A depraved tale in which a young man arranges for his own Mother to be gang-raped

!!! This story was written as an adult fantasy. !!!

It was just after midnight when I let the guys in
through the back door. They all wore nondescript cloths
and ski masks to conceal their identities because my
Mom had met them all at one time or another.

They tied my hands loosely behind my back and ‘gagged’
me. Then we all paraded up to Mom’s bedroom. I was
getting a hard-on already just thinking about all the
dirty things we’d planned to do to her.

My buddy Bill kicked in her door and Tony flicked on
the light while Dave and Al followed, holding me be-
tween them. My Mother screamed and sat up in bed,
holding the sheets up to her bosom the way women do
when they’re startled. She was dazzled by the sudden
light and it took her a moment to realize there were
four men in her bedroom and one of them was holding a
knife (although a very dull one) to her son’s throat.

Seeing her beloved boy in apparent mortal danger she
was about to scream again when Bill slapped her sharply
across the face, snapping her head to the side.

“Keep your mouth SHUT!” he warned. “Or we’ll cut sonny-
boy’s throat!”

“What do you want?” My Mother asked, pale and trembling
with fear. “Please don’t hurt my son! Take whatever you
want but don’t hurt him!”

Bill slapped her again, hard. “I told you to SHUT YER

“We’ll take whatever we want alright, lady!” laughed
Tony cruelly. “Starting with YOU!”

Mom looked up in alarm, her tear-streaked frightened
face a delight to behold.

“Please!” she begged. “Don’t hit me anymore, and don’t
hurt my son! I’ll do whatever you want!”

“Fuckin’ right you will!” said Bill. “Get up! Stand up
on the bed!”

My Mom was red-faced and humiliated to be standing
there in front of us in her skimpy nightie. You could
see her nipples sticking out through’ the thin
material, hard and erect, and farther down the dark
triangular shadow of her fuzzy bush.

“Take it off!” demanded Bill. “Show us what you got!”

“Please!” Mom begged, her lower lip trembling with
shame and fear, “Not in front of my son!”

“DO IT, CUNT!” roared Bill. “Strip or we’ll cut his
fuckin’ throat right now!”

Thinking she had zero say in the matter, Mom slowly
pulled the nightie off over her head and stood holding
it in front of herself, trying to maintain some degree
of modesty, but Tony ripped it out of her hands with a

Mom stood naked before us, weeping with shame, covering
herself as best she could with her hands. Even at 38,
she still had a nice firm body; big firm tits, a
beautiful round ass, slim waist, hairy pussy and
absolutely great legs.

My cock was getting stiffer by the minute, creeping
down the leg of my pajamas, as I enjoyed the sight of
my beautiful mother, standing naked and ashamed before
five leering young men.

“Get down here, NOW!” commanded Bill.

Mom hopped down off the bed quickly, obviously hoping
to curry favor by being cooperative. But Bill, and the
rest of us, couldn’t have cared less. Her movements
just set her tits jiggling, and inflamed us all the
more. Tony, who had been rooting around in her closet,
pulled out a pair of bright red high heels.

“Look, man!” he grinned, “She’s got ‘fuck me’ shoes!”

“Put ’em on, NOW!” said Bill, kicking them over to
her. “Put on your ‘slut shoes’ and prance for us! Show
us what yah got!”

Mom stepped into the shoes and she did indeed look
instantly slutty, standing there naked in red high
heels before a roomful of guys.

“Prance, you CUNT!” shouted Bill. “Shake your goodies
for us you SLUT!”

Mom whimpered as if struck and began to move about,
slowly and reluctantly. She didn’t see that behind her,
Tony was slipping off his belt.

“STRUT, YOU SLUT!” he yelled, as the end of his belt
snapped Mom in the ass with a loud thwack. She
screamed and leaped forward in shock and pain, her
hands going to the welt on her behind. She began to
move about much more energetically then, casting wary
glances at Tony and the belt dangling in his hand.

She pranced about the room, wiggling her tits and ass
with apparent shamelessness, although her face was

My dick was so hard it hurt as I watched my Mom strut
her stuff. She obviously knew how to shake her goodies,
given the proper incentive. All the other guys
obviously had boners too and were rubbing their
crotches in anticipation of the fun to come.

“Okay, SLUT! ON THE BED!” ordered Bill.

Mom only hesitated a moment before climbing onto the
bed and looking meekly up at Bill.

“Lay down and spread your legs, SLUT! Let’s have a
look at your CUNT!”

