A Friend, the Family Great Dane, Myself and Mom

After my Father passed away, my Mother had a difficult
time and was drinking quite often. Mom was 36 I was 14,
and I was at a point where I loved to jack off while
spying on Mom.

I had drilled a hole through her bedroom wall from the
hall closet and had a perfect view of her bed. I often
watched Mom masturbate with a vibrator. I knew when she
was going to be having her fun, cause it was always
after she had a few drinks.

My Mom was very good looking, she had long blonde hair
down to her ass and her tits about 36c. Her hips were
very slender and she had a pert ass to die for, and her
pussy smooth shaven.

This particular day she had been drinking more than
usual and I decided that I was going to share watching
Mom with a friend of mine who was a year younger than
me and was a jack off buddy. When Dan got there I told
Mom we were going to my room to play some board games,
she replied that was fine. I came back to the living
room about 10 minutes. later and didn’t see her, I saw
her bedroom door was slightly open. I quietly went over
looking through the door I saw her on the bed naked
with her vibrator in her. I also saw Duke laying at the
foot of her bed, but didn’t think much of it at the
time. I went back to my room and told Dan to follow me,
but to keep quiet. I showed him the hole in the closet
he looked through it and whispered ” fuck, that’s your
Mom fucking herself with a vibrator.” I just smiled and
said ” yea, she does this all the time and I love to
jack off while she does.” I told him that she had more
than usual to drink today and we could probably watch
her from her bedroom door without her knowing while we
jacked off. His reply was ” Fuckin’ cool.”

We both took off our pants, walked over to Mom’s
doorway and what we saw next was unreal. There was Duke
on her bed and Mom was sucking a massive dog cock. I
mean it was HUGE had to be 11″ long, funny looking
though cause it was kinda pointed at the tip then got
thicker as it went back. We looked at each other and I
said “don’t you fuckin’ tell anyone about this, I’ve
got an idea how we can get our first fuck and more
whenever we want it.” Dan looked at me and replied ”
fuck man as long as I can see more of this I ain’t
tellin’ no one.” We both watched as Mom was sucking
Dukes cock all the way down her throat, she had his
hairy sheath pulled back and you could see a baseball
size lump where her hand stopped, then his balls. She
continued sucking his cock as he was humping her mouth.
Suddenly Mom pulled his cock out of her mouth and said
” be Mommies good dog and squirt that hot doggie cum
all over Mommies face and down her throat.” She stroked
him a few more times and he started squirting all over
Mom’s face, then she shoved his cock back in her mouth
and drank every drop of his cum.

I decided this was my opportunity, I pushed open the
door walked in and said “that was sooo Fucking Hot,
Mom.” Even though she was drunk she was shocked when
Dan and I burst in while she still had Dukes’ cock in
her mouth. She pulled it out and said half yelling and
slurring her words “What the fuck you doin’ in here!” I
looked at her, my 8″ cock standing straight up and
feeling like it would split, and said ” after what we
just saw you need to just do what I tell you to, unless
you want everyone to know what you’ve been doing with
the fucking dog.” Then she noticed Dan behind me and
yelled “W-whath fuck ish he doin’ here!” I told her he
is here to do the same thing I am, enjoy having you
suck and fuck us and anything else we want. She knew
she had no choice and besides as drunk as she was I
don’t really think I needed to threaten blackmail.

Now she had noticed my cock it’s head deep purple the
veins standing out and the throbbing. She looked at Dan
and he too was rock hard, a little smaller than I was
and he was stroking his cock slowly as he stood there
his mouth open. “Get your fucking ass over here and
suck Dan’s cock,” I commanded. She immediately slid his
cock into her mouth and Dan let out a long low groan,
“Ohhhh fuck! That feels so fuckin’ good.”

He grabbed my Mom by her head and started pumping his 7
hard throbbing inches to the back of her throat. I
started to finger her sopping wet cunt, I called Duke
up on the bed and put his nose up to her cunt and he
started to lap up and down her cunt and ass. This cause
her to yell out a garbled, “Fucth, thas good.”

