A dwarf hooks up with a beautiful woman at the circus and becomes dominated by her

He was a hard-working dwarf, content with his life.
The only thing that made him unhappy was the evil
queen. Her name was Oana, and Nicu was not angry at
her for throwing him around. That was part of the act.

He had learned to live with humiliation early. His
father toughened him up as much as he could, and he
grew strong and learned to fight like a man twice his
size, but often that still wasn’t enough. The cruel
tormenting by some schoolmates put a chip on his
shoulder until he was a teenager. One day, he decided
that he wasn’t happy being unhappy all the time, and
with the help of some books, he changed his attitude.

It also helped that certain equipment of his was so
large that the other teenage boys were both curious
and intimidated. He couldn’t wear normal underwear and
had to ease his gigantic organ down one of his pants

In high school, he found one girl who appreciated his
special qualities, and once she met him, she gave up
all the other boys she had been offering herself to
and focused completely on Nicu. She and he explored
the Internet together and tried everything they came
across, no matter how bizarre. When her family moved
away, both of them wanted to die like Romeo and

Nicu was left with a tremendous sex drive but no place
to direct it. He began to get involved in athletics,
mostly gymnastics, and he was good enough to win a few
small tournaments. It was at one of the contests that
the circus owner approached him.

Nicu was horrified and turned him down flat, but when
he graduated from high school, he found out that he
didn’t have many opportunities in his impoverished
country. He had no money for college, and the circus
job paid more than double that of any other position
he had applied for. He called the owner, and in a
week, he was on the road, where he realized he would
probably spend the rest of his life.

Sometimes, there were other dwarves in the company.
Whenever there was a dwarf woman, life was good,
because they became friends, and usually lovers. He
just had to be careful, because they weren’t built for
what he had. A couple of them had fainted the first
time they saw him naked.

But mostly, it was a one-dwarf show. He learned to
become a good clown and was often a key player in the
comedy skits. He also approached other acts, and soon
he had so many small roles that he was in one of the
three rings almost constantly every night.

That was how he liked it. He wanted to be as busy as
possible to keep his mind off sex. He was disgusted
that he had to masturbate at least twice a day to keep
his nerves steady. While he was doing this, he was
thinking of the wild and exotic lovemaking with his
high school girlfriend.

The highlight of the show was a skit with Oana, one of
the trapeze artists. She was tall, about 6 feet 4, and
muscular but not masculine looking. In fact, she was
strikingly beautiful, and even though her body was
sleek and tight, she looked voluptuous because of her
large breasts and buttocks that were as round as
bowling balls. She did solo contortions and then flew
over the crowd with the other trapeze artists wearing
an outfit that looked like it had been painted on her.
It barely controlled her bosom, and it was cut so that
her buttocks burst out on both sides. When she was in
action, every man’s eyes were glued on her, and she
knew it.

In their comedy skit, she was the evil queen from the
fairytale, but unlike the cartoon, she hadn’t turned
herself into a hag. She was wearing a crown over her
long hair that had been piled high into an elegant
royal hairdo, but she wore a skimpy, ragged costume
that showed lots of skin and curves. He was dressed as
one of the seven dwarves. She had a shiny red apple
and knocked at his cottage door looking for the

It was a broad pantomime. He was uncooperative and
made fun of her, pulling up parts of her rags to show
lots of T and A, but not enough that the skit wasn’t
family friendly. She got more and more angry. Finally,
she picked him up and threw him across the ring, and
the audience went wild.

He wasn’t hurt, because he landed in a strategically
placed pit full of straw, and he also had lots of
padding under his clothes. Plus he had learned how to
fall from his days in competition.

As the audience screamed or laughed or both, he jumped
right up and went back to tormenting her and pulling
at her clothes. Next time she threw him even further.
On the third toss, he did a few funny flips in mid-
air, landed on his feet and ran out of the tent to the
applause of the audience. She stalked out after him.

At first, he hated the act, but after a few weeks, he
applied his positive attitude, and soon he was working
on ways to make it funnier and to achieve more daring
moves during the final toss.

The hardest part was getting Oana to work with him.
She didn’t put herself out for anyone. Every man in
the circus and the audience was panting for her, and
she knew it. She not only played the prima donna, but
she also had a nasty sense of humor and never enjoyed
herself as much as when she was tormenting or
humiliating someone.

One night, he was sitting next to her at the late
dinner after the show, and he pleaded with her for
some time the next day to rehearse one of his new
ideas. She turned her back to him and ignored him, but
he persisted. She got irritated and turned to him and
lifted him out of his chair with her strong arms and
pulled him to her. As she did this, she pulled back
the robe she was wearing and exposed one of her large
breasts. While holding him tight with one arm, she
grabbed his head and pressed his mouth to her nipple.

“Is baby a little Grumpy tonight,” she said loudly as
he struggled to get away from her. “Or maybe he’s a
little Bashful.” The circus performers roared at her
jokes and his red face as he struggled at her naked
breast. Finally, she let him go, and he dropped to the
floor and ran out of the room to more laughter.

He went to his wagon and fumed. It wasn’t the worst
humiliation of his life, even though it happened in
front of his fellow performers, but it was the final
straw. He knew there were other circuses going through
the same East European countries that his traveled in,
and he was confident that with his skills and ideas,
he could get another job. Maybe he might even find a
woman for himself in one of them. He masturbated
himself to sleep.

The next morning, he went to the circus manager and
resigned. The manager was shocked and asked him why.
Nicu said he wanted to look for more challenges. The
manager told him the dwarf throwing act was an
audience favorite and offered to increase his salary.
Even though the manager upped the amount three times,
Nicu wouldn’t budge. He told the manager he would stay
on for two weeks so a replacement dwarf could be

A couple of hours later, there was a loud knocking on
his door, and he heard someone crying outside. He
opened it and looked up to see Oana towering over him,
her body shaking as she wept. “I didn’t mean to hurt
you, Nicu,” she said. “I was just having fun with you.
How could you do this to me?”

“I didn’t do anything to you,” he said. “What are you
talking about?”

“You told the boss, and he fired me,” she said. “You
know what he said to me? He said he could find a good-
looking slut like me in every village that he could
train on the trapeze and that the only reason he put
up with me was because I worked so well with you. Why
did you tell him about last night?”

“I didn’t tell him anything about last night,” he
said, “but I quit this morning, and he must have
talked to some people who were there.”

“Please change your mind, Nicu,” she said. “If I’m
fired, other circuses will be suspicious. I can’t bear
to go back to my village in disgrace. I’m really not a
bad person. I even like you.”

“You’re not a good liar, Oana,” he said. “I’m not
going to miss how you torment me. You play the evil
queen every time we are together, whether we are doing
our act or not.”