Mom looked pleadingly up at him and was about to say
something when the back of Bill’s hand caught her full
in the mouth.

“SHUT THE FUCK UP, YOU DUMB SLUT!” Bill yelled in her

Then he grabbed Mom by the hair and f****d her down on
the bed.


My Mom was now thoroughly cowed. She spread her legs
wide and held them apart so we could all see her hairy
cunt. I gawked at it avidly right along with the rest
of the guys and I could see Mom casting wounded glances
my way.

But I couldn’t help it.

It was such a kick seeing her spread out like that;
helpless, naked, legs wide open, her cunt totally
exposed to me and my buddies.

Suddenly there was a bright flash. Mom squealed in
dismay as she realized that someone had just taken a
picture of her in this indecent pose, but she wisely
made no attempt to hide her lewdly displayed private
parts. Tony stuffed some pillows under her ass so that
her cunt was stuck up even more shamelessly and we
could all get a better look at it.

“Wow!” exclaimed Dave. “Look at the fuckin’ fur-burger
on her!”

He and Tony grabbed my Mom’s legs and spread her thighs
even wider so that her pussy split open obscenely. Then
Bill pulled her big rubbery cunt-lips wide apart so
that we could all see right up her open hole. Mom’s
face turned crimson with shame and humiliation.

“Woooeee!” said Dave. “Look at the fuckin’ hole on

Bill grinned. “You mean ‘look at the FUCKABLE hole on
her’!” he corrected, and the guys laughed.

Poor Mom began to weep tears of shame as the guys
inspected her most intimate female parts and made more
rude comments about them.

Then she gasped and cried out as Bill stuck his middle
finger in to her cunt and began sliding it in and out.
After a while he pulled it out and held up the shiny
digit. “Look at that guys! She’s wet! She likes it!”

They all had their pants off in a flash, and started
stroking their hard cocks, watching Bill straddled
Mom’s head.

“LICK MY BALLS, CUNT!” he demanded, dangling them in
Mom’s face.

She cast a desperate look at me and I was glad the
‘gag’ covered my mouth because I couldn’t help but
smile as I watched her extend her tongue and tenta-
tively lick Bill’s heavy-looking nuts.

“Lick ’em good!” said Bill, squatting lower on her
face. “Lick ’em and suck ’em! Pretend you’re in love
with my balls, Marge!”

I watched in awe as Mom gave an admirable performance,
slavishly kissing and licking Bill’s scrotum and suck-
ing his testicles and out of her mouth like some kind
of expert or something.

Tony began to finger her cunt again and Dave moved
around taking pictures while Al held her legs apart
— and I just gawked.

“Look at this!” said Tony, pulling two fingers from
Mom’s hole. “She’s gettin’ wetter! She really does

“Well then she’ll really enjoy this!” replied Bill,
bending the head of his stiff cock to Mom’s lips.

“SUCK IT, Mrs. Collins! SUCK MY DICK!”

Without hesitation, and with seeming shamelessness,
Mom opened her mouth and began to suck Bill’s big
purple knob. It was a dream fantasy come true for me
as I watched my beautiful June-Cleaver-type Mom suck
dick like a common slut. Her tears had stopped now
and she occasionally glanced in my direction to see
if I was still watching. I began to wonder if maybe
Mom was, on some level, enjoying this.

Bill was more or less laying over Mom now, shoving his
cock deeper and deeper into her mouth. I could actually
see her throat expand as he f****d it down her gullet.
The guys watched avidly with me, laughing and making
crude comments about my Mom’s obvious talent as a
cocksucker. I mean she didn’t even seem to gag, and
Bill was really using her like a cunt now.

Bill was getting really excited, fucking Mom’s face
faster and faster. Suddenly he groaned and his balls
tightened up around the root of his shaft and I knew
he was filling Mom’s mouth with his come. I could see
her throat working as she tried to swallow it all but
there was too much; some of the white goo leaked out
the corners of her mouth in pulses. Some even snarfed
out of her nose as she attempted to breath.

As soon as Bill rolled off her face, Tony took his
place, straddling Mom’s head and rubbing his knob
against her cum-smeared lips.

“Now suck mine, Mrs. Collins!” he said feverishly.

Mom, apparently now resigned to her fate, began to
suck him without hesitation.

Bill looked at me with raised eyebrows and I nodded.

“Lets make her k*d eat her out!” he said loudly to
shouts of approval from the guys. “He can get the
bitch nice and wet and ready for us to FUCK!”

