A father’s love for his daughter takes on a surreal incestual twist

“Hello! Webart by Design! How can I help you?” The
youthful voice said over the phone.

“You can stop working and go outside to play,” I said.

“Oh, daddy,” my daughter half whined, half chuckled.
“Are you coming home?”

“I should be there soon. Do you know if we need anything
at the store?”

“I don’t think so. Mom went shopping this morning. We’re
pretty well stocked up.”

“Okay. Is your mother there?”

“No, she went to the mall with aunt Jennie.”

“Figures. I’ll see you soon, honey.”

“See ya, dad.”

I turned off my cell and concentrated on my driving. I
was coming back from a business meeting in San Francisco
where I’d made a pitch to a prospective client. I was
riding a high, because they had accepted and I had a fat
contract to show for it. I couldn’t wait to tell my wife
and daughter. The road to Monterey was busy and the going
was slow.

Tourist season was beginning and soon the roads would be
impassable. I thought about my daughter answering the
phone. She was all business that one. I’d been teaching
her some design elements and she had a talent for it. So
much so, that I had actually hired her on; much to her
mother’s dismay. My wife needed help turning a computer

Dolphie was fourteen and at the end of her first year in
high school. She was very precocious. She was the classic
woman-c***d. She was capable of making mature decisions
and she kept up her end in any conversation. It was only
on the rare occasion that she would act out that we
realized how young she actually was.

She looked a lot like my wife. She had long, straight,
brown hair, which hung to her waist and could be rolled
up into a tiny ball at the top of her head. She had been
gangly as a preteen, but now she was fleshing out. Her
face had taken on a ‘young woman’ quality in the last
half year. She had full brows; dark brown eyes; a
straight nose that had never been perky; a wide mouth
with full lower lip; and a cute dimple in her chin.

She also had a light sprinkling of freckles across her
nose and cheeks, which she hated with a passion. We were
already having problems with boys calling her up at all
hours. She didn’t seem to have any interest in them and
many a call went unanswered.

Another thing which made her appear more mature was her
height, she was five feet seven and taller than many of
the boys in her class. Her legs appeared impossibly long;
especially when she wore shorts or cutoffs, which were
her usual uniform when away from school.

I took the Del Monte exit and headed into downtown
Monterey. I went up and over the hill and drove through
the military campus, which allowed regular traffic. A few
more turns and I was home. We lived in a modest ranch
house on a dead end road. There was an empty lot between
our closest neighbor and us. There were no houses on the
other side of the street. It was quiet and peaceful and
we had stayed there because of it.

My wife had wanted a larger house, but we couldn’t find
one that had the same amenities. We had settled for an
addition at the back. I let myself into the house and
dropped my briefcase in the hallway. I could hear music
coming from the back of the house where I kept my office,
which was more a studio than anything else. I was a
design engineer and had moved into computer web page
design a few years earlier. It seemed to be the trendy
thing to do. I went through the kitchen and grabbed a
beer out of the fridge and then continued on to the

I stood in the doorway and studied my daughter. She had
the radio tuned to some top forty’s station and it was
loud enough that she hadn’t heard me come in. She was
sitting in one of the office chairs. Actually, she had
one leg twisted up under her and the other stuck straight
out. There was one sandal on the floor and the other hung
off the toe of her other foot, which was moving to the
music. She wore a pair of cut off jeans, which should
have been thrown out at least a year earlier.

I wanted to say something to her about them, but it felt
awkward and I hadn’t. I’d mentioned it to my wife and she
said it was the classic alpha male syndrome where a
father starts having sexual thoughts about his daughter.
I told her she was nuts, but she had only laughed. The
truth of the matter was that the damn shorts were too
small and, when she wore them, you could see the bottom
of the globes of her ass.

It wasn’t as evident with her sitting with her back to
me, but I could picture them in my mind. She also wore an
old crop top. She was developed enough that her crop tops
now hung away from her body and rode higher in front than
in back. It was an intriguing look and I couldn’t believe
she was unaware of the sensuality she emitted. It wasn’t
the first time I’d had these thoughts and I wondered if
my wife was correct.

She was working on the new computer I’d bought recently.
It had a dual screen and was great for designing web
pages. You could write programming text on one screen and
refresh the page on the other. Dolphie had fallen in love
with it and I usually had to fight to get her off of it.

I watched her reflection in the screen. The tip of her
tongue was poised between her lips. It was her classic
concentration look. Her tongue came out and extended and
I wondered what she was doing and suddenly realized that
she had caught my reflection and was sticking her tongue
out at me.

“Time you gave it a rest, don’t you think?”

“I’m having problems with this element dad,” she said to
me and tapped the left hand screen.

“What’s wrong?”

“The image won’t anchor and every time I move the page it
stays in place while everything else floats.”

“You try anchoring it to the text?”


I walked over and looked closely. She was trying to
incorporate a GIF image, which showed licking flames. I
didn’t recognize the page.

“What are you working on?”

“Oh,” she said, “It’s uh… something for school.”

“For school?”

“Yeah,” she replied and gave me a sheepish look. “I sort
of promised Mrs. Yune that I’d do the splash page for the
school paper.”

“I see. So, you haven’t really been working all day.”

“Daaad! This is work!”

“You getting paid?”

“Well, no.”

“Then, it’s not work.”

“Yeah, but I’m getting extra credit.”

“That’s nice. Just don’t expect me to pay you for it.”

“I didn’t.”

“Okay,” I told her and turned to walk away.

“You going to tell me how to fix this?” She asked my

“Look it up,” I told her indicating the stack of computer
handbooks. “After all,” I added, “it is school work.”

I heard her give me a raspberry and just smiled.

“Dad?” She said, calling me back.


“How’d it go?”

“It went fine.”

“When are you going to find out?”

“You’ll know as soon as your mother does,” I told her and
she put a fake pout on her lips.

My wife arrived a little while later and we gathered in
the kitchen to prepare dinner. Julianne wasn’t much of a
cook and Dolphie and I had learned to pitch in as a
matter of self-preservation. The girls made a summer
salad and I grilled a little Ahi on the indoor grill.

We sat down to eat and began talking about our day. It
was as though Julianne wasn’t even aware that I’d gone to
San Fran. All she could talk about was her afternoon at
the mall with her sister. She groused about prices and
raved about the new fashions. Dolphie and I let her
ramble on throughout most of the meal. It seemed she was
running out of steam at one point and Dolphie jumped in
with THE big question.

“Well,” I said as I worried a piece of carrot, “it looks
like we’ll be solvent for another year.

“Woo hoo!” Dolphie yelled and jumped up to hug me around
the neck.

Julianne seemed somewhat confused by it all and Dolphie
explained it to her. The new contract called for us to
design six web sites and it would take us more than a
year to do it. The pay off was immense and if we did a
good job, we’d have established ourselves for quite a

Dolphie knew it also meant I would be buying some new
gear and she was pushing for another of the dual screen
systems. She even pushed a small LAN system. Julianne was
at sea, but she got caught up in the excitement anyway.
We made plans to go out the next evening to celebrate.
This was something my wife could get into and she said
she’d take care of the arrangements.

“Oh! And, Dorothy,” she told our daughter, “let’s make
sure you have a nice dress to wear.”

My daughter’s smile faded for a moment, but it didn’t
take much to make it reappear. She hated being called by
her given name. When she was a toddler, learning to
speak, she couldn’t pronounce her own name and it came
out as Dolphie, which we had called her ever since. It
was the only name her friends knew her by and the only
one I ever used, but Julianne seemed to take a perverse
pleasure in using the other.

I could feel the storm clouds building and was expecting
another mother-daughter storm, but my wife didn’t appear
to be in the mood for a fight and she nipped it in the
bud by telling Dolphie that she’d seen the perfect dress
for her and that they would go and get it the following
day. Dolphie was nothing if not a girl and she also loved
buying clothes, but usually not the ones that her mother
or I liked.