She stopped crying to listen to him, but now she burst
into tears again. “But you don’t understand, Nicu,”
she said. “When I was growing up, I was the ugly
duckling. All the girls and boys picked on me. It
wasn’t until I was 18 that my body and face became
what you see now. I took revenge on everyone in my
village, but I know that if I didn’t have these looks,
people would still be treating me like they used to.
That’s why I despise people.”

“Don’t give me your pitiful story, Oana,” he said. “I
have no sympathy. Look at me! I don’t care what you
went through. It’s nothing compared to what I went
through, and what I’ll go through the rest of my life.
Now get out of here. You make me sick.” He slammed the
door in her face.


For a week, he didn’t see her after the show. She went
straight to her wagon. All the other performers told
him they were sorry to see him go, and he enjoyed the
late dinners without her there.

Then one night, after the evil queen stalked out of
the tent, she ran up to him. “Stop, Nicu,” she said.
“I need to talk to you. Can you come to my trailer

“Oh no,” he said. “I would love to do what you’re
suggesting, but it’s too late to change my mind now,
my evil queen. Don’t be so disappointed, though. I
thought of something for you.”

“What?” she said.

“Well, even if you don’t get another job in a circus,”
he said, “with your body, you can make plenty of money
in porn. I’ll look forward to seeing you on the

Oana began crying. “You are the evil one, Nicu,” she
said. “OK, it won’t be in my trailer, but I need to
talk to you. Wherever you want is fine with me.”


When he walked to the edge of the forest around the
clearing where the circus tents had been raised, he
saw that she was sitting on a folding chair from her
wagon and had brought another for him. As soon as he
sat down, she began talking.

“I’ve been out of my mind the last week, Nicu,” Oana
said. “I know you’d love to see me abused by men on
the Internet. I may be evil, but I could never hate
someone enough to wish that on them.”

“I’m sorry,” said Nicu. “I don’t know why I said that.
I guess I just wanted to hurt your feelings. I don’t
really care if you believe me, but I’m not that much
of a monster. I really don’t wish you any harm, Oana.
Please believe be. Let’s not part this way.”

That stopped her. She looked at him, and he saw she
was trying to decide what to say next.

“Nicu, I’m going to be honest with you,” she said. “I
was hoping that you were a monster. I was hoping that
you hated me so much that you would like to degrade me
and hurt me. I tried to remember all the things I’ve
done to you in the last couple of years, and I wrote
them down. I’m ready to read them to you now so you
will hate me even more.”

“Why?” he said.

“Because, it’s the only thing I could think of to get
you to help me,” she said. “I just can’t lose this
job. I know if I do, I will end badly, maybe even
selling myself like you said. So you have to stay, and
I am prepared to do anything to make you change your

“So here is my offer. I am ready to submit to you. You
will have all the revenge you can ever dream of. You
can do whatever you want to me. I’ll let you put me in
chains so you could even cut me into pieces if you
want. I hope you won’t do that, but you can whip me
until I’m scarred. You can humiliate me in front of
the others. Because I am an acrobat, I can perform
disgusting sexual tricks with you, or I can do them
with others for your amusement. You can mortify my
flesh and my mind.

“Whatever you decide, I’d like you to do it just one
time. But I’m willing to negotiate. Maybe I’ll do it
more than once, maybe regularly. I know you have no
pity for me, but I’m really scared to go back to my

“No matter what you do to me, Nicu, I swear that from
now on, you will get nothing but respect from me, and
I’ll take on anyone who tries to mistreat you. And
I’ll be grateful forever, even though you can’t stand
the sight of me.”

“I’m sorry, Oana,” he said, “I’m not going to become
as evil as you are just so you can save your job. But
I think you’ve been reading my mind, because I’ve
fantasized doing horrible things to you. The
difference between me and you is that I think those
thoughts, but I would never act on them.”

“But there must be something I can do,” she said. “I’m
willing to do anything, no matter how disgusting or

“You know the problem with that,” he said. “No matter
what I would ask you to do, it still wouldn’t make you
respect me.”

“Oh yes!” she said. “I promise.”

“You can promise all you want, Oana,” he said. “You
will always know that you gave in to me. Respect has
to be earned. Is there a way to do that? I don’t know,
but you’ve done one thing tonight. You’ve made me have
second thoughts about running away from you, instead
of dealing with you directly. I haven’t changed my
mind, but I’m going to give this some thought.”

“Nicu, I beg you,” she said. “You’ve just given me a
sliver of hope.

But there are only a few days left before my life is
over. Please hurry.”

She leaned over and gave him a kiss on the cheek and
stood up.

He rubbed his cheek and stood up, too, and he watched
her beautiful body as it walked away from him carrying
the chairs.


That night, he noticed that she seemed more animated
than usual, and the act was razor sharp. Afterward, he
complimented her. “It’s because you gave me hope,” she
said. “I didn’t tell you, but I’ve been thinking about
our act. You have so many good ideas, but I never
wanted to be bothered listening to them. Now I realize
what we have together and how valuable it could become
for both of us. Even though you hate me, I am willing
to work on it. You’re right that we can take more
advantage of the comic possibilities of your size and
my shape and eventually get rid of the dwarf throwing.
I know you think I’m just saying that because I’m
desperate, but I’m telling you the truth. One day, I
hope to earn your trust.”

He didn’t reply, but on the way back to his wagon, he
began thinking, and he was up late into the night
writing things down on paper, crossing them out and
then writing more things.

A few days later after breakfast, he knocked on her
door. Her reply wasn’t friendly until she opened the
door and saw him. “Hello, Nicu,” she said in a
cheerful voice. “I’m glad to see you.” I’ll bet you
are, he thought, but to her he said, “May I come in?”

“Of course,” she said. “Please excuse the mess.” He
looked around and noticed that her wagon was
spotlessly clean and tastefully furnished. “Please sit
down here. May I make you a cup of coffee?”

“Thanks,” he said. “Do you have some time to talk
right now, or should I come back another time?”

“For you, I have time,” she said. “What’s on your
mind?” He saw her eyes were gleaming, and she was
trying to control the excitement in her voice.

“I wanted to tell you some things I’ve been thinking
about,” he said.

“I hope I’ve inspired you to create some really
horrible ways to get your revenge,” she said. “I can’t
wait to hear how you’re going to make me suffer for
what I did to you.”

“That’s why I’m here,” he said. “I think I’ve come up
with something that might work for us. Stop — what
are you doing?”

“Oh, you beautiful man,” she said as she jumped onto
his lap, grabbed his face and smothered it with
kisses. “I knew you were better than me. I don’t care
what awful things you do. Whip me. Make me b***d, make
me scream until my lungs burn. I deserve it all. Let’s
go to the boss right now and tell him you’re not
leaving after tonight’s show.”

“Not so fast, Oana,” he said, pushing her off of him.
“First of all, I’m not saying anything to the boss
until I’m finished with you. I don’t trust you at all.
So be quiet and let me tell you what I thought of.
You’re not going to like it.”

