A day in the hot tub takes an unexpected turn for a girl and her brother

his story was written as an extreme adult fantasy. The author
does not condone the described behavior in real life.
Simka walks in the house, glad to be home, glad to be
alone at home. “I think I am going to go sit in the hot
tub for a while and just relax, especially since no one
else will be home for a few hours. She quickly runs up
stairs and strips out of her school clothes.

After a moment of looking in her drawers, she finds a
bikini. It is not her new one, and it is slightly too
small for her, but it fits and she does not want to
spend time finding a newer on. She puts it on, grabs a
towel, and heads down to the hot tub in the back yard.
After turning it on, she sets the towel down, and gets
in. The temperature is just right and she sighs in
relaxation. “Ahhh, this feels so nice.”

Rykker opens the front door to the house, happy to have
snuck out of school so much earlier than his sister
would be able to get home. He runs upstairs and quickly
grabs his Speedo that he has been hiding from his mom,
dad, and especially his sister. He puts it on and walks
downstairs to the hot tub, ready to enjoy a nice
relaxing sit in the hot tub

Simka is enjoying the feeling of the hot water. She is
sitting there with her eyes closed, submerged in the
water up to her neck, oblivious to the rest of the
world. She breathes in deeply, and then exhales just as
deeply. “Oh yeah, I needed this. I needed to unwind and
relax.” She is glad that she is alone and able to enjoy
the hot tub.

Rykker walks up to the hot tub and shouts out in shock,
not expecting to see his sister at home, let alone in
an outfit, that revealing, “Just what do you think
you’re doing?” he barked at her.

Simka is shocked out of her relaxed state to see her
brother standing there in an equally revealing outfit.
“I am relaxing, or I was until you walk out here. And
why are you yelling at me? What are you doing home so
early? You should still be in class!”

Rykker cannot help but stare at his sisters breasts
through her tiny bikini. Well, considering it is my
senior year at high school, I thought I deserved a
break. You on the other hand, are only a freshman, so
please; tell me what you are doing at home.�

She looks at her brother for a second longer, and then
sits back down. “Remember that I had my dental checkup
today? Mom said that I didn’t need to go back to school
after it, so she dropped me off at home before she went
back to work.” She does not look at her brother,
annoyed that he is home to ruin her fun. “So, are you
going to get in, or just stand there?”

“Fine, I guess I will then.” he said as he stepped into
the hot tub. He sat down in the corner of the hot tub,
his eyes glued on his sisters reveling bikini top. “You
know, you really need to get a different swim suit

She looks at him and shakes her head. “For your
information, I have a different suit; I have a couple
different suits. This was just the first one I could
find and I didn’t want to spend the time looking for
another one.” She sounds just a bit sarcastic as she is
speaking. “Speaking of suits, I know mom and dad would
not approve of what you are wearing.”

“Yeah, well I turn 18 in a month, you just turn only 14
2 weeks ago, there’s a bit of a difference.”

She just stares at her brother. “Yeah, so? At least mom
and dad know about my suit so it must not be that bad.”
She sticks out her tongue at him.

Rykker looks at her and says in a teasing voice “You
know the only reason you have that suit is because dad
likes see you in it.”

Simka looks at her brother. “I don’t know that. I can
tell that you like to see me in it. Don’t try to deny
it either, I saw you staring at my breasts.”

“So what, all guys do it, so you will have to get used
to it anyways at the rate yours are growing.”

She looks at him, slightly shocked. “Well, maybe all
guys do it, but you are my brother and you shouldn’t be
looking at me like that. I was not staring it your
barely covered thing.

Rykker grins at her “Well you would have had to have
looked at it to have noticed.”

“I didn’t say that I didn’t look, I said I wasn’t
staring, like you are doing right now.” She shakes her
head at him. “There is a difference you know.”

“Hey, you don’t have to be ashamed of being attracted
to the opposite sex.”

She looks shocked. “Who said anything about being
attracted to you?”

Rykker throws a sly grin at her “Oh come on, I saw you
peaking at me in the bathroom you know.”

“I wasn’t peeking at you. I had to use the bathroom and
you didn’t shut the door when you went in.”

“Yeah, but you didn’t mind staring at me while you did
that though.”

“I wasn’t staring at you; I was just shocked at seeing
what you were doing in there.” She lays her head back
on the side of the tub, her eyes closed as she tries to
relax. “You really should have shut the door if you are
going to do that, unless you want people watching you.”

Rykker looks at her curiously “I don’t know what you
are talking about.”

“Don’t play dumb with me. I saw you sitting on the
toilet playing with your thing.”

“Ok, but you were the one who stood at the door and
watched me do it.”

She sighs just a bit. “I was only watching because I
had never seen one outside of health class. I never
knew that one could get that big either.”

