A Dog’s Life with Niki

I had moved to a new area to start a new job and did
not know anyone the property was larger than I wanted
and difficult to protect.

A couple I met from work called Karl and Niki his
second wife and younger than himself he was 40’s and
she a twenty three year old suggested I get a dog for
safety and protection, I decided I would go to the
pound to see what they had that might be suitable.

I met a keeper who told me they had the very dog for
me Enzo a 2 year old boxer with loads of energy, I
liked him at once and he seemed to like me also so I
took him home.

Enzo settled in well and soon learned what was
required of him he obviously had been trained at some
point but he was also very curious and affectionate
and sometimes got very excited and his cock would
become erect and very swollen, he would go to his bed
and lie there licking at it until he climaxed. Karl
asked me how I was getting along with Enzo and was he
ok I informed him that things were great and as a
thank you invited Karl and his wife Niki over for
food and to see how well Enzo was doing.

On the Friday that week I made food and bought wine
and beer and at eight o’ clock Karl and Niki
arrived. Karl attired in blue jeans and a shirt,
Niki in tee shirt and shorts I noticed straight away
that Enzo was even more friendly than usual and it was
obvious he liked all the extra attention he was
getting as they both petted and stroked him and threw
his favorite ball between them with him chasing back
and forth.

I told Enzo to lie down on his bed while I served the
food and drink, we all ate and drank a little too much
and began to relax when the conversation turned
towards Enzo as Karl asked if I knew if Enzo had been
bred from, I told him I wasn’t sure but judging by his
size then he should be, with this Niki became more
interested into what I meant so I told her about
Enzo’s game when he got aroused.

Niki and Karl seemed to want to know more and asked
if they could see for themselves just what Enzo could
do, I called Enzo over and began to stroke and tickle
his chest and underbelly and within a minute his cock
emerged from the sheath getting longer and fatter with
each tickle. I could see the looks on both their faces
Karl almost in disbelief and Niki remarking that
Enzo’s cock was larger than Karl’s cock even though
Enzo was only semi erect.

I told Niki that if she wanted to see all of his
cock then she would have to stroke him herself to get
the full affect, Niki looked at Karl but Karl just
shrugged and said Go for it but don’t be surprised if
Enzo gets very aroused and shoots his load over you.

Niki began stroking slowly at first as both Karl and
I had more to drink, Enzo was now beginning to engorge
and was trying to mount Niki’s leg and in moments he
was shooting pre come all over her as she continued to
pump him.

Karl and I cheered her on until suddenly Enzo exploded
time after time over her hand at first and then her
legs and shorts which had now become soaked due to the
come he was expressing.

Karl reached down and removed her shorts saying that
he had better get them cleaned up for her thus also
exposing Niki in just a pair of white briefs and
sending Enzo into a frenzy as he could now get a scent
of Niki’s pussy Niki was enjoying what was
happening so much that she overbalanced giving Enzo
the chance to straddle her whilst thrusting his snout
nearer and nearer to what was exciting him even more.

His semen was so thick and creamy it covered every
inch of her lower half and Enzo began to lick like
never before. Karl and I were amazed at the amount of
come Enzo produced and Karl tugged off Niki’s briefs
in a single movement as we watched as Enzo searched
out his prize.

Niki was now also in full flood as her juices began
to run onto her legs, her eyes almost glazed over as
she could see and feel Enzo’s raging cock, she looked
at Karl and then to me almost begging for us to
sanction what was about to happen and then submitting
to the inevitable as Enzo lunged forward his penis
seeking and then finding the opening to Niki’s

Enzo had entered and was now fucking Niki like no
man had ever done, she climaxed almost at every thrust
and did not want it to stop, Karl and I watched and
admired as Enzo drove his cock longer and deeper until
ultimately he climaxed fully knotted inside Niki’s
beautiful pussy.

Karl and I helped both Enzo and Niki to clean
themselves up after the conclusion of this mammoth
event and eventually we sat at the table discussing
what had happened and why, I asked Karl if he had
enjoyed watching Niki being fucked by Enzo and then
we both asked Niki what she truly thought by the
experience she had with Enzo.

Niki said that she would do it again and again as
she had realized that we were encouraging her and Enzo
to hidden depths of depravity but wanted to be allowed
even more men to see her perform with Enzo as she not
only climaxed bodily but mentally as well.

Karl and I work in a department of mainly men and have
assured her that when she wants Enzo fucking her again
we will invite the guys for a poker night.

That obviously will be another story.

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