“Of course, I will,” she said in a disappointed tone
as she sat down across from the table.

“What I’m demanding from you is a contest,” he said.
“I know you think you’re smarter and stronger than me.
Now I’m going to have my chance to prove you aren’t.
Of course, I’ll have to take a big risk to do this,
and I will be even more humiliated if I lose the
contest, but that’s what will make my victory even

“Today is my last day, so the contest will take place
in the performance tent tomorrow night, because it’s
Monday, and the circus is dark. It will be in front of
everyone in the circus who wants to come. I think
they’ll all be there. It will be a battle of wits and
strength. It will start just like our skit starts,
with you as the queen in your disguise and me as one
of the fairytale dwarfs. But this time, we’ll be
fighting for real.

“To win and make me stay here and work with you, you
have to throw me three times, just like you do in our
skit. But this time, I’m not going to be cooperating.
Instead, I’m going to attack you — not violently, but
sexually. I will do some disgusting things to you for
up to two hours while everybody watches. You can try
to fight me all you want, but I will keep coming at
you until you throw me for the third time, or I’m
satisfied or time is up, whichever comes first.”

Oana listened to him intently. When he finished, she
said, “Nicu, I don’t understand. Did you just say that
all I had to do to keep you from leaving is throw you
three times? I do that every night.”

“But this will be different, Oana,” he said, “I won’t
be cooperating like I do in our act. I’ll be ravaging
you in front of all your friends.”

“How will you do that?” she asked. “I’m much stronger
than you are. You’re a dwarf, and I’m a big, strong
trapeze artist.”

“That seals it,” said Nicu. “I know that’s what you
think, Oana, and I’m going to pound that out of you
with my whole body, especially my penis.”

She still seemed confused. “But Nicu, you are a
dwarf,” she said. “I am a big woman. I know I can find
ways to pleasure you, but your thing is too small to
make me feel much, no matter what you do with it. It’s
not your fault, Nicu, but as soon as you undress,
everyone will laugh at you. Won’t that make you feel

I’ve got a surprise for you, Oana, he thought, but he
said, “Yes, I could be humiliated, but my plan is to
humiliate you and then leave the next day. I’m not
interested in discussing this further. Just tell me
whether you agree to the contest, or do I go ahead
with my plans?”

“I trust you a lot, Nicu,” she said, “but I know men.
If we have this contest of yours and I beat you, you
won’t keep your word, because you will be even more
degraded than now. And every time someone in the
circus looks at you, you will know they saw what I did
to you. So even though I destroy you, I will still
lose, because no man can handle such humiliation every

“But if I let you win, I still lose, because then you
win the right to leave.”

“That’s right, Oana. You said exactly what I thought
you would say. Since no one will know about our
agreement except you and me, that’s the kind of trick
I could pull on you to get my revenge. That’s the kind
of thing you would do. I know how your mind works,

“In the years, we’ve worked together, you’ve never
bothered to get to know me. So you’re thinking I hate
you enough to do something like that. You think you
can beat me in a fight, but until tomorrow night, you
won’t know whether I’ll keep my word.”

“But I know what you’re going to decide. You’re Oana,
the evil queen. You think everyone is as evil as you.
So in the end, you’ll decide that I’m going to cheat
you and leave anyway, and you’ll hate me so much that
you will take your last chance to hurt and humiliate
me. And that’s what I want. Come at me with everything
you have, Oana.”

“Or I won’t participate in your stupid game,” she said
with a sneer on her face.

“Oh yes you will,” he said. “Because you have no other
choice. If you don’t do this, you will never know
whether I would have betrayed you or not.”

Oana was silent for a minute. “So after I throw you
three times, you will have to stay,” she said. “You
make it easy for me.”

“Sure, keep thinking it will be easy, Oana,” he said.
“So do you agree or not?”

“Yes, yes,” she said. “I agree. You’ve trapped me.
You’ve given me false hope, and I’m sure you’re going
to cheat me. But you’re right. I have no choice, so
yes, I agree.”

“That’s good, Oana,” he said. “I’m going to try to
keep you motivated until tomorrow night.

“Well, if I’m going back to my village in humiliation,
I may as well enjoy tormenting you one more time,” she
said. “Maybe I can do a few things that will make you
remember me, Nicu.”

“Bring it on, Oana!” he said as he walked out her

That night, in their act, when the dwarf and the evil
queen were pantomiming their argument, instead of
pulling aside some rags, he reached inside and grabbed
her halter top, which was cut low to show off maximum
cleavage. He wrenched it up, and both her huge breasts
popped out of the rags. The men in the audience
cheered, and the women gasped and covered their
c******n’s eyes. “What are you doing?” she hissed as
she grabbed him to throw him.

“Just giving you a taste of tomorrow night,” he said
before she flung him.

When he landed and ran back to her, she was trying to
push her breasts back into the skimpy halter. He
turned to wink at the audience, and then he thrust his
hand between her legs and pantomimed that he was
inserting his fingers. He pulled his hand out and
looked at it quizzically. He turned to the audience
and with his two hands he pantomimed a big opening
that he was looking into. The audience and Oana
realized he was telling them she had an enormous
opening between her legs, and the men went wild. He
saw she was red in the face as she lifted him up.

When he came back at her for the last time, he reached
for her bikini panties, but this time she was ready
for him. As he reached in, she grabbed him with both
hands around the waist and lifted him straight up.
Then she stuck out her bare knee from her rags and
wiggled it for the audience before she slammed him
down as she jerked her knee up to his crotch. The
women in the audience screamed and applauded as he
doubled up in pain. She threw him for the third time,
but instead of doing an acrobatic twist in the air,
landing on his feet and running off, he landed in a
heap and was barely able to hobble out of the tent as
the audience roared.

She followed him, and he saw that her eyes were
flashing as she watched him sink to the ground in
pain. “Just giving you a taste of tomorrow night,” she
said before she turned and left.


The entire cast and all the circus workers showed up
the next night.

Nicu had the workers fill one ring so high with straw
that it overflowed. On top of the straw, he had set up
the prop from their act, the dwarf’s cottage. The
four-piece circus band was there, and he huddled with
them to tell them what he wanted them to do.

He was dressed in his fairytale dwarf outfit, standing
in front of the cottage when Oana made a slow, regal
entrance from one of the aisles, carrying a large,
shiny red apple on a plush cushion. The band began
playing royal processional music, and the audience

He motioned for his friend, Giselle, one of the other
trapeze artists, to bring him the ringmaster’s

“Ladies and gentlemen,” he announced. “As you all
know, I’m leaving the company. I’ve had a wonderful
time with you, and I want to thank those of you who
have been kind to me. Let’s keep in touch.

“Oana has agreed to do our act one more time, just for
you. If you saw us last night, you got a preview of
what we are going to do now. It’s a more adult version
of our act than you’ve ever seen before. We hope you
enjoy the show. Maestro!”

