
again and the she would spend five minutes licking and
sucking his cock clean. All in all it was a great

She liked being fucked.

I liked seeing her being fucked.

We had a friend who helped us out with the clean up and
his reward was either a blowjob or a straight fuck.