A Duke Dog for Marie

My name is Marie and I am a 42 year old female who loves
sex. I had learned to masturbate at an early age. I
still do it a couple of times a day, even now. My
husband satisfied me when he was around but he died
about 3 years ago. I have always loved to masturbate and
seem to enjoy it so much.

I have a collection of sex toys and dildos which I use
often. I keep two small hand towels on the arm of my
chair and couch as I am a squirter and my pussy floods
when I cum. I use them to put under me when I
masturbate. I seldom wear panties, going around the
house with just a housecoat on. I love to be able to sit
in my recliner chair and masturbate at a moment’s

I was alone and wanted a companion so I started looking
for a dog to keep me company as well as a watch dog. I
found one online that I thought would suit me and give
him a goof home. Little did I know just how much company
he would be to me. He is about 3 years old and very big,
weighing about 175 pounds.

There was a lady who owned him and she had to move
across the country and could not take him. She told me
that he would make me a great companion. I brought home
as he seemed happy and began to learn this was his new

One day I had sat down and spread my thighs as I started
to play with my pussy. Duke was laying at my feet as I
was getting so excited, wanting to relieve myself. I
began to tremble as my climax approached. I was rubbing
my clit so fast as I felt my cum start to flow. I had a
towel under me as I dipped a couple of fingers into my
wet pussy as my juices coated my fingers.

I had cum so much as I eased my hand away from my
dripping pussy. I lay my hand on my leg as I noticed
Duke rising up. He must have smelt my sex and cum as he
began to lick my wet fingers. I noticed his big, red
cock as the tip had slipped from its sheath. He was
licking my hand as I held it there.

“You like Mommy’s cum? Does my baby like my pussy
juices?” I asked him as his cock slipped out more.

I let him finish and saw him as he laid down and began
to lick his big, red cock. I was amazed at how big and
thick it was. I got up and went to wash off my pussy
juices as I thought, “Maybe he might like to lick my cum
from my pussy next time.”

That night I let him get on the bed with me, sleeping at
the foot of my bed. I went to sleep that night and
dreamed of Duke licking my wet pussy. I woke myself up
with my fingers playing with my cunt. I was under the
sheets as I had another good cum, Duke seemed to be
watching me, knowing what I was doing. I slipped my hand
out from under the sheets and held it down for him to
lick. Again, he slowly licked my cum stained fingers.

The next day I was sitting there after slipping off my
housecoat, completely naked as I started to rub on my
horny pussy. I was so hot as I saw Duke sitting up,
watching me, his huge cock now good and hard. MY GOD! He
had a huge cock! I was thinking of maybe seeing if he
would fuck me as I eased down onto the floor. I lay over
the edge of the couch with my ass in the air as I patted
my ass and called his name.

Duke must had done this before because he mounted me
with his paws on around my hips. I could feel his big
cock as he searched for my opening. I reached back and
spread my pussy lips as I took his cock and guided him
to me. I was so wet and his thick doggie cock sank right
in to me as I felt it spreading me so wide as he thrust
forward. He slammed that huge cock so deep in me, all
with one long stroke. I felt it filling me as he invaded
my hungry pussy. He was all the way in, his cock so hot
in me as he began to really fuck me.

I was full of that hot doggie cock as I tried to thrust
back to his enormous cock, buried so deep in me. I was
loving this as he rammed that monster cock faster to me.
My pussy was actually milking his dick as we fucked. I
started to cum as I felt his know growing inside me.
Then I felt my pussy being filled even more as that knot
swelled up at the base of his cock.

I just thought he had filled my pussy and now I knew he
had filled me as he held his cock to me, the swollen
knot having spread my pussy to the maximum as I came
over and over. He stayed in me, fucking me as I felt his
hot doggie cum erupting into me. It was so HOT! His cum
was a lot hotter than any man’s cock and cum I had ever
felt before.

He must have fucked me for a good 30 minutes, pounding
that hot cock to me. I lost all time as he was fucking
me better than I had ever been fucked. I was really
enjoying his cock as it was a little painful at first.
But I had grown accustom to his huge cock in me and had
settled back, enjoying it as I continued to cum once

Then I felt his know relaxing as it grew smaller,
finally slipping from my dripping doggie filled cum. His
cum was so hot as it ran down my thighs. I had almost
passed out from cumming so many times.

Duke finally got soft as his cock slipped out of my
pussy, his doggie cum dripping all over the floor as he
began to lick his cock, to clean our mixed cum from it.
It took me a few minutes to recover from the hot fucking
I had just received. I finally rose up and took a towel
to keep his cum from dripping out of me to the floor. I
wiped up and went to the bathroom to wash my well,
fucked pussy.

The next day I had left off my robe, going nude as I
knew we would be fucking again. I was in the kitchen as
Duke came up behind me, jumping up onto my back as he
pushed me to the floor. The floor was hard on my knees.
I was on my knees as he grabbed my hips, forcing his
huge cock into my pussy. I was a little sore and dry
this time as he began to attack my pussy. His hot doggie
cock filling my sore pussy as he began to thrust hard as
it went all the way to my womb.

Duke knew that I was his bitch now and that he could
have my pussy anytime he wanted it. I started to enjoy
his thick cock as he just kept slamming it to me. I was
cumming again as he fucked my wanting pussy. I wanted it
so bad as he held me to his marvelous cock. He knotted
with me once more, his huge cock and knot filling my
cunt to the maximum as he fucked me for a good 30

That night my pussy was so sore from the fucking I had
gotten that I did not masturbate. Duke had scratched my
hips a little with his paws as he had held me to his
beautiful doggie cock. I went the next day and found
several pair of think mittens to put on his paws.

The very next day, I was laying on the sofa as I started
to rub my still sore pussy. Duke must have smelled my
pussy as he came up between my legs. He put his nose
into my crotch as he moved my hand away from my wet
pussy. His hot tongue found my dripping pussy as I saw
his huge, red cock sticking out. I knew he wanted my
pussy as I slipped onto the floor.

I slipped the mittens on his paws. Then I lay with my
chest on to the sofa, offering up my ass and pussy to
him. He was ready as he mounted me, pulling my hips to
him as he slammed that doggie cock to me once again.
After all, I was his bitch and he wanted my hot pussy.

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