The music for their act began. During their act, the
bandleader would cue the musicians to play different
short bits to highlight the humorous action. Nicu told
the bandleader that he could improvise as usual
tonight, but there were a couple of things he wanted
them to play when he signaled them.

“You didn’t say anything about staying here in your
speech, you bastard,” she hissed at him as they began
to pantomime their argument.

“You knew I wouldn’t, you bitch,” he hissed back.

She lunged at him, but he jumped back. Then he lunged
at her, reaching inside the rags and got a surprise.
He heard her laugh. “I came prepared,” she said, “so
prepare to lose.”

Instead of her skimpy halter top and thong, she had on
the trapeze costume that was molded to her skin. He
stepped back and dodged her as she jumped at him. She
fell into the thick straw, and he jumped on top of her
and moved his hands all over her body as quickly as he
could before she jumped up and shook him off like he
was a fly on a horse. But his exploration was
successful. He found there was a hidden zipper on her
outfit that started at her neck and ended just above
her buttocks.

By now, the audience realized what was going on, that
this was a grudge match, and they were all cheering
for him. It seemed to make her angrier, and she
laughed when she was able to grab his outfit and pull
him to her. As she clutched him, she didn’t see his
long arms go around her, under the rags and up her
back until his hands found the end of the hidden
zipper. He pulled on it, and it came down smoothly,
but only about a foot because she was now holding him
in the air, trying to get him high enough to throw.

He used his strong arms to pull at hers until he pried
one of them free, and then he twisted so her other
hand dropped him. As he fell to the straw, he pulled
the zipper straight down.

She realized what he was doing, and she turned and
tried to reach behind her to pull it up again, but he
jumped up and reached to her neck and with his strong
hands peeled the costume off her shoulders and ripped
it down her body. Her huge breasts popped out, and the
audience cheered. Oana stopped fiddling with the
zipper. She knew it was too late for that.

“You little bastard,” she hissed. “You’ll pay for
that.” She easily grabbed him again and started to
lift him. But as she did, she felt pain between her
legs. She looked down and saw that he had grabbed the
narrow strip of material that ran from front to back,
where it became thin enough so her strong, firm cheeks
fell out on either side. As she pulled him up, he was
pulling it up. She dropped him and he fell back on his
head and let go of her costume for a second, but then
he bounced back up and reached toward her crotch

She jumped back and began circling him. He kept
lunging for her costume between her legs, and when he
could grab it, he pulled it toward him and dug his
fingers into it. The material stretched as she pulled
back, and he pulled it out until it was thin enough to
almost see through, but then she would twist and spin
away from him.

Finally, she saw her opening. He didn’t move quickly
enough, and she was behind him. She quickly grasped
him and lifted him up in the air and threw him with
all her might. He flew across the ring and landed on
his back in the straw and quickly jumped up laughing
and pointing.

She looked down and saw that he must have held onto
the material between her legs as she threw him, and
her own strength had ripped it apart before he let it
go. The costume was now flapping around her exposed
crotch. The audience was laughing and cheering as the
band improvised the sounds of material being torn.

She was furious. “Before I throw you again, they’re
going to see something that will make them laugh even
harder,” she hissed as she got close to him. He was
now dancing around her, trying to avoid her grasp
while reaching his long arms in and trying to pull at
her costume.

She pretended to lunge at him, and tried to guess
which way he would move to avoid her. After a few
misses, she was finally able to grab onto his costume
pants under his patched dwarf shirt. He wore a belt on
top of the shirt, but it was just for decoration. The
pants were held up by elastic, and she easily pulled
them down to his ankles and then quickly ripped them
off, sending him flying onto the straw..

That’s when she and the audience discovered he wasn’t
wearing any underwear and they found out the secret
that had been hiding down his pants leg. Oana and
every woman in the audience screamed together. It
wasn’t just that it was at least 9 or 10 inches long,
and not even aroused. It wasn’t that it looked as
thick as a fire hose. What was startling was the
contrast between the thing hanging between Nicu’s legs
and his little fireplug of a body. When his knees were
bent, it almost touched the straw.

While Oana was staring in shock, Nicu went at her
trapeze costume, pulled it down to her ankles and then
did the same thing she had just done to him. He pulled
it away so hard that she went flying onto her back. He
flew with her, landing hard on her stomach and
knocking the breath out of her. He leaned forward and
put his mouth by her ear. “I hope you remembered to
clean yourself out like I told you, bitch,” he
whispered. “Because my snake is going to crawl into
every hole you have.”

Then he began bouncing. He rolled off her, crouched
down and jumped as high as he could, lifting his legs
as he did, and then he slammed down on top of her
belly. She tried to move away from him, but by he
third time he landed on her, she was breathless, and
her efforts grew weaker as he continued. When he saw
that she was gasping for air and didn’t move anymore,
he stopped.

Quickly, he rolled her over onto her stomach and then
started pushing straw underneath her. He pushed more
and more beneath her belly until there was a growing
mound that was raising her naked rear high into the
air. The activity must have excited him, because the
audience was abuzz as they saw his penis getting
harder and higher and thicker. Finally, he stopped and
surveyed his little mountain with Oana’s beautiful
buttocks draped across its summit. He turned to the
audience and smiled as he gave his huge pole a couple
of strokes. Then he began climbing the mountain.

Oana lay with her eyes closed, but when he climbed up
and began to mount her from behind, the eyes opened
wide. He stopped and yelled, “Giselle!” She came
running to him and handed him something and then ran
away. He leaned down and whispered into Oana’s ear,
“You aren’t all that excited about how deeply I’m
about to love you, my dear. But don’t worry. I brought
lots of lube to make it easier for you when I stretch
your vagina. Do you feel it squirting in now? Get
ready to go to work.”

She tried to move, but she was still out of breath.
Only her head moved, lifting up, turning to the left
and right. She saw him raise his hand as if he was
going to spank her, but he didn’t. Instead, he was
signaling for the band to play something.

She heard the dit-dit-dit staccato beginning of a
familiar song as Nicu slowly pushed into her vagina.
The lubricant smoothed the way, but his thing was so
thick that it her body took a while to adjust as it
rubbed and stretched her insides. It was going deeper
than any man had ever gone inside her, and it felt
strange. The dit-dit-dit music was continuing. She
knew the song, and when the chorus came, she was sure
she would recognize it. She felt so strange listening
to it as his huge cylinder crawled deeper into her.
Finally, it was all the way in and stopped for a

Then it began moving slowly in and out of her. Even
with the lube, the thick hose was causing some
discomfort. Despite that, it was also arousing her,
and she found herself responding. She heard the
musicians reach the chorus, and she recognized it, but
she still couldn’t place it. Nicu began moving faster,
and she winced as he pulled out almost all the way and
then plunged in until his testicles were bouncing
against her rear. He got to where he was moving in
time with the music, and she found herself moving in
time with him. Then he began singing the song as he
slammed in and out of her.