I told Dan to stop as I wanted some of the action. Dan
pulled out and as he did “UH FUCK!” And he shot his
load of hot white gooey cum all over Mom’s face. I
grabbed her hair and shoved all 8″ of my hard teenage
cock into her mouth without warning. I shoved it till
it hit the back of her throat and then I pushed till it
popped down her throat.

Mom gagged at first, but then stopped as I continued to
fuck her throat, it was so fucking tight as the head
popped down her throat. I knew I wouldn’t last long. It
was right about 10 minutes and I was ready, “AWWGH! YOU

I let loose with the biggest load of hot sticky cum I
ever had. Shooting down her throat, after the 4th spurt
I pulled out and finished squirting on her face. “wipe
that cum off your face and eat it ” I commanded. She
immediately did so.

“Mom,” I said. “Have you ever fucked Duke?”

Her eyes widened and she said, “NO, and I have no
intention of doing so now.”

I looked at her and said, “You’ll do whatever I tell
you to do, for as long as I want you to, or everyone
will know what the fuck you’ve been doing with Duke. I
have pictures.”

I didn’t have pictures… not yet anyway, but she
didn’t know that. ” So get on your fucking knees, like
Dukes bitch in heat,” I commanded. I led Duke to her
rear and her cunt juices were running down her thighs.
I think secretly she was excited about the thought of
Duke fucking her. Little did she know my plans were for
him to fuck her in the ass.

While Duke was licking that wet cunt, I had Dan go get
my Polaroid. My cock was starting to get hard again at
the thought of Mom being fucked by Duke. “OH FUCK! His
tongue feels SOO GOOD! Especially when he licks my ass
like that.” Mom groaned in pleasure.

I spread her ass cheeks apart so Duke could really
concentrate on her asshole. Her moaning was getting
loader with each lick. Her asshole was now covered with
dog slobber and Duke was humping and I guided him
towards her asshole she cried out, “NO! Not my asshole,
he’ll tear me apart.”

Too, late he found his mark and slammed that 11″ cock
into her ass. At first Mom started to cry, but then she
was moaning with pleasure as Duke hammered her asshole.
I took the camera from Dan and took as many pictures as
I had film, for blackmail later.

My cock was now fully hard and I was ready for some
fucking. “Mom, I’m going to fuck that sweet cunt while
Duke fucks that tight ass and you suck Dan’s cock till
he cums. Do you understand?”

“Yes. Fuck your sutty Mom’s cunt while she’s being
fucked in the ass by the dog and sucks Dan’s cock.” she

I crawled under her, slid my cock into her tight cunt.
I could feel Dukes cock sliding back and forth in her
ass and Damn it felt goooood. Now Dan slid his hard
cock into Moms mouth, his balls hanging down over my
face. For some strange reason I got the urge and
started licking Dan’s balls and even stuck my tongue in
his ass.

“Fuck! Do that again and I’ll blow the back of your
Mom’s head off when I cum.”

I shoved my tongue in his ass as far as I could,
“UGGHHH! FUCK! SUCK MY CUM BITCH!” He shoved his cock
to the back of Mom’s throat and held her head there
till he emptied his hot load down her throat.

I could no longer hold out, OH FUCK! I’M CUMMING!” I
screamed as I shot another huge load of hot jizz into
my Mom. Then still breathing hard I scooted out from
under Mom and watched as Duke quickened his pace and
finally filled Mom’s ass with his hot doggie cum. There
was so much it that it was running out and down her
inner thighs. I wiped some off and tasted it. It wasn’t
bad, maybe a little salty, but not bad.

Needless to say we were all worn out after that and
after a while we all fell asleep in Mom’s bed. When she
woke up, she asked if what she thought had happened,
had really happened? Or was it all drunken dream?

I showed her the pictures and said, “OH YEAH! It
happened alright, and it’ll happen however and whenever
we want again.”

And there has been some really wild sex since then,
believe me!

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