A crossbreed boy meets his 32 years old white aunt for the first time

My name is Marcus and I am a twenty-one years old
crossbreed. I know that my presence is intimidating to
some, especially white folks. I am almost six feet tall
and color of my skin is dark brown. My father was white
but my mother was black. I learned from my mother that
she was married to my father but because of some social
pressure he divorced her shortly. It was perhaps a lie
to make me feel legitimate, as I never met my father.

I was told also that after leaving my mother my father
married a white woman and settled on a family farm. My
mother raised me on her own until I was eleven and then
she died in a car crash while she was drunk. On her
death her brother, my uncle Ritchie, gave me shelter.
From one angle that was good for a homeless boy like me
but from another it was bad. He was a cocaine addict
who worked only occasionally. Mostly he pulled himself
up by stealing. I must admit that in some of his
illegal activities I was his accomplice. This went for
some more years until I was nineteen.

As far as my sex education was concerned my uncle
simply didn’t have any role in it directly. I had to
learn on my on so to speak. As I matured I discovered
the pleasures of masturbation and finding some of my
uncle’s porno magazines helped me learn a lot about
sex. The one good thing about uncle Ritchie was that he
kept a nice library of fuck magazines for me to jack
off with.

Then out of blue I received a letter from a guy named
Peter who was working in a legal firm. In his letter he
informed me that my real father is dead. He had no
c******n from his second wife so I was his heir in a
sense. Before dying he made a will in which he left his
farm to me. The letter informed me that my father felt
sorry for neglecting me and wished me to take care of
his sister Karen after his death. I was advised by
Peter to meet him immediately.

The very next day I moved to meet him without telling
anything to my uncle Ritchie. As I met Peter I was told
that I have to share the farm with my father’s sister
Karen. I never met my aunt Karen but I was told that
she would make me feel very welcome. Karen perhaps was
11 when I was born. Like me she was also the product of
an unhappy home.

She had married at age of 19 but the man she married
was a sadist type. He emotionally and physically had
beaten her down. Only through the interference of her
brother she got a divorce from her husband when she was
25. Currently she was dating a neighboring widower. She
was hoping he would propose to her soon because he was
a man who could offer financial security, if nothing

I asked Peter about the second wife of my father. He
said that soon after Karen coming to farm differences
developed between husband and wife. The relationship
ended in divorce.

After telling me about my unknown family Peter asked me
to sign some documents and then he took me to the Farm
in which I was supposed to live with my aunt Karen. It
was a beautiful day when we arrived and then sun was
shinning. My aunt Karen had a big smile for me and
welcomed me to the farm. She was a bit on the heavy
side though she was only 32. She had a girl next-door
face with sky blue eyes, long eyelashes, a small
aristocratic nose, a wonderfully shaped mouth and large
thick lips. But most noticeable feature in her body was
her breasts, boy she had very big breasts.

“What a bitch!” I thought to myself.

I had my bags with me and she helped me carry them in
as Peter drove off. I made sure I carried my bag that I
had put in some of my Uncle’s fuck magazines. I figured
in advance that I might get lonely and I would enjoy a
nice jack off session viewing some great looking women
taking those big cocks up their cunts and Asses.

Karen showed me my room and told me to put my things
where I wanted and then just relax after my trip. I
unpacked my things, carefully putting them in the
wardrobe in an effort to be tidy. After about an hour
my aunt called me for a meal. We talked a while after
we ate. She had many questions to ask me about life and
what I would be doing now that I had all grown up.

As we chatted I could help notice her big tits. She had
on a thin blouse and I could clearly see the outline of
her big bra. It must have been a heavy duty one to
support her massive breasts. The top buttons were
undone so there was plenty of cleavage to view. I tired
not to be obvious as my cock hardened. I felt the need
to jack off as I kept looking at her tits and big full

“I think you have noticed my big tits Marcus,” she
smiled. “I know you were trying to be subtle but that’s
ok. It has been a while since I have had anyone look at
me that way.”