“Hi-ho hi-ho, it’s off to work we go,” he sang. He
knew all the words to the song, and he kept singing as
he ravaged her. Something strange was happening to
her. The song was filling her head, and she felt her
whole body in tune with it and with its rhythm, the
same rhythm Nicu was using on her in front of all
those people watching.

And then it happened. Her body exploded into a million
pieces. At least that’s how it felt to her. Nicu never
stopped the rhythm and never stopped singing. The
song, his penis and her body were all part of her
explosion, and they were driving her crazy as her
orgasms washed over her. Then she collapsed, and Nicu
stopped singing and pulled out of her, waving his
flagpole as the audience cheered. The band stopped,
too, and switched to another number. She recognized it
immediately: “Nobody Does It Better.”

“Either you are the greatest actress in history or you
had eight orgasms just now,” whispered Nicu into her
ear. “Enjoy them, because I don’t think the rest will
be as much fun.”

She just wanted to lie there and bask in the
afterglow, but Nicu yelled for Giselle, and then her
head shot up as she felt something enter her anus and
begin squirting. He was squirting what felt like a
gallon of lube into her anus, and she felt all slimy
inside as she was trying to lean back to throw him off
of her and stand up.

But she was exhausted from the orgasms, and before she
could do anything, he had climbed a step higher on the
mountain and lowered his thick staff until it was
touching her anus. He legs were spread wide across the
pile of straw, and as he began pushing, she heard the
tic-tic-tic music again. The band was playing the same
song as he broke her resistance and f****d his way
into her anus. He began gliding on the lube deep
inside her. Before there had been some pleasure, but
this time there was nothing but pain and disgust. She
tried to move her bottom to dislodge him, but he moved
with her and kept going deeper. Finally, he could go
no further. She felt awful. He leaned over and
whispered into her ear. “You stupid bitch,” he said.
“I told you to clean yourself out. This is going to be
more even more humiliating than I wanted it to be. I’m
sorry, but you did it to yourself.”

The musicians began playing the chorus as he slowly
started to move in and out of her. His little body was
holding her like he was hugging a tree and pushing his
thing into a knothole. He caught up to the rapid
rhythm of the song and began singing in the same
rhythm as his tool was stretching and ravaging her
anus. “Hi-ho, hi-ho,” he sang as he went through the
entire song again and again.

She screamed with pain as he sang. This time her body
didn’t join with his. He was tearing her up inside.
She tried to adjust, but she couldn’t. She heard the
band and the sounds of the audience cheering him on,
and she put down her head and began sobbing

She felt him start to move faster than the music, and
it hurt even more. She couldn’t take any more of this.
She had to get free, but how? She decided she would
help him finish faster, and she noticed his surprise
when she started moving her rear to meet his. It
pushed him even deeper into her and was more painful,
but she heard him start to pant and felt his movements
become more erratic. In a minute, he slammed into her
and stayed there. She felt him erupt inside her. He
had filled her up, and though she was large, she
wasn’t large enough for all the lube and semen,
because she felt some of the mixture squeezing out of
her anus around his embedded penis.

She was thinking and gathering her strength. If she
could get free, she knew she could grab him by the
balls and squeeze so hard he would be helpless. Then
she could toss him quickly a couple of times and at
least save her job — that is, if he didn’t betray
her. From deep in her colon all the way to her anus,
she was in such pain that she could barely think. Then
she felt him loosening inside her. This was her
chance. She gathered her strength and took a deep
breath. Quickly she slid back down the mound of straw
and jumped to her feet. Nicu fell off of her and
landed behind her.

She turned quickly and bent down. She saw his slimy
penis and balls, coated with what had been inside her.
It almost made her sick, but she focused on reaching
for his testes. They were coated with lube now and
slippery. As Nicu realized what she wanted to do, he
grabbed her arm with both his hands and pulled it
violently. His testicles slipped out of her grasp as
she came flying toward him.

He quickly jumped on top of her. She was again face
down on the straw. After bouncing on her a couple of
times, he jumped off and went to her side and put both
arms underneath her. He lifted them together and
quickly rolled her over onto her back, then sat on her
stomach facing her feet and bounced until he saw that
she was ready to pass out again.

He slid down her body toward her feet until he could
reach her long legs. She had been kicking them and
trying to get away from him, but now they were
extended and lying flat. She was too exhausted to move
them. He curled one of his arms around each thigh and
pulled them back, lifting them straight up in the air.

He slowly began sliding back on her body and pulling
her legs with him. He slid across her stomach and onto
her large breasts, squeezing them against her chest.
Then he slid onto her face. He felt her head move
suddenly as she yelled at him, and he looked down.

“Sorry,” he said as he moved his ass off her face. Her
feet were behind her head now and her legs were
parallel to her body and right above the two of them.
Pulling them back had lifted her ass high in the air.
He quickly pushed down on her legs as he rose up in a
squat and moved forward. When he sat down again, he
had pushed her legs under him.

He was sitting on her thighs, pushing them against her
breasts. Her feet were back behind her head, and her
body was almost bent in two. Her rear was in the air
facing him. He yelled for Giselle, and in a few
minutes, Oana felt him squirting more lube into her,
this time into both her vagina and her anus. Then she
heard the dit-dit-dit part of the song again. She felt
his fingers in her vagina moving in time to the music,
but then she felt something strange. The fingers were
still moving to the rhythm, but they were thicker. As
the fourth finger moved into her, she realized what
was going on and she began screaming. In a second, she
stopped, because he had moved his ass back and his
anus was now covering her mouth. She felt like she was
suffocating until she realized that her nose could
still breathe through the hair between his cheeks.

Nicu leaned over to the side so her eyes could see his
face. “I want to hear the music,” he said. “You can
say or do anything you want, but don’t drown it out or
else you’re going to be talking into my asshole until
I’ve finished. I’m moving off your mouth now, but you
won’t get a second chance.”

When he started pushing his hand into her, she
shrieked but quickly controlled herself. She focused
on breathing slowly, but she couldn’t help breathing
with the rhythm of the band as he began pushing his
whole hand in and then pulling it out of her slimy
stretched vagina in time to the song. The whole
audience was now singing the song and laughing at her
as her body moved out of control trying to deal with
the pain from his hand moving in and out of her. Nicu
held up his other hand, and the band stopped. He left
his first hand inside her. It was pushed in past his
wrist. Then came the dit-dit-dit again, and she felt a
finger enter her anus, then quickly two and three, as
she cried out a loud ‘No!” and then “Please, Nicu!”
Her hole had been stretched enough by his pole that he
was able to force three fingers inside. Then she felt
the fourth enter and everything began to push in and
out of her, the hand in her vagina and the four
fingers in her anus. She couldn’t keep herself from
gasping and shrieking from th
e pain now, but he didn’t try to silence her. She
tried to steel herself for the pain that would come
when his whole hand would be f****d into her anus, and
she was surprised when he slowly pulled his hand from
her vagina and the four fingers from her anus. She
felt him leaning over, and then she heard loud
cheering and whistling from the audience. She looked
up, and in his right hand, which was extended above
his head, he held the large, shining red apple.

