A female receptionist gets to play nurse on a patient part 2.

I can’t move. I stand in place, mesmerized. I look right
at his equipment and am amazed. He’s got the biggest dick
I have ever seen, even better than in any magazine or x-
rated movie. He is long, uncircumcised; with a thick
mushroom on the top. And the rest of his naked body is
terrific too. He’s the sexiest guy I’ve ever laid eyes

“You like it?” His question interrupts my thoughts.

“I’m sorry,” I suddenly feel tremendously embarrassed. I
shake my head and return back to reality. “Sorry, I
didn’t mean to look.” I try to leave the room.

“That’s okay,” He smiles back at me. “Remember, I work in
a strip joint. I’m used to women looking.”

He smiles at me, and I suppose I smile back. I’m not
sure. I’m not sure if I’m still alive! I take a deep
breath and attempt to calm down.

“I suppose I better get Doctor Polichvich,” I briefly
turn to him and look again.

“Fine,” He says simply. “I’ll be waiting.”

I clumsily open the door and leave, but at the last
moment I take a last look at him as though to make a
check on reality.

* * * * *

“Well?” Susan asks the moment I enter.

I realize I still hold his clothing in my hands. I
realized it just after I left the examination room. I
don’t know why I took them and why I still hold them, but
I can’t very well turn around and return them now.
Instead, I step into the second examination room to find
a place to lay them down. I see Susan with a chair pulled
up to the examination table, sorting through a pile of

“Well?” She asks again. “Did he exaggerate or not? Is he
really as big as he says he is?”

I am unable to speak.

By the look on Susan’s face, I think I already have the

She takes his clothing from me. And then, to my complete
amazement, she drops them into the trashcan.

“What…?” I start to say.

“We better get back to complete the examination,” She

“We?” I question, distinctly noticing the way she uses
the term for both of us.

“You don’t have to if you don’t want to,” She leads the
way out. “But I figure you deserve a reward. You’ve
worked for me six weeks now and you’re the best
receptionist I ever had. Consider this kind-of like a

She holds the door open.

I consider her offer. She gives me second thoughts, but I
quickly dismiss them.

The choice is clear.

* * * * *

We enter the examination room with Susan in the lead.

“What do we have here?” She calmly speaks as she looks up
and down his naked body – mostly down.

Jonathan stands and looks down along with her. “Now you
can see what I mean.”

“Yes, I can see why you might be interested it getting it

She looks right at it, speaking very professionally, like
a doctor to a normal patient. I can’t believe how calm
she can be around such a long prick.

I, meanwhile, almost stumble when I see it again. It
looks even longer than when I left.

“How about you lay down so I can get a better look,” She
tells him. “And Martha, step on over to the opposite side
of the table so you can observe.”

He obeys like a puppy to its master. I can’t believe the
way he also remains so calm. I think the room must be
about a hundred degrees.

With me standing on one side of the examination table and
Susan on the other, she picks up his dick and fondles it
in her hand. She raises the head and places the length
down on his stomach. I notice it extends beyond his
belly-button – and it’s still soft!

“Looks to be about eight or nine inches in its flaccid
state,” She speaks as she looks at it. “I don’t see any
obvious problems. No defects that I can notice.”

Neither do I!

“You always use protection?” She questions. “I mean with
intercourse. Do you always use protection?”

“Most of the time,” He answers.

“That’s not good enough!” Susan scolds. I notice she
gives his dick a little squeeze as she says it to
emphasize the point.

“Don’t worry,” He assures her. “I know I guy who got aids
because he screwed around a lot – or at least I used to
know him. Died about a year ago. We used to work together
at various strip joints, and every night we would each
take home a different woman. It was really wild back
then.” He laughs.

“What about now?” Susan questions. “How many partners do
you have in a typical month?”

“That’s the thing!” He answers. “After seeing what he
went through, I stopped sleeping around. Stopped sleeping
with strangers every night – or at least I mostly

A brief wave of sorrow passes through me. I feel sorry
for all the women who will never get the opportunity to
experience his substantial bulk – especially myself.

“So you are now a one woman man?” Susan asks.

“Well, not quite one,” He laughs. “Actually, it’s three.
I have three girlfriends that I fuck on a regular basis –
or I should say that I have sexual intercourse with three
women on a regular basis. I suppose I shouldn’t use that
word, ‘fuck,’ in a Doctor’s office?”

“Don’t worry about it,” Susan shrugs it off. “It’s not as
though I never heard it before.”

“Anyway,” He continues. “I don’t much worry about condoms
with my girlfriends. They don’t sleep around with other
men. They don’t need to, you know. After I get done with
them, they don’t need anyone else.”

I have no trouble believing this.

“But once in a while I’ll pick up some cute, hot little
thing,” I notice his eyes glance at me. “Maybe once a
week I’ll notice someone in the audience or maybe meet
them around town, but I always use a condom when I’m with
someone I don’t know. I’m very good about that. I don’t
want to end up like my friend.”

Susan nods.

“I also get HIV tested on a regular basis,” He adds. “The
club requires it because many of the younger guys still
sleep around, and I’m sure most of it is without
protection. They’re idiots!”

Susan nods.

Through all of this, she continues to fondle his cock.
She first moves it to one side and then points it to the
other. I see her stretch it upwards as though to gage how
long it must be in a fuller state, and then she allows it
to relax and flop back down again. A few times she even
takes a closer look by lowering her eyes. I half-expect
her tongue to lurch out and lick it – I know I would,
given the opportunity.