I spent the next day contacting some sub contractors who
specialized in graphic arts. The company I had contracted
with actually was in that business, but they said they
would be giving me carte blanche in all matters. They did
have the last say though. The first site would be their
domain page, which would list all of their corporate data
– addresses, incorporation, officers, history, etc.

The second site would be their commercial arts page and
the third would be their entertainment graphics site. The
three would be linked and have much of the same logos and
corporate symbols. The other three sites were going to be
pay sites, but they hadn’t provided me with details at
the meeting. They said the information would be

I arrived home late that afternoon and only had time for
a shower and to change clothes before we were to leave. I
got ready and went to find my two ladies. Julianne was
scrumptious as usual, but the surprise was Dolphie. She
had on a little black number, with spaghetti straps, that
stopped a couple of inches above the knee.

She was fully made up and her hair was crimped with
little tendrils playing around her cheeks. She looked
like she was at least twenty years old. I let out a low
whistle and she blushed. I held the door and watched them
parade down the walkway. The dress and heels made
Dolphie’s legs look like they were a mile long and it
clung to all of her. I wasn’t about to say anything, but,
from the back, she looked even better than her mom.

The evening went splendidly and we had a good meal and a
great time. No one fought about anything. It was a great
way to start the new enterprise. I did notice how many
looks the two girls got. The looks were usually reserved
for my wife, but on this night, Dolphie got a great deal
of them. She could feel herself being appraised and she
was quite giddy.

The next couple of weeks were a maelstrom of activity and
I depended even more on my daughter. She had a great eye
for detail and spent hours checking up after me. She also
had great taste and I usually went with her on the artsy
decisions. She came up with a great stylized version of
their company logo, but the principles vetoed it. They
did tell us to hold on to it for the other three sites.

I’m afraid to say that Dolphie spent almost all of her
summer vacation working indoors. She didn’t seem to mind
however and she was making a box full of money, which I
insisted she invest in long term securities. I let her
have enough to fritter away on nonsense items and she
seemed happy with that.

Her participation narrowed appreciatively once school got
back into swing and I admit that I missed her constant
companionship. We finished the first page in August and
it was well received. We had to do some color
alterations, but otherwise they said it was perfect and
they even sent a case of champagne as a gesture. I
allowed Dolphie a couple of glasses, which proved to be
one glass too many. She turned out to be a funny drunk
and Julianne said we should let her drink more often. She
was kidding – I think.

We all drove up to San Francisco for the launching of
their corporate page. Dolphie made a big impression with
the owners. I think they wondered who was actually the
brains behind the business and I have to admit that I
couldn’t of done as good a job without her. We made some
new contacts and I collected a pocket full of business

The second and third pages were easier, but a lot more
tedious. There were a zillion links to be created. This
was Dolphie’s weak point and I did most of the work. She
spent her time checking up on it. They were both ready by
Thanksgiving, which pleased the company no end. They had
been expecting to launch after the New Year.

We received a bonus check for that and Xmas was a big
deal for us. Dolphie had just turned fifteen and her
birthday was so close to Xmas that she usually felt
disappointed because her mother always wanted to put the
two celebrations together. This year she got the new
computer she’d been begging for and she went nuts. She
opened the box and then started jumping up and down and
yelling with glee. She rushed over and gave me a big hug
and I suddenly felt myself becoming aroused.

I could feel her ever enlarging breasts press up against
my chest and her groin ground into mine. It didn’t help
that we were both wearing pajamas. Julianne was busy
trying to figure out how to use the digital camera and so
she didn’t see the look of surprise on Dolphie’s face
when she felt my hard on pressing into her. Dolphie
pulled away like she’d been shocked and she quickly
turned back to her gifts.

I excused myself to go to the bathroom and found myself
standing over the toilet with a steel rod in my hand. I
closed my eyes and started stroking. I had only one goal,
and that was to cum as quickly as I could. I tried to
think of something erotic, like my wife naked in bed or
some other hotties that I fancied, but my mind kept
picturing my daughter.

I pictured her naked, but I knew she must actually look
different. Never the less it fueled my ardor and before I
even realized it, my cock was spewing cum all over the
place. It took me several handfuls of toilet paper to get
it all cleaned up. I went back to watch the rest of the
gift openings and noticed that Dolphie wouldn’t look me
in the eye for the rest of the morning. I tried to act as
if nothing had happened.

She was stand offish for the next couple of days and I
kept catching her giving me strange looks. It seemed she
was seeing me in a totally different light. I also
noticed that she was much more modest around me. It was
winter time, but it usually didn’t matter to her while
indoors, but the shorts and crop tops disappeared.

It got to the point that even Julianne commented on it. I
heard her querying our daughter one day and Dolphie said
she wasn’t aware that she’d been dressing or acting
differently. Another development, or should I say a
‘couple’, was her body. She’d gone through a growth spurt
during the fall and it seemed to have settled in her
chest and legs. She had an amazing pair of legs now and
her breasts were at least two bra sizes larger. She was
very self conscious and took to wearing bras at all
times. I realized that I missed the old crop tops.

The New Year arrived, and as promised, the company owners
sent me the details on the last three web sites. I was
stunned. I read through the detail pages once again just
to make sure. I sat at the kitchen table with all three
outlines spread out in separate piles. I was nursing a
beer. Julianne came in from shopping and was talking a
mile a minute until she realized I really wasn’t paying
attention. She wasn’t used to that and came over to see
what was wrong. She asked and I nodded to the paperwork.
She picked up the first pile and started to read; then
she broke into laughter.

“I don’t find it funny,” I told her. “How will I ever put
this on my resume?”

“Ohhhhhh,” she hissed, “it’s not that bad. Gee,
everyone’s doing it now-a-days.”

“How would you know?” I asked my computer illiterate

“Jennie talks about it all the time,” she informed me.
“She says that you can’t turn on a computer without being
bombarded by the stuff. She also said that Freddy seems
to like it and she even caught Randy looking at it one

Fred and Randy were my sister-in-law’s husband and
teenage son. Apparently, they frequented porn sites,
because that’s what I was supposed to design next. It
wasn’t actually the usual schlock stuff, but more of a
business page for a division of their company that dealt
in pornographic videos. I hadn’t even realized they dealt
in such material. I made some discreet inquiries and
found out that that was how the company had been started.

“Looks like I won’t be able to use Dolphie on these,” I

“I guess not,” Julianne said as she looked through the
next two proposals.

“Maybe she can work on this one,” she said and handed me
the third stack of papers.

It detailed a site that contained cartoons and
animations. There was no mention of type and it appeared
innocuous enough so I said perhaps and went back to my

Dolphie was apoplectic when I told her she wouldn’t be
able to work on two of the sites, but she seemed happy
when I told her she could do the third one all by
herself. She looked forward to the opportunity. Also, I
told her she’d get the lion’s split on that one and she
was aglow for days.

Things slowly returned to normal between us and by March
all things had returned to the way they used to be,
except for her body of course. She had blossomed like a
spring flower and she was attracting a lot of insects. At
least that’s how I thought of them. The phone calls were
getting even more frequent, and now, the boys sounded
more like men than youngsters. We were sitting in the
kitchen eating dinner one evening when she got one of
those calls. Julianne answered and passed the phone over
to Dolphie.

“This one’s voice is deeper than Darth Vader’s,” Julianne
informed me.

“Hello?” Dolphie said into the receiver.

“Who?” She asked with a slight frown.

“Oh, yeah. You’re that football-basketball guy,” she said
with an odd look on her face.

“Yeah? Well I like it too, but it’s Dolphie and not
Dolphin,” she told him and rolled her eyes at us.

“It’s short for Dorothy,” she informed him.

“Yes, well, my friends call me Dolphie, but everyone else
calls me Dorothy.”

“No. I’m sorry but I have to work,” she informed him.

“No. It’s a real job and I work every weekend and most
evenings also.”

“No, I’m afraid that wouldn’t be possible.”

“Actually I don’t.”

“Didn’t I say that only my friends used my nickname?
Besides, I don’t think that ‘bitch’ is short for

“Yeah? Well, it’s guys like you that force us to become

My wife and I could only stare at each other. Julianne
was trying very hard not to laugh and I felt very angry.
The conversation ended and we could hear the guy slam
down his phone from where we sat. Dolphie made an
exaggeration of putting a finger in her ear and moving it

“Men,” she said as she sat back down. “Seniors don’t even
know you exist until your boobs start growing.”

That was too much for Julianne and she sprayed us with
water as she exploded into paroxysms of laughter. I
looked at her and shook my head. I, myself, was in a
state between anger and anger.

“That boy called you a bitch?” I asked her.

“Yeah,” Dolphie said with a smile. “He couldn’t
understand why a girl wouldn’t go out with the school’s
number one jock.”

“Bastard,” I muttered.

“He only wants one thing anyway,” she said, which didn’t
make me any happier.

The incident was soon forgotten as I dove back into my
work. I received access to the company’s main frame so
that I could link to the graphics I needed. The one site
was mainly a place to order videos. I created a link for
each one with a thumbnail icon of the individual video’s
slip cover. By clicking on the thumbnail, you would get a
larger view of the artwork, which was usually no worse
than the average cover art on a romance novel, but there
were additional links, which provided a half dozen vid
caps of the graphic nature of the video.

They had over two hundred titles in their catalogue.
Luckily, they provided me with the movie synopses and
captions for the vid caps. I think my mind would have
turned to mush if I’d tried to conjure those up myself. I
tried hard to shield Dolphie from what I was working on,
but it was impossible to do that all the time.

I considered moving her computer to her room, but I
didn’t want to make a really big deal about it. I think
the hardest part was the fact that I was getting turned
on by some of this stuff and I would often be sitting
there with a rampant erection and Dolphie was only a
couple of feet away. I know that she noticed a couple of
times, but she tried to make believe she hadn’t.

I thought that it might cause her to be standoffish
again, but she seemed to take it in stride. The page she
was working on was going to be a pay site and the owners
wanted something eye catching. She hadn’t gotten around
to linking to their graphics yet. The outline indicated
that there would be over two thousand graphic links and
she wasn’t looking forward to the tedious effort.

The first little hitch came towards the end of April. I
had been up in San Francisco showing them a preview of
the work we’d done thus far. The principles were pleased
and the meeting had been a short one. I had expected to
be there much longer and had planned on spending the
night, but since it was only three when we finished, I
headed back to Monterey and arrived around six o’clock,
having stopped along the way for a bite to eat.

I noticed Julianne’s car was gone and wondered if anyone
was at home. I went in and heard the ubiquitous music
coming from the design studio. I smiled and made my way
back there. I stopped in the doorway and stood
transfixed. Dolphie was sitting in front of my computer
and she was going through some of the graphics on the new
web site. She had a hand thrust down into her shorts and
she was moaning loudly. My mind told me to back out of
there, but my feet wouldn’t respond.

She was sitting almost sideways to me. Her shorts were
unsnapped and unzipped, but all I could see was the back
of her hand. She was really going to town. Her breathing
sounded like an obscene phone caller’s. It was deep,
raspy, and loud. She would stop her motions every now and
then and press into her groin and let out a loud moan. I
suddenly realized that my cock was about to rip through
my pants. It stood out like an obscene growth.

I felt the color rise up in my face and yet, I couldn’t
tear myself away. Dolphie was flush also and her face
appeared different. Her lips appeared more pronounced and
her tongue kept coming out to moisten them. Her chest was
heaving, which made her breasts appear even larger and at
one point her free hand let go of the mouse and came up
to give each one a squeeze. This caused her to moan even

I felt my own breathing deepen and my nostrils flared. I
hadn’t realized it, but I had reached down and was
squeezing my tumescent cock. I couldn’t tear my eyes away
from my daughter. It was an extremely lascivious sight.
It would have caused the pope to become aroused. I knew I
shouldn’t be watching, but I couldn’t make myself move

The choice was taken away from me. Dolphie had been
tossing her head back and arching her back, which drove
her breasts out in an amazing manner. I could tell that
she was braless. On one of those motions, she must have
caught a motion out of the corner of her eye. Her head
turned and she saw me standing there. Her eyes took
everything in at a glance. She saw her father watching
her masturbate and he had his hand on this huge erection.
She gave out a choked scream and jumped up out of her
chair. She went running passed me and down the hallway. I
heard the door to her room slam shut.

I was torn between going after her and leaving in shame.
I chose the latter and drove to the nearest tavern in
order to drown myself in micro-brew. I sat there nursing
my glass of stout, wondering if I dared show my face at
home. I knew that this one was going to take a lot of
smoothing out. I imagined that Dolphie was very angry
with me.

Coupled with the embarrassment she must have felt, it
would make her very uncommunicative. I also tried not to,
but I kept imagining her in a more indecent manner. I
kept picturing the light sprinkling of blonde hairs at
the opening to her shorts as she ran passed me. I
wondered what wonders they presaged. I also wondered how
often she’d done this before and kicked myself for not
using a password on my system.

I did a lot of rationalizing, but no matter how hard I
tried, I couldn’t imagine a scenario where all of this
was going to blow over. I did tell myself that, at least,
she hadn’t been messing around with some boy.

I gave up on the beer after a couple of hours and made my
way home, expecting to face a lot of recrimination from
my daughter. I went in and found Julianne and her at the
kitchen table sharing a large salad.

“Hey, hon,” my wife said. “Wasn’t expecting you back
until tomorrow.”

“Yeah!” Dolphie said, but I don’t think my wife caught
the emphasis.

“We got done early and I figured I’d just drive back
tonight,” I told them and went to the fridge for another

“You want some salad?” Julianne asked.

“No, I had a bite on the way.”

“So?” She asked. “How’d it go?”

Julianne cast a look at Dolphie because she wasn’t
showing her usual interest in our affairs. Dolphie had
her head down and was staring at her salad.

“It went great,” I told them. “They were very pleased and
said they were looking forward to the finished product.
They’re really happy with our being way ahead of
schedule. I told them that the other two sites might take
longer to finish, but they took it in stride. They’ve
been getting some great results from the work we’ve done
so far. They showed a thirty per cent increase in their
commercial division. I think we may wind up making them

“That’s great,” Julianne said, casting a glance at an
unusually silent Dolphie. “You think there’ll be another
bonus in it?”

My wife. Always thinking of the pay off. I told her I
didn’t know, but that they had been exceedingly generous
as it was and I wouldn’t be surprised if there wasn’t,
but then I said that it wouldn’t surprise me if there

Dolphie’s unusual reticence finally got the better of my
wife and she turned her attention to our daughter.

“Are you ill?” She asked.

Dolphie raised her head when she realized her mother was
speaking to her.

“No!” She answered with an annoyed look on her face.

“Well, what is your problem?” Julianne asked, being her
usual tactful self.

“Nothing’s wrong,” Dolphie spat back. “I’m just�tired,

Dolphie pushed away from the table and left the room. For
the second time in several hours, I heard her door slam.

“What the hell’s gotten into her?” My wife asked.

“Probably just hormones,” I replied and felt my cock give
a twitch.

Dolphie didn’t do any work during the next three days.
When Julianne asked her why, Dolphie said it was because
she had to study for a big exam. I was starting to wonder
if I’d have to finish all the work by myself and even
considered looking for some temporary help. On Saturday
morning, I was sitting in front of my computer when I
heard a noise and looked up to see my daughter taking her
place in front of her own work station. I said nothing
and neither did she.

The day passed without us speaking and I even got up to
turn the radio on so that the silence wouldn’t be so
awkward. Dolphie left late in the afternoon and told her
mother she was going out with friends. Her mother was
shocked and I found myself feeling a slight pang of
jealousy. I had a fleeting thought of my daughter in the
back seat of some hormone driven jock’s car. I found I
couldn’t concentrate and talked my wife into going out
for dinner.

We came back around eight and found Dolphie ensconced in
front of the television. She asked how our evening was
and we asked how hers had been. The amenities were
exchanged and Dolphie gave us a strange look when we said
we were calling it an early night. Julianne and I went to
bed and I ravaged her body like a conquering barbarian. I
left my wife sated and stunned. She said I hadn’t been
that way in ages and hoped that it would continue in the
future. I couldn’t find the heart to tell her that I’d
been thinking of someone else the entire time.

I got up early the next day and went into the kitchen to
find my wife and daughter already there. Julianne was
wearing tennis togs and Dolphie had on a pair of silk
pants and a tee shirt – her usual sleep wear. I appeared
to come in, in the middle of a delicate conversation.

“…like an animal!” My wife was stating.

Both of them stopped and stared at me as I poured a cup
of coffee. I looked at them with a question on my face
and Julianne started to twitter with laughter. Dolphie
had a strange grin on her face. I suddenly realized what
they had been talking about.

“Jeeze!” I said and left the room to a sudden burst of
loud laughter.

Julianne came in after a short while and told me she was
going to Carmel Valley to play some tennis with friends
and not to expect her back until late in the day. I often
wondered about our separate lives. It seemed to suit us
well, but I often thought about my wife’s faithfulness.
She was very sexual and said that I kept her happy, but
she always had men around her when we went out to parties
and other gatherings and they all seemed to know her much
to the displeasure of their spouses.

We belonged to a couple of country clubs, but I never
went to them except for the occasional golf game with my
brother-in-law or a client. Julianne played tennis as
well as golf and she spent a lot of time at the gym. She
belonged to a couple of civic groups and would
occasionally take part in a local play. She had been an
aspiring actress when we’d met, but she knew she wasn’t
dedicated enough to her work to make it big and she’d
been happy to accept my proposal. She had only asked that
I keep her happy and not wanting.

Dolphie came into the studio shortly after her mother
left and she settled into her chair. We worked on our
individual projects for several hours without exchanging
a word. I was starting to dislike the wall between us and
had decided to do something about it when she took the
initiative away from me.


“What is it, sweetie?” I asked her.

She had a sheepish look on her face and wouldn’t meet my

“I’m really sorry about the other day,” she whispered to

I could tell it had taken a lot of courage for her to say
that and I didn’t want to trivialize it with a ‘don’t
worry about it’ response.

“I’m the one who should be apologizing, honey,” I told
her. “I should have turned around and left right away.”

She looked up then and studied my face.

“Why didn’t you?” She asked. It wasn’t accusatory, but an
honest question.

“Uh�hmmm,” I stuttered and cleared my throat. “I�uh, I
don’t know why I didn’t.”

We sat there, both looking down at the floor, and neither
saying anything.

“Was it because it was uh�exciting for you?” Dolphie
asked and the question struck me like a physical blow.

I was shocked by her frankness and my mind reeled. It
took a minute for me to formulate my thoughts. I told
myself that if she wanted to be frank, then so would I.

“Y�yes,” I told her, “It was very arousing.”

She thought about my response for a while before

“Do you find those pictures exciting too?”

“Yes. Yes, I do.”

“Is that why mom says you’ve gotten really uh�active in

We were entering dangerous waters now and I was afraid
I’d drown myself if I wasn’t careful.

“I suppose that has something to do with it,” I told her.

“Did�did I make you feel that way?” She asked and watched
me closely as I answered.

Her gaze was penetrating and hard to bear, but I didn’t
want to make her feel bad by looking away.

“Y�yeah, you did,” I told her and realized that I’d just
told my daughter that she’d aroused me and that I’d
fucked my wife because of it.

The hint of a grin played at the corner of her mouth and
for the first time I suddenly realized that there was
something else being played out here. I finally
understood that there was a competition between the two
women in my life. I don’t know why I hadn’t ever noticed
it before this, but it all became clear now. The older
that Dolphie became, the more her mother snapped at her.
Whenever we’d gone some where together of late, Dolphie
had made a habit of taking my arm and Julianne had done
the same. I’d found myself being escorted like an

“Dad?” Dolphie said, cutting into my thoughts.

“Uh huh?”

“I’ve been uh� thinking about sex a lot lately,” she told
me and glanced away.

“Well,” I told her. “You’re fifteen now and I think it
would be strange if you weren’t.”

“I’ve thought about sex for a long time, dad,” she said
as though talking to an idiot. “What I mean is that I’ve
been thinking about having sex.”

“Oh!” I said and sat up straighter. “That’s an awful big
step, Dolphie.”

“I know, dad. But, that’s not the point. I’ve been
thinking of sex w�w� with you.”

I wouldn’t have been more stunned if she’d told me she
was pregnant. I rocked back in my chair and stared at
her. I couldn’t believe she had actually said that. I
felt myself becoming aroused and felt I should get out of
there before I said or did something stupid. I got up and
left the room. I don’t know how, but I managed to make it
to my bedroom. I threw myself down onto the bed and
stared up at the ceiling. My mind was a blank. It was
like a computer that had frozen up.

I don’t know how long I lie there like that. I felt the
bed move and snapped out of it. I looked over expecting
to see my wife, but it was Dolphie and she was naked. I
thought I was dreaming, but realized that I was wide
awake. She lie atop of me and pressed her lips to mine.
My mouth responded and I let her tongue slide between my
lips. We were like two hungry succubae, trying to suck
the soul out of each other. It was the most torrid
embrace I’d ever had. My mind was screaming at me and I
finally reacted to it. I pulled my mouth away and looked
into her glazed eyes.

“Dolphie,” I said hoarsely, “we shou…”

But that was as far as I got as my daughter hissed,
“shhhhhhh!” and pressed her mouth back down onto mine. I
felt her hands fumbling at my shirt buttons and I reached
down to help. She moved her attention to my pants and she
sat up to help me out of them. I stared at her breasts.
They were full and almost pendulous. I was amazed that I
hadn’t realized just how big they’d gotten. I noticed the
light freckles at the top of her mounds. Her aureole were
pink and almost blended with her pale skin. Her nipples
were puckered and hard and stood out. They were big, like
her mother’s.

Thoughts of her mother made me pause as I unbuttoned my
shirt, but then I felt her hand grasp and squeeze my cock
and those thoughts vanished. I pulled my shirt off and
raised my hips so that she could slide my pants and
underwear off. My cock sprung up and waved about like a
flag pole in a high wind. She gasped and reached out for
it. Her soft hand wrapped around it and she gently
stroked up and down as!
she studied it closely. I imagined it was the first live
penis she’d ever seen.

I returned to studying her body. She’d played out her
frustrations on the tennis court lately and it had done
wonders for her. She narrowed appreciatively at the
waist. Her legs were bent and I could only see a sparse
sprinkling of hair at her crotch.

I felt a sudden warmth at my cock and I looked down to
see her taking the head into her mouth. Her large brown
eyes studied my face to gauge my reaction. I moaned and
briefly closed my eyes. She was a novice at this, but she
was trying hard. She took my cock out and licked the
shaft. She sat up then and licked her lips.

“Am I doing it right?” She asked in a little girl voice.

I fought my laughter and pulled her up to embrace her
once again. I rolled so that she wound up on her back. I
lie on her right and I moved my hand to fondle her left
breast. She sucked in a quick breath as I rolled her
nipple. I moved my mouth down passed her chin and across
her throat.

