A daughter-in-law stumbles on a videotape of her father-in-law which results in a family fuckfest

My husband’s father, Ed, had been a widower for three
years. He realized his house was too much for one
person so he asked us to move in and he would live in
a “mother (father)-in-laws” apartment he had built as
part of the house. Dad, as I called him, was retired.
Leading a very active life, he ate several meals a
week with us but for the most part was independent. I
enjoyed being with him as he was intelligent, had a
great sense of humor, knew how to treat a lady and
frankly was a very sexy sixty-five year old.

Once a week I would go in his apartment and do general
house cleaning. On this particular day it was hot and
I was wearing just a tee shirt and shorts with no
panties or bra. Dad was out for the day so I had no
problem going into his room dressed in such a skimpy

I worked up a real sweat, sat down, grabbed a beer and
turned on the TV to catch the noon news. However, to
my surprise there was an old fashion tape in the VCR
which began to play. I was watching a video of Ed and
his late wife Edith fucking. I was entranced as I
watched. Ed had quite a tool. I guess I know where
hubby Tom inherited his big cock.

Although slightly plump, Edith had been quite the sexy
lady. She had big tits that sagged a little, a belly
that stuck out over her hairy pussy and a nice round
ass. As I watched I got hotter and hornier. I lifted
my shirt and began playing with my erect nipples with
one hand, rubbing my pussy with the other.

To my surprise the scene changed and Edith was now
sucking a large black cock. Ed’s voice was in the
background saying “Yah Momma, suck his big black cock.
Take it all and swallow his cum.”

The Black dude shot his wade in her mouth and it
overflowed dripping out of the corners of her mouth.
Next Ed was in the scene butt fucking her while the
Black guy was fucking her pussy. She had the biggest
smile on her face as she took the double penetration.
Later scenes included Edith in a 69 position sucking
another woman’s cunt. Next Ed appeared sucking and
fucking them both. Boy I didn’t know Ed was such a
cock hound. He was quite the fucker and the ladies
seemed to like the way he gave head.

I was really hot and horny now and was finger fucking
myself. The tape ended so I grabbed another put it in
and hit play. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Ed
had videotaped Tom and me fucking in our bedroom. I
was quite upset at first but I really got turned on
watching myself fuck Tom’s big cock. Except for
watching in the mirror, it was the first time I saw
myself screwing and I was good. Could be a porn star,
I thought. By now my shorts were on the floor and I
was rubbing my clit for all I was worth. My other hand
was busy tweaking my hard nipples when Ed walked in. I
quickly pulled my shorts up and cover my tits.

Ed smiled, “I see you found my video collection…
have you been enjoying yourself?”

“Oh Ed I’m so sorry I invaded your privacy… but
you… you’re a dirty old man for taping Tom and me.”

“I wired the whole house with hidden cameras for
Edith’s and my swinging adventures. The night I taped
you I was particularly lonely and horny so I turned on
your bedroom camera and caught you in action.”

I noticed as we talked, the bulge in his pants grew.
From the tapes I had an idea of the package he was
carrying and I wanted some of it. I walked over to him
and began stroking his cock through his pants.

“You dirty old man, I’m horny as hell. What are you
going to do about it?”

He began by holding and kissing me. His tongue was
long and hot as he licked my lips and slid down my
breast licking and sucking my tits.

“I love how hard your nipples get and how they point
up, I could suck them all day.”

He continued exploring my body with his tongue down
over my belly, pulling my shorts off he licked through
my hair pie down to my pussy lips. Pushing me back on
the bed he spread my legs and gave me the best cunt
licking ever.

“Oh Yes Daddy Suck My Clit… Eat Me Good!” I blurted
out. I couldn’t believe what I said or that my father-
in-law was eating my snatch.

I must have cum three or four times before he dropped
his pants and offered his rigid rod for me to suck in
preparation for the fuck of my life. I loved tasting
his cock and almost made him cum. He took his meat
from my mouth and slapped it on my swollen pussy lips
before sliding it in. We started with a slow rhythm
which quickened as I felt his thick hot shaft in my
tight, juicy pussy.

“Wrap your legs around me baby.”

He picked me up, carrying me to the desk. Setting me
down he finishing me off with a fury of thrusts
culminating in shooting his hot cum cream in my
quivering cunt.

I was exhausted. Here a man twenty years my senior had
given me the best fuck of my life.

“Are you going to tell Tom about this?”

“I don’t know Ed. Tom has always wanted me to fuck
another man and tell him all about it. He also wanted
to watch me with another man and join in. I have been
resistant but now, I didn’t know. Would he be okay
with it if the other man was you… his father?”

That night I decided to tell Tom I did fucked another
guy but not who. He was dying to know who but I
wouldn’t tell him. It really turned him on and we
sucked and fucked most of the night. I wondered if Ed
was videotaping us.

