A first person account of a woman that takes a joy ride, discovers a horse and his female owner

It was a usual balmy hot and humid afternoon right
after lunch, and I was feeling stir crazy, so I decided
to take a drive. So I changed real quickly to something
more airy and loose fitting, choosing a spaghetti-
strap tank and a short mini skirt and my sandals. I
then put my hair up in a pony tail and spruced up my
lip gloss, grabbed the keys and my purse and headed out
for the country side.

I went out on the state highway which was known to be a
bit scenic and have quite a few ranches along side it.
I got to a particular ranch and the white wooden fence
was keeping a beautiful black stallion within. I
quickly stopped the car, as it was grazing next to the
fence beside the road. I got out and coaxed the horse
to me, I stroked its long shiny mane and it seemed to
appreciate the attention. It whinnied a few times and
hoofed the ground as if thanking me. I continued to
talk to it, expressing that I wished I knew its name
and that I would love to ride him.

I looked him all over taking in his beauty and
strength, when I noticed that it seemed to be getting
excited, as its long penis started to enlarge out of
its sheath. I giggled a bit and said, “Happy to see me
big boy?” jokingly.

I was suddenly startled to hear another woman’s voice
break the silence, “It seems he his,” she said,
laughing also.

I quickly replied, “Oh I am so sorry, I didn’t know you
were around and I didn’t mean to trespass.”

She quickly responded, “Oh no, you’re not doing
anything illegal, if anything you are being good
company. Isn’t she boy?” She came alongside the horse
and began to stroke him also to let him know she was

“What’s his name?” I asked.

“Impressive Star,” she said with a tone of pride. “He’s
a show horse and he’s quite a winner, taken first the
past three times and has built up a reputation around
here. I’ve been offered thousands of dollars for just
his sperm.”

“WOW!” I exclaimed. “Who’d have thought that horse
sperm would be worth money?” I said in amazement. She
smiled and then asked if I wanted to ride him. I
responded quickly with an enthusiastic yes! She then
told me to drive my truck and park it in front of the
barn and she would meet me there. I said “OK!” and
hopped back in my truck and went onto her property and
parked where she said.

I waited a few minutes and then I saw her coming out of
the barn with a couple of beers. “Do you want a cold
one?” she offered holding the can up as it was
obviously wet from an ice box.

“Sure, thanks,” I replied, and then I introduced myself
as Amy. She gave me the cold can and introduced herself
as Cheryl. I popped the top and took a big gulp of the
cold beer, but stopped short for fear of brain freeze.
“It certainly is hot out today.” I said after
swallowing the liquid.

“Yeah it’s been a real scorcher so far this year and I
don’t think it’s going to back down either,” she said
with concern. “It’s been so dry, I have to use extra
water to keep the horses watered and cool. They usually
drink from the water hole down in the lower pasture,
but the heat, and the horses have dried it all up,” she

“I am sure that’s a strain on you,” I said with

“Yeah it sure is, but you do what you have to, to keep
them happy and as comfortable as possible.”

“Do you have a husband? Does he help? I asked as I
looked around.

“Oh no, he died a few years ago, bad accident on the
highway, I’ve been single ever since,” she said staring
at me with the look of loneliness in her eyes.

“Oh I am so sorry to hear that. I didn’t mean to…”
she cut me off with, “it’s ok sweetie, I am over it
now. I have my horses to keep me occupied.” she smiled
and gave me a wink. I looked at her bewildered, not
knowing exactly what she was meaning.

She quickly turned the table and asked me what my story
was. “Well, I was married but I caught him cheating on
me a couple of years ago, so I divorced him. So I guess
I am a loner also.” I laughed and smiled at her.

“I hear you girl, they either die or cheat on you,
makes you want to become a lesbian, doesn’t it?” she
said as she was looking me up and down. “You’re pretty
too, by the way.”

“Thanks,” I said embarrassingly and sheepishly.

She stepped closer to me and looked me in the eyes.
“You have beautiful eyes and I hope you don’t mind my
being up front with you?” I was stunned but fascinated
at the same time.

“Well, no I am not offended; I am very flattered in
fact. That’s the first nice thing I’ve heard from
someone else in a while,” I said.

She then drew closer and asked if I had ever considered
being with another woman, while she pulled a stray
strand of hair from my face and placing it behind my
ear, then using her finger she traced my jaw line in a
tender caress. Her touch was soft and exhilarating and
I could feel my senses and desire start to stir
immediately. “Yeah it’s been a while since…”

“Shhh,” she said, as she leaned in to kiss me on the
lips. Our bodies came together and pressed against each
other in the sweaty heat. Her tongue gently probed my
mouth feeling its warmth, and dancing with my tongue.

She withdrew after a few moments, that seemed to last
like minutes and she didn’t seem to want to quit but
she drew back and looked at my face. “You are so sweet
and a great kisser, I know things are moving a little
fast, but I think we both know we deserve this.”

I agreed with her immediately, and I could feel the
wetness between my legs growing and intensifying with
curiosity by the second. She then took my hand and
placed hers on mine.

“If you have an open mind, I want to show you something
that I have found to be quite satisfying as a
replacement, if you know what I mean?” she asked as she
looked me in the eyes looking for my reaction.

“Well, I don’t know what you are going to show me, but
I think I can trust you,” I said.

She led me by the hand inside the barn and to a stall,
to which Impressive Star was in.

“I don’t know how you are going to react to what I have
to admit to you, but my own interest was peaked, by
what you said out by the fence when you noticed his

She looked at me with a bit of worry, and seriousness
at the same time. “I have discovered that Impressive
Star can be quite a relief for those moments when I
have to much desire and no release. Do you know what I
mean?” she looked at me with a look of wonder as she
waited for my reaction. I could see her wheels turning,
(Will she run or stay?)

I don’t know if it was the heat, her or the beer but I
thought for a second and then found the words. “Really,
you fuck your horse?” I asked as if confirming what I
thought I had heard her say.

“YES!” she said with enthusiasm. “It’s so great! I know
its so very bad thing to do, but I am alone here on
this ranch there’s nobody to see me and I feel that I
can do what I want so long as Impressive doesn’t get
hurt.” she said as if convincing me to her point.

“Well,” I gasped at the thought as it all really began
to sink in that she was being brutally honest with me.
The horse whinnied and stomped again reconfirming the
reality of it all. “Are you sure it’s safe?” I asked. I
couldn’t believe that I was now starting to get
interested in all this.

“Absolutely, honey, I have worked all this out very
carefully, down to a science. There’s no way I will
allow you to get hurt, you will enjoy it allot, I

With her assurances, I consented to give it a try, and
then asked her, “How do you do this by yourself?”

“Oh well, I do have a ranch hand that comes Monday
through Friday to help out on the ranch and he helps

“I thought you said you were alone with all this?” I

“Well, he is only here during the week and I didn’t
figure that mentioning him would have any bearing on
now, since I am here.”

“I see your point.” I said as I smiled at her giving
her a reassurance that everything was ok.

She began to get undressed right before me, she took
off her shirt and her full breasts swung freely as the
hot air moved over them, then she unbuttoned her shorts
and slid them off exposing her neatly trimmed bush,
which was shaped into a small, short square patch of
brown hair just above her fully shaved and smooth lips.
I looked down at her shorts and noticed that she hadn’t
been wearing panties and there was a slight dark spot
of wetness in the crotch of the jean shorts.

She kept her boots on however and her calves were as
smooth as they so sexily seemed to pour into the boots.
Her hips were slightly wide and smooth, and the rest of
her body was just simply beautiful for an older lady. A
slight tan, covered her whole body indicating plenty of
hours of nude sun bathing, not a single tan line was
visible. She was simply gorgeous. Her brown hair was
pulled up in a pony tail like mine, but I could tell by
the length of it, she had quite long hair when it is

“So what do you think?” she asked as she swayed her
hips slightly from side to side. “Not bad for an older
woman, huh?” she said jokingly.

“You are a beautiful woman.” I said.

“Now it’s your turn, sweetie,” she instructed, “I’ve
been waiting to see what’s under your clothes ever
since I saw you next to the fence,” she said with
heated desire.

I looked her in the eyes and suddenly all of my second
guessing and inhibitions went away and a sense of
excitement filled me, as I grabbed the sides of my top
and pulled it over my head and then slid my miniskirt
off along with my panties. She grabbed my panties up
and held them up to her face and inhaled my scent.

She then took them and placed them up to my face and
said, “Smell them sweetie, you smell wonderful.”

I inhaled my own panties scent and drew it in making me
even wetter than before. She then took them and walked
into the stall with Impressive Star, and held my
panties up to his big nose and let him smell them too.
The horse huffed and took in the scent and she then
said, “Watch, him he will get excited when he smells a
woman, I trained him.” Sure enough, after a few sniffs,
his big penis started to un-sheath again.

His penis was large and black with a shiny sheen that
stopped at the spongy looking flat flanged head. The
head looked to be about four inches across and the
shaft itself was about three inches thick. It looked
almost impossible to accommodate, but she had assured
me that it was very possible and very satisfying. She
then threw the panties on the clothes heap that was
gathered at the stall gate, and went over to get a
rather tall bench that was padded and had a few
blankets over it and a small elevated pillow section.