I could feel her body tense as I moved towards her left
breast. My lips sucked in her swollen nipple and she
sucked in a deep breath. I nibbled and lapped at the
turgid little button and I felt her hips move about the
bed as her thighs rubbed together. I moved over to the
other nipple and slid my hand down her stomach. I felt my
fingers move through the silky strands at her pubis and
she arched her back in anticipation.

I sucked in her nipple hard as my finger pushed through
her fleshy nether lips and made contact with her swollen
clit. She let out a loud ‘oh’ and her back rose up off
the bed. She was definitely aroused. My finger continued
on passed her swollen nubbin and played along the moist,
engorged lips of her labia. I pressed into her furrow and
was surprised that it entered so easily. It appeared my
daughter was no longer a virgin and I wondered about it
for a moment.

Her right hand reached up and grasped my left forearm as
I pushed my finger deep into her. Her squeezing was
almost painful. Her hips rose up and chased my finger as
I slowly pulled it out. Then she groaned again as I
pushed it back in. I moved my lips passed the fleshy
swelling of her breast and licked along her stomach. I
circled her navel and dragged my tongue through her
sprinkling of blonde curls. I pulled out of her clutch so
that I could slide down the bed and got between her
thighs. I looked up and she was staring at me with
bright, glassy eyes. Her mouth was open and her tongue
circled her dry lips.

I looked down and studied her cunt. I was surprised at
how fleshy her labia were; like two fat sausages. I
reached up and parted them with my hands and looked at
the pink, juicy interior. Her clit was hooded and fat
like a pencil eraser. The juices were pouring out of her
pink interior and I bent down and took a lick.

She practically shouted in response. I suddenly realized
that this was going to be messy. I was rational enough to
know that I wouldn’t be able to explain the wet bedspread
to my wife. I pulled away and looked up at Dolphie. She
had the look of someone who had just lost a best friend.

“Let’s go to your room,” I told her and she grinned and
slid off of my bed.

I gathered my clothes up and followed her enticing ass to
the other side of the house. Her narrow waist made the
swell of her hips even more pronounced. Her ass was high
and round, like half a basketball. Her legs were long and
straight. I could glimpse the folds of her cunt as her
legs scissored back and forth. My cock drooled in

Her bed was unmade and she threw herself down on it. She
lie back and spread her legs. Her chest rose and fell as
she anticipated my actions. I got down between her legs
once again and went back to playing with her cunt. I
spread the lips once again and brushed my tongue along
the pink inner lining and up to her clit. She pushed her
groin up into my face and muttered, “yessssssss!”

Her outer lips swelled even more and they flowered like a
rose in sunshine. I was amazed at how fleshy her cunt
was. Her mother’s was a simple slit along the flatness of
her crotch, but Dolphie’s was like a living thing. My
tongue delved into her repeatedly and she never seemed to
stop leaking. Her taste was mild and almost sweet. The
nectar of youth. I continued to drub her clit with my
tongue and repeatedly drove my stiffened organ into her
willing opening.

I felt her give out a choked sob at one point and I
looked up to see her breasts quivering and her eyes were
opened wide. She reached down and tangled her fingers in
my hair as she pressed my face into her crotch. She mewed
like a cat in heat and her legs tried to close around my
head. She bucked up and down and rolled from side to
side. I would have been unable to hold on had it not been
for her hands holding my head in place. I tried to
continue my probing, but she held me fast to her clit. I
could only lick and suck on the throbbing little button.

She made a variety of noises, all of them inhuman. She
gasped and muttered and uttered a couple of ‘fucks,’
which I’d never heard her say before. Her death hold
finally loosened and her legs relaxed. She half patted,
half smacked me in the head with the open palm of her
hand and I figured this meant I should stop sucking and
licking. I pulled my swollen lips away from her cunt and
looked up at her. She lie back with her eyes closed and
her mouth set in a strange smile. I pulled myself up
along her body and she made a pleasant little hum as I
pressed my lips to hers.

I kept my eyes open and watched as her eyes sprung open
when she felt my cock press at her opening. She didn’t
say a word, but our eyes stared into each other as I
pressed forward. I saw her flinch slightly as the head
popped past the hot, moist opening. She had anticipated
more discomfort, but it didn’t happen. I slid slowly into
her and watched as her eyebrows briefly flexed upwards in

I held still and let the wonder of her cunt surround my
throbbing cock. She showed a slight surprise every time
my cock flexed within her. She wrapped her arms around my
back and pulled me down. Our mouths engaged once again
and our tongues joined in their lurid dance. I pulled my
cock out slowly and then pushed it back in. She tensed
slightly, but it was out of pleasure and not worry. I
started plunging in and out of her hot cunt and soon her
hips were rising and falling in opposing rhythm.

I pushed up and poised atop of her on extended arms as my
cock went in and out. She was still producing a lot of
juices and our organs made sloppy, rubbery noises. I
found the sound exciting and slammed into her even
harder. She started to become aroused again and her head
rolled from side to side.

“Oh Godddddd!” She screamed as her second orgasm washed
over her.

Her hands clutched at my forearms and she thrust her hips
up into me. I pressed hard into her and held my cock
there as she went through the throes of ecstasy. I waited
for her spasms to subside before continuing. I was about
to plunge back in when I heard the sound of a car door
slamming, followed by the braying laughter of my sister-

“Shit,” I hissed and jumped out of her bed.

I quickly pulled my shirt on and pulled up my pants. I
left my underwear where they lie. I quickly zipped and
buttoned as I ran to the back of the house.

I was in the small bathroom attached to my studio when I
heard my wife call out to me.

“I’m in the bathroom,” I yelled back to her.

I was frantically trying to wash away any trace of my
previous activity. I had washed my cock, balls, and face
and I was brushing my teeth as Julianne unceremoniously
opened the door.

“I could have been taking a crap!” I told her with a
spray of toothpaste.

“So?” She asked and I realized that she was slightly

“Why’re you brushing your teeth?” She slurred slightly.

“Tired of the stale coffee taste,” I explained and she
seemed to accept it. “You been celebrating?”

“Yup,” she answered in a short burp. “Jennie and I won
the tournament.”

“Tournament?” I asked and spit out the mouthful of paste.
“Why didn’t you tell me you were playing in a tournament.
We would have come and watched.”

“I did,” she said and I saw the hint of sadness in her
eyes. “I been telling you for a couple of weeks now.”

I thought back and realized that she had been talking
about the local club matches for a while, but she had
never pressed the issue or told us when they would be.

“Well,” I said, feeling like an ass. “I’m sorry I wasn’t
there. Perhaps you could be a little more specific next

“What?” She said. “And take you away from all of this.”

She flung out her arm to make a sweeping gesture towards
the computers, but her hand banged into the door frame
and she said, “Owww!” and clutched her hand to her chest.
I gathered her into my arms and hugged her to me.

“Hey, hey,” I whispered into her hair, “what’s this all

She didn’t respond, but I felt her body shake as she
sobbed and then hot tears soaked through the shoulder of
my shirt.

“Do you love me?” She blubbered into my shirt.

“Of course I love you,” I told her.

I looked up and saw Dolphie standing in the middle of the
studio. She was freshly scrubbed and had her hair pulled
back into a long pony tail. She had a frown on her face
and I arched my eyebrows to tell her I had no idea what
was going on.

“You love me as much as Dolphie?” My wife asked. Still
speaking into my shirt.

I saw Dolphie’s eyes widen in surprise.

“Of course I do,” I told Julianne. “You’re my wife and
she’s my daughter. I love both of you very much. You’re
my family.”

“That’s not what I mean,” my wife said as she pulled away
and looked up at me with red, swollen eyes and runny

“What do you mean?” I asked and knew very well what she

Dolphie’s eyes widened and she slowly backed out of the

“You know!” My wife hissed and punched me weakly in the

“My God!” I said. “What’re you saying?”

“I don’t know,” she slurred and her knees buckled.

I grabbed her under the arms and then led her to our
bedroom. I pulled back the covers and lay her down. I
removed her shoes and tucked her in.

“Gotta sleep it off,” she murmured and made an attempt at
scratching her nose.

“What’s gotten into you?” I asked her as I sat on the
edge of the bed.

“You know,” she hissed and turned onto her side, facing
away from me.

I grabbed her shoulder and pulled her back around.

“No,” I told her, “I’m afraid I don’t have a clue why
you’re acting like this.”

“Dolphie, Dolphie, Dolphie,” she said in a sing song
voice. “That’s all I hear about lately. Dolphie’s doing
this and Dolphie is sooooo amazing. Let’s give Dolphie a
new computer. Why can’t we just leave her at home when we
go out?”

I breathed an inward sigh. It wasn’t as bad as I thought,
just my wife’s inbred jealousy of not being the center of
attention. It seemed to run in the family. I watched her
bleary eyes slide closed and then the gentle susurration
of her sleep could be heard. I left quietly and closed
the door behind me. I went into the living room and found
Dolphie sitting in one of the overstuffed chairs. She
used her chin to point to the sofa and I looked over to
find Jennie slumped there with her head thrown back. She
was snoring.

“What’s wrong with mom?” Dolphie asked.

It seemed to be a strange question coming from someone
who had just gotten fucked by her father. It was as
though it hadn’t happened.

“Just had too much to drink. That’s all,” I reassured

“Why was she saying those things?” Dolphie asked and
chewed on her bottom lip.

“She thinks I’ve been paying you too much attention. You
should know your mother well enough by now. You know if
she’s not the center of attention that she gets sulky.”

“She doesn’t know does she?” Dolphie whispered.

I glanced over at my sister-in-law to make sure she was
still passed out and I gave Dolphie a raised eyebrow look
and she shrugged and looked away.

“Did you know about this tennis tournament they were
going to today?”

“What tennis tournament?” Dolphie asked.

“Your aunt and mother played in a tournament today. It
appears they won,” I said, looking over at Jennie.

“Why wouldn’t she tell us?” Dolphie asked and I could
hear the tremulous quality in her voice. She was about to

“She said she did.”

Dolphie broke into tears then and went rushing out of the

“Great!” I said to myself and went to the phone to call

Fred came over and we loaded his wife into his car and he
took her home. I moved Julianne’s car back into the
driveway from its place on the lawn. I was amazed that
she’d made it home in one piece and without killing
someone else. I went back in and checked on her. She was
deep asleep. It would take a fire alarm to wake her up
and maybe not then.

I went to Dolphie’s room and knocked. She answered and I
went in. She was sitting on the edge of her bed with her
hands locked between her knees. She was gently rocking
from side to side. I noticed my underwear on the floor
and bent down to pick them up. I stuffed them into my

“You okay?” I asked her.

“Yes,” she told me.

“Dolphie,” I started to say, but she interrupted me.

“Why does she always spoil things?”


“Why does mom always spoil things? Why can’t she be

“I don’t know,” I said and wondered about that myself.

“And she’s always spoiling stuff!” Dolphie spat out.

“What do you mean?” I asked, wonderingly.

“We were having fun and she had to come home early,”
Dolphie huffed. “She’s always doing stuff like that. It’s
like she has a sixth sense or something.”

“Uh�I, uh� don’t think we were supposed to be having
‘fun,’ Dolphie.”

My daughter gave me a look of apprehension.

“You didn’t like it, dad?” She whispered.

“What wasn’t there to like!” I exclaimed. “But, that’s
not the point, sweetie. Dad’s aren’t supposed to make
love to their daughters.”

“Make love?” She repeated and looked at me strangely.
“Dad. I just wanted to get fucked that’s all. It wasn’t
supposed to mean anything other than that.”

I looked at her with mouth agape. I couldn’t believe the
words that she had just uttered. She sounded like some
jaded thirty year old.

“What the hell has gotten into you?” I couldn’t help but
ask. “Do you know what you sound like? Not a fifteen year
old, that’s for sure.”

She merely shrugged.

“How long have you been fucking around, anyway?” I asked.

It was her turn to look askance.

“This was the first time,” she muttered. “Jeeze! Dad!
What do you think I am anyway?”

“Well. Not a virgin for one thing,” I spat out and
realized how accusatory I sounded.

A stunned look appeared on Dolphie’s face. It was as
though she had just been slapped.

“Get out of my room,” she hissed and pointed to the door.

I rose up off the bed and did as she asked. She got up
also and followed me to the door. She stood there and
watched as I walked slowly away. The door slammed shut
behind me, but not before I heard her hiss, “I was a
fucking virgin.”

The atmosphere at home was one fraught with tension the
next day. My wife remembered enough of the previous day
to feel sheepish and my daughter was still inflamed over
my comments. She would look daggers at me whenever
Julianne wasn’t looking. Neither were they speaking to
each other, which made for a very quiet household.

I worked out my frustrations by diving back into my work.
Dolphie was painfully absent, saying she had too much
schoolwork to contend with. Julianne turned to drink for
her solace. Unfortunately, diving into my work meant
encountering a greater number of salacious images.
Pictures of nubile young women engaging in acts of
unbridled passion. At least, that’s what the video
jackets depicted.

If I had stopped to think upon it, I would have
remembered how dry and banal many of these videos were. I
was often in a high state of arousal and my wife was not
forthcoming with her affections. Neither was Dolphie.
Although, I had not really approached her in that way!


The weekend approached and Julianne announced that she
and her sister were going to visit her parents, who had
retired in Palm Springs. I watched Dolphie’s face as the
news was handed out and her features appeared to visibly
soften. I was torn between relief and sadness.

I cornered my wife in the bedroom and planted myself in
her way. I felt like grabbing her by the shoulders and
shaking some life into her.

“What’s happening here, Julianne?” I asked, barely hiding
my frustration.

“What’s happening is I’m trying to pack and you’re in the

“Don’t toy with me,” I almost hissed.

She stopped and studied my face before replying.

“I don’t know,” she said, and it came out as a whisper.
“I honestly don’t know.”

I could see tears building along her lower eyelid. Then
one rolled down from the inside corner and stopped at the
corner of her mouth.

“Are you coming back?” I asked her.

My question brought her up short and she raised a hand to
the small of her neck. It looked like an affectation, but
I knew that it wasn’t.

“Of course I’m coming back!” She said and I could tell
she was on the verge of hysteria. “Why would you think I

“You’ve been acting very strangely of late,” I told her.
“The whole damn family has been acting strangely!”

I watched her lips pucker and tremble. The tears flowed
freely now.

“I don’t know what’s wrong with me,” she said, bursting
into sobs.

She leaned into me and buried her face in my chest. Her
hands twined into the fabric of my shirt. I let her cry
for a minute and then I wrapped my arms around her.

“I don’t want to lose you,” I whispered.

She backed away slightly and looked into my eyes. She
blew a wet raspberry at me and then punched me in the
shoulder with her right hand.

“You’re not losing me, you idiot,” she said. “You’re the
only solid thing in my life. I’m just� just facing my
aging, that’s all.”

“Facing your aging?” I repeated.

“Oh,” she whined and pouted. “You know what I mean.
Dolphie looks more like a woman everyday and it makes me
realize that my youth is behind me. It’s hard when you’re
as vain as I am.”

I wasn’t surprised by her words. Everyone who knew my
wife, knew she was vain. She loved the attention of
others. Especially men. It had taken me a long time to
get used to that and it had caused quite a few scenes
early in our marriage until I realized that she never
strayed from her vows and that she also loved a good
emotional fight.

I brought my right hand up and ran my fingers through her
hair. She canted her head and pressed it against my hand.

“You’re still as beautiful as ever,” I told her. “My
heart sings every time I see you.”