I can’t believe how professional Susan remains as she
fondles him. I also can’t believe how calm Jonathan is. I
mean, if he was any of my old boyfriends, his cock would
have sprang to attention at the first touch.

“Now don’t jump,” Susan warns. “But I need to check your
testicles also.”

He does not jump at all. Susan lowers her hand and takes
hold of his balls. She takes each of his nuts in her hand
and gently feels them all around.

“And I don’t notice any obvious problems down here
either,” She continues to feel. “No obvious lumps or
abnormalities that I can detect, but if you don’t mind me
asking, about how many times per month would you say you
have intercourse?”

“Just about every night!” He answers succinctly. “Given
my size and with three girlfriends, I’m in high demand.”

“Good,” Susan acknowledges. “Because I notice your
testicles feel larger and more swollen than normal.
That’s probably because of their frequent use.”

“Yea,” Jonathan agrees. “They get milked on a regular

I almost faint. I mean, I’ve heard the term “milked”
before, but never in relation to a man’s nuts. But then I
realize the term is actually quite accurate. In effect,
the nuts of a man are milked every time he has
intercourse. He even produces a milk-like liquid. I just
never thought of it quite that way before. I can’t help
but want to milk on Jonathan.

Susan finally removes her hand completely from his body.
It is only at this point that I realize she never
bothered to put on gloves. Normally, a doctor is supposed
to wear gloves whenever she examines a patient, but I
notice Susan used her bare hand.

“I’m sure I already know the answer to this,” She is not
quite done yet. “But I have to ask it anyway. Have you
ever had any trouble with sensation?”

“Sensation?” He questions her meaning.

“Have you ever had any trouble getting it hard?” She

“Of course not!” He answers.

“Not even for a short time? Not even temporarily, like
after a particularly intense masturbation session, for

“Never!” He answers again.

“That’s good!” She concludes. “The reason I ask is
because of nerve damage. It’s important to check for
nerve damage.”

“I don’t think I have any nerve damage,” He says. “My
cock operates just fine.”

“I’m glad to hear that,” Susan lets out a slight chuckle
at this. “That’s all I have for now, except there is one
more thing I can check if you want.”

She backs away, and Jonathan stands up. He stands with
his back facing me. This is a bit of a disappointment for
a moment, but then I notice his ass. He’s got a great
ass. Not as impressive as his cock, of course, but I’ve
always found myself attracted to a tight, firm ass.

“This may be a bit embarrassing for you,” I hear Susan
speak to him as I continue to admire his buns. “The
decision, therefore, will be left totally up to you. If
you want to leave right now, you may, but there is one
other aspect of your penis that I would like to check.”

“What is it?” He asks curiously.

I am curious too. Susan seems to have checked just about
everything she possibly can check on his cock.

“I’m afraid that in order for me to do a full
examination, I need to check one more thing,” She says.
“Before I can fully access the impact of an operation, I
really should check your cock when it is in its full

I stumble. My knees give out. I fall back against the
counter and use it as a brace to prop me up before I fall
completely to the floor.

“Please Martha,” Susan scolds me. “Be careful. I know the
floor is a little wet and slick back there. You have to
be careful.”

I gather myself back up again. “Sorry,” I apologize.
Luckily, Jonathan didn’t see me.

Without missing a beat, Susan returns to the naked
patient before her. “It’s totally up to you, but if you
would like a complete examination prior to going all the
way to Chicago, I have no trouble giving you one.”

Jonathan thinks about it. It looks as though he thinks
about it very hard.

“What about Martha?” He asks about me.

“What about Martha?” Susan questions back. “Do you want
her to leave?”

“No,” He says to my amazement! “Actually, I’d like her to
stay, if you don’t mind? I’m getting nervous again. She’s
good at keeping me calm.”

It’s a lucky thing I hold onto the cupboard behind me,
else I would have been sure to fall down again.

“That’s fine,” Susan smiles at me. And then, still
looking at me, she continues talking to Jonathan. “In
fact, if you want, she can help you out. Most doctor’s
offices have erotic photographs and magazines to help the
male become erect, but we don’t need much of that here.”

She laughs and smiles at me.

“So if you want, you can use Martha instead.” Her smile
becomes even bigger. “Martha, why don’t you help Jonathan
out by taking off your blouse?”

“What?” I can’t help but voice out loud.

“You heard me! Go ahead and take off your blouse,” Susan
repeats. “Just unbutton your blouse and show yourself in
a bra. It’s no big deal! Jonathan’s already taken off all
his clothing, I’m only asking you to take off your
blouse. And then come back to get me when he is ready.”

* * * * *

By the time I return to reality, I find myself alone with
Jonathan. I don’t remember Susan leaving. It is as though
I passed out and then woke up again a few seconds later.

“Too bad you don’t have any erotic magazines lying
around,” He speaks to me. “I wouldn’t mind paging through
the latest issue of Playboy, but you’re beautiful enough
to star in one.”

He smiles at me.

I think I smile back. Maybe I blush. I don’t know. All I
think about is his cock.

I glance down at it. It looks great in the flaccid state,
and then I think about how much better it will look
hardened. I have the opportunity to see 12-inches of male
flesh. All I have to do is take off my blouse. I just
have to show him my bra. It seems like a small price to
pay, I mean, considering…

My fingers move up to unbutton the top button of my
uniform. Then they continue down to the second. I notice
when I reach cleavage. I notice it in the reaction of his
cock. It twitches.

“Oh!” I let out a shrill.

The buttons on my blouse continue to uncouple. My top
opens. Glancing down, I see the heavy cleavage from my
own tits. Looking forward, I see the affect on Jonathan’s
cock. It still points down, but it is definitely longer
than before.

“Very nice,” He compliments. “Better than any erotic

“Very nice,” I want to say myself, but don’t. I remain
quite and only look. He elongates to 8 and then maybe 9-
inches in length, and then it starts to rise. He stands
up against the table and faces me at an angle. He stands
at the perfect angle to show off his size, which makes me
wonder if he does so on purpose.

“Oh,” I let out another shrill.

“Very nice,” Jonathan compliments again.

His soft pecker grows into a giant cock, and then it
continues to grow into a monster. It springs up quickly
and soon points straight out of his body. And it not only
grows longer, but it inflates wider too. My suspicion
about long cocks needing a wide support is true. The
sacrifice of my blouse is well worth the effort.

I reach the last button and open the blouse. I pull back
the curtain to show him the performance behind the stage.

“Wow!” Jonathan speaks. “Very, very nice! You really have
some whoppers!”

“So do you!” I catch myself saying out loud.

He looks down on himself. “Yes, I guess I do!” He speaks
proudly. “Look at what you’re doing to me.”

I do look! I look right at it! His cock rises from
horizontal to vertical. And it continues to grow ever
longer and thicker at the same time. The thing is truly a
monster! It’s bigger than my biggest dildo. There is no
way I would be able to accept such a big man. I stare
directly at it as I peal back my blouse and slip it down
off my shoulders.

“Do you like it?” He questions.

“Oh yes!” I speak with more enthusiasm than I intend. “I
mean, yes! It’s a little big.”

“A little big?” He questions. “What does that mean?”

I take a deep breath. “I mean it’s big,” I speak shyly.
“It’s as big as you said it was.”

His cock really does look to be about 12-inches long. I
can’t believe it! I am looking at a full 12-inches of
male flesh. And not only long, but so wide too! I’m sure
there is no way I could accept such a monster. Like he
already voiced, I don’t think I could open my cunt enough
to accept it. And then I think about the depth and all
the virgin territory he would be sure to reach.

“Well, I like yours too,” He tells me. “Something about
short girls with big tits really turns me on. You have a
very nice set of tits. What are they, double Ds?”

I nod my head.

“You already know my size,” He tells me anyway. “12 long
inches in case you forgot.”

“I didn’t forget.” I don’t think I will ever forget. I
wish I could take a picture and preserve the image for a
lifetime. I can’t believe I’m actually looking at such a
gifted man. I mean it would be one thing to see a picture
of him in a magazine, but I’m getting a live performance.

“Do you now understand why I want it shortened?” He
questions as he looks upon it himself. “It’s just too big
to fit in many women. It splits their pussies apart too
wide. It dives into their cunts too deep. My cock is just
too big for most women to hold.”

His words make me hot with desire. I feel a tremendous
temptation to finger myself. I want to slip down my
slacks and slip my fingers into my pussy. God, I am so

“Give me your professional opinion Martha,” He turns to
give me more of a side profile. “As a nurse but also as a
woman, would you recommend I go through with the

I shake my head.

“Why not?”

I shrug my shoulders.

“Tell me! Why not?” He wants me to say it. “Try to talk
me out of having the operation.”

I shrug my shoulders again, but then speak. I figure I
owe it to every woman on the planet. I speak for them. I
have to try my best to talk him out of paring down such a
magnificent length of male organ.

“You can’t,” I tell him. “You simply can’t! It’s too,
it’s too…” I have a hard time saying it. “It’s too sexy
to make smaller!” I blurt out.

“Why, thank you!” Jonathan accepts this compliment. “I’m
glad you like it!”

“I do!” I almost yell at him. “God I love it!”

I can’t believe I have just said this. I just told a man,
a near stranger, that I loved his cock. “I’m sorry,” I
tried to pull the words back into my mouth. “I shouldn’t
have said that! I should be more professional. I’ve got
to focus on my job as a nurse!”

He laughs at me. “That’s all right Martha,” He speaks
calmly. “I’m used to it. Lot’s of girls have the same
reaction, especially when it starts to penetrate.”

It looks even longer and wider when he models himself
from the side. I can’t help but stare at the monster. I
want so much to run home and play with my dildo.

“Are you still going to get the doctor?” He brings me
back to reality. “I believe the Doctor said that she
wanted you to fetch her as soon as you got me full.”

“Yes,” I agree. “Susan! The Doctor!”

“Yes, the doctor,” He prompts me. “You remember her,
don’t you?”

I almost forgot about Doctor Polichvich. “I better! I’ll
be right back.”

I slip my way past him, past Jonathan – and past his
magnificent erection.

* * * * *

“Well is he?” Doctor Susan Polichvich asks me with a big
smile on her face. “Were you successful?”

“Oh yes!” I nod.

“And did you have any problems bringing him to erection?”

“None!” I shake my head.

Her smile turns even bigger. “And the most important
question of all,” Susan lowers her tone to a whisper. “Is
he as big as he says?”

I pause for a moment, and then answer in a shrill. “Oh

She sits in Exam Room 2 going through the same stack of
papers from the last time I saw her. I notice she’s
almost done, but she doesn’t bother to finish.

“In that case,” She lays them down. “I think we better
return to the room and complete the examination.”

Again, I distinctly notice her use the word “we.” This
time I have no second thoughts. I can’t wait to join her.