Her frankness startled me and I tried to look as
composed as possible. “I am sorry,” I replied. “I
couldn’t help but look at them. They are very big Aunt

“You are 21 Marcus and it’s fine to take notice of a
woman’s body,” she smiled looking in my eyes. I felt a
bit uneasy but Karen didn’t seem to mind and I felt
more comfortable talking with her. “I know I have some
very big ones. I hope this does not embarrass you any,”
she said.

“No, not at all,” I replied although it was a lie.

Our talk soon shifted to some other topics but I was
feeling very horny. After some more talk I headed to my

Once in my room I closed the door, I lay on the bed
with thoughts of my sexy aunt in my mind. It was more
that enough to make me hard. Thinking about her I found
that my hand had automatically found its way back into
my shorts busily stroking my cock which was now fully
aroused all 9″ of hot pulsating muscle, I knew that I
was fairly well hung having compared my equipment with
my classmates during sports days at school, it was also
very thick not just long.

Until today I never met my aunt Karen but suddenly it
seemed that I was thinking about her in a sexual way.
My self-control had now gone and I had my cock out of
my shorts and was masturbating like crazy with a
picture of Karen in my head. My cock eventually did the
inevitable suddenly erupting like a volcano, shooting
not molten lava but hot thick spunk straight up into
the air, gravity swiftly bringing it back down to
earth, in this case mainly onto my T-shirt covered

In the evening I made my way outside and decided to go
for a walk in the big field just behind the house. It
was a large field at the end of which there was a hedge
fence separating it from the next field and similarly
at the end of that another hedge fence separating it
from the next and so on as far as the eye could see.
The same set up was to the left of me but to the right
there was a wooded stretch separating the field. I
decided to walk along the path that runs through the
wooded area.

Making my way across the field I suddenly had the
feeling that some one was watching me, I turned
abruptly looking back at the house. Sure enough at the
window of her room aunt Karen was peeking out of the
window holding the net curtain open, which she dropped
as soon as she saw me turn round. Why she was checking
on me I wondered but kept moving.

After coming back to the house, I met my aunt again in
the living room and watched TV with her for a while.
Then she went into kitchen and called me for dinner. A
hot supper awaited me. We again watched some TV but by
nine thirty we I started to nod off, so I went up to my
room and crashed, falling asleep almost instantly.

It must have been about twelve in the night when I
sensed someone was in the room standing by my bed, I
opened my eyes and looked up, as my eyes became
accustomed to the dark I could make out my aunt. I
reached to the side table flicking on the night lamp,
she was standing next to me in a completely transparent
thin nighty with a plunging V neck, her ample bosom
barely contained, my head in line with her crotch where
I could clearly tell no knickers were worn.

“Just came to tuck you in and see if there was anything
you might need” I didn’t know quite what to say. As I
tried to get up she moved out of the room. “Goodnight,
sleep tight.”

From the next day my aunt asked me to help her in
running the farm. The work included repairing the
fence, feeding the animals, planting the seeds and
gathering eggs from the chickens. Some farm help was
available in form of local laborers but most of the
tasks were in the hands of aunt Karen. The house was
divided into two parts, one for the humans and one for
the animals. At night, animals are usually herded into
an enclosed and roofed area.

After a couple of days my nervousness around my aunt
had eased. I wanted nothing more than to gain her
affection, and also to show her that I was a man. I
often worked without a shirt, hoping to impress her
with my muscular body.

One afternoon, I had to fix the wiring on a light
fixture in the barn. Aunt Karen held the stepladder and
stared up at me as I worked. I felt her gaze on my bare
chest and stomach, and I started getting turned on. But
when my cock began tenting my shorts, I made no effort
to conceal it.

Aunt Karen’s outfits became more revealing also, though
it would not have occurred to me at the time that it
was for my benefit. One day, we had to change the oil
in the pick-up truck. Karen wanted to learn how to do
it herself, so I sat at her feet while she slid under
the engine on a roller board and gave her instructions.
She was wearing a tight-fitting pair of cutoffs, and a
white midriff tank top. Her nipples jiggled visibly
beneath the thin material, making it clear she wasn’t
wearing a bra.

She eased back on the roller board and gradually pushed
her way under the truck until only her stomach and legs
were visible.

“Which one is the oil filter?”

“It’s a round cylinder, probably orange or yellow,” I

“Oh, here it is. How do I get it off?”

“Try twisting it off with your hands.”

As she adjusted her body to gain leverage, her legs
spread apart and she drew her knees up. She began
grunting as she struggled with the filter, thrusting
her hips up with each contortion. The material of her
cutoffs rode up inch by inch until her ass cheeks were
clearly visible.

“It’s hard to get a good grip on this thing. Could you
hold my legs tight so I don’t slide around so much?”

I positioned myself between her legs and wedged my
knees behind her buttocks, grasping onto her knees.

“How’s this?”


As she tightened her legs around me and resumed her
struggle with the filter, I looked down at her crotch,
now outlined by my grievously hard cock, which was
straining so violently against the flimsy material of
my running shorts that the waistband was pushed away
from my stomach.

A muffled voice snapped me out of my reverie. “Marcus,
this thing is way too tight!”

“Okay, here, try this,” I croaked. She held her hand
out and I handed her the oil filter wrench.

“Why didn’t you give me this in the first place?” she

“I guess I figured you were strong enough.”

She flailed her leg and kicked me in the back.

“Here, you better have this ready,” I said, sliding the
oil pan to her. By now, her shirt had ridden up and was
twisted around her torso just below her breasts. Her
beautiful white belly was in full view, and with each
movement her stomach muscles became more pronounced.

“Be careful when you unscrew the filter. The oil will
shoot out–”


She squirmed to the side to avoid the gushing waste

“You ok?”

“Yeah, but I got a little on my face. Will you pull me

I grabbed her legs and rolled her out from under the
truck and started laughing when I saw her face. It
wasn’t as bad as I thought, but a few splotches had
splashed onto her cheeks and hair.

“You think that’s funny?” she said, then held up her
oil covered hand and smeared black oil all over my

“Gross!” I grabbed her hand and tried to force it back
on her own body, but she struggled and twisted around
until I was holding her from behind with my arm wrapped
around her shoulder. Her ass was grinding into my
crotch, and the mound of my erection nestled in her
crack. I continued trying to make her hand touch her
stomach, and she kept pushing it away from herself, and
in the process ramming her ass harder against me.

She was laughing, but she must have felt my hard cock
pressing against her. I suddenly became self-conscious
and loosed my grip on her, backing away.

“Ok, we should clean up for dinner,” I said, “We can
let the oil drain overnight and finish in the morning.
I’m gonna go take a shower.” I began walking up to the

“Yeah, you are pretty dirty,” she chimed after me.

My big chance came after a month during a heat wave. We
lived on near a creek where one could go in the summer
to cool off. One hot afternoon Aunt Karen suggested
going there. We did the usual small talk and she went
into the bathroom to change into her bathing suit. A
little while later she came out wearing a pink one-
piece that was form fitting and did not have the usual
padding in the bra or crotch.

We walked the quarter mile to the creek to an area that
had a tiny waterfall. When you sat there it gave you a
whirlpool affect. Karen was talking and all I was
thinking about was how I was going to make my move. I
had to figure out a way get in that pink swimsuit and
experience the treasure that lay beneath. We sat in the
falls and as the water rushed past us I got bold.

I started to grope her. I was alternating between her
enormous breasts and ass and pussy. She would look down
a few times not knowing whether it was the water or my
hands. I was getting even more turned on as the cool
rushing water had made her swimsuit even more
transparent, and her nipples and areola more

Finally she asked me if that was my hand. I confessed
and She only smiled. “You are turned on by the swimsuit
huh”? She asked.

I said, “No, I am turned on by what’s underneath” We
both laughed and then with that she planted a kiss on
me and our hands started to wander. We quickly decided
to move our activities over to the creek bank.

We peeled off each other’s swimsuit and when I got a
look at her goodies I almost came on the spot. She
looked just like a Playboy centerfold from the 60’s and
70’s before all the plastic surgery. Aunt Karen took a
look at the 9 inches of wood I was sporting and said
“very nice” and “what a big black head you have”. I
grabbed her and kissed her.

We sat in a shady sandy spot and I went for it. I had
never eaten pussy before but was a wiling student. She
had thick vast black pubic bush surrounding her honey
pot. As I got down there, her wetness and musky womanly
scent let me know that she was already aroused. I
tongued her wet pussy lips and quickly found her clit.

It was like a tiny stiff little penis that I alternated
licking and sucking as I used my hands to spread her
vulva wide for access. She was quickly panting and
moaning and covered my chin with her honey. I was rock
hard and worried that I would cum before I entered her.
This went on for a couple minutes until her body
spasmed into orgasm.

She smiled at me and said, “You are a natural and it
was time to get something straight between us”. With
that I laid down in the grass and my throbbing cock
pointing skyward pulsing with my heartbeat. Karen
proceeded to mount me like a getting onto a saddle and
sitting on the horn. She was still dripping wet and
slipped easily onto my swollen member.

I was so turned on that I knew I would not last long.
She was aware of this and kneeling on her knees
proceeded to slowly ride me up and down like pony. The
velvety softness of her pussy was heavenly. Her muscle
control was good and her box surprisingly tight. Soon I
could feel the sperm starting to rise in my balls as
they began to tighten.

“Keep fucking Marcus,” she said. “Fill your Aunt’s hot
fuckhole with your cum. Your young cocks have so much
to shoot and stay so hard. Fuck me, Marcus, fuck me

I could not hold out any longer as I felt my shaft
stiffen, ready to explode into her fat pussy. Aunt
Karen just continued to ride me with a closed eyed
heavenly look on her face. I looked up and saw those
big melons flopping up and down and I past the point of
no return; I grabbed those hips and held on tight.

“Ummmmmmmm,” I cried. “I’m gonna shoot in you. Take my
cum Aunt Karen. I want it all in your hot fuckhole,

I felt a huge surge from my scrotum exit through the
tip of my penis. I must have counted about 8 jets of
cum I jettisoned deep inside her. Quickly I was done as
we dry humped for a few seconds as my once heavy balls
were now drained. She rolled off and I could see our
combined love cocktail running down her leg, and down
my shaft and onto my scrotum.

As I withdrew my cock from her body she asked
nervously. “Any regrets?”

“No way,” I replied.

She eased her hand down and stuck a finger in her
pussy. “Shit” she said and a look of panic came over
her. She told me that although she was childless in her
marriage but this didn’t mean not to worry about birth
control and that I might have just gotten her pregnant
in the heat of the moment. Being a dumb horny 19-year
the thought of my incestuous seed swimming around
inside of her only made me hornier and want to fuck her
and knock her up even more. She said “she didn’t know
what she would do if she were pregnant because she
didn’t like the idea of abortion”

I told her not to worry because if she get pregnant I
would take her care fully.

Soon I saw her getting up and lowering her head down to
my groin. She firmly gripped my cock, inspecting it
from top to bottom, she seemed pleased with what she
saw, “You have a very nice looking tool here Marcus
almost as big as your father must run in the family.”

What was she talking about? Was she leading a life of
sex with her own brother? There was no time to ask such
questions. The revelation however made me very hard.
She looked up at me before lowering her head once
again, I could feel her hot breadth on the surface of
my cock’s head as her tongue snaked out wiping it clean
of all the pre cum that had gathered there.

She stopped as though savoring the taste as one might
with a good glass of wine, her mouth then returned this
time engulfing the head of my tool plus a substantial
part of the shaft, she sucked on it while her tongue
run over the head in small deliberate circular motions
I could feel the build up in my balls and new that I
wouldn’t be able to resist the urge to fill her mouth
with my white cream, she was so obviously a very
experienced cock sucker.

The suction she exerted on my cock must have been what
you would expect from an industrial vacuum cleaner.
Making my cock ready she moved squatting over it facing
me and lowered her cunt until I saw my cock disappear
in her opening. I was very surprised to find her
entrance tight her considering her age. She begun
riding me bringing her knees forward and towards each
other so that her cunt seemed to contract round my now
aching cock I lifted my hands up to her tits pinching
her large protruding nipples hard.

Having cum several times during the proceeding hours I
knew that I would be able to last quite a while she
rode me hard her tight cunt well lubricated every so
often the head of my cock would come in contact with
her cervix which she seemed to enjoy, unexpectedly she
leaned forward her breasts almost smothering me,
COCK… IS HUGE!” she declared her body writhing on top
of me her mouth hungrily kissing my mouth wildly her
stiff delicious tongue pushing into my mouth, she laid
on top of me feasting on my mouth a wanton uninhibited
slut who seemed to live for sex.

My own needs had now reached fever pitch I needed to
release the load in my balls that now ached, my cock
throbbed inside her letting her no of its availability
she clenched and released her awesome cunt muscles
acting like a milking machine in recognition of the
fact, “Well my darling nephew I am very pleased with
your repentance but I won’t allow you to shoot again in
my cunt. “With that she moved to my side bending over
so as her arse was high in the air leaving me in no
doubt as to what she wanted from me.

The mere thought of my rod sinking deep into her arse
gave me the thrill of a life time I manoeuvred myself
behind her lowering my head to her star shaped pucker
using my tongue to prepare her passage for my entry my
hands busily stimulating her cunt and tits, she
groaned, “You are definitely endearing yourself to me
and I can see that soon you’ll be my favourite

I concentrated on my aunt’s tight pucker, which by now
was well lubricated so that once I rolled up and
tightened my tongue it pushed slightly passed the
initial opening. Kneeling on I was just at the right
height, holding my cock I inched forward guiding my
huge erection to her orifice gently pushing forward
until her sphincter yielded to the visitor and the head
of my cock passed the sphincter I pushed the whole
shaft forward so that I was now deep in her tight
rectum, she let out a little squeal once the whole of
my rod was inserted I now begun fucking her feeling the
constraints of her rectum and sphincter as I used her
tits to help me keep my balance like a pair of rails.

Once I had mastered the method I managed to put a hand
in between her legs and sought out the feature I found
most fascinating, her clit, which now stood out firm
and erect the skin hood discarded for the time being as
I stroked and pinched it she again became vocal, “Oh
yess that’s so good ahhh nice yesss keep doing that
aahhh fuck my arse hard yess ohhh yess don’t stop fuck
my arse yess!”

I fucked her as hard as I could pulling my cock all the
way back until almost completely out of her tight arse
and then thrusting back all the way in with one long
thrust while continuing my endeavours with her tit and
clit until I felt my juices begin to rise up ready for
ejaculation deep in her bowels.

I now redoubled my efforts wanting to make her cum
again before the night was out releasing that she was
now also very close by the loudness of her moans
together with words that I couldn’t decipher as she
screamed, she was now pushing her anus back at me as if
trying to get my balls into her as well, had my cock
been another 4″ long I am sure she would have happily
taken it all in. I was now accustomed to the suddenness
with which she climaxed but was still taken by surprise
as her sphincter closed round my shaft like a vice her
cunt palpitating round my three fingers which I had
managed to fuck her with while my thumb had been busily
rubbing across the tip of her enormous clit.

I was now almost there two or three more thrusts and I
would cum deep inside her body but she had contrary
ideas as to which end she wanted my seed, pulling
herself off my impaling hot rod she spun herself round
diving head first down to my cock her mouth wide open
engulfing the head of my cock while grasping the long
b***d filled vein covered shaft with her hands and
jerking me off for all she was worth until she was
finally rewarded with dollops of thick creamy male seed
sap she continued until I was completely drained and my
cock became so sensitive that I had to prise her off.

“That is naughty of you young man you were doing so
well until now, pushing me off like that means you’ll
have to be punished some more sometime tomorrow so I
think you had better rest until then.” I nodded knowing
from the grin on her face plus the way it was said that
my punishment would be more of the same and I prayed
that would be sooner rather than later.

