A dad turns into something more when he is gently seduced by his beautiful daughter

Third Waiter Shen could hardly contain his excitement.
He’d spent a month’s salary on the love potions. The
pink one would set ablaze the pubes of a woman whose
thighs were held closed by an ice dragon. The black
potion was b***d of tiger. Once he’d drunk it, Shen
would have the speed, tenacity and endurance of the

After the restaurant had closed, he would slip the pink
potion into the tea drunk by Second Bus Girl Fong and
fornication was sure to follow — a joining enhanced by
Shen’s tiger potency. New customers had been seated in
his section, so Shen carefully wrapped the glass viles
in several napkins and placed them at the back of the
silverware drawer. No one would find them there.

Fate was displeased with Third Waiter Shen that
evening. Third Dishwasher Zheng also sought the
fragrant essence of Second Bus Girl Fong. He’d seen
Shen place the love potions in the silverware drawer.
With Shen away, Zheng hastily removed the bottles and
poured them out into the first available container, a
dish of vegetable moo-shu ready to be served. Soy sauce
was substituted for the b***d of tiger and dishwater
for the pink potion. The only fornication Third Waiter
Shen would do that evening would be with the hand he
wrote orders with.

Erich thanked the waiter as he set down the plate of
kung pao chicken. His daughter, Sun Yi, had decided,
while away at college, to become a vegetarian and had
gone with the appropriate type of moo-shu. He’d long
since stopped thinking of her as his adopted daughter.

It had been ten years since he and his wife had taken
Sun Yi, then eight years old, into their home. Erich
was Sun Yi’s only parent now. His wife was not
attracted by the milkman or even seduced by the
postman. No, she’d left him for the tennis pro at the
health club.

At forty, Erich was the proud father of a highly
ambitious freshman at NYU. He couldn’t help but notice
how beautiful and how much a woman Sun Yi looked. From
an 18yo ragamuffin, she’d blossomed into an
Asian beauty with shiny black hair and dark mysterious

Her waist was slim and, if she weren’t his daughter,
Erich would have called her breasts the 3 P’s — pert,
pointy and perfect. The narrow waist of her faded jeans
and loose cashmere sweater did nothing to take away
from her perfect figure. Both waiters and patrons alike
spoke in hushed whispers about the beautiful girl that
was home for October break.

Between bites, Sun Yi told of her classes, the
professors she hated and the boys who wouldn’t leave
her alone. Mid-sentence, Sun Yi’s eyes suddenly glazed
over and her face drained of color. “Are you okay?”
asked Erich. Sun Yi did not move, but looking into her
eyes, Erich saw them suddenly turn ablaze. Reaching
across the table, he put his hand on her forehead. She
didn’t have a fever. As quickly as it happened, Sun Yi
snapped out of it. She reached up and took his hand
away from her forehead.

Rather than let go, she held it and said, “Don’t worry
about me Erich. I’m a big girl now.”

He started to withdraw his hand, but she refused to let
go. Over the stalemate of their interlocked fingers, he
said “So it’s Erich now and no longer daddy.” Like
eating meat, the term ‘daddy’ had gone the way of the

“You can be so simple sometimes, Erich. You know you’re
more than a father to me. Much more.” Sun Yi stood up
still holding his hand.

“We’re leaving?” he asked, barely able to throw down
enough money to cover the bill.

“Erich, you’re so naive,” she said with him in tow.

“Are you sure you’re okay?” he asked, as she opened the
passenger side door for him.

“I’m more than fine.” There was a note of finality in
her shutting the door for him; their father-daughter
ties seemed to be irreparably severed.

Slipping into the driver’s seat, she paused before
starting the car. Reaching over, she slipped his seat
belt in place for him. “Don’t you wish these things
could be locked by the driver?” she pondered toying
with the belt. “Sort of kinky if you think about it.”

“I never thought about it,” he sputtered, not sure what
was really happening.

“Trust me. I know what I’m doing,” she said as she slid
the Audi into gear and raced off. Despite the evening’s
chill she lowered her window and let the breeze toss
her hair.