The next day Tom called me from work and said he was
horny as hell and wanted to fulfill the second part of
his fantasy. He asked me to set it up with ‘the other
guy.’ I talked to Ed and he was more than willing to
do it that evening. After dinner I told Tom I had a
surprise for him. He should wait five minutes and come
to the guest bedroom. I left the door partially opened
so he could watch.

Ed was there waiting for me with his usual big hard
on. He undressed me and we got on the bed sucking each
other in a 69 position. I was sitting on his face so
Tom could not tell who my lover was. I licked Ed’s
meat from the base up to his big knob. Kissing the tip
I slid my lips down his rock hard rod. Ed sucked on my
clit as he nestled his nose in my wet box. Facing the
door I saw Tom peeking in. In no time he had undressed
and was stroking his cock as he watched.

He looked with amazement as he saw his dad emerge from
between my legs and slide his shaft in my pussy doggie
style. Looking at Tom I smiled and said, “Surprise.”

He hesitated for a moment and then walked into the
room. I didn’t know what to expect. When he said,

“Great fuck isn’t she Dad,” I knew everything was

Tom thrust his dick toward my mouth and said “suck it
baby. You’re getting a real family fuck tonight.”

Before I took his cock in my mouth I said, “Father
fucks like son.” His smile told me he liked the
comparison. With Dad from behind and Tom in my mouth I
felt full. The father son combo switched positions
from time to time and I got the best of both worlds.

Things got real interesting when my mother, Liz came
to visit. We decided to cool it on the sex while she
was there. Mother was an attractive, prim and proper
woman in her late sixties. She had been divorced for
ten years. She had a body that still made men take a
second look but to my knowledge didn’t date. Ed joined
us and we enjoyed several dinners and outings

To no one’s surprise Ed and Liz hit it off. I was
concerned because I knew Ed would have difficulty
controlling his sex drive and I thought if he hit on
Mom she would get upset. I talked to Tom and Ed about
it and Ed agreed he would control himself if I would
come and visit his room that night. Of course Tom was
invited to watch and join in. I agreed and after Mom
went to bed I went to Ed’s room.

As usual Ed was rock hard and ready for action. He had
me kneel on the edge of the bed and he knelt on the
floor behind me. He proceeded to run his tongue up and
down my butt crack. It felt so good; it made me tingle
all over. He then swirled his tongue around my bum
hole and rimmed me good, flicking the tip of his
tongue in my little rosebud opening. I screamed with
delight unaware it woke up Mom. Tom came in the room
naked and jacking off to the scene before him.

We all were oblivious to Liz’s arrival at the
partially opened door. She watched in shock but soon
was stroking her wet pussy through her thin nightgown.
Making herself cum she let out a moan.

“Mom, is that you?”

Liz came in the room took one look at Tom’s rigid rod
and dropped to her knees before him taking his cock in
her mouth on the way down. What a sight. I’m being
butt licked by my father-in-law and my mother is
sucking her son-in-law’s cock. I could tell Tom was
about to blow and said,

“Tom cum in Mom’s mouth, give her a real treat.”

Liz paused, held his dick to the side and said, “Yes
baby cum in Momma’s mouth. I want to taste the sweet
cum you’ve been giving my daughter.”

That was all Tom had to hear and as soon as her lips
were wrapped around his shaft he exploded. Mom licked
Tom clean and told him it was her turn now. As Tom
buried his face into her salt and pepper pussy pie she

“Shame on you all for not inviting me. I’ve wanted to
fuck Tom ever since you two got married.”

I was floored that Mom felt that way. Ed and I just
sat on the bed and watched Tom and Liz suck and fuck.
Mom rod his shaft like there was no tomorrow. She must
have cum at least five times before she and Tom took a

After a quick clean-up and a glass of wine Mom grabbed
Ed’s cock and said “Let’s see if you can match your
son, old man.”

Of course I knew he wouldn’t disappoint her. Ed lay
back as Mom mounted him as her long labial lips
engulfed his thick cock. Riding up and down her big
boobs bounced with each landing. Tom motioned for me
to come to the end of the bed. It was quite a sight as
Ed’s dick rose up between her ass cheeks and his cum
cream trickled down between her legs as he shot his

While we were taking another break Mom asked,”
Sweetie, have you ever taste a woman’s pussy?”

“No Mom, but I have always been curious.”

Liz told me to lie down and kneeled over me. She
lowered her head between my legs and began kissing,
licking and sucking my cunt lips sending shivers up my
spine. She began to suck my clit sliding her fingers
in to my slit one at a time.

“Mom you’re making me cum… Oh… Yes… Oh… Oh…
Yes!” I shouted.

After I calmed down I repaid her with my own cunt suck
and finger fuck Tom and Ed were delighted to watch Mom
and I finished off the night with some mother-daughter
action. I’m sure Ed got it all on video tape.

That was just the beginning of what turned out to be a
series of fantastic family fucks. While Mom and I
enjoyed eating each other’s pussy we agreed we
preferred the two man fucking crew.

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