“No!” she screamed at the top of her lungs when she
saw it. The band resumed playing the song, and in a
second, she felt something enormous being pushed
between her rear cheeks. As he slowly pushed the apple
into her anus, she tried to scream again, but she was
in too much pain to do more than sob and pant faster
and faster. She tried to open herself wider, but she
couldn’t. The pain grew more intense as Nicu pushed
slowly but insistently. She was going to pass out from
the pain. Then she heard a sucking noise, and the
intense pain gave way to a dull pain that felt like it
was radiating from her crotch through every cell of
her body. The apple was buried inside her, and her
body was trying to expel it, but it couldn’t. She was
moving around crazily and slamming her head against
the straw. Her eyes were wild, and her face was

She heard Nicu’s voice in her ear. He had gotten off
of her and was kneeling by her side as her body
thrashed around on the straw trying to push out the
apple. He was trying to be calm, but he sounded
nervous. “Are you all right?” he said.

“You bastard,” she said quietly. She tried to spit in
his face, but she didn’t have the strength.

“I guess you’re OK,” he said. “Listen to me. I could
reach in there, but I think that would hurt you even
more. The best thing to do is for you to stand up on
the straw and then squat down as low as you can and
then push with your bowels. It’s just like when you’re
on a camping trip.”

“I’m not going to do that in front of all these
people,” she hissed.

“I’d rather die.”

“I’ll hold you if you like,” he said. “I know what it
will look like, but that’s the easiest way. Would you
rather have me pull it out? Or I can get a knife and
cut it into pieces inside you, but I’m scared about
trying that.

“No, you’re right,” she said. “OK, please help me up.”

He lifted her off the straw and supported her while
she stood up. Then she began squatting slowly while he
held her. There was some noise from the audience, and
she stopped. He waved a hand up and down at them to
signal them to be quiet. The only sound now was her
crying and grunting as she slowly lowered her body.
When she was squatting about two feet off the ground,
Nicu said, “I’ll hold you and keep you balanced while
you spread your legs as wide as you can. You’re
already open so wide that I can see the red apple
starting to come out.

After she spread her legs, he said, “Now lean forward
and grab your knees and push. I’ll keep supporting

She had her back to the audience and her rear was
sticking up behind her as she leaned down and he held
her steady around her waist. She began contracting her
anal muscles and the apple started to stretch her. She
stopped to take a breath, and it was sucked inside her

“Easy does it,” said Nicu. “Instead of holding your
breath, try to breathe out in little pants and never
stop pushing.”

He began breathing out to show her, and she tried to
imitate him. She pushed and panted and screamed and
pushed and felt her hole stretching again and the
unbearable pain coming back. But she kept going and
finally with a huge splat, it shot from her body. She
was almost bent in two, and it traveled a short
distance in the air before falling onto the straw. She
heard cheers, and she collapsed onto the straw and
lost consciousness.

She awoke a few seconds later to thunderous applause
and the band playing “Hail, Hail, the Gang’s All
Here.” She was barely able to open her eyes. She saw
he was standing over her. When he knelt down and
leaned over to her ear, she asked him to repeat what
he said twice. “That was great, Oana,” he said, “but I
wish you had listened to me about cleaning yourself
inside. When the apple came out, it didn’t look
pretty. I didn’t mean for this to be as hard as it’s
going to be, but this is your chance right now, Oana,
if you want it.” He stood up and asked for Giselle to
bring him the microphone.

“Thank you all for coming,” he said. “This has been
such a wonderful experience for me that I hate to
leave you. I know it will be hard to find friends like
you somewhere else and also an amazing partner like
Oana, who’s such a good sport. She told me a few days
ago she really wants me to stay, and just now, she
said that if I changed my mind and stayed, she will
sit here and eat the poisonous apple that will make
her fall asleep, never to wake until love’s first
kiss. She said she’d eat it down to the core while we
watched. I’m talking about the apple there on the
straw. As you can see, it’s coated with some brown
caramel now to make it taste sweeter.”

The audience gasped.

“Yes, ladies and gentlemen. Can you believe that she
would do that just so I would stay? What do you think?
Should I let her eat it? Does anyone else want me to

The applause and cheering rose to a crescendo before
he lifted his arm. “OK,” he said. “I’ll do it. But
maybe Oana will change her mind and be glad to see the
last of me. I can tell you that I wouldn’t do this if
I were in her place. I’m not going to say anything
now. Let’s see what she does.”

He bent down and looked at her. Her eyes were
lightning bolts of anger, and her mouth was curled in
rage. He smiled at her and walked over to where the
apple had landed and bent down to inspect it. Then he
raised his head and held his nose with his fingers as
the audience laughed.

Gagging sounds came out of her mouth. Everyone saw
that she was trying hard to keep from heaving. She
began gulping for air, and her body was squirming
wildly. It looked like she was moving away from the
apple. The audience was holding its breath.

Nicu went over to her and leaned down and whispered to
her. “The audience didn’t see that while I was
inspecting the apple, I wiped it hard in the straw a
few times and also against my pants leg,” he said. “I
think I got most of your stuff off. I’m sorry.”

The next two minutes were silent, except for more
gagging sounds and the rustling of the straw as she
squirmed. Then Nicu stood up and spoke into the
microphone again. “I guess she can’t do it,” he said.
“Don’t be angry at Oana. I’m sure she wanted to, but
you can see how nauseous she is, and I’m close enough
to her that I can hear she’s about to throw up. So
Giselle would you please bring her a glass of —

As Giselle was coming forward with a glass of water,
the naked Oana had crawled painfully across the straw
to the apple. She grabbed it and started frantically
biting pieces from it and trying to swallow them. She
tried to eat it fast, but she had to stop to gasp for
air every few seconds and to get control of her

The audience erupted again.

Nicu thought for a second. Should he or shouldn’t he?
But as he watched her biting into the apple and
swallowing as fast as she could, he couldn’t resist
one last shot. “My cruel queen should eat more
slowly,” he said, facing the audience, “or she might
get indigestion.” The audience roared.

When she finished the apple, he leaned over and kissed
her on the cheek.

“Please forgive the cruel joke,” he said.


The night after the show, there was a knock on Nicu’s
door. He opened it and saw Giselle. “May I come in,”
she said. “Sure,” he said. They chatted as he served
her some coffee, but she quickly got to the point.

“I want you to do to me what you did to Oana,” said
Giselle. “Not put it into my ass and not the fisting
because I’m not into that like she is. But I want you
to climb on me and put it all the way in. I want as
many orgasms as Oana had. I want you to do me from the
front, too, and the side, and I want to ride you.”