Rykker thinks about the situation for a minute and
decides to take a big risk “You know, you could see one
right now if you wanted too.”

Simka’s head came up off the edge. “Why would I want to
see one right now, and why would I want to see yours
again?” Despite what she says, she makes no move to get
out of the tub.

“Well” Rykker says as he looks her in the eye, “I saw
what you were doing while you were watching me.”

She looks at him. “You were watching me?”

Rykker pauses a second and decides he might as well go
through with it “Well yeah, what do you think I was
thinking about when I was doing it.”

Simka gasps slightly. “You were thinking about me?
Why?” She is a bit shocked at this admission, but also
a bit aroused.

“Well… because you’re a sexy girl, and to be honest,
you’re hotter than any of the girls at our school.”

She looks at him and starts to blush. “Thank you… I
think.” She is just staring at him. “I can’t believe
that you think I am sexy.”

“Sis,” he said looking into her eyes, “You’re the
hottest and sexiest girl I know.”

Simka lowers her eyes from his face. “I, I don’t know
what to say. Thanks.”

Rykker moves closer to her in the hot tub “You don’t
need to say anything.”

She looks up and sees him moving closer to her.
Normally she would move away from him, but now she is
feeling very good because of his words and so she just
stays put.

Rykker moves up to her and slowly places a kiss on her
lips, then slowly backs away.

Simka sits there, stunned as her brother kissed her.
“Uh, okay. Wow.” She turns red as she is blushing.

Rykker looks at her “Do you want to continue with this

She looks at him, confusion in her face. “I, I don’t
know. I mean, it did feel nice, but should we be

“Whatever you want to do sis.”

She still looks uncertain. “Maybe we could kiss a bit
more, I guess.”

Rykker moves back over to her and kisses her, this time
moving his hand on top of her breast as he kisses her.

Simka kisses her brother back, but jumps a bit when he
puts her hand on her breast and back off from the kiss,
stuttering a bit as she speaks. “W-what are you doing?”

“What?” Rykker asked confused. “I’m just kissing you.”

She looks at her brother. “You put your hand on my
breast. Is that a part of kissing?” Despite this, she
has not made a move to remove the hand from where it

“Well yeah, that’s how everyone kisses,” Rykker tells
her as her starts to rub her breasts through her bikini

Simka is enjoying the feeling of him rubbing her
breast. “I guess if that is how everyone kisses.” She
leans back in to kiss her brother again.

As Rykker continues to kiss her, he reaches around with
his other hand and unties the top of her bikini.

Simka is so distracted by the kissing and the hand on
her breast that she does not notice what your other
hand has done. The feelings are so good that her lips
open up a little as a small moan escapes.

Rykker takes his hand off her breast to let the top
fall to the floor, and then starts rubbing both of her
breasts while sticking his tongue into her mouth.

Simka is slightly startled when her top falls off, but
does not break the kiss. She is surprised when his
tongue enters her mouth, but does not do anything about
it except play with it with her own tongue. She is
feeling very good now, pleasure running through her

Rykker takes one of his hands and moves it down to the
bottom of her bikini and starts to rub her pussy
through the fabric.

Simka is startled as she feels his hand on her pussy
and she breaks off the kiss and scoots back just a
little. “That’s not part of kissing.” She also moves
one arm up to cover her breasts, though she does not
move to get out of the tub.

Rykker stares at her “Have you ever kissed another guy

Simka blushes and hangs her head. “No I haven’t.”

“Well then how do you know that?”

“They don’t do that on the TV shows I watch when they
are kissing. It is just their lips.”

“Well, that’s because they can’t show what really
happens on TV. I’ll show you a video of what really
happens if you want to see it.”

Simka looks at her brother, unsure of everything. On
one hand she feels she should not be doing this with
her brother, on the other, it has felt good so far.
“Well, I guess that’ll be alright.” She reaches out in
the water to get her bikini top and puts it back on.

Rykker walks into the family room and pops in a DVD
from under the couch. “Now just sit back and relax.”

Simka follows her brother in to the room and sat down
on the floor so she didn’t get the couch wet.

The video started with a boy and girl sitting on a
couch slowly kissing each other. The boy then started
to rub the girl’s breasts through her shirt. As the
video started, Rykker sat down on the floor beside his

Simka watches the video, seeing in it what her brother
was doing with her.

Rykker moved over to his sister and begins to kiss her
as the guy on the TV slips a hand down the girl’s

Simka kisses back at her brother, her eyes not leaving
the TV. She can see the boy putting his hand down the
girl’s pants while they are kissing and is a bit
shocked to see the girl liking it.

The TV then shows the guy taking off the girl’s shirt
and bra and then proceeding to suck on the girl’s tits,
while still keeping the other hand in the girl’s pants.
Rykker then stuck his hand on the back of Simka’s
bikini top, and took it off, exposing her breasts.

Simka watches the action on the TV, her eyes glued to
it. She has never seen anything like this. She barely
notices when her brother removes her top, again.

Rykker then takes his mouth, moves it onto her breasts,
and begins to suck them. The girl on the TV takes off
the guy’s shirt and then begins to move her hands all
over his body.

Simka gasps as her brother begins to suck her breasts.
The pleasure shoots through her body and in to her
pussy, making her moisten a little. Her hands have been
in her lap, but slowly fall to her sides, unsure of
what she should do with them.

Rykker moves one of his hands down to her pussy and
begins to rub it through the bikini bottom. On the TV,
the girl takes off the guy’s pants and begins to rub
his cock.

Simka begins to breathe a little heavier and as his
hand begins to rub her pussy, she moans in pleasure.
One of her hands tentatively reaches out and touches
his leg, still unsure of what she should do.

Rykker looks at her and smiles “You can take off my
Speedo, I really don’t mind at all.”

Simka looks at her brother for a moment before her
hands move towards the Speedo. Slowly, with her hands
shaking a little, she grabs the sides and tries to
remove them from him, but he is sitting down and she

Rykker notices she cannot get his Speedo off, so he
stands up so she can get it.

Simka keeps hold of his Speedo and as he stands up the
Speedo stays down near the floor.

Rykker’s large cock springs up out of the Speedo as she
takes it off.

Simka gasps as her brothers cock springs out in front
of her face and she moves backwards a bit.

“You don’t like it?”

“I’ve never seen one before.” Her eyes glance over at
the TV to see the girl sucking on the boys cock.
“Except for that one on TV there.” Her eyes stay locked
on the TV, watching the girl suck the cock

“It’s ok if you want to touch it you know.”

She looks back at her brother’s cock and slowly moves
forward. Her hand reaches out, touches his cock, and
finds it soft to the touch. Her hand slowly wraps
around his cock.

Rykker moans as she touches his cock and urges her to
do more with it.

Simka hears her brother moan and smiles and is pleased
to know that she did that. Slowly she begins to slide
her hand down the shaft, and then back up again.

Rykker looks at the TV and notices the girl is sucking
on the guys cock. “Do you want to copy what they are
doing on the TV?”

Simka looks up at her brother’s face, then back to the
TV for a moment. Slowly her head moves forward towards
her brother’s cock. Her tongue comes out of her mouth
to lick the head for a second.

A shiver goes through Rykker as his sister licked the
head of his cock.

Simka smiled as she felt her brother shiver from her
lick. She moves back forward and starts to lick not
just the head, but also the whole cock.

Rykker moans as he feels her tongue move up and down
his hard shaft and begs her to do it more.

Simka keeps on licking her brother’s cock. As she is
doing that, she lets the head pop in to her mouth.

Rykker asks her if she would take off her bikini
bottoms so he could look at her.

Simka takes the cock head out of her mouth. “Well, I
guess so.” She stands up and unties the sides of her
bikini bottoms, letting them fall to the floor.

Rykker stared as he watched her pussy become revealed
to him. “Would you spread your legs for me?”

Simka blushes slightly but spreads her feet apart a
little while remaining standing.

“Aww c’mon, a little more.”

“Okay.” Simka spreads her feet a bit more.

Rykker moves over to her and sticks a finger in her
pussy as she is spreading it open.

Simka gasps as her brother sticks a finger in her
pussy. “Oh.”

Rykker then begins to move his finger in and out of her
pussy very slowly.

Simka stands there and watches her brother’s finger go
in and out of her pussy for a moment before turning
back to the TV and watching it, enjoying the feelings
that the video is giving her as well as the feelings
her brother is giving her.

Rykker then takes his mouth up to her pussy and slowly
begins to lick around the entrance to it.

Simka gasps aloud and almost loses her balance, resting
her hands on her brother’s head as she feels his tongue
on her.

Rykker keeps moving his tongue in and out of her pussy.
On the TV, the guy positioned his cock right in front
of the girl’s pussy and began to push it in.

Simka leans on her brother more, her knees weak from
his actions. She watches as the guy on TV starts to put
his cock in the girl and this excites her even more.

Rykker then begins to fuck her with his tongue as fast
as he can, pushing his tongue in as far as it will go
into her pussy.

Simka’s knees are close to giving out as the actions of
her brother and the visuals on the TV push her closer
to cumming. She starts to moan and cry out, leaning
more and more on her brother.

Rykker moves his hands up to her tits and begin to
pinch them while continuing to lick her.

Simka cries out. “Oh Rykker, I feel all funny inside.
Oh, Oh, OH!” Simka screams this last time as her first
orgasm washes over her, her knees gives out and she
falls upon her brother, her awareness of what is going
on around her gone for the moment.

Rykker moves his mouth away from his sister’s pussy and
looks at her for a few moments “Are you ok?”