* * * * *

“Well, well, well!” Susan voices her own appreciation of
his size as soon as she walks in. “I see you weren’t
exaggerating, as many men do. Looks as though you are
quite well endowed indeed.”

Jonathan sits on the table. He stands as soon as we
enter. I distinctly notice his cock sway up and down as
soon as he jumps off the table. It looks slightly
flaccid, but he quickly springs back up to a full hard-on
as soon as I walk in.

“It’s exactly how long I said,” Jonathan answers. “I
didn’t exaggerate. Do you now see why I am interested in
getting it reduced?”

“Yes I see,” Susan answers him. “You could seriously hurt
a girl with an organ as big as yours.”

Susan looks down on it for several more seconds. Part of
her cool, calm attitude has left her. I see she has
trouble keeping up her professional manner, much like I
do. I wonder if the same thoughts go through her mind as
my own. And then I wonder if she might be as wet as me.

“Hop on back up here,” She pats the table. “Just like
before. Please lay down.”

He does so.

“And Martha, step on over to the opposite side so you
have a good view.”

Doctor Polichvich stands on one side of the examination
table. I stand on the other. A naked man lies before us.
His huge, 12-inch long dick sits upright and at attention
in front of us.

“Let’s have a look,” She begins simply.

Susan simply grabs it. She does not hesitate, but simply
takes hold of his member with two fingers and pulls it so
it points straight up into the air.

Jonathan immediately lets out a moan.

“Are you all right?” She pauses.

“I’m fine,” Jonathan answers.

“I see you have no trouble with sensation,” She tells
him. “I don’t sense any kind of nerve damage.”

“No problem there,” He agrees.

“Just don’t eject on me,” Susan instructs, but then adds
with a laugh. “Not that I would mind! I’m sure it would
be quite entertaining to watch a male of your size eject,
especially with such a swollen set of nuts, but I need
you to stay full until I am done with the examination.”

Jonathan laughs back. “Don’t worry! It takes a lot to get
me off.”

“Good,” Susan agrees. “Because we can’t have you spurting
all over yourself.” And then she adds as an afterthought,
almost under her breath. “At least not yet, that is.”

I can’t believe the suggestion Susan just made! I wonder
if this means we might see him. I suddenly have a
disturbing thought that an ejection might be part of the
examination. The thought makes me even wetter.

“Tell me Martha,” I hear my name. “How quickly did
Jonathan elongate? Did he spring to attention or did it
take a few minutes for him to give you a hard-on?”

I have to take a moment to think about this. “More like
spring,” I decide. “It took him a few seconds, but
considering his size…”

Susan nods. “No need to explain further.” She smiles at

“And Jonathan,” She turns her attention to the big man.
“Do you always spring to attention without any problems?”

“Almost always,” He answers. “Although I think with
Martha it was a little faster than normal because of her

Susan nods again.

Through all of this her fingers remain on his cock. She
pulls it so it points straight up into the air, and then
she moves it to either side. She looks at it all over. So
do I.

At the same time, I notice Jonathan looking up at me. My
top remains in only a bra, and his eyes remain firmly
riveted on my big chest. I feel intimidated, but then I
suppose my intimidation is a lot less than his. I mean he
lies on an examination table with a hard-on. At least I’m
partially clothed.

“No obvious defects,” Susan declares. “And it certainly
is in a very hardened state.”

In order to test this, she lets go. She pulls his cock
straight up into the air and lets go to make it slap
against his belly. The sound of the slapping tube makes
me even wetter.

“Fetch me a ruler,” Susan instructs me next. “It’s in the
top drawer of that cabinet over there,” She points. “And
get me the long one. The six inch simply won’t do.”

I gasp at her words, knowing, of course, exactly why she
needs the ruler. I must temporarily take my eyes off his
hardened member in order to get it, but I relish in the
knowledge of what I know the ruler will be used for.

“I’m going to do the measuring,” Susan takes the 12-inch
ruler from me. “I need you to hold his cock.”

I almost fall over.

“What?” I declare.

“Oh, just hold it!” She chastises me. “It’s no big deal.
Just take Jonathan’s gigantic prick and point it straight
up into the air.”

I am hesitant.

“I want to give you a lesson on how to take a man’s
measurements,” Susan goes on. “To properly measure the
length of a man, his cock needs to point straight out of
his body,” She demonstrates. “All I need you to do is to
pull on his organ so that it points straight up. Point it
up towards the ceiling while I take his measurements.”
And then she lets go to allow his cock to slap down
across his stomach once more.

I cautiously reach out. While Susan stands opposite me, I
cautiously reach out to touch his member. Jonathan lets
out a moan when I first touch it, as though he is about
to squirt, but I take hold on anyway. I reach out for his
long pecker with two of my fingers and pull on it just
below the head.

The thing feels surprisingly strong and resilient, which
makes sense, considering its enormous size. I have to
pull on it quite hard in order to get it to stand
straight up.

“Now when you measure the length of a male cock,” Susan
holds the ruler along side. “You must position the ruler
along the top surface of the cock to get the most
accurate measurement.”

I notice his length takes up the entire ruler. Jonathan
indeed looks to be 12-inches in length. He didn’t
exaggerate. If anything, he looks to be a little longer
than he said.

“Twelve and about one-eighth,” She says. “I’m very
impressed! Tell me, are all the males in your family just
as big?”

“I’m the biggest!” He speaks proudly. “But all the males
in my family are unusually well endowed. I guess it must
be in the genes.”

“It must be,” Susan agrees. “Any of them have cock
reduction surgery?”

“None,” Jonathan answers. “At least none that I know of.
I don’t know if any of them would admit it if they did.”