“OK,” he said, “but not all in one night. I’m just a
dwarf, not Superman.”

The next night there was another knock on the door. He
was surprised, because Giselle had told him she was so
sore that she wouldn’t think about sex for at least a
week. But this night it wasn’t Giselle, even though
what the performer told him was just a slight
variation of what Giselle had told him.

Each night, a new woman knocked. They must have worked
out a schedule among themselves, Nicu decided. He was
shocked the first time a married woman knocked, and he
turned her away. The next time one knocked, he told
her to tell all the wives that he wasn’t going to
welcome any of them. Then came the night when the
beautiful wife of the strongman knocked.

“Hasn’t anyone told you?” he said.

“Yes, I know what you said about married women, but
please let me in,” she said. “I have something to show
you.” When they sat down at his table, she handed him
a piece of paper. He couldn’t believe what he read. It
was a woman’s handwriting, informing him that the
bearer had the full permission of her husband to sleep
with him. The signature was the strongman’s.

“This makes no difference,” he said, handing the paper
back to her. “I don’t care if your husband enjoys
being humiliated.” She burst into tears. “Please,
Nicu. I’ll die if you send me away. You don’t know
what he did to me before he would sign.”

“No, I don’t know,” he said. “Will you tell me?”

He listened to her, and as she spoke, he got more and
more angry. When she finished, he asked her, “Do you
love him?”

“Yes,” she said. “But he is very angry at me for
wanting a night with you. I told him it would only be
one, but he doesn’t understand.”

“Well, he has a right to be angry at you,” said Nicu,
“but not to do what he did to you. I’m going to see
him in a few minutes, but first I want to talk to you
and write a few things down.”

When the strongman opened the door and saw Nicu, his
face got red.

“You!” he said.

“I want to come in,” said Nicu.

“If you come in, I might k**l you,” said the

“I’ll come in anyway,” said Nicu. When they were
seated, Nicu said, “I didn’t have sex with your wife,
and I told her I never will. But she told me what you
did to her and what you made her do. I think she
should divorce you, but she said she still loves you.
She wrote down this list of things that you must do
for her before she will come back to your wagon. Some
of the things are disgusting and painful, but not
nearly as bad as what you did to her. I have a feeling
that after you do a few of them, she will forgive you
and not demand the rest. I’m leaving now.”

As he walked out the door, the strongman grabbed him
from behind, lifted him in the air and turned him
around. He pulled Nicu to him and kissed him on both
cheeks. “Thank you,” he said, sobbing. “You are a much
better man than I. I will do anything you want me to
do for you the rest of your life.”

After that episode, Nicu sent out an email to all the
wives, with copies to their husbands, telling them his
beliefs did not permit adultery, and even if a woman
divorced her husband, he could never be with her.
There were no more visits from married women.

Old Anca, the ticket seller, he put off the longest.
She was big and ugly and hairy, and he tried to be
kind, but he couldn’t bring himself to welcome her to
his bed. He promised her that some day he would. She
came over to him during rehearsals one day and spoke
quietly into his ear. “Dwarf,” she said, “I know I’m
ugly and too loose for men now, but my asshole is
still pretty tight, and if you don’t mind all the hair
around it, I’ll be glad to offer it to you if you will
poke me a little in the other place.” He promised her
he would think about it.

For a week, Oana didn’t talk to him. He helped her in
the act, because she could only stand in one spot
since moving was so painful. So he had to almost jump
into her arms to be thrown. During the day, she mostly
stayed in her wagon. When he saw her walking, he could
see how badly she was hurting. The boss told her she
didn’t have to do her aerial act until she healed.

By the end of the second week, she was flying again,
and that seemed to improve her attitude. She didn’t
say anything about their contest, but she began
working with him on the act, trying to make it funnier
and more exciting. She was enthusiastic about working
with him, or at least she acted that way. He found out
that she had been approaching others in the circus
privately and asking them to forgive her for the
things she had done to them. At the late dinners, she
began to attract a large number of circus workers who
enjoyed sitting with her, because she was always in
good spirits and never said a mean word to anyone.

Nicu had his own group of friends, and he never joined
her circle. He saw her looking at him every now and
then, and he wondered what she was thinking.

One night, after a knock on the door, he opened it and
looked up. It was Oana. “May I come in,” she said.

“Sure, Oana,” he said. “Do you have some new ideas for
the act? I agree with you that it’s so tight now that
if we can do just a little more, we could go

“I’m excited about that, Nicu,” she said, “but that’s
not why I’m here. I’ll be blunt. After I healed from
all the pain and humiliation you caused me, all I
could remember were those eight orgasms. Because I
know you hate me, I’ve never approached you up to now.
But I think I’ve managed to find a way that would work
for both of us. I see you want to say something, but
please just listen.

“Each night I come here for you to please me, I’ll do
something disgusting and degrading for you first. You
told me you had a long list. If you have thrown it
away, maybe you can remember some things. I think I
can come up with some things, too. You know I’m a good
idea person. I already know one thing that I will do
for you tonight.”

He started to say something, but she put her hand over
his mouth. She led him to his bedroom and pushed him
onto the bed and quickly pulled his pants off. She
knelt down and put her mouth on his tool and began to
suck and bob up and down on the end of it with her
mouth while one hand pumped the part that wasn’t in
her mouth and the other was playing with his
testicles. He shot to attention immediately.

Then her strong hands grasped his ankles and pulled
them up into the air. She pushed his legs back over
his head the same way he had done to hers that night.
Then her mouth moved from his shaft to his anus and
went to work. He couldn’t believe what he was feeling
as her tongue moved inside him while her hands reached
over her head and pumped him and played with his
testicles. He was ready to shoot in a minute, but she
felt it and raised her head up. Her mouth looked
horrible, but she was smiling.

“I want you to relax so I can prolong your pleasure,”
she said. “I want tonight to be a special memory for
you. I want you to know how much I am disgusted with
what I’m doing, but I’ve told myself I’m not going to
throw up until later. Maybe next time, you’ll clean
yourself for me, but maybe you’ll decide not to again
so that you can show me what filth I am, like my face
looks now. No, don’t say anything. I’m starting

After he had a huge orgasm, she let him rest for a few
minutes and then quickly sucked him to full strength
again and mounted him. As she began riding him and
slapping her huge breasts into his face. she began
humming. “Nicu, I want you to sing it,” she said.
“Please sing it for me. I don’t have a good voice like
you. I need to hear you sing it.”

He listened to her humming, and then he noticed the
beat and how her body was moving to it, and he heard
some familiar words. He began to sing, “Hi-o, hi-ho,
it’s off to work we go.”