Simka gasps for air, her breathing quite fast. Her body
is resting on her brothers. She mutters something about
feeling great, still having not come down from her

Rykker lays her down on the ground and then positions
his cock in front of her pussy.

Simka starts to become more aware and feels her
brother’s cock at the edge of her pussy. “Oh Rykker,
that felt great.”

Rykker then slowly pushes his cock into her pussy.

Simka gasps as she feels a cock inside her pussy for
the first time. “Oh Rykker, go slowly, please.”

Rykker looks at her “You can be on top if you really
want it to go slowly”

Simka look at Rykker, unsure. “I, I don’t know. Just
put it in me slowly, brother.” Simka’s breath is still
coming a bit quickly.

Rykker grins at her and quickly plunges his hard cock
into her as hard as he can.

She cries out as he quickly slam his cock in to her,
tearing her hymen. “OUCH! That hurt. Take it out, take
it out.” She begins to try to push him off, or move out
from under him.

Rykker grins “It’s more fun this way, trust me.”

“I did trust you to go slow.” Despite her anger, her
body is adjusting to his cock being in her body, slowly
adjusting to its size.

Rykker starts moving his large cock in and out of her.

She sighs a little when he starts to move out of her,
then gasps again as he move back in.

Rykker stops when she gasps and asks her what is wrong.

She looks at her brother. “You hurt me. That is what is
wrong. It is just so big and I’m not used to it.”

Rykker looks over at the TV and sees that a second guy
has come on screen. “She doesn’t seem to mind it all.”

Simka looks over at the TV and watches as the second
guy stuffs his cock in the girls mouth while the first
one is fucking her and she moans slightly, the pain she
is feeling going away as she gets turned on by the
scene on TV.

Rykker starts to quickly move his cock in and out of
her pussy, moves his mouth onto hers, and kisses her.

Simka kisses back at her brother, though her eyes stay
focused on the action on the TV, her body responding to
the cock in her on instinct.

Rykker lifts his head up while continuing to fuck her
“You know, maybe we should tell dad about how you are.
I’m sure he would enjoy you.”

Simka looks up at her brother with surprise written all
over her face. “Tell, tell dad? I do not think I want
him to know what we are doing. He might k**l us.” Her
body is starting to rock under his.

“You never know though…he might enjoy having a
daughter like you.”

“I don’t know.”

“Well if you aren’t a good little girl then I might
have to tell him.”

Simka continues to rock under her brother, her eyes
watching the girl on TV. “I still don’t know about
telling him.”

“Well we can save that for another day,” he says as he

Simka looks up at Rykker. “Another day?�

“You think this is going to be only a one time deal?”

“I-I don’t know,” Simka’s breath is coming fast now as
he body continues to rock under his.

Rykker looks at her and notices the guys on the TV were
cumming all over the girls face “I bet you wish that
was you don’t you?”

Simka looks at the TV, her body starting to move a bit
more wildly, getting closer to her first orgasm. “I-I
think so.”

Rykker begins to push his cock into her as hard as he

Simka pushes her body against her brother’s body
harder. Suddenly she lets out a primal scream, her body
convulsing under his as her orgasm hits her.

Rykker keeps pumping his hard cock in and out of her
while she orgasms and starts to feel pressure building
up in his cock “Where do you want me to cum sis?”

Simka keeps bucking her body against her brother’s,
coming down from her orgasm, but feeling another coming
on. “I don’t care, just keep fucking me brother.”

Rykker keepings fucking her as hard as he can…
feeling the cum build up in his cock but holding on to
get his sister another orgasm.

Simka keeps pushing her body up against her brothers,
feeling her next orgasm getting closer. “Oh god
brother, almost there. Make me cum again.”

Rykker starts sucking on her breasts while pushing his
cock in and out of her. He can barely hold on much

Simka grabs a hold of his head with her hands, pushing
his head against her chest, while wrapping her legs
around his, holding him against her, as her next orgasm
hits her. “Oh god brother! I’m cumming again!”

Rykker can’t hold onto to it any longer and shoots load
after load of hot sticky cum into her pussy.

Simka cries out again as she feels her brother cumming
in her. “Yes, cum with me Rykker, cum in my pussy!”

Rykker keeps cumming in her pussy enjoying the feeling
of her tightening pussy.

Simka holds on to her brother still, not letting him go
at all, enjoying this feeling.

“Are you enjoying this sis?”

Simka nods her head, her legs unwrapping themselves
from around his body. “Yes I am bro.”

“I take it we are going to do this every day now?”

Simka looks her brother in the eye and nods her head.
“Yes, I think we will. I just don’t others to find

“Don’t worry; this will just be our little secret.”

Simka smiles at Rykker. “Thank you brother.” She leans
her head up and kisses him once before laying her head
back down.

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