A dad attempts to get his daughter to change her slutty ways

I still remember the day that I kicked my cheating
whore wife out of the house like it was yesterday. I
was walking through the front door after being away for
a couple of days on business, the bitch wasn’t
expecting me for another day or so when I walked in on
her being gangbanged. There she was, moaning and
groaning like a bitch in heat all holes filled, being
fucked by three men she had picked up at a bar.

When I saw Mia our daughter sound asleep on a couch in
the same room I became furious. I wanted to rip her
head off but instead I told that bitch to get the fuck
out and never come back. She cried, begged and pleaded
with me not to separate her from her baby girl but
there was no way I was going to expose my little girl
to a whore even if that whore was her own mother.

The years passed quickly, I tried to raise Mia right
teaching her right from wrong but she had that whore’s
b***d flowing through her veins so I guess I shouldn’t
have been too shocked when I walked in on her with her
white cotton panties wrapped around her ankles holding
her dress up over her head showing Billy our neighbor’s
k*d her tight little cunt. It was then that I sadly
realized that my little Mia was going to be a whore
just like her mother.

Billy got real scared when he saw me walk in on them
but I told him not to worry, I told him that he wasn’t
in any trouble but that he should go home, hell, can’t
blame the boy it wasn’t his fault she was a slut. I
sent Billy on home before throwing Mia over my lap so I
could take my hand to her hide I thought a good
spanking might teach her a lesson but do you know what
the little bitch did?

She started squirming and grinding her little pussy
against my thigh, I think the little whore liked it. It
made me so angry that I took a paddle to her butt
instead leaving angry red marks on her creamy ass she
didn’t like the paddle too much soon she was sniffling
and crying begging me to stop. After a good lecture and
a lesson on how good girls should behave I tucked her
into bed and then kissed her goodnight.

I wish I could say that she learned her lesson after
that but she didn’t, I can’t tell you how many times I
busted her showing her little cunny to the boys in the
neighborhood I finally had to stop letting her play
with boys all together when I caught her out back by
the pool with Corey and Collin the twins who lived
across the street from us. With her bikini bottom
tossed carelessly aside there she was kneeling in front
of the two boys who had pulled their swimming trunks
down pass their knees examining their penises. I heard
her tell them that she would let them play with her
cunny if they let her play with their penises.

I was curious to see how far she was going to take this
so I hid where they could not see me. I watched as she
took both their penises in her hands touching,
squeezing and tugging before lying down on the deck to
give them better access to her tight little cunt. I
finally let my presence be known when Corey the more
assertive one started probing her tight little slit
with his fingers. The boys took off running leaving Mia
to face her punishment alone.

It was a few years after that, that I caught Mia
getting fucked for the first time, I was upstairs in
the living room watching television when I thought I
heard something in the cellar.

As I crept down the stairs I could hear what I thought
was moaning sure enough there was the little whore with
Tommy a boy a few years older than her from the
neighborhood laying on top of her his cock buried deep
inside her pussy. Neither had bothered to get
completely undressed Tommy had pulled his underwear and
pants down just enough to release his cock, Mia’s
panties were hanging from her one ankle her dress
wrapped around her waist.

The way the boy’s butt was tensing up I knew that he
was getting ready to squirt his hot spunk inside her
tight cunt so I just stood back and waited for him to
do just that before making my presence known. It
wouldn’t have been fair to Tommy for me to expose them
before he was ready to spurt his load deep inside her
cunt after all she was the slut not him.

The look of sheer terror on Tommy’s face when he saw me
was almost laughable, stumbling and mumbling making
apologies he tried to pull his underwear and pants back
up. I told him to go on home and not come back I
grabbed Mia roughly by the arm not allowing her to pull
her panties back up I dragged her into the kitchen.

I poured uncooked rice on the kitchen floor and told
her she was to kneel on the rice with her arms held
straight out in front of her without moving until I was
satisfied that she had been punished enough for her
indiscretions. I was starting to feel a little sorry
for her and was getting ready to let her get up when I
noticed that her inner thighs were all sticky from
Tommy’s spunk angry as hell I sat at the kitchen table
a while longer glaring at the little whore while she
sniffled and cried begging me for forgiveness.

After that incident she was a little more cautious
about where and how she did things I didn’t walk in on
her getting fucked again for about another year.
Feeling that I could trust her I started leaving her
home alone again while I went out to run my errands but
I should have known though once a whore always a whore.

It wasn’t long before I busted her with a cock buried
deep down her throat and one buried in her cunt. I’m
not sure where she met Joey and Matt two college
sophomores working at the local summer camp but there
she was on hands and knees sucking Joey’s throbbing
cock like a pro while Matt took her from behind making
her tight little body shake as he plunged his cock deep
inside her pussy.

Feeling defeated and feeling as though I had failed as
a father, I just sat back where no one could see me and
watched and listened in as Joey and Matt fucked Mia
like the slut that she was. Joey grabbed the sides of
her head and started gagging her with his cock he
called her names like, cock sucking whore and dirty
slut before pulling out long enough to allow her to
catch her breath. Grabbing a hold of her hips Matt
pounded into her violently joining in on the name

Just when I was about to put a stop to it both boys
pulled out so that they could jerk their cocks by her
face they laughed as they covered Mia face with their
hot spunk the little bitch started rubbing it in like
it was face cream, getting her fingers all sticky with
their cream, the boys watched intently as she licked
her fingers clean of their spunk.