Before he could finish the first line, she screamed
and began pounding her body into his. He counted nine

After that, she joined those taking turns knocking on
his door. He never asked for anything, but she always
came with something special. Often, she would bring
Giselle or another beautiful woman who was happy to
get an extra appointment. Sometimes he would make love
to her friends, and then she would eat his come out of
them while he watched. She would stick out her tongue
afterward and show him how full her mouth was and then
swallow his come. Then she ran to the bathroom, and he
heard her retching as she washed her mouth out. She
ate out his ass again and the women’s asses, too. One
time she offered to bring a man and a woman with her
and eat out his ass and then drink his come from the
woman’s ass in front of Nicu, but he said no thanks.

The night he felt really bad was after she had talked
to Old Anca. She brought Old Anca with her and watched
while he serviced her vagina, giving her a couple of
orgasms, and then plowed into her hairy, smelly anus
until he came into it. Then Oana ate out that horrible
anus until she cleaned out every drop of come and who
knows what else. She was crying and heaving in the
bathroom for half an hour after that, while Nicu sent
a concerned Old Anca home. But when she came out of
the bathroom, she was smiling and said, “I think I’ve
earned my reward tonight.”

They never had any conversations, except during the
day when they were rehearsing. Each time she came to
him at night, she stopped him from speaking. After six
months, he had had enough. He didn’t know how she and
the others put together the schedule, so he waited
impatiently for her to show up again.

She arrived with one of the beautiful equestriennes.
“I’m sorry, Luminita,” he said. “You can’t come in
tonight. I need to talk to Oana alone.”

“No!” said Oana. “Stay, Luminita. There’s some
mistake. No, please don’t go.” As Luminita walked
away, she broke down sobbing.

He put his arm around her shoulder and led her to his
kitchen table. She put her head on the table and her
hands around her head and continued to sob. Finally,
she gathered herself and lifted her head.

“Oana,” began Nicu.

“No, Nicu,” she said. “Please don’t say a word. I’ve
been feeling that you are getting bored with me. I
promise I’ll work harder. I’ll find some really new
ways to degrade myself for you. Maybe you’d like me to
experience more pain. I’ll find a way to make it
interesting for you. Please don’t send me away. I know
you despise me, but please don’t do that to me. I
couldn’t bear it.”

“Shut up, Oana,” he said. “I’ve put up with your
craziness long enough. I shouldn’t have gone along
with you, but my sex organs wanted to see what kinky
stuff you would come up with next. They had a good
time, but my head has had a hard time handling this
for some time, and finally I realized that I wasn’t
really enjoying it. In fact, after last time, I was
feeling as degraded as you were and wondered why was I
doing this?

“That’s when I finally admitted to myself what I’ve
been hiding inside all along. Everything I’ve ever
done points to it — when you were tormenting me, when
I tried to prove how superior I was in that contest
and when I let you humiliate yourself here in my bed.
It was all the same thing, and it’s time for me to
tell you because I’ve decided I’m going to leave next

“Don’t be upset. Before I leave, I’ll find you another
dwarf, a better dwarf, for the act. You’ve got a lot
of great ideas, and the two of you are going to be a
huge success around the world. And once I’m gone, you
will be able to find a man to make you happy, because
you won’t have this sick relationship holding you back

“You deserve to be happy, Oana. I’m sorry you’re
crying, but now you’re going to laugh, because it’s
too funny. Everything I did is because you’re the only
woman I’ve ever loved, and because I knew that I could
never have you. You don’t remember what I said before
you ate the apple about love’s first kiss, and you
don’t remember that I kissed you right after you ate
it. I did it for me, my personal fantasy, because I
knew I could never have you in real life. I’m truly
sorry for all the horrible things I’ve done to you.
Now please leave.”

Oana had stopped crying and was staring at him in
shock. Then she began laughing.

“That’s right,” said Nicu. “I knew you would laugh. Go
ahead. I deserve it. What a pitiful excuse I am for a
human being. I foolishly thought that even though I
was a dwarf, I was as much a man as anyone else. But
now I’m no longer going to lie to myself.”

Oana kept on laughing, and she started to point at
him. She got up from her chair, and she tried to say
something, but all she could do was laugh hysterically
and point. He could see that she was trying to control
herself, but she couldn’t. Finally, she stopped
laughing and stood up. Then she gave a huge sob and
collapsed on top of him, almost knocking him off his

“Oh, Nicu,” she said as her tears soaked his shirt.
“Please put your arms around me and just hold me for a
while.” He did, but it didn’t stop her crying.

Gradually, the tears slowed, and she took some deep
breaths. She got up, but as she did, her two hands
grabbed his right hand and held it tight. She pulled
it across the table as she sat down facing him. “I’m
never going to let go of his hand, Nicu,” she said,
“for as long as I live. You think you’re stronger than
me, but I won’t let you get free. I’m also smarter
than you, Nicu, because I realized I loved you the
night you told me you would give me a chance to keep
my job.

“That’s when I realized you were the most wonderful
man in the world, and I would never find anyone
better. I was disappointed that you were small, but I
was ready to sacrifice my sexual pleasure. I admit you
made me lose my temper when you humiliated me the
night before the contest, and when you tricked me into
thinking you were breaking your promise, I got
furious. But after I ate the apple, you did stay, and
my feelings were confused again. I hated you for
making me eat the apple, but I realized that I loved
you passionately at the same time.

“After a few days, the stuff you did to me meant
nothing. With time I hoped I could prove myself to you
and win you for myself. When you revealed your secret,
I knew you could fulfill me physically as well as
emotionally, and I wanted you with all my heart. The
only trouble was that all the other women discovered
your secret at the same time, so why would you choose
a woman you despised when you had a harem of beautiful
women who had never done anything to you?

“For a while, I just gave up. But gradually I realized
that it didn’t matter whether you hated me or not. I
had to be near you, and I needed to do whatever I had
to do make that possible. Yes, the sex was great, but
that’s not why I kept coming back and degrading
myself. Just your touch, just your eyes looking at me,
just your mouth on my breast, that would be enough for

“Poor Nicu. Because of what you just told me, you will
never be rid of me. You can enjoy all the other women
you want, but I am never going to let go of this

She stopped talking and kissed his hand, and then she
looked at him, and the tears started flowing again.
Now it was his turn to be silent.

“No, Oana,” he finally said. “It won’t work. I don’t
want other women. I’ve had enough of that kind of
life. I want to marry and settle down.”

“And have c******n,” she said.

“No c******n,” he said. “What if one is a dwarf?”

“And what if that dwarf meets an evil queen in the
forest, and they get married and have seven dwarves?”
she said. “Who cares what our c******n look like.
We’ll love them all.

“I know you don’t want your c******n born out of
wedlock, so we will announce the wedding date
tomorrow, and I will smile nicely at all the women who
will hate me for taking you away from them.

“But tonight, the evil queen commands you to the bed
chamber to sing her favorite song. It’s off to work we
go — to work on our first dwarf. The queen hopes it’s
the right time of month, but if it isn’t, she will be
satisfied with seven orgasms. Tonight, we begin living
happily ever after.”