Erich could tell they were heading home. He just had no
idea why. Sun Yi seemed to know what she wanted. She
played less than subtly with the stick shift as she
spoke. “Erich, did you know that I’m a virgin?”

“Sun Yi!” he yelled with all the parental sternness he
could muster. “That’s none of my business. You’re an
adult and I trust you.”

She tossed her head back in the breeze and laughed. “At
least you notice I’m an adult. Do you also know that
I’m beautiful?”

“I’ve always told you that,” he replied.

“No, I’m very sexy,” she said coyly. “Aren’t you
curious why a woman who could have any man is a

Ten years ago he’d read every book on c***d rearing
that there was. Doctor Spock just didn’t cover this
situation. Erich improvised. “I assume it’s because I
did a good job raising you.”

Taking her hand off the stick shift, Sun Yi placed it
on his knee and squeezed. “A very good job,” she
replied. He couldn’t help but notice how long and red
her nails were. Leaving her hand on his leg, she
explained, “Did you know that you’re my hero? I adore
you, Erich. You took care of me. You drove to the store
at 3:00 AM when I had my first period. You turned all
red in the face when you tried to explain sex to me.
You’re just too sweet.” Her hand slid off his knee and
onto his thigh.

“Thank you,” he said reaching down and taking her hand.
Holding hands was better than having her fingers
caressing his thigh.

Sun Yi pouted and explained further, “My first lover
has to be a man of your equal, Erich. He has to be as
bright, handsome, kind and gentle as you are. You gave
me everything and I expect no less from a lover.”

Her nails were tickling his palm. He wished it didn’t
feel so good. “That’s very sweet,” he managed to say.

“When’s the last time you made love to a woman?” she

“That’s none of your business,” he shot back.

“Come, come, Erich. You’re no prude. You just didn’t
date a lot after the bitch left. I’m in Psych 100: I
know these things. Talk about a dysfunctional family
unit. You were worried about getting hurt again so you
closed yourself off from the pleasures of the flesh and
channeled all your affection to me.”

Her hand slid from his grasp and into his lap. She
began to stroke him. “How long has it been?” she
purred, as she coaxed his hardness to come alive.

“Over a year,” he whispered.

She pulled the car into the driveway and engaged the
emergency break. Taking her seatbelt off, Sun Yi leaned
over and undid Erich’s pants. “You deserve better,” she
said as she descended on him, her mouth completely
engulfing him. No woman had ever been able to do that
for him. What endowments Erich lacked socially he more
than made up for anatomically.

Up and down her head bobbed, one hand grasped tightly
around his member while the other cupped him. She
paused, licked her palms and continued. Her enthusiasm
and the year’s hiatus was too much for him. Straining
at his seatbelt, Erich exploded into her mouth.

Although she made every effort to ride him to fruition,
Sun Yi came up coughing. “I’m sorry,” she choked. “I’ve
never done that before. I’ll do better next time. I
promise.” She gave him a smile and subconsciously
licked a stray pearl from the corner of her mouth.

His level of testosterone greatly reduced, Erich, like
all men, suddenly found himself able to think clearly.
“Sun Yi, that was very beautiful, but it’s wrong.
You’re my daughter.”

Placing her head on his shoulders, she snuggled close
to him. He put his arms around her. “Did you ever have
a crush on a teacher?” she asked.

“I had a horrible crush on my English teacher in high
school,” he replied.

“It’s the same way with you Erich. I had a father who
beat me. That’s why I was taken away and put up for
adoption. I loved you and couldn’t think of you as a
father. A father to me is someone who hurt me. I always
thought of you as a ‘sun-sang-nim’. It means ‘teacher’
in Korean. And I’ve had a crush on you since I was

“It’s still not right,” said Erich. They’d separated
slightly and he found his hand under her sweater. His
fingers traced the outline of her nipples through her
bra. Soft, firm, pert, pointy and perfect. “I’m
violating your trust, and besides, you’re too young.”