She put her arms around my neck and pulled me down to
her. Her lips pressed into mine and I tasted the warm
saltiness of her tears. We stood there for several
minutes, hugging each other.

“I need to finish packing,” she said into my neck.
“Jennie will be here soon.”

“Promise me you won’t let her drink and drive,” I said,
holding her at arms length.

“I promise,” she said and made an ‘x’ over her heart.

She seemed at ease with herself when she left. She hugged
and kissed me and even hugged Dolphie. We watched her
drive away. Dolphie left my side and disappeared into her
room. I watched the car turn the corner and then went
back to the studio to continue working. I had reached a
point where I was creating thumbnail links to videos that
contained mostly woman on woman sex and it was really
affecting me.

I realized that I kept reaching down to squeeze the lump
in my pants and it was mostly a subconscious act. I kept
comparing the photos to my wife and my daughter, which
didn’t help my condition at all. I began to regret the
fact that my wife would be away for several nights.

I took a break for lunch and went into the kitchen.
Dolphie sat at the table, eating a P, B & J sandwich.

“Hi,” I said, feeling the awkwardness between us.

“Hi,” she answered and I could tell she felt it too.

“Dad?” She said to my back as I looked through the fridge
for something I might enjoy.

I straightened and looked at her.


“I’m sorry for what I said.”

“Me too, hon,” I told her. “I don’t know what got into
me. I think it was just all too overwhelming.”

“Yeah,” she nodded and then smiled sheepishly. “It was

I felt my lips twitch also. I didn’t know what else to
say and just stood there with the refrigerator door open.
I finally turned and continued my foraging.

“Dad?” She said once again.

“Uh huh?” I responded without turning.

“Are we going to do it again?”

I froze in place; my mind reeling. I felt my cock spring
to attention. I had spent the last several hours thinking
of nothing but sex and would have fucked a donut given
half the chance and here was my daughter asking if we
were going ‘to do it again’. I wanted to scream out,
“hell yes!”, but I restrained myself. My mind went
through a dozen rationalizations, but reality won out.

“Dolph,” I said, turning to look at her. “I think our
lives would become really complicated if we did.”

She studied my face and then gave a little nod. Something
in her eyes said she hadn’t really accepted my answer.
She went back to her sandwich and I settled on some
leftover chicken salad. We ate mostly in silence. She
said she would go back to work on her site that afternoon
and I told her that I looked forward to her company.

True to her word, Dolphie showed up around two that
afternoon. Her long hair was plaited into two long braids
on either side of her head. She wore one of her crop tops
and a pair of cut off jeans. I knew from looking at her
that I was a lost man. It seemed like her every move was
planned. Her young full breasts thrust against the thin
cotton of her shirt. She seemed to toy absently with her
braids, but I could tell it was planned.

I felt like yelling at her to stop, but I simply tried to
ignore her. I concentrated on my work, which was even
worse. Pictures of naked women in lurid poses and
positions filled my screen. Sex toys abounded. Large
natural and silicon fed breasts were everywhere. Swollen
and red labia lie open before me, begging for a hard cock
to pass through into the hot, moist interiors. I realized
that I was once again squeezing my swollen cock and
looked up to find Dolphie watching me.

A smile played across her lips and she got up from her
chair. I watched as she grabbed the bottom edge of her
crop top and pulled it up and over her head. Her young,
full breasts stood out from her chest, begging for my
mouth to worship them. I sat there and stared. She
unbuttoned her cut offs and did a tantalizing little
shimmy as she worked them down past her thighs.

She looked at me then and I knew what an eland felt like
when looking into the eyes of a lion. Dolphie walked up
to me and then sat astride me. I could feel the warmth
through my cotton trousers. She placed a hand behind my
head and pulled me onto her left breast. My mouth seemed
to open of its own volition and I sucked her nipple into
it. My tongue toyed with her nipple and she moaned in
response. My cock rose up like a stalk of bamboo and
pressed into her splayed groin. She moved her hips back
and forth and masturbated herself on my turgid member.

“Take it out, daddy,” she said hoarsely, and her hips
stopped working.

I obediently reached down between us and fiddled with the
button at my waist, but I was too constricted and
couldn’t work it. Dolphie slid off my lap and went down
on her knees. She pushed my hands away and worked the
button free. She grasped the zipper tang and pulled it
down. I raised my hips as she tugged on the waist band of
my pants and she slid them off and down to my knees. I
felt strange sitting there with my trousers bunched at
the knees while my fifteen year old daughter reached out
for my cock.

The image of a dirty old man ran through my mind and I
suddenly realized that we looked exactly like the cover
of one of the videos I’d earlier created a link for. A
busty young woman had been made up to look like a
teenager with pigtails and cheerleader outfit and an
older male actor played the part of her father. I
wondered if Dolphie had actually worked it out that way
or if this was simply coincidence.

I felt a tug on my leg and looked down to see Dolphie
working my shoes off. She threw them aside and pulled my
pants and underwear all the way off. She gave me a
salacious smile then and actually licked her lips as she
spread my knees apart. She scooted up between my legs and
renewed her grasping of my swollen member. I watched as
she slowly brought her lush lips to the head of my cock.
She gave it a pouty kiss and stared into my eyes.

Her tongue lanced out and took a swipe at the head and
she gave me a smile. Her lips parted and her mouth
descended around the shaft. I let out a groan and I don’t
know if it was because of how good it felt or because of
how erotic it looked. She kept her eyes on mine as she
bobbed up and down on my veiny, hard cock. I reached out
and caressed her chin with my right hand. I saw a glimmer
in her eyes.

I realized that my daughter was a wanton woman, or girl
as the case was.

She continued to nurse on my throbbing cock and I sat
back and enjoyed it. She was very vocal and although the
invading shaft prevented her from actually forming words,
she hummed and moaned around it. It appeared as though
she was enjoying her task. I know I was. My cock
stiffened and swelled and she increased the suction as
she anticipated it’s wet offering.

This was only her second foray into cock sucking and she
was about to receive her liquid diploma. I groaned and
thrust my hips up, driving my cock to the back of her
throat. She reached up and grabbed the shaft with one
hand and worked her mouth on the other half.

My cum exploded into her mouth and I twitched and moaned.
She made muffled sounds and worked hard at capturing
every drop of my cum. I continued to stare at her as I
emptied my seed into her mouth and she continued to look
into my eyes. My body shuddered weakly a few more times
and then I sank into the chair like a deflating balloon.

Dolphie surrendered my cock with an audible pop and she
flexed her mouth and jaw. She smiled at me and her eyes

“How was it?” She asked.

I wrinkled my brow into a frown.

“What?” I asked. “Do I need to grade your efforts?”

“Dadddddd!” She whined. “I just want it to be good for
you, like it was for me.”

“Honey,” I told her as I reached down and pulled her up
into my lap, “anything you do will probably please me

She smile and lay her head on my shoulder.

“You think you could do me again?” She whispered into my

“I’m sort of limp right now,” I told her and she giggled.

“Not with that,” she said. “I meant like the other day,
you know. With your mouth!”

“Oh! Well, why don’t we change positions then,” I told
her and rose up as she slid off my lap.

She took my place in the chair and slid forward and
splayed her legs wide. She presented her cunt to me like
an oyster on the half shell. It was pink, swollen, and
wet. I’d never seen a woman to be so wet. I leaned
forward and ran my tongue from the bottom of her slit to
the swollen nubbin at the other end. My mouth filled with
her nectar. There was enough of it that I had to swallow.

I teased her clit and she twitched and moaned loudly. Her
hands twined into my hair and she pressed my head into
her sodden cunt. I worked feverishly at pleasing her. My
tongue delved into her moist tunnel, licked along the
swollen labia, then worked the sensitive little ‘man-in-

Her knees kept slamming into my shoulders as she tried to
bring her legs together and I finally had her place them
onto my shoulders. Her thighs pressed against the sides
of my head as I continued to nurse on her juicy cunt. My
chin and cheeks were wet and I must have looked like a
glazed donut. I looked up and she had her head thrown
back and her hands were toying with her nipples. Her
moans turned into words and she was very vocal.

“Oh yesssss! Daddy!” She practically shouted. “Lick it!
Lick it! Lick my cunt, daddy!”

I did as she asked and continued my oral copulation. Her
movements became more and more erratic and then she
started hopping around in the chair and her thighs
squeezed me hard. I could hardly hear her cry out, but it
was loud enough for me to understand the words.

“Oh God! Oh God! Oh God! Oh yesssss, yesssss, fuck
yesssss!” She screamed as she was wracked by throes of

I held on for the ride and tried to concentrate on her
clit. She cried out and shook for a long time before
finally settling down and letting my head go free. I
clenched and unclenched my jaw to make sure it still
worked and then stood up.

My newly tumescent cock stretched out before us. She
looked at it with half closed eyes and then looked up at
me and smiled. I offered her my hand and she took it. I
pulled her to her feet and, holding hands, we walked to
her room. Neither of us spoke as she lie down and I lie
atop of her. Her hand reached between us and grasped my
seeking member. She guided it to her sloppy tunnel and I
slid in easily.

Dolphie gasped and arched her back a I pushed my cock
deep into her. I pulled back and pushed in once again.
She responded to each thrust with a groan or grunt. Our
coupling was animalistic and primal. There was no finesse
involved. It was rutting – straight and simple.

I watched Dolphie’s face as I drove in and out of her.
Her pupils were dilated and her nostrils flared. Her legs
came up and wrapped around my waist, pulling me in deep
on every downward thrust.

Her grunts and groans began to take on a different sound
and I could hear her breath quickening. My balls sucked
up into my groin and I felt the familiar tingle. She
started slamming her hips up into me and her moans turned
into words once again.

“Ohhhhhh! Ohhhhhh! I’m going to cum! I’m going to
cummmmm!” She wailed.

I slammed into her and held myself still as my cock
throbbed and spit. I could feel my ass cheeks clench as
my body sought to send my sperm deep into her. She wailed
through her orgasm and her hands grasped and twisted the
sheets. Sated, we both slumped into the mattress. She
beneath me and I on top. She made no move to shove me off
as her mother would often do. We lie motionless for a
couple of minutes and then I finally rolled off to the

“Jesus! You’re loud,” I informed her.

Dolphie giggled and then the giggles turned into chortles
and finally into loud gales of laughter. It was
infectious and I joined her.

“Phew!” She said, as we stopped laughing, and she turned
onto her side and looked at me.

“Is it always that good?” She asked me.

“It’s different for everyone, Dolphie,” I responded. “For
some, it’s a simple sigh of release; for others, a quiet
set of spasms; for a very few, a loud earth shaking

She chuckled again and gave me slap on the stomach.

“I’m serious, dad,” she said.

“So was I, sweetie,” I informed her. “I’ve never met a
woman who was as loud and overcome as you are.”

“Really?” She asked rising up onto her elbow and looking
into my eyes. “You mean that it’s not like that for

“I’m afraid not, sweetie.”

She fell back onto the bed and thought this over. I
turned onto my side and watched her thinking. I studied
her golden body as it lie there with sweat evaporating
and small goose pimples dimpling her arms. Her stomach
was taut and flat. Her breasts were large and firm and
had yet to start drooping to the sides. Her hips flared
slightly and her thighs were toned and downy. She had an
amazing body. Even better than her mother’s.

I felt a twinge of jealousy as I realized that in a few
years some lucky young man would be having his fun with
it. And a lot of fun that would be if today was any
example. I watched her face and saw that she was deep in
thought. Her eyes were slightly out of focus and her lips
moved slightly as they often did when she concentrated.

I couldn’t help myself and leaned forward to kiss them.
They parted and her tongue slid out, seeking mine. Her
arms came up and around my neck and she pulled me tightly
into her. We embraced for a while and then she let me
loose and looked down into her eyes.

“What were you thinking about?” I asked her.

“I was trying to figure out a way that we could get to do
this a lot and not hurt mom,” she said, matter-of-factly.

“What!” I heard myself saying before I had time to think.

“Dad?” She said and slid out from under me and sat on the
edge of the bed. “I just found the greatest thing in my
life and I want to have more of it.”

“But, Dolphie,” I said and tried to think of something to
say, but I was at a loss.

“Do you want me to go out and spread my legs for every
boy in school?” She asked and I realized she was serious.

“Of course not, but why would you?” I asked.

“I think I’m a nympho, dad,” she whispered and appeared
to be serious.

I was taken aback and wondered if she was indeed as
serious as she sounded.

“Why do you say that?” I asked her.

“I’ve been masturbating a dozen times a day, dad,” she
told me. “I’ve been fucking every round object I can lay
my hands on – candles, bottles, hair brushes, bananas,
and veggies.”

“Veggies?” I queried and worked hard at stifling a laugh.

“Yes!” She almost shouted. “Veggies! Cucumbers, and
squash, and carrots.”

“No wonder the grocery bill is so high,” I said and she
punched me hard in the shoulder.

“It’s not funny,” she pouted.

“Okay, okay!” I said to calm her down. “It’s perfectly
normal for a young person to experiment.”

“Oh, come on, dad!” She said and rolled her eyes. “You
know its not. And what about today?”

“What about today?”

“You said yourself that most woman don’t react the way I
do during an orgasm,” she said and studied my face.

“I said ‘most’ women don’t. I didn’t say none did.”

“You’re missing the point!” She practically shouted.

“No!” I replied just as vehemently. “I’m not. I’m just
trying to wrap my mind around it; that’s all.”

She sat there, in all of her naked beauty, and watched
me. My mind was a tumult. A few days ago, I was the happy
father of a beautiful young girl. Today, I was involved
in an incestual relationship with a self avowed sex
crazed teenager. I couldn’t focus on anything. My
thoughts wandered in all directions. I slid to the edge
of the bed and wrapped an arm around Dolphie’s shoulders.

“I can’t deal with this right now, sweetie,” I told her,
and felt her shoulders go rigid. “Let’s talk about it
tomorrow; after I’ve had time to think.”

“You promise?” She asked, and looked every bit the
fifteen year old she actually was.

“Yeah,” I sighed, “I promise.”

I got up off of the bed and walked out of the room and
headed for my own room. The bedside phone was ringing as
I walked into the room and I picked it up.


“Hey,” Julianne’s voice replied. She sounded weary.

“How’s it going, hon? You make it there all in one

“Yeah,” she replied, “I had to tell her to pay attention
to the road a couple of times, but we made it fine.”

“That’s good,” I replied. Julianne always called to let
me know she arrived safely whenever she traveled any
distance. “How are you doing?”

“Fine,” she replied, and I could feel the pregnant pause
attached to the end of her reply, and so I waited.

“Honey?” She finally said.

“Yeah?” I asked and could feel myself frowning.

“I love you.”

“I love you too, Julianne,” I told her.

“I’ll see you soon,” she told me and I answered in like

Julianne said her goodbye and hung up at her end. I sat
on the bed – naked – and stared at the receiver. There
had been a volume of meaning behind her ‘I love you,’ but
I had no idea what any of it was. I hung up the receiver
and fell back onto the bed. I felt like my life was on an
express elevator to hell, and there was no way to get

I stared at the ceiling. I could make no sense out of all
of this. Was my karma so bad? What had I done in my
previous life? The room slowly darkened as the sun wended
its way to Japan. I turned onto my side and found Dolphie
standing in the doorway with tears in her eyes. I
beckoned to her and she came rushing onto the bed and
curled up within my arms.

It was a long time later, when I heard the first soft
susurrations, which indicated that she’d finally fallen
asleep. I wondered if I would ever sleep again.

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