Poor Mom offered a muffled squeak of protest and
attempted to close her legs but Bill and Al grabbed
them and held them wide open.

“DO IT, K*D!” Bill yelled. “Eat your Mom’s cunt and
get her ready for some hard fuckin’!”

I could see Mom looking at me wide-eyed between Tony’s
legs and past his swinging balls as she sucked his
dick. Dave removed my ‘gag’ and untied my wrists and
said with a lewd grin, “Go for it, k*d!”

Of course it had all been arranged beforehand so that
I could indulge my perverted desire to eat my own
mother’s cunt. I climbed on the bed and lay down so my
face was directly over her snatch. For a few moments I
just laid there, enjoying the nice close-up view I had
of her cunt and inhaling the pungent aroma emanating
from her open hole.

“Go on, k*d! Eat it!” said Bill. “Have some of your
Mom’s hair-pie!”

I could feel Mom tense up and try to squeeze her legs
together as I leaned forward and ran my tongue up the
length of her crack. Then I began to lick and suck
Mom’s cunt in earnest, incredibly turned on by the
fact that I was actually eating out my own mother.
Gradually I could feel her relax as I gently probed
the folds of her twat.

Pretty soon Mom began to make low moaning noises and
when Bill and Al eased their hold on her legs, she
made no attempt to close them, keeping her thighs
widely splayed. From time to time the camera flash
would go off as Dave took another picture.

“She likes it!” said Bill with a leering smile. “The
horny bitch likes being eaten out by her own k*d! Is
he a good cunt-lapper, Margie? Is he getting that hot
snatch of yours nice and juicy and ready for us to

Mom couldn’t answer of course, as her mouth was full
of Tony’s hard cock, but her guttural moans seemed to
indicate she was getting turned on in spite of herself.
Her cunt was certainly getting wetter, that was for
sure. It was a real turn-on to eat her out while
watching her suck on Tony’s cock.

Then Tony began to grunt. His nuts drew up and pulsed,
and Mom’s throat spasmed again as she swallowed her
second load of hot teenage cum.

“Let’s fuck her now!” said Al. “I wanta blow a load up
this horny bitch’s hot cunt!”

“How about it, Marge?” queried Bill. “Are you ready
for some good hard fucking? Has sonny-boy got it all
hot and juicy for us?”

When Mom did not immediately answer, Bill raised his
hand threateningly. This had the effect of drawing the
desired response very quickly.

“Yes, I’m ready!” replied Mom, her eyes welling up
with tears again.

“Ready for what, Marge?” Bill asked teasingly. “What
are you ready for, you horny old cunt?”

“I’m ready to be. . . to be fucked, ” Mom replied.

“You want us to fuck you, Marge?”

“Yes. Yes I want you to fuck me.”

“All of us, Marge? You want all of us to fuck you?”

“Yes, all of you. I want all of you to fuck me.”

“Well, boys!” said Bill triumphantly. “You heard her!
She wants to fuck all of us!”

“Me first!” yelled Al, pulling me away from my inces-
tuous meal and climbing between Mom’s spread legs.
“Wow! Look at her cunt now! Is she ready for it or
what!” He yelled in delight.

Mom’s cunt did indeed look ready to be fucked. Her
pussy-lips were red and swollen from my sucking and
licking them and her cunt-hole gaped open invitingly.
All eyes, including Mom’s, were fastened on Al’s stiff
cock as he positioned himself and eased it into her.

“OH!” Mom squealed in surprise as Al’s swollen knob
penetrated her hole and slid in. “Ohhhhhhhhh!”

It only took a few strokes before Al was buried balls-
deep in Mom’s hot wet snapper. I watched in utter
fascination. I’d never seen a woman get fucked before,
except in x-arted videos, and the thrill was heightened
by the fact it was my own Mother who was getting the
bone. Her cunt-lips stretched around Al’s thick veined
root and clung to it obscenely as it slid in and out,
coating it with shiny cunt-slime while his balls
slapped wetly against her upturned ass.

It was just so hot the way Mom stared wide-eyed between
her legs, watching herself getting fucked. It seemed to
take her some moments to realize that her own son was
avidly observing her being ravished from the foot of
the bed; only then did she turn her face away in shame.

But she kept glancing back, somehow unable to resist
looking, trying to suppress the natural grunts and
groans a woman would usually be making when getting
stuffed with a hard cock.

Bill, of course, was the first one to start offering
lewd encouragement. “That’s it, man! FUCK HER! FUCK

Then the others joined in, a rude chorus of jeers and
catcalls and lewd exhortations urging Al on.

All this time Dave had been taking pictures and now he
decided to join in. He gave the Polaroid to Bill and
climbed on the bed where he proceeded to straddle Mom’s
head so that his stiff cock and dangling balls were
just inches from her face.

“LICK MY BALLS, MARGIE! ” he said, grinning down at

Poor Mom. I almost felt sorry for her, laying there
naked, exposed, publicly penetrated and debased.
Almost, but not quite. She cast one last desperate
look at me as the final vestiges of her dignity
evaporated and then she buried her face in Dave’s

It made my cock throb to see her like that, flat on
her back, legs spread, those slutty high heels pointing
straight up, wantonly sucking one cock while getting
another one shoved up her cunt. Dave must have liked
the way Mom was sucking his dick because he was soon
moaning that he was going to cum. When he was on the
verge of popping his wad, he lifted up so that only
his knob was in Mom’s mouth and said, “STROKE ME,

Mom grasped his slippery shaft and stroked it rapidly
as Dave began to cum in her mouth. Her throat worked
again as she ate her third load of come. She milked
his cock dry, squeezing out every drop of semen, and
swallowing the lot.

Now only Al, who was still pumping her cunt, (and me!)
hadn’t come yet. A white ring had built up at the base
of Al’s cock and around Mom’s hairy hoop were the
combination of pre-cum and pussy-juice had been churned
into a bubbly froth. He began to pound his cock into
her faster and harder, giving her the full length of
his distended shaft with each stroke. Mom, her mouth
relieved of Dave’s cock, now made no attempt to stifle
her moans and grunts. Then her cunt began to make rude
wet splurging noises as Al fucked her at a furious

“Listen to that, guys!” crowed Bill. “She’s coming!
The horny cunt is being raped and she’s coming! FUCK

He laid on the bed with his head close to Mom’s and
started talking to her.

“You like fuckin’, don’t ah, Marge?”

“Yes!” Mom answered between grunts. “Yes, I like to

“You like suckin’ dick too, don’t yah, Margie?”

“Yes! Yes, I like sucking dick too!” She whispered.

“You need lots of hard cock, don’t yah, Marge! Lots
of hard cocks in your mouth and pussy!”

“Yes! Yes! Hard cock! Lots of hard cock! That’s what
I need! I love it I know it’s wrong but I love it!”

All this dirty talk was really getting to Al and
suddenly he groaned and began to unload his pent-up
seed deep in Mom’s cunt. She began to pant very fast,
her mouth a small round ‘O’, as she felt his hot semen
jetting into her belly.

After Al pulled out of her, we all gathered ’round and
had a good look at Mom’s freshly fucked cunt. The curly
hair around her crack was all wet and sticky and matted
down and her hole gaped open lewdly, revealing the
still spasming crimson walls of her love-tube. As we
watched, some of Al’s thick white cum oozed out and
ran down the crack of her ass.

“Okay,” said Tony. “Who’s gonna fuck her next? Al’s got
her all warmed up for us!”

“I will!” said Bill, rolling Mom over and giving her
a sharp slap on the ass. “Up on all fours, bitch! I’m
gonna dog-fuck yah! Horny cunts like you enjoy dog
fuckin’ don’t yah, Margie?”

“Yes,” replied Mom. “I like being dog-fucked!” The
position she had assumed, on her elbows and knees with
her legs widely spread and her bum stuck in the air,
lent credence to her claim. Bill knelt behind her and
slid the full length of his hard-again cock into her
in one long slow motion. Mom moaned softly as she
felt his shaft filling her well-lubed fuck-hole.

“Oh, fuck!” groaned Bill, as he began humping Mom.
“Her cunt is sooooo HOT!”

The other guys urged him with lewd comments and dirty
talk as he put the bone to her and soon Mom’s cunt was
making those rude farting and sucking noises again.
She moaned and grunted and thrust her ass back to meet
Bill’s pistoning prick like a bitch in heat. After
about 15 minutes of hard fucking, Bill’s face got real
red and then he began to grunt as he pumped another
load up Mom’s greedy hole.

As soon as he had finished and pulled out, Tony took
his place and Mom got the shit fucked out of her for
the third time. Her cunt was by now so stretched out
and loose and full of cum that it was making rude
noises almost constantly. By the time Tony made the
latest deposit in Mom’s sperm bank, Dave was hard

He dipped his cock in her drooling dick-pit and
grinned. “Wow! Her cunt’s really sloppy now! Too
sloppy. I’m gonna fuck her up the ass instead!”

Mom uttered a squeak of protest but the guys grabbed
her and held her in position so that Dave could stick
it up her bum. I watched in fascination as his swollen
knob pressed against her puckered butt-hole and then
began to slide in.

“Uuuuuuuungh!” groaned Mom as Dave’s hard-on invaded
her rectum.

“Yeah, that’s better!” grinned Dave as he got well
stuck in and then proceeded to fuck her up the ass.
“Nice and tight!”

“Hey, hey!” shouted Al, who had been searching around
(on my previous instructions) in Mom’s dresser drawers.
“Look what I found!” he said, holding up a red, cock-
shaped dildo. The guys hooted encouragement as he
brought it over to the bed and began shoving in and
out of Mom’s juicy cunt while Dave continued ener-
getically sodomizing her.

“All she needs now is a dick to suck on!” said Bill,
pulling me onto the bed so that I was kneeling by Mom’s

“Hey, Marge!” he said, grabbing a handful of her hair
and lifting her head up. “We got another hard cock for
yah to suck!”

Mom looked up at up at us with defeated eyes, then
opened her mouth and obediently began to suck my stiff
wanger. Bill grinned at the ecstatic look on my face
as I got my dick sucked for the very first time . . .
and by my own Mother!

“Your Mom sucks real good, don’t she, k*d? Feels great
having your cock in her mouth, don’t it?”

It did indeed feel absolutely wonderful having Mom’s
warm wet mouth wrapped around my throbbing tool. She
sucked noisily at my dick while Dave fucked her asshole
and Tony probed her cunt with the dildo. Only in my
wildest fantasies had I pictured my Mom getting all
three of her holes plugged at once and now it was

Just then Dave groaned and began pumping his hot seed
up Mom’s ass. She moaned low in her throat, sucking my
cock even harder and I knew I couldn’t take much more.

“Hey, k*d!” Bill whispered dramatically. “Yah wanta
fuck her? Eh? Yah wanta FUCK your mother?”

“Go ahead, k*d!” urged Tony. “Fuck her! Everybody else
has! One more cock won’t hurt her!”

“How about it, Marge?” asked Bill. “Wanta get fucked
again? Do you need some more hard cock up that hot
cunt of yours?”

Mom quit sucking my swollen dick and looked meekly up
at us. “Yes. Yes, I want more cock!”

Whether she was just playing along or whether she
really wanted it I didn’t know and didn’t really care.
I quickly got behind her, aimed my aching cock at her
drooling fuck-hole, and shoved it in. My hard-on slid
in easily, right to the hilt, with no resistance what-
ever. (Which wasn’t to surprising I guess, considering
Mom had already been fucked three times and then had
her cunt reamed out with the dildo!) It felt ab-
solutely wonderful having my stiff dick buried in my
Mom’s hot, squishy cunthole. I held still for a few
moments, letting it soak, enjoying the feeling.

Then Bill said, “Come on, k*d! FUCK HER! FUCK YER

“YEAH!” chimed in Tony. “GIVE HER THE BONE, K*D! SHE

I began to move back and forth, watching my cock slide
in and out of Mom’s juicy hole. I was doing it! I was
fucking my own Mother! And I loved it! It felt great!
As loose and sloppy as she was, it felt great! I began
to stroke into her rhythmically and Mom humped her ass
back to meet my thrusts. Encouraged, I reached around
and played with her tits as I put the bone to her. When
her nipples stiffened immediately under my fingers, I
grew even bolder and slid one hand down her belly,
through her curly bush to her dripping crack, and began
to finger her swollen, protruding clitoris.

Mom started to groan and hump her ass frantically, her
cunt making lewd noises around my pistoning shaft.

“Margie, Margie, Margie!” said Bill, grinning as he
watched Mom eagerly impaling herself on my boner. “You
really are such a SLUT! Look at yah! Fuckin’ your own
son! You dirty, dirty OLD SLUT!”


Tony jumped on the bed and began slapping Mom’s face
with his semi-hard cock.

“Is that true, Mrs. Collins?” he asked in mock wonder.
“Will you really fuck any guy who sticks his dick in
your face?”

“We know it’s true!” jeered Bill. “Talk dirty, bitch!
Tell your son what yah want him to do to yah!