Through all of this, I continue to hold Jonathan’s
enormous cock. I hold it near the head by two fingers so
it points straight up into the air.

“Keep hold,” Susan pulls the ruler away but instructs me
to stay put. “I’ll be right back. I just left Jonathan’s
chart in the other room, but I’ll be right back.”

Unbelievably, she leaves me. I am left holding a 12-inch
long cock in my fingers. It feels very uncomfortable,
although at the same time it feels very nice. I am not
quite sure what to do.

“Want me to let go?” I have to ask him after only a few

“I don’t mind,” Jonathan shrugs. “The doctor told you to
keep hold, so I guess you better do as she says!”

“Yes, I better,” I want to agree.

“Are you still against me getting the reduction
operation?” He continues our conversation from earlier.
“Now that you’re touching my cock and can better feel its
size, have you changed your mind?”

I shake my head.

“Ah, but I bet you would if you had to accept it,” He
gives me an incredibly enticing thought. “I bet you would
change your mind if the thing was in your pussy instead
of your hand.”

I feel my hand start to shake.

“Tell me Martha, have you ever been fucked by such a
large prick?”

I moan. I can’t believe he’s asking me this. Where’s
Doctor Polichvich? It’s taking her a long time!

“By the sound of your breathing, I can tell that you
haven’t,” Jonathan of course is right. “I bet you would
change your mind if you had to try to accommodate the

My hand shakes even more. My heart races. What is he
doing? Is he actually inviting me to experience him?

“Perhaps I should allow you to try,” I gasp at his words.
“Of course, it would have to be from a purely medical
perspective,” He adds. “I’m thinking about fucking you in
order to get your professional opinion of my size and
your opinion of the potential operation.”

I can’t believe the words I hear him speak. I feel as
though I am in a dream.

“Of course, it would be only to get your professional
medical opinion,” He emphases. “It would be like an
experiment and wouldn’t be done for pleasure, although I
am certain you would feel a great deal of pleasure,
provided I could split your cunt far enough to accept

His giant cock feels even longer at the sound of this
suggestion. It seems to have become more ridged and I
must hold tighter to keep it pointed straight up. I think
he makes me an offer, but I’m not totally sure. I’m not
sure of anything anymore. This is too unbelievable to be

“Well Martha?” Jonathan questions. “Do you think you
might be interested, like maybe after we are done here?”

Now I know for certain! He really does want to fuck me! I
can’t believe what is happening.

“Well Martha?” He questions again.

I nod my head and then I shake it back and forth. I don’t
know! This is too much for me. I hold within my fingers
the 12-inch organ of the most magnificent stud male I
have ever met, and now he offers to use it on me.

“I better go to see what’s keeping her,” I have to let go
of his cock. It is too much for me. As I turn to leave, I
hear the big thing slap across his stomach.

* * * * *

“Well, it’s about time,” Susan chastises me when I enter.
“Hurry up and undress!”

She gathers up her papers from the table and places them
on the counter. I am not certain if I heard her

“Well Martha!” She repeats herself. “Get those cloths

“But I was waiting for you,” I tell her. “I thought you
were supposed to come back into the exam room.”

“That was just a ruse,” She answers. “I hope you didn’t
mind holding up his erection?”

I blush with embarrassment.

“That’s what I thought,” Susan knows my answer. “Now
hurry up and take off the rest of your clothing. We don’t
have a whole lot of time.”

I find myself undoing the buckle of my slacks, although
I’m not sure why. “Why am I undressing?” I ask.

“Well, you do want him, don’t you?” Susan speaks the
obvious. “I know he wants you! I can tell by his cock!
And I think you want him too.”

I suppose I do. I mean any woman would! A woman would
have to be insane not to want Jonathan – or else a

My slacks slip down off my waist, and then I sit down to
take off my shoes and socks. “How much?” I ask. “How much
am I supposed to take off?”

“Everything!” Susan speaks without emotion.

“Everything?” I question.

“Yes everything! And hurry it up!”

I stand back up in only a bra and panty. I pause, still
unsure why I am undressing. I don’t know what she has in

“Trust me!” She sees my reluctance. “Take it all off. You
will soon understand completely.”

I do what she says, although I still don’t know why. I
slip down my panties, and then I unsnap my bra. The last
time I undressed in Susan’s exam room was as a patient.

“Oh, he’s going to love them,” Susan looks down upon my
big tits. “He’s going to absolutely love them.”

It feels strange to hear another woman compliment me on
my boobs. I briefly consider covering them with my hands
or turning away out of shame, but then realize Susan has
seen plenty of tits before. She’s seen more tits than
most women will ever see.

Then I think about her words. I think of her interesting
use of the word, “him.” The sound gives me a twinge of
erotic excitement. I wonder what it means. I wonder if it
is a hint of things to come.

“Now just sit up on the exam table,” She turns her eyes
away and instructs next.

I start to sit.

“Not there,” She counters. “Over hear, on the end.” She

I stand back up again and move. I sit my bare rear down
on the far end of the table.

“And now lie straight back.”

Susan helps me. She takes me by the shoulders and gently
leans me back.

“What’s this for?” I question.

“You’ll see in a moment,” She sooths me.

I soon find myself lying with my back on the table and my
legs dangling over the side. I instinctively try to
wiggle myself further up onto the table, but Susan won’t
allow it. With little warning, I feel her on my ankles.
She grabs them and stops me. She gently pulls up my
ankles and places them in the stirrups.

“Oh my God!” I cry out. I forgot about the stirrups. They
make me grow nervous. I suddenly find myself with my legs
spread open and my ankles held up high. “What is this?” I
have to question.

She is not done yet. Silently, Susan first adjusts the
stirrups. She loosens the knob just below the stirrup to
lift my ankle higher. And then she loosens the knob at
the base of the table to spread my legs apart further.
First one leg and then the other, I find myself naked,
vulnerable, with my legs spread up, open, and wide.

I could get up. I suppose I could have jumped off the
table at any time. Nothing holds me down, yet I take no
action. I’m not sure what it is, but I think it is the
anticipation that holds me down. The thrill keeps me in
place. I don’t know exactly what Susan has planned, but I
know it will be good.

“Oh, he’s going to absolutely love it!” She steps back to
admire my predicament. “Oh, when he sees those big tits
of yours! And then when he sees that tight cunt! He’s
going to absolutely love it. Jonathan is going to ravish

“What!” I start to rise up out of shock.

“Oh, don’t worry!” She pushes my shoulders back down.
“Don’t worry Martha! This is what you wanted, isn’t it?”

“I, I…” I can’t speak.

“Just think about it,” She tries to calm me. “Just think
about it Martha! You are soon going to get what every
woman wants! You are soon going to get the best fuck of
your life!”

My eyes grow wide. My mouth hangs open. I am in shock. I
can’t believe the words I have just heard uttered from
Susan’s mouth. I think I even let out a moan.

Susan responds with just a laugh. “Come on Martha, I know
you want it! I could tell when you first showed up back
at my office. You want Jonathan to fuck you. You want him
to fuck out your brains!”

I can’t speak. I can’t do anything. I just stay laying on
the exam table wide eyed and open mouthed. I can’t
believe what is happening.

“Have fun!” She pats me on the forehead and leaves the

* * * * *

Susan leaves me lying in Exam Room 2. I am left totally
naked and totally vulnerable. I do not wear a single
stitch of clothing anywhere on my body. My big tits lay
completely exposed. So does my pussy. Even worse, just
before she left, Susan rotated the table around so my
gaping cunt now points at the door. It will be the first
thing he sees when he enters.

I feel incredibly aroused and fantastically embarrassed
as I listen for him. Susan has left, I know. She told me.
There is only Jonathan and myself. I hear him first
walking around in the next room, and then I hear him
outside in the hallway.

“Hello!” He calls out. “Anyone here?” He questions. “I
could use some clothing in here!”

I remember that Susan took his clothing. She put it in
the wastebasket. I see my clothing lies on top of it. I
realize he walks around the office in the nude.

“Doctor?” He questions. “Nurse Martha!”

The sound of my name makes me jump. I am surprised he
remembers it, but then I think of my tits and the reason
he remembers. I realize Susan is right. He is really
going to love my tits.

I stop breathing. I hear footsteps outside. They sound
like bare feet, walking past the door. The only thing I
can think about is a picture of him walking by the door
naked, bare, with his great big 12-inch cock pointed out
at attention.

He walks past the door and in the direction of the
bathrooms. The sound of footsteps gets lighter and then
they go away, but then I hear the sound of a squeaking
door. I realize he is checking the bathrooms. I picture
him opening the door of the bathroom and calling out for
the Doctor and me. The sound of my own name again makes
me jump.

I know it will only be a matter of time before he enters.
First he will search for the Doctor and me, and then he
will start to search for the clothing he wore on the way
in. He will need his clothing in order to leave again,
and he will soon search for that clothing in this room.

The sound of a second door, probably the woman’s
bathroom, squeaks open.

The door to the examination room, I know, has no lock. It
will only be a matter of time before he opens the door to
search the room in which I lay. And when he does open it,
the first thing he will witness is the sight of my tight
cunt and the peaks of my naked boobs. I wonder what he
will think of it. I worry he might turn away out of
disgust at such a blatantly slut-filled performance, or
maybe it will make him excited and want to fuck me even
more. I don’t know, but I suspect the latter. The sight
of my open legs and big tits will be an invitation that
no man will be able to resist. I grow with anticipation
at the 12-inch cock that will soon impale me deeper than
I have ever been fucked before.

The footsteps grow closer. His voice becomes louder. I
find myself both wanting him to pass the exam room and to
enter. I don’t know what I want any more. I am both
scared and excited all at the same time. I suddenly have
a very naughty thought and wonder if my compromising
position will allow him to see how wet I am.

A knock on the door makes me jump. I think he is about to

“Doctor!” He speaks. “Nurse Martha! What’s going on

I hear the doorknob move. I think the door starts to
swing open. I don’t know for certain because I’m too
scared to look, but I think the door slowly opens – or
maybe it’s just my imagination. It’s hard to tell through
the rapid beat of my heart. I feel like I am about to
faint, and then I think maybe my heightened sense of
arousal plays tricks on me, making me imagine things that
aren’t real.

All grows quite. I don’t know what’s going on. I figure
he must have kept on walking down the hall, but then
realize I didn’t hear any footsteps. I wonder if he
stands just outside, or maybe he simply stands in the
hallway and waits for us. I don’t know…

“Nice,” I jump at the sound of his voice very near.

Suddenly, without warning, I realize he looks at me. I
realize he has opened the door and looks in. I realize a
grown man admires my exposed cunt, and it’s not just any
man. It’s Jonathan, a naked man with a 12-inch dick.

My heart races. My body sweats. I again feel like I am
about to faint.

