A discovery on a hot July day bring a mother and daughter much closer

Beth Wilson walked down the path from the old
farmhouse, where she lived with her family, to the
river that flowed through the woods. Beth was thirty
nine years old, willowy with long legs and soft brown
hair. She had a pretty, classical face with a sharp
nose and a dazzling smile. Even after three c******n,
she was an A cup and her small breasts rode high on her
chest. She didn’t need a bra and today her nipples were
long and hard from the slight breeze on a hot July day.

She had been working in her gardens all morning and was
dressed in an old pair of cut-off shorts and a thin
tee-shirt that was transparent with sweat. Her small,
hard dark brown nipples were clearly visible.

Beth and her husband Brett lived in the old house with
their three c******n; Alison seventeen, Thomas fifteen
and Laura twelve. Brett had taken Thomas and Laura to
Massachusetts to visit his parents. Alison had a summer
job and had remained in New Hampshire with Beth. Alison
had gotten in late last night after a date and Beth
assumed she was still asleep in her room. Beth decided
to take a quick swim and clean off before she started

Beth entered the woods on the far side of the field
across from the house and walked down to the river.
Glacial melting eons ago had worn a series of potholes
in the bedrock and today these were perfect natural
swimming pools, filled with crystal clear water from
the mountain springs. It was one of the reasons Brett
and Beth had bought the old farm. As she came out of
the woods onto the ledges next to the river she stopped
short and gasped.

She had been wrong about Alison being inside asleep.
Her seventeen year old daughter was sunning herself on
the rocks in just a pair of bikini bottoms and as Beth
walked out into the sunshine, Alison slowly slid her
hand into the bottoms and started to lazily rub her
pussy. Her other hand was caressing her right breast.

Alison had been out on a date the night before with her
boyfriend Chip. She and Chip had progressed over the
summer from kissing to petting to wild fucking and last
night had been no exception. They had done it three
times in just over three hours and had finished with
Chip’s eight inch cock fucking her between her tits.
Alison had not inherited her mother’s figure; she was
tall and had wide shoulders and 34C boobs. She had
discovered the pleasure of wrapping them around Chip’s
long cock as he slid it in and out and finished off by
shooting his cum all over her chest and into her hot
mouth. Alison was a cum slut and loved the taste of hot

Alison had come down to the river to clean the dried
cum off her tight teenage body. After her swim, she
laid down in the warm sunshine and had started to
daydream of last night and the hot, raw sex she had
shared with her boyfriend. As the memories came
flooding back she became very horny and unconsciously
reached up to start fondling her breast and then slid
her hand into her bikini to relieve the pressure
between her long legs.

Beth stood, shocked into immobility and watched Alison
fondle her breast and finger herself. She watched as
Alison nipple started to stand off her soft, round

“She’s got beautiful breasts, they’re much bigger then
mine. What am I thinking?

She’s my own daughter!” Beth’s mind was in turmoil.

Beth was no prude. She had lost her virginity at age
fourteen and had had several lesbian experiences when
she went to private school and college. She and Brett
had had a number of threesomes and swapped with some
couples over the years. She still occasion- ally met
with several female friends of hers for bottles of wine
and some discrete all female get-togethers. She found
the female body beautiful and exciting, but this was
her daughter she was getting turned on by.

And turned on she was. Her brown nipples were rock hard
and stood off her almost flat chest at least and inch.
She could feel her pussy starting to get wet with
excitement. Absently she reached up under her tee-shirt
and started to gently rub her right nipple.

Alison was rapidly approaching her climax. She tugged
at her nipples and rubbed her steaming pussy with more
urgency. Finally it hit her. She grunted loudly as she
came and her legs went rigid, her ass lifting up off
the ledge below her. Her bathing suit bottoms were
soaked with her juices. After a minute, her body
relaxed and she lay back in the warm sunshine.

This erotic display was too much for Beth. Watching
Alison cum had driven her fevered brain beyond reason
and she needed relief soon. She walked quietly up to
her daughter on shaky legs.

“Alison, honey, you should be more careful to do that
where you might not draw an audience.”

Alison’s head snapped around. Shit! She had been caught
frigging herself by her mother. She knew the big
lecture was on the way. But as she looked at her
mother, she noticed some things that seemed out of
place. Beth’s face was flushed and red, her breathing
was shallow and quick and she was still gently rubbing
her right breast under her shirt. Alison was a true cum
slut and knew the signs; her mother was wicked turned

Beth took a couple more steps and then sat down beside
her curvy daughter. She realized with surprise she was
still playing with her nipples and drew her shaky hand
out from under her shirt. Her brain was at war with her
body and her body was starting to win.

“I’m sorry Mom. I just got carried away. Don’t be mad
at me.”

“Oh, sweetheart, I’m not mad at you. It’s fun and
exciting and natural. I do it too, just not where
everyone can see me.”

“You still masturbate?” Alison was surprised, she had
not considered this. She figured when people got
married it stopped. She had a sudden vision of her
mother with her hands between her legs and rubbing
herself to climax and started to get excited again.
Alison was going to be a senior at a private school in
western Massachusetts this fall and had had a few
lesbian affairs of her own while she was there. She
preferred cock, the bigger the better, but pussy was a
real close second.

Beth reached down and brushed Alison’s long brown hair
and laughed.

“Yes, even your old mother still masturbates!” Beth
decided to go for broke. “Some times I even do it in
front of other people or to other people.”

“Other women?” Alison was excited where this discussion
seemed to be headed.


“Who?” Alison had a pretty good idea of some of the
other women. She knew her mother and father were very
sexual and sexually active, but she just wanted to keep
her mother going on this promising path.

“Well, one shouldn’t kiss and tell, honey. Let’s just
say the last time was last week.”

“I bet it was last week when you took that sauna with
Lisa Marsh after the party”

“Honey, I really can’t say.” But Beth’s Mona Lisa smile
spoke volumes. She and Lisa had sixty-nined in the
sauna to screaming orgasms. The memory started making
her wet again and reminded her of the scene a few
minutes earlier with her daughter.

“Were you remembering everything you did with Chip last
night? Was that what got you going?”

“Oh, Mom, he has a really big cock! We fucked twice and
them he came between my boobies. It was awesome. I must
have cum ten times.”

“Well you look happy. Happy but tired” Beth reached
down to rub Alison’s back. Alison tried to relax while
laying in the sunshine on the rock, but she was just
too worked up. Suddenly she rolled over and Beth’s
hands were full of teenage tits.

“How about you Mom? Did watching me masturbate make you
excited? Is that why your nipples were straight out and
you face all flushed? Did seeing your little girl get
herself off do that to you?” While letting loose with
this string of questions Alison slowly worked her hand
up under Beth’s tee-shirt.

“Alison! What are you doing!” When her daughter’s
fingers touched her already sensitive nipple a jolt run
from there right down to her pussy. Beth shuddered at
Alison’s touch.

“I think I’m doing exactly what you want me to do Mom.”
With those words Alison’s hands gripped the thin tee-
shirt from the inside and gave a mighty pull. The tee-
shirt ripped right down the middle of the front. Beth’s
tanned breasts stood out proud and straight. Her very
long nipples stood more then an inch off her chest.
Alison’s head moved to her breast and sucked her
mother’s left nipple into her mouth.

Beth closed her eyes and groaned. Another jolt sent her
pussy spasming. She was going to cum just from having
her daughter suck and lick her nipple. It was so dirty,
so wrong. Beth knew she didn’t want her teenage
daughter to stop, She looked down to where her daughter
gently licked and sucked her nipple. The sight of
Alison’s lips wrapped around her nipple triggered
Beth’s orgasm.

Alison felt her mother start to shiver and then heard a
small scream as she came hard. She held onto and hugged
her mother as the shaking subsided. Beth leaned down
and kissed her daughter on the lips.

“Honey, this is way too dangerous to be doing out here.
Let’s go up to the house.” Beth took Alison’s hand in
hers and they walked across the field to the house.
Beth with her tattered shirt hanging from her shoulders
and her tanned chest on proud display and her tall,
curvy daughter topless with her big boobs bouncing as
she walked.

They were no sooner in the side door and into the
kitchen then Beth stopped and turned and started to
kiss and fondle her daughter. Beth was on fire and she
knew Alison was too. Their lips and tongues worked
together as Beth’s hand slipped up Alison’s chest. Beth
gently cupped her daughter’s breasts and started to
play with her nipples.

Alison groaned in disappointment when her mother
stepped back, but it was only to put her hands on
Alison’s hips to push he bikini bottoms down. The tight
blue material slid over Alison’s hips and onto the
floor and she was naked in front of her mother.

Beth took a moment to look at her 19 years old.
Five foot nine inches with long brown hair and big
boobs for her slight frame. Beth looked down and saw
Alison was completely shaved and her pink lips were
dripping with wetness from her tight pussy.

“Alison, you’re beautiful.”

“I get it from you, Mom.” Alison reached up and brushed
the torn shirt from her

mother’s shoulders and reached for the button at the
top of her short cut-offs. Beth grabbed her hand.

“Sweetheart, are you sure you want to do this. I don’t
want you to feel bad about this later.”

Alison’s answer was to break her mother’s grip and to
undo the button and slide down the zipper on the
shorts. They slid to the floor and Beth stood there in
just a very small pair of dusky red panties. She was
two inches shorter then Alison with a very small frame.
Her breasts were mere bumps on her chest but her
nipples stood far out from them. Alison reached for the
panties and slid them down. Her mother was naked. Beth
took her daughter’s hand and they walked into Beth and
Brett’s bedroom naked and as lovers.

Alison pushed Beth down on the bed and looked down at
her mother’s pussy and saw Beth had just a small
landing strip above her lips. Then she saw her mother’s
clit. It was large at least an inch long. It stuck out
from between her lips like a tiny cock. Alison was

“No wonder she likes sex so much, she must go off like
a cannon when that gets rubbed the right way.” Alison
was determined to find out and reached down to gently
play with her mother’s clitoris. It was so long, she
could put a finger on each side and rub it like a cock.

Alison had found her mother’s weak spot. As soon as she
began to play with Beth’s clit, her mother started to
make a series of loud groans and sighing noises and her
eyes rolled back into her head. A few more minutes and
Beth was shaking like a leaf and another small scream
came from her lips. When she came, her pussy gushed
wetness all over Alison’s hand and arm. Alison had
never seen a woman cum so hard or so much. Beth lay
trembling and sighing and Alison’s hand and lower arm
were covered in wetness. She brought her fingers to her
mouth and decided she liked the taste. She bent down
and kissed her mother and slid her tongue into her
mouth so they could share the taste.

Beth’s eyes slowly opened and she was overcome with
love for her beautiful daughter. Love and lust. She
reached up and began to play with Alison’s big boobs,
teasing and gently rubbing her thick nipples.

“You’ve had some practice!” she said to the teenager
with a smile.

“I won’t kiss and tell.” she teased her mother “But,
no, that wasn’t my first time with another woman. But
I’ve never seen a clit like yours before. It’s like a
beautiful little cock.”

“Thank you, sweetie. You certainly worked it just like
I love it. Now let’s see what your old Mom can do.”

Beth started by kissing her daughter. Their lips and
tongues worked on each other and Alison started to
moan, her mother was a great kisser. Beth started to
work down Alison’s chest to her beautiful breasts. At
seventeen, they stood proud and firm and her mother
started to lick and suck them. First one and then the
other, Beth worked her daughter’s nipple into full
arousal. Alison started to squirm and her pussy was
very, very wet.

Beth reached down to play with her daughter’s bald
pussy. She found it sopping wet and started to gently
stroke the outer lips while still licking and sucking
Alison’s left breast. Alison was beside herself with
excitement. None of her other female lovers had the
patience to bring her to such a state of arousal. Beth
finally let go of her nipple and slid back up to kiss
her while still playing with her wet lips.

“Do you like this honey? Is this what your other lovers
have done? Do you like Mommy playing with your hot, wet
cunt? Can I call it your cunt, it’s such a nasty word.
I love pussy, and yours is the prettiest I’ve ever
seen. I think it needs a kiss. Do you want Mommy to
kiss your pussy? Can I lick your cunt?”

Beth’s dirty talk had Alison in a frenzy. She writhed
on her parent’s bed and started to moan. She had a
small cum just from the talk and the gentle rubbing of
her pussy by her mother. Her only answer to her mother
was a deep moan.

Beth looked down at her daughter’s bald pussy. It was
pink and beautiful and begging to be kissed. Beth
started kissing the inside of Alison’s thighs and then
above the lips and hood of her clit.

“Stop teasing!” Alison managed to gasp out “Eat me! Eat
your little girl’s hot, wet cunt!”

Beth kissed the top of Alison’s pussy then licked down
along the inside of her lips and then to the top again.
Her daughter’s chest flushed red and she started to
whine as her orgasm neared. Beth slid two fingers into
Alison’s wet pussy and started to finger fuck her. She
added a third and then a fourth finger, gently working
them in and out as she sucked on Alison’s clit. Alison
gave a piercing scream of climax and bucked her hips up
off the bed just as Beth’s hand was descending.

Beth’s whole delicate hand slid into her daughter wet
pussy. Alison’s eyes flew open and she let loose with
another scream. Moisture dripped from her stretched
cunt. Beth stopped, afraid that she had hurt her

Alison was startled, but it didn’t hurt. Indeed, it
felt great. She started to buck her hips up an down

“Don’t stop Mommy! That feels great. Keep fisting me!
Fist fuck your little girl! Make me cum again on your
hand! Work it back and forth! OH GOD! OH GAWWD!!”

Alison’s hips fell back onto the quilt. She was totally
exhausted. She shut her eyes and started to breathe
deeply. Beth looked down on her daughter with love.
Alison had a contented smile on her beautiful face. Her
chest and face were flushed with orgasm and she looked
like a contented baby. Beth carefully slid her hand out
of her daughter’s drenched cunt and lay down beside
her. They both fell asleep.

Beth woke up an hour later with a very pleasant
sensation. She looked around her bedroom and remembered
that she had been there with Alison. She looked down to
see her daughter between her legs and playing with and
sucking on her long clit like it was a cock.

“Alison Wilson! What are you doing?” she asked in mock
exasperation as her pussy started to juice and she
neared climax.

“Trying to make you feel half as good as you made me
feel. Now just lay back.”

With that, Alison dipped back to Beth’s pussy and
continued sucking her clit and fingering her wet pussy.
Very shortly. Beth was bucking and yelling as orgasm
overcame her.

Alison moved up to her mother’s face and they kissed
deeply as lovers. They laid on the big bed and
whispered and cuddled together.

“So, Mom, what else do you do with your lady friends?”

Beth looked over at her daughter with a mischievous
smile. “How dirty do you like it?” she asked.

“The dirtier, the better. After incest, there aren’t a
lot more taboos.”

Beth got up out of the bed a walked to her dresser. She
bent over to open the bottom drawer and Alison has a
spectacular view of her muscular ass. Beth rummaged
around for a moment and pulled out a green box. She
opened it and reached inside and then turned around to
her daughter again.

“Ever seen one of these?” She was holding a nine inch
strap on dildo with a harness that wrapped around her
boyish hips. Alison was fascinated. She had heard about
them, but had never seen or used one.

“What are you going to do what that monster?”

“Mommy is going to fuck the shit out of you.” Beth sat
on the edge of the bed and slid her legs into the
harness. She adjusted the straps around her narrow hips
and then turned towards Alison.

“Why don’t you suck on it to lube it up a little before
I slide it into that juicy peach of yours?”

Alison reached out and gripped the phallus with both
hands. She lowered her mouth to the tip and spit once
and then worked the shaft into her mouth. Soon it was
slowly gliding in and out of her lips. Beth pulled it
out with a pop.

“Get up on your hands and knees.” Alison moved around
the bed and presented herself. Beth took a minute to
admire Alison tight muscular behind and then moved up
to place the tip of the strap on at the entrance to her
daughter’s pussy. She notched it into her daughter’s
slick pussy and then thrust her narrow hips forward.

Alison grunted when the big dildo bottomed out in her
sopping pussy. She had never had anything so big inside
her before and it took a few seconds to adjust to it.
Beth pulled back and then slid her hips forward again.
Alison started to relax and started to move in unison
with her mother.

Beth looked down at the big cock sliding in and out of
her teenage daughter. The sight was so erotic she
became light headed for a second. She quickly recovered
and started to work the big strap on in and out in a
steady rhythm.

“How does that feel baby? Does it feel good plowing
deep into your little cunt? Do you want Mommy to go
harder? Do you want me to really FUCK YOU?” Beth
shouted the last two words.

Alison’s face was red, she was dripping sweat and her
breath was coming in shallow gasps. “Yes Mommy, FUCK
ME! Fuck you slutty little girl. I am a nasty little
slut and want to be fucked hard by my mother. Slam that
big ass strap on deep into my teenage twat! Fuck me,
fuck me, FUUCCKK MEEEEE!!!”

Alison’s scream made Beth start to slam the big cock
hard and fast into her daughter. The inside of the
harness was caressing her long clit and she was getting
close to cumming herself. She banged into the sweaty
teen over and over and then suddenly started to come.

Alison could feel her mother tense up and then the
rubber cock hit her G spot and she exploded and
screamed at the top of her lungs “AAHHHH, FUCCK MEEE!!
FUCK ME MOMMY! FUCCKK MEEE!!” This last was a long
guttural grunting moan.

Beth went totally limp and pulled out of Alison and
collapsed on the big bed next to her. Alison cuddled up
to her mother and they quivered in a sweaty heap.
Twenty minutes went by and their eyes fluttered open.
Alison kissed her mother with a deep loving embrace.

“What are we going to do when Daddy and the kids get
back” Alison was afraid that this would be a one time

“I don’t know sweety, we’ll think of something” Beth’s
words brought great relief to Alison. For her part,
Beth didn’t want this to end either. They would find a

“Mommy, how big is Daddy?

Beth looked at Alison and smiled. She held her hands
apart and Alison squealed.

“Oh, Mommy!”

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