The following day all I could think about was sex with
Aunt Karen. I could not believe that I had actually
fucked her. My cock was constantly hard it seemed. I
wondered what fun we might enjoy next. She was very
sexy and I sure hoped she had some more fun things in
mind. I was watching some TV when I heard her calling
my name.

“Marcus,” she called. “Could you come to your room

I got up and went down the hall to my bedroom. I was
wondering what she wanted. I am not to tidiest person
so I figured she wanted me to do something with my
room. As I walked in I noticed she had some of my jack
off magazines in her hand.

“I’m sorry Marcus,” she stated. “I didn’t mean to pry
or snoop. I was just cleaning up the bedroom and bit
and stumbled across your magazines. You don’t need to
keep them hidden. I know when you brought them you
thought I might disapprove and a boy’s masturbation
time is a private thing but I think you know by now we
can be very open.”

I sure did by now and it was ok that she found them.
She sat down on the side of the bed and asked me if she
might look at them.

“Sure Aunt Karen,” I replied. “Those are some of the
best ones. They have all some great pictures and such
good-looking men and women. I can’t believe the size of
some of those cocks.”

“Come over here and sit next to me,” she said. “Let’s
look at some of them together. I too enjoy them and I
want to see some of those big cocks you are talking
about. I really get wet when I see some pussy being
penetrated by a nice big dick.”

My cock was hard again sharing my fuck magazines with
Karen. I had always just kept them hidden but now I
could look at them with her and enjoy them with a woman
who shared my interest of porn.

“Umm this looks like a good one” she said as she opened
one up. ” I can see why you brought them Marcus. I just
bet your young cock is already hard. Here look at this
picture. She sure is spread wide and her pussy is
shaved too. He sure is buried way up her hole.”

I looked at the picture of a woman lying on her side
with them man behind, his cock deep up her shaved

“Why don’t we get more comfortable?” she asked. I want
to show you my nice new bra and panty set I got the
other day. Dressing sexy makes me feel sexy. A bigger
woman needs sexy underwear too. To me they are meant to
be seen by an man.”

“What do you think of this bra and panty?” she asked as
she tossed her clothes on the floor.

She had on this floral pattern mostly red and very
sexy. The bra was the soft cup kind of sheer nylon
material. Her hard nipples were showing through. The
panties were the full cut kind. Even though she was a
big woman, her underwear was very sexy. Her bra really
couldn’t support her big DD tits so they sagged
somewhat, but looked so great. She turned around so I
could see the back and her big bottom all covered by
those full panties.

“You look very good too Aunt Karen,” I replied. “That
flower print is very nice and those big panties are
wonderful. I like that bra and the way it is sheer and
your nipples show in it.”

“I know my tits sag just a bit in this soft cup, but
they are big and heavy. There is plenty to suck and
play with though Marcus,” she said. “It’s hard to find
big panties my size that are sexy but these are nice.
With my large size I find these the most comfortable
and sexy too!

We spent a few minutes looking at each other and then
picked up another magazine to look at.

We came to a series of pictures of a woman sucking a
cock. It was a big one and she was trying to take it
all in. The final pictures showed him shooing off in
her mouth, some cum running down her chin.

“Those are some great shots, Marcus,” she said. “Just
look at how she sucks him and then he shoots off in her
mouth. He is giving her a nice drink on cum. I see by
that bulge in your bikinis that you like it too.”

I was indeed hard as I looked at the pictures. My balls
were full and needed release. I then took off my jeans
and shirt to show her my cock.

“Sweetie,” Karen said. “Let me suck on your cock just
like in these pictures. I want to have your young cum
in my mouth. I want to taste your jism.”

I was so hard now and willing to give Aunt Karen an
nice cum drink. I wanted to feel her warm mouth around
my cock and have her milk me dry.

“Ohh, Aunt Karen,” I replied. “I am so hard and need to
shoot off. I want you to suck my cock and taste my cum.
I have never been sucked before and want you to do it.”