Sun Yi started to get out of the car. Erich followed,
putting his arm around her as they walked up the path
to the front door. With her head on his shoulder, Sun
Yi asked, “If I lost my virginity to my high school
sweetheart, you wouldn’t think it odd?”

“No,” he replied.

As he shut the door behind them, Sun Yi began to
undress. Her cashmere sweater fell to the floor,
followed by her blouse. Her bra was plain and white,
innocently filled by her 3 P’s. Her jeans slid over her
full hips, and along with the jeans, she took off her
knee-highs. She stood there in her white cotton panties
and bra and took Erich by the hands. “Do you find me

“Yes, very attractive.”

Guiding his hands to her shoulder straps, she helped
him remove her bra. Her breasts were a rich brown
accented by reddish nipples that already stood erect.
“You are my high school sweetheart. You’re going to be
my first Erich.”

He was mesmerized by the gentle rise of her mound as he
swelled through her panties. She smiled and guided his
hand there. He could feel her wetness had soaked
through the thin white cotton. He rubbed her gently as
she slid her panties off. With one arm he pulled her
close, while the other moved up and down establishing a
rhythm gently with her thrusting hips.

“Make slow circles,” she whispered in his ear. Her
whisper was followed by a playful tongue. The tongue
turned into a gentle biting of his earlobe as her
rubbing against him grew more pronounced. Sun Yi’s
teeth sank into his shoulder, suppressing a scream as
her body bucked and kicked against him. She fell
against him limp. Erich lifted her thin frame up.

“Take me to our bed,” she murmured in his ear.

He carried her upstairs and laid her down on the white
comforter. Her dark skin stood out against it, accented
by a delicate black triangle of hair and brownish-red
nipples. The only adornment she wore was a gold anklet.
Lying on top of her, Erich kissed her tentatively. With
mouths closed at first, they became acquainted with
each other’s lips.

Lips eventually parted and tongues sought each other
out as they thoroughly explored this orifice. She
writhed against him and feverishly pulled his clothes
off. Kissing her from neck to nipples to stomach, Erich
moved lower on Sun Yi’s taut body. As he began to kiss
her perfumed triangle, she pulled up gently by the
ears. “Save some lessons for tomorrow. I want you now.”

Reaching down between his legs, she rubbed Erich’s
manhood in her wetness until he was ready to explode.
“I don’t have protection,” he said pulling back.

Taking his hardness in both hands she pulled him gently
back onto her. “What would you do if I got pregnant?”
she asked, as she pulled gently up and down.

“I’d have to marry you,” he replied without a second’s

“I’m ovulating,” she said, as she guided him into her.
Her nails dug into his shoulders, she was tense and
ridged. Erich was gentle and slow, hoping she’d begin
to enjoy it — after all it was her first time.
Teacher/student, no. Father/daughter, no more. They
were lovers. They were one and this was just one of
many lessons shared between equals.

Back at the Chinese restaurant, a second couple had
also left hastily. Olivia Walsh had been celebrating
her fortieth wedding anniversary when the plate of moo-
shu tainted by the love potions had been placed in
front of her. After two mouthfuls, she’d pulled her
sixty-two year-old husband, Walter, out to the car,
where they made love in the back seat.

After the restaurant closed, Second Bus Girl Fong
claimed to feel very ill. She claimed tea usually
settled her stomach. Although, both Third Waiter Shen
and Third Dishwasher Zheng offered her a ride home, she
declined. Instead she had accepted a ride with
Assistant Manager Wu who had no idea she was only
pretending to be sick. That night, as he made love to
Fong, he had the speed, tenacity and endurance of the
tiger. A woman as beautiful as Fong brings that out in
any man.

Over a case of Tsing Tao beer, Third Waiter Shen and
Third Dishwasher Zheng came to the decision that women
were the scourge of mankind, men didn’t need them and
men should stick together rather than competing for the
attentions of a mere woman. Swearing that they’d never
again be involved with the female species, they each
pretended to head home.

Once out of sight of each other, they simultaneously
hailed a cab and gave the driver directions to the same
after-hours club that was always full of gorgeous
Chinese girls.

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