Mom started into the dirty talk so enthusiastically
that it seemed like she’d been waiting for the chance:

Hearing Mom talk like that, hearing her cry out all
those filthy disgusting things, really turned me on. I
grabbed her around the waist and began fucking her as
hard as I could. She kept on moaning and grunting and
humping her ass, urging me on with dirty talk. Soon I
could feel my balls tightening up and then I groaned in
ecstasy as I pumped my seed up Mom’s greedy cunthole.
After her spasming twat had milked out all my semen, I
flopped down on the bed, exhausted, wondering how I
would ever top the grand experience of fucking my own

It was now 3am. We had spent the better part of three
hours raping Mom and now she had only one more indig-
nity left to suffer. Bill announced it was time to go
and that Mom and I should be tied up. Al tied me to a
chair (loosely enough that I could wiggle my hands
free) while Bill and the other two took care of Mom.
They made her get down on her elbows and knees with
her legs spread wide. A hockey stick was laid on the
back of her legs, just behind her knees, and tied.
Then Mom was made to lean forward so her face rested
on the carpet and her arms were pulled back and tied
beside her knees.

Then the guys stood back and admired their handiwork.
Mom presented quite a sight, down on the floor with
her legs spread, her bum stuck up in the air, and her
cum-filled cunt gaping open and come leaking from her

“She looks good in that position!” commented Al.

“Definitely her best side!” replied Bill, to derisive

“Just like a Thanksgiving turkey ready to be stuffed!”
roared Tony.

“There’s just one thing missing, ” said Dave. Then he
grabbed the dildo and screwed it halfway up Mom’s
reddened asshole so that it stuck out like some kind
of obscene flagpole. He took a final picture of Mom in
this deliciously unladylike position.

Then Bill knelt by Mom’s head and showed her the photo.
She groaned with humiliation.

“I’d keep my mouth shut about this whole thing if I
were you, Marge, ” he said. “If you start yappin’ yah
never know where some of these pictures might turn up.
Like maybe your bridge club, or a PTA meeting, or a
church social! You don’t want everybody in town to
know what a slut you are, do yah, Marge? You don’t
want everybody knowing you sucked your own son’s cock
and fucked him, do yah?”

“No,” Mom whispered. “I won’t tell. I won’t say any-
thing, I promise.”

“Good girl!” said Bill, giving her a friendly pat on
the ass. “Lets split, guys!”

After they had filed out, I pretended to struggle with
my bonds when in reality I was enjoying the sight of
Mom with her fat round bum stuck in the air, her hairy
cum-filled cunt totally exposed and the dildo sticking
out of her ass.

“Oh, Johnny!” Mom said, sobbing. “I’m so sorry! So
sorry you have to see me like this! Those horrible
boys! Making you watch while they did those awful
things to me! Making us do it together! Making me say
I liked it!”

“It’s okay, Mom, ” I assured her. “They made you do
it! What choice did you have?”

“None, sweetheart! None! But the things you saw! The
things you heard me say! My God! You must think I’m
horrible! You must think I’m a complete slut!”

“Mom! It’s okay! You did it to save our lives, Mom!”

As she groaned in discomfort and humiliation, I felt
a twinge of sympathy for the poor fucked-out bitch,
so I freed my hands and went over to her, still naked
and with an obvious hard-on. Mom gave a little gasp
when she saw it, but didn’t say anything. I pulled the
dildo from her ass and it emerged with a soft pop,
followed by a dribble of sperm.

She looked so sexy like that, with her bum stuck up in
the air, cum oozing from her cunt and asshole that I
was tempted to get behind her and throw another fuck
into the hot bitch. That’s just what she looked like;
a bitch in heat, ready to be mounted.

I resisted the temptation and untied Mom’s bonds,
whereupon she sat up and hugged me, clinging close and
weeping silently. I held her gently and rubbed her
back, enjoying the feeling of her tits pressed against
my chest.

“Mom? Are you okay? Should we. . . should we call the
cops or something?”

She looked at me, horrified. “No, sweetheart, no! We’d
have to tell them. . . everything! I couldn’t bear it!
Promise me you won’t tell anyone what happened, Johnny!

“Okay, Mom! Okay! Don’t worry!” I reassured her,
secretly relieved. As Mom hugged me tight, whimpering
her thanks, I began to think about arranging another
gang-bang for her. With more guys this time, maybe
eight or ten. The thought made my cock throb.

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