“Very nice,” He says as if to make sure I heard his
compliment the first time. “Oh Martha, that’s very nice

I hear the door. Then I hear the sound of his feet step
in. He does not appear disgusted at my performance. He
does not turn away. Rather, he seems quite taken by me. I
realize I have guessed correctly.

“And I especially like those!”

I realize he looks at my naked tits. My eyes remain
closed. I can’t open them. The thought of Jonathan
staring down at my naked chest is too much for me.

“Wow! They look even bigger than I imagined!”

Now I know for certain.

“They look even bigger than I imagined,” He told me. “I
must say, Martha, you’ve got an excellent set of tits.”

Suddenly, I feel him. Without warning, I feel his hands
on my chest. He has one hand on each boob. He draws them
together, lifting them from their flat position and
forcing them to touch in the center.

Instinctively, I open my eyes and see him. He stands only
inches away. I see him above me with his hands on my
tits, giving me a tit massage.

“Ah, that woke you up,” He smiles down on me. “You like
that, don’t you?”

I nod my head in agreement.

“And I bet you especially like this!”

He turns his attention to my nipples, placing a finger on
each, rubbing them, teasing them. I’ve always had
sensitive nipples. Now I think they are even more
sensitive than usual. They are already hard, and they
grow even harder with the feel of his fingers.

“But I know there’s something else you want even more,”
He tempts me as he continues to tease my nipples. “I
could see it the first time I gave you my size. What do
you really want Martha?”

I can only moan out in pleasure, knowing the thing he
refers to.

“Tell me Martha, what do you really want?”

He pulls his hands away from my nipples to reach down to
his waist. He reaches down for his own cock and plops it
onto my body as I lay there on the table. The thing is so
big that it reaches across my arm and hits me in the
abdomen. It’s not quite fully erect, I see, but that
changes in an instant. Less than ten seconds later his
giant dick lifts up above my body and points ridged and
at attention.

“Is this what you want Martha?”

I feel ashamed to say it, but then I say it anyway. I am
willing to say anything for the opportunity to have it.

“Your cock!” I tell him. “I want your cock!”

He lets out a laugh. “That’s what I thought! That’s what
every woman wants, and soon you shall have it.”

I let out a moan of pleasure. Finally, I know. He’s
actually going to fuck me with it. I can’t wait.

“But not quite yet,” My pleasure turns to disappointment.
He backs away, turns to the far end of the table, and
positions himself between my legs.

“I first need to play doctor!”

“Oh fuck!” I nearly yell out in delight!

His head lowers and soon disappears. It disappears
between my legs. I don’t know where it goes at first, but
then I feel it. He starts quickly and with little
warning. Suddenly, I feel his tongue against my open

“Oh fuck!” I cry again, not quite believing what is
happening. “Oh fuck! Oh fuck!” I wiggle on the table as I
realize Jonathan wants to first eat me out.

He doesn’t start slow or tease me first. He doesn’t
hesitate or allow me to rest. Instead, he dives into my
pussy like a hungry tiger. He eats me out. He ravages me!
It’s the best oral sex I’ve ever experienced.

“Oh fuck!” He’s good! I feel his lips between my legs. I
feel his tongue run up and down my slit.

“Oh fuck! Oh fuck!” He’s really good!

He knows how to do it just right! His mouth dives in as
though it is the first cunt he’s eaten in months. His
hands take hold of my hips to allow his tongue to probe

“Oh fuck!” It feels so good!

He goes on and on. He eats me out more and more. I do not
know how long he uses my pussy. I only know that I love
it. He does not stop. He does not pause. I feel myself
become hotter and wetter with anticipation. I’ve never
been eaten out like this before. Oral sex yes, but never
ravaged like this. Jonathan is an expert when it comes to
sex. I’ve read about women who have orgasms from oral
sex. I never believed it to be true, but now I think I am
about to.

“No!” I cry out when he pulls away. “Please,” I discover
I am panting. “Don’t stop!”

I want to tell him how close I am. I want him to give me
an orgasm with his tongue. But before he does, he pulls
out to show me.

“You want more?” He questions. “Or would you rather
change to this?”

I look to the side to see him. He stands along the wall,
his giant cock in his hand. He’s done such an expert job
at eating me out that I almost forgot about his big cock,
but not quite. He holds the big thing in its natural,
erect position. And then he lets go and it stays in the
same position. Pre-cum glistens off its surface. It looks
to be soaked in its own juices. I see he is wet with

“I want it,” I tell him simply.

“And what is it that you want?” He steps closer.

“I want to change to your cock,” I say directly. “I want
you to fuck me!”

He steps closer still. He walks over and repositions
himself between my legs. This time he does not kneel
down. He remains standing, his cock at the same level as
my pussy.

“But you might be too tight!” He warns. “What if your
pussy is too tight to accept me?”

“Fuck me anyway!” I cry out. “Just fuck me!” I no longer
care about anything else. I’m desperate for an orgasm.
I’m desperate to feel his long cock deep inside me.

He steps closer still. I suddenly feel the tip of his big
cock upon me.

“Oh fuck!” I have to cry out.

He pushes it in, but he does not push it in right away.
Instead, he teases me with it. He plays his cock upon the
tight slit of my pussy.

“Oh fuck! Oh fuck!” I cry out louder.

He reaches forward. Jonathan bends his body forward and
reaches for my tits. He places an open palm upon each
breast as the tip of his cock starts to enter me.

“Ah, nice!” He concentrates on my nipples. “Oh Martha,
what big tits you have!”