Taking my cock into her mouth Aunt Karen sucked like a
whore in heat, moaning around it, slobbering all over
it, dripping saliva onto the sheets. Meanwhile I moaned
and groaned unable to take much more of this. Aunt
Karen stopped, took the cock out of her mouth and said,
“Here honey, lie down. Let me get on top of you.”

As I lay down on the bed Aunt Karen got up and asked
“Would you do something for me?”

“Yeah sure what is it?”

“Eat me while I suck your cock?”

“Sure!” Aunt Karen then sat down on my face, placing
her cunt over my waiting mouth.

“Oooohh, yeeaah!” she hissed, “That’s nice.”

For the next several minutes we were lost in our own
little taboo world. Aunt Karen’s head bobbed up and
down on my prick as she kept playing with my balls. I
kept licking, nibbling, kissing his mom’s cunt, while
working a finger up her asshole.

We moaned and groaned and cried in pleasure until both
of us let loose, I shooting cum down her eager throat
while she threw her orgasmic juices. After Aunt Karen
got off of me she lay back down and started playing
with my still-hard, virile cock.

“I want you to fuck me so bad,” she whispered in my

“I want to fuck you, too,” I whispered back. Aunt Karen
then got up to straddle me like yesterday. Not a word
was spoken, as she lowered herself down onto the hard
prick. She simply looked in my eyes as he looked back.

“OH GOD!” Aunt Karen cried out feeling every inch of my
cock sliding deeper up her cunt.

“Oh yeah! Your cunt is sooooo gooood aunt Karen!” Then
she began to ride me. I played with her breasts;
pinching her hard, erect nipples, and then lowering my
hands to knead her ass-cheeks. Then I held her waist
and bucked up into her, fucking her while she fucked me
back, slamming my cock up into her, lifting us both off
the bed.

“Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh god! Oh Marcus!” Aunt Karen cried as I
pounded my cock into her cunt. Aunt Karen began to gasp
in orgasm, collapsing on top of me, as I continued
thrusting my prick until I shot once again. I held my
aunt in my arms as she kissed my chest.

I wondered what might be in store for me next.

Things seemed to be getting better and more fun with
Aunt Karen. I wondered what she might show me next. She
sure was willing to do most anything. I had already
learned a lot about sex. She has sucked my dick and
watched me masturbate and showed me how women do it
using sex toys.

On one corner of our fields was a makeshift bathroom.
The bathroom was just a shack that was placed over a
hole dug for the season’s waste. I saw the log walls of
the shack as I walked in. There I saw the hole and then
I saw Aunt Karen squatting over it. She smiled and a
string of urine poured from her bottom into the hole.

“I’m sorry…” I said and tried to turn around.

“No stay.” she called. “I was curious if you ever had
any fantasies about watching a woman pee?? I have a
feeling most young boys have thoughts about a woman
going to the bathroom. I just bet those thoughts have
crossed your mind, like peeking through a keyhole to
catch a glimpse of a girl pulling her panties down and
sitting on the potty and peeing”

I did have thoughts like that. I have never told anyone
because it seemed rather kinky and not something I
would tell anyone. I could feel my cock getting harder.
What could she have in mind?

“Since we are learning all about sex,” she said. I
think you should explore those thoughts further. Here
is a nice stream for you to see. Would you like to
watch Aunt Karen empty her full bladder just for you?”

“Ohh, Aunt Karen,” I replied. “I would really like to
watch you. My dick is so hard just thinking about it.
She spread very wide giving me a great view of her
slit. She smiled and spread open just a bit more. It
was beautiful to watch as her bladder emptied from her
slit. She reached down and opened her lips giving me
full view.”

“I sure like having you watch me Marcus,” she said. “A
young man should be able to watch his Aunt piss for
him. Umm, I enjoy sharing this private thing with my
nephew. Umm I sure have a lot of nice piss for you. Now
it seems I am done I feel so much better now.” She said
and she stood up.

She leaned her hip to her side and wiped her bottom
with some paper. She looked at me harder. “Now look at
that hard cock you have. I know you need some release,
all that cum you have. Let’s go to my bedroom.”

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