Since it was obvious that everything that I had tried
to get her to behave up to this point had not worked I
decided to ground her for a month, I was very strict
about it, she was not allowed to leave her room except
to use the bathroom, she even had to eat all her meals
in her room. I took the television, phone, computer and
stereo out of her room the only thing she had access to
was books, her bedroom became her own private little
jail cell.

A week had passed without incident and I was starting
to feel hopeful that she had finally learned her lesson
that was until I was walking towards her bedroom with a
tray holding her lunch when I thought I heard moaning
coming out of her room opening the door slightly I
almost dropped my tray when I saw what was making Mia
moan so.

There she was getting it on with Dusty the family mutt.
The dirty little whore had let Dusty mount her from
behind. The slut had an insatiable desire to be fucked,
man, dog, it didn’t matter. I watched as Dusty pounded
into her with quick, hard thrust, it wasn’t long before
the dog fucking whore was taking Dusty cream deep
inside her pussy when Dusty pulled out a rush of slimy
doggie spunk drain out of her cunt. I put the tray on
the floor outside her bedroom door and just walked
away. I was lost; I didn’t know what to do.

I sat in the study contemplating my next move, it took
a rare breed of slut to do what Mia had just done, and
I needed to find someone who could intervene because it
was obvious that I wasn’t getting through to her. And
that’s when it came to me, I would seek counsel from
our reverend. I picked up the telephone and dialed the
phone number for our church.

The church secretary connected me to Reverend Justin I
told him about everything that was going on he asked me
to bring Mia in to his office the next day. I hung up
feeling like a huge weight had been lifted off my
shoulders, if anyone could get through to her Reverend
Justin could, he was a man of god.

I woke her up bright and early the following morning
without getting into too much detail with her I told
her that she was to get dressed and meet me downstairs
in an hour as we had an appointment with the reverend.
Ready to leave for our appointment I called to her from
the bottom of the stairs I became angry when I saw what
she had chosen to wear.

She wore a very short pleated skirt that showed off her
long, toned legs, she had her mother’s legs. Her top
was cut very short barely covering her midriff. I
thought about making her go back upstairs and change
but I wasn’t up for another argument so I said nothing
and just let it go.

With my keys in hand I followed behind her to the car
as we walked towards the car she dropped her hair clip
when she bent over to pick it up her skirt rode up
exposing her cunt, the slut wasn’t wearing any panties!
I got the feeling that she was taunting me wanting to
get a rise out of me so I pretended not to notice but
inside I was fuming.

Reverend Justin called us into his office right away,
he talked to Mia about the conversation that he and I
had had the night before. He expressed our concern
regarding her behavior Mia just sat there in silence.

Feeling that he was getting no where Reverend Justin
ask me to leave the two of them alone so that they
could talk, he thought that perhaps with me out of the
room she might be willing to open up more. I waited
outside of his office for a while occasionally I could
hear some mumbling through the door but not much else.
Curious, I placed my ear to door.

“On your knees c***d. Pray with me.” I heard Reverend
Justin say. I heard what sounded like someone praying
but after a couple of minutes everything went silent.
Letting curiosity get the best of me I opened the door
just a bit so I could peek in.

I saw Reverend Justin standing there in an upright
position wearing his traditional black cloak, there was
a wooden cross mounted on the wall behind him, he stood
so still he almost looked like a statue. His eyes were
closed as if in prayer and he was smiling slightly. His
smile looked almost devious. Initially I did not see
Mia that was until I heard him say…

“Yes, my dear suck my holy cock.”

There she was kneeling in front of Reverend Justin, the
front of his cloak was undone and she was holding his
cock firmly in her hand I could see the head of his
cock begin to swell, using long strokes she licked the
length of his shaft with her tongue before wrapping her
lip glossed lips around the head of his cock,
simultaneously she stroked and sucked his cock causing
a moan that sounded more like a growl to escape his
throat in approval.

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing I wanted to turn
away but couldn’t, I willed my legs to move but they
stood firm, it was a though I was stuck. Could it be
that not even a man of god could withstand her sexual
powers? There was no intervening, there was no saving
her, she was a whore and would always be one.

Seeing me at the door Reverend Justin ask Mia to bring
me over to where they were, as if in a trance I allowed
her to take me by the hand and bring me to where he
stood. With me sitting in a chair he had Mia undo my
pants and release my cock, she gently began to stroke
my cock, I tried to control the burning that began to
consume me but I felt my cock begin to stiffen in her
hand. As my slut daughter took my cock in her mouth the
reverend began to fuck her from behind, she sucked my
cock greedily making loud slurping sounds. It didn’t
take me long to shoot my hot load down her throat she
swallowed every last drop like a good little cunt soon
the reverend was shooting his own load in her womb.

The reverend feels we still need a lot more counseling
he will be at our home tomorrow night. He doesn’t
normally make house calls but he says that in our case
he is willing to make an exception as he feels its
important that Dusty be included in our family
counseling sessions too, after all he is a member of
the family too.

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