I briefly think about telling him what a big cock he has,
but then I realize he already knows. He knows exactly how
big he is. So do I. Clearly, the thing is big. He feels
really wide. He stretches me open further than I have
ever been stretched before.

“Oh fuck! Oh fuck!” I continue to cry out as his probe
pushes inside.

“Tell me if you feel pain,” He warns seriously. “I’m not
kidding! I don’t want to hurt you.”

“No pain! No pain!” I pant. “Oh fuck, it feels great!”

It is the truth. I do not feel any pain at all. All I
feel is pleasure. I feel the top of his cock spread me
open, and then the rod of his shaft push inside me. I
curse all the women who have ever told me that size
didn’t matter. Obviously, none of them ever had any. They
never had Jonathan!

“Holy fuck you are big!” I tell him.

He slips inside me, further and further inside. I feel
every inch of his cock as it slowly penetrates. I wish he
would just jab it in and fuck me, but my position gives
me little choice. Jonathan is in complete control.

His hands move off my tits. They move down to my waist
and pull me back to my original position at the edge of
the table. I realize that I slipped forward. The force of
his cock pushed my entire body forward on the table. My
feet almost slipped out of the stirrups. Quickly,
Jonathan takes me by the waist and pulls me back to my
original position. He positions me at the edge of the
table where I can receive maximum penetration.

He slips it further and further inside, deeper and deeper
he goes. I have never been taken so deep before. I have
never been penetrated so far. It feels great!

“Oh fuck Jonathan!” I have to tell him. “You feel great!”

I can’t wait for him to start pumping. I can’t stop
thinking about how much better it will feel when he
starts fucking. He’s still on his first stroke. In fact,
he hasn’t even given me a half-stroke yet! I can’t
imagine how I will feel after a dozen or maybe two.

“Very good!” Jonathan compliments my body. “That’s almost
all! I think you’re going to take it!”

He is really deep. I don’t know how much further he has
to go. All I know is that I haven’t felt his thighs yet,
which means he has at least several more inches. Already,
I can tell he is deeper than any man has ever gone
before. It is like having my virginity taken away all
over again.

“Only a little more,” He compliments again. “Oh Martha,
you are very deep.”

“Holy fuck!” I have to say in reply. “Oh God, you’re so

I suddenly feel him against my open thighs. Almost there,
I think to myself. I realize he has only an inch or maybe
two to go.

With one final thrust and a deep grunt, he shoves it all
the way in. His body presses tight against my open
thighs. I have taken him all. I have taken a full 12-
inches of the most massive cock that I have ever seen.

And then he starts. He gives me only a second to
contemplate the big thing deep inside me, and then he
starts pumping.

“Oh fuck!” I nearly scream as he quickly pulls it about
half the distance out.

“Oh fuck!” I yell out in a high pitch squeal as he pushes
it all the way back in again.

I can hardly stand it. I think it goes in even deeper the
second time as the first. I nearly have an orgasm, and
this is only his first stroke. His tongue already made me
hot. Now his cock makes me boil over.

“Are you all right?” He stops to question with it shoved
all the way inside.

“Oh yes!” I cry out in a high-pitched squeal. “I’m
terrific!” I realize my yelling has frightened him.

“Good!” I reply happily. “Because I like a screamer!”

And then he does it again. And then he does it yet again.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” I yell out as he starts to fuck me.
I’ve never before been called a screamer, but then I
never before was given the opportunity. I find I like the

Very quickly I feel an orgasm approach. His oral sex
already brought me close. Now his cock quickly pushes me
over the edge.

“Oh God! Oh God Jonathan!” I cry out after only about a
dozen strokes. “Oh my pussy! Oh, you don’t know what
you’re doing to my pussy!”

And then I do it. I orgasm!

Jonathan stops when I scream out. He stops with it shoved
all the way inside.

“Oh, oh, fuck!” My entire body spasms with the release.
It is the most intense orgasm of my life. It is also the
quickest. I think the big cock inside me further
amplifies the effect.

“You most definitely are a screamer,” Jonathan
compliments my reaction. “We’ll have to try that again.”

He does not give me time to rest. Quickly, he starts up
again. He starts fucking me once more. He fucks me hard
and he fucks me long. In and out! In and out! He fucks me
again and again.

* * * * *

Jonathan gives me a second orgasm in the laying position,
and then he turns me over to give me my third orgasm
doggy style. I don’t know how long we fucked, but it was
a long while. I awake after a deep and restful sleep. I
awake while lying on the examination table.

The room is dark and I don’t know where I am for a
moment. I do know, however, what has happened. I can feel
it from between my legs. My cunt feels like it has just
been fucked by a giant. It feels so open and so used. I
wonder if a normal sized man will ever satisfy me again.

Stumbling, I slip myself down from the examination table
and try to stand. My legs feel weak. I am unable to bring
them together. Walking bowlegged, I fumble for the light
switch and turn it on.

What a mess! Cum on the table. Cum on my tits. I’ve never
seen a man cum so much in my life! Jonathan refused to
cum inside me. Even after I assured him it was all right,
he still refused. Instead, he asked me to do him with my
hands. He asked me to jerk him off with my hands and

I’m not one to refuse a request from such a big man, so I
quickly took him up on his offer and jerked him off.

I think I even see cum stains sticking to the ceiling.

I also see a note. It is taped to the door and signed by
Jonathan. I see it is written in some of the neatest
handwriting I have ever seen.

“You have my number. Call anytime,” It notes simply.

I can hardly believe my luck. I’ve got a boyfriend with a
12-inch cock.

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