She then tied the horse off in the stall and explained
that this was to keep him from moving around too much.
She then walked over to a cabinet and removed a jar and
opened it. She stuck her fingers in it and withdrew a
gooey substance and walked over to me and said “Put one
foot up on the bench so that your legs will spread, I
want you to go first, ok, since this is your first
time. I want you to have the fullest and freshest
experience from him, you will remember it always.”

“Wait, what’s that you have in your hand?” I asked.
“Its lubricant for when we have to collect his sperm,
it also contains mare scent to make him more aroused.”

“Isn’t he aroused already?” I asked.

“Yes but this lube is very slick and you will need it.”

I placed my foot up on the bench and spread my legs and
exposed my completely shaven pussy to her. She took her
hand and applied the goop to my lips and worked some of
it up inside me. She also messaged my clit, to get me
more aroused myself and makes my vagina tent inside and
more accommodating. The excitement sent shivers all
throughout my body and the heat was making us sweat and
glisten in the little bit of light that was coming into
the barn. I raised my arm and placed my hand on her
shoulder to help steady myself to keep from falling
over from the headiness.

After she had me sufficiently lubed and excited, she
had me lie on the bench and place my legs up on the
side of the horse. She then walked around and took the
horse penis in her hands and stroked it to an even more
state of arousal. She then took the head and rubbed it
against my slit. I was feeling everything from
excitement to a bit of fear, but I remained in place
waiting for her to place it inside me.

“Open up as far as you can,” she says. I spread my legs
and opened up, as she f****d the head of the penis
against my opening. Slowly, I began to allow the penis
in, and it filled my tight vagina completely. I gasped
as the head finally slipped all the way in and then the
shaft began to fill me. She continued to push the horse
inside me; being that I am slender I could see the
impression of the huge penis through the skin of my
tummy. After she got all she could get inside me, she
began to pump it in and out slowly. I gasped, as waves
of pleasure started to wash all over me, and make my
vagina spasm with contractions around it.

“Doesn’t that feel so good!” she exclaimed as she
continued to work my pussy. I could hear sloshing and
slurping noises from the effort. After a few more
minutes of this odd and strange, yet very pleasurable
experience, the horse begins to pulse and push on its
own in and out of me.

Suddenly without warning I felt a surge as warm semen
began to fill my over stretched womb, and flow out of
my vagina in splashes and globs. I could feel it
running down into the crack of my ass and cover my
asshole. Instantly I could no longer contain myself and
I had built up the last wave of orgasm and yelled out
as a torrent of release washed over me, like
electricity. My vagina was contracting, pulsating and
hungrily accepting it all the way in. I was panting and
moaning like a wild woman, holding my legs back at the
knees giving Cheryl full access for her to exploit my
pussy with her prized horse.

She continued to fuck me with it for several more
minutes, to cause me to have at least three more
orgasms, before starting to pull the horse out of me
slowly. She pulled on it and finally I felt and heard
the squishy pop, as the head pulled free from my now
loose and well used vagina.

Immediately I felt more of the horses cum gush out and
splash on the ground with a liquid splatter. Cheryl
immediately started to lick and slurp the sperm, from
my gaping wide vagina. She even licked the cream from
my asshole sending me over the edge again, while I
cried out with more pleasure.

She quickly made me change places with her and had me
straddle her face as I pushed down and let the remnants
of cum run out and into her mouth. We were both gasping
and moaning very loudly, and then she started to tell
me to fuck her with the horse like she did me. I walked
around and grabbed the horse penis and quickly placed
the head against her and it slid right in.

With both hands I grasped the huge penis and slid it in
and out of her well adjusted pussy. She jumped and
squirmed, as yet another load of hot cum squirted deep
into her, splashing all over me and the ground. I
continued to fuck her until she had enough and orgasmic
multiple times as well, then also I returned the favor
of giving her a good licking of this studs valuable

We then stopped after we had been completely spent and
my legs were quivering from the intensity of the whole
ordeal. She replaced the bench and escorted me out of
the stall and pick up our clothes and then quickly ran
to the house where we shared a shower together. “So how
did you like it?” she asked me with eagerness in her
voice and holding my face in her hands.

“That was amazing, thanks for showing me that.” I
replied back with enthusiasm.

We got out of the shower and dried off and got dressed
again, the air conditioning was refreshing and feeling
a bit exhausted from the heat and the passion, I asked
her if we could lie down for a while. She joined me on
the bed and we cuddled close together as the ceiling
fan caressed our skin with cool air.

I fell asleep holding her hand around me and smiling at
my new found friend.

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