A friend’s daughter takes care of the house while I’m on a business trip

I had given her a key to the back patio door.

I had instructed her to let the dog out in the morning
and again in the late afternoon and to give him 3/4 cup
of dry food each time.

I had instructed her to get the mail in the afternoon so
the box wouldn’t overflow while I was away.

I had instructed her to water the plants in the house
and those on the patio.

She was Alexia, the twenty year old daughter of one of
my friends. She was about 5 feet 4 inches tall, probably
one hundred ten pounds. Her father was of Middle-Eastern
descent and her mother was American. She had black hair
that had a natural sheen to it. Her skin color was as
though she had a deep tan year round. Her eyes were
large and dark, it was hard to see where the iris
stopped and her pupil began. She had a nice set of tits
and a firm ass from years of competitive swimming.

What I had failed to tell her was that I had been
mistaken about my flight time and my flight to the west
coast was much later than I thought. I should have
called her and let her know that I would not need her to
come by this morning as I would still be home, but as
usual I got busy and forgot.

I was in the master bath, standing nude in front of the
mirror, just finishing shaving when I heard the back
gate open and close. The master suite has its own door
onto the back patio so as I heard the gate I moved over
to look out the patio doors. I had just peeked out to
see why the gate had opened when I realized Alexia was
about half way to the other set of patio doors that I
had given her the key for.

My movement must have caught her peripheral vision
because at the same instant she looked to her left and
saw me standing at the other doors…still completely
nude. She looked straight at my face and then her gaze
dropped lower and stared for a second, the her head
snapped back forward as she reached the door.

I jumped back from the door at about the same time. I
didn’t quite know what to do. As I stood there thinking,
I heard the other patio door open again. I thought, ‘She
must be embarrassed and is leaving already’. But as I
looked out I saw that it was only the dog, Rowdy, going
off the patio to the back yard. Then I heard water
running in the kitchen, maybe she’s just going to act
like I’m not here and do the chores and then leave. I
decided this might be the best course for me as well.
I’ll just get my shower and by the time I’ve finished,
she’ll be done and gone.

I sure hoped that would be the case because I really
didn’t want to face Alexia after what had happened. It
might not be so bad that she had possibly seen me in the
nude but I didn’t know what she might think about my
“jewelry”. Even now I was thinking that as soon as she
had finished she would go back home and tell her parents
what a freak I was. My “jewelry” now consisted of a
single 4 gauge closed ring that was suspended thru the
underside of the glands and thru the urethra. The
closure was a larger ball that fit in the opening of the

I sometimes wore a matching stainless steel ring around
the base of my penis and another clamped around the
scrotum separating my testicles from the base of my
penis. Due to having to get thru the metal detectors at
the airport I had already removed them. I had
experimented some time ago and found it was not
necessary to remove the ring.

So, with these thoughts running thru my head, I stepped
into the shower and hurried to get finished so that I
could come up with some plausible excuse to call Alexia
and act as though I had not seen her and hoped that she
would do that too and also ignore the earlier incident.

I opened the shower door and reached for the towel I had
left on the hook. As I was drying my head and face I
almost had heart failure as I heard a soft but edgy
voice ask, “Does that…I mean did that hurt?”

I dropped the towel to cover my lower torso and there
straight ahead seated on the side of the tub was Alexia!
She was seated with her legs crossed in front of her
leaning forward still staring at my groin now covered
with a towel.

“What…Alexia…what are you doing here?’, I stammered.

“Well when I saw you thru the door I almost turned and
ran away but then I saw your… your thing… with the
silver ring… I was so confused I just came on in and
stopped in the kitchen. Rowdy came running up and jumped
up and so I put him out while I filled his water and
food… The more I thought about what I saw the more
curious I was” she just blurted out.

Alexia continued, “When I heard the shower I almost
decided again to leave but …well does it?

“Does what, what?” I sputtered.

“Does the ring hurt?” she asked with her face in a kind
of perplexed look.

“No” I choked out, “it doesn’t hurt… not now anyways.
When it was first pierced it hurt and as the ring size
was increased there was some discomfort until the hole

“Wow” she gasped, “that’s kind of kinky.”

I thought ‘now here it comes about what a perv I am,’
but instead Alexia looked straight into my eyes and then
said. “Can I get a closer look at it?” never dropping
her gaze.

I was only six or seven feet from where she sat on the
tub. I now saw that her breathing was shallow and rapid.
There was a light sheen on perspiration on her upper lip
and as I dropped my gaze from those dark hypnotic eyes
for the first time I saw that her nipples were distended
and visible in the scoop neck knit t-shirt she was

I looked back at her eyes and her gaze had not shifted.
She still had the same quizzical look on her face but
now there seemed to be a more lustful glint in her eyes.

As if in a trance, I took the first step toward Alexia.
As I moved toward her she kept her eyes locked on mine.
I stopped when I was within two feet of her. She then
looked down toward my towel covered privates and then
back to my eyes.

“Well,” she said.

I couldn’t move as I stared down into her face my gaze
alternating between the dark pools of her eyes and the
prominence of her breast as they strained against the
low neckline of her t-shirt.

My continued hesitation must have reached a limit with
her. She slowly but deliberately reached forward with
her right hand and grasped the towel next to my hand and
pulled it toward herself. I didn’t resist and she
lowered the towel to the floor as she removed it.

Her gaze now shifted from my eyes to my groin. She
stared straight at my penis and it’s hanging ring.

“Can I”..She started as she looked back into my eyes
again, her right hand already moving slowly toward it.

Now I know what happens to small prey when confronted by
a cobra. It was the same, those dark eyes piercing into
you…you can’t move…you are completely in their

She grasped it with her right hand in much the same way
as shaking hands. Her eyes shifted downward as she
gently grasped my member and pulled it straight forward.

The touch was electric. I released the air I had been
unconsciously holding for who knows how long and it
whooshed out of me. With that touch I also began to
respond to it and the fact that this stunning girl was
now pulling on my joint! My penis began to harden and
grow with the warmth from her hand.

Alexia was concentrating on her inspection but as I
began to harden she looked up and for the first time
smiled a dazzling smile and laughed. “It’s about time,”
She said.

“Is this okay?” she asked looking up as she now grasped
the ring and gently pulled my rising pole with just her
grasp on the ring. I couldn’t do anything but nod my
head up and down.

My stiffening rod was reaching full erection now and
Alexia gave it a several quick side-to-side wiggles
still just using her grasp on the ring. That was about
all it took and I was at full erection. She was still
examining it very closely, then without looking up she
asked, “Does this hurt” as she pulled harder on the

“No,” I replied, my first spoken utterance in some
while. Alexia was now looking into my eyes again with
that same piercing stare. “How about this,” she asked as
she pulled harder on the ring. “Nope,” was all I could
get out.

“This?” as she wiggled it side-to-side again with much
greater force.

“No,” I squeaked as it wasn’t pain but the exquisite
pleasure I was feeling from her manipulations to my rod!

I was now beginning to leak pre-cum from the end of my
rod and it caused her to loosen her grip on the ring. My
rod bounced up when released and a drop of pre-cum ran
down the underside of my shaft.

” You have a beautiful cock,” Alexia said as she leaned
forward and quickly ran her tongue up the underside and
collected the pre-cum on her tongue.

“And you taste delicious too,” she cooed.

There was a bark and a loud scratching sound came from
the back doors. Rowdy was finished with his morning
outing and was ready to come back in for his morning

“Fuck” Alexia blurted “Rowdy wants back in.” She re-
grasped my straining member in the handshake grip again
and pulled herself up from the side of the tub.

She squeezed my prick hard, forcing a stream of pre-cum
out. She scooped it off the tip of my prick and said,
“Don’t go anywhere and don’t touch this before I get
back.” She popped her finger into her mouth and sucked
the clear liquid off as she headed for the back door.

Well, I thought, this has been unreal but it’s over.
Rowdy was crazy about Alexia and I knew he would follow
her where ever she went in the house. I may as well
finish up in here and get dressed. I combed my hair and
spritzed on some deodorant and aftershave lotion. My
rampant rod had begun to droop a little as I turned
toward the walk-in closet.

“What are you doing,” I turned to see Alexia standing in
the doorway, “I said not to move.”

“Well with Rowdy in the house, I knew he wouldn’t leave
you alone,” I replied.

“I thought about that,” she said. “He’s having his
breakfast on the deck. She walked toward me with a
devilish look on her face and her hands behind her back.

“Turn around,” Alexia said as she stopped right behind
me. “And close your eyes.”

“Close my eyes?” as I turned to face her.

“Yep,” she said.

I closed my eyes wondering what was coming next.

I felt that familiar grip on my semi-hard prick, I heard
a metallic rattle then a sharp click. My eyes flew open
and I looked down at my rising rod and then Alexia.

She was standing there holding the other end of one of
Rowdy’s chain leashes, the other end was clipped onto
the ring thru the end of my cock.

“You know you really shouldn’t run around naked with
that tube steak jiggling about when you know an innocent
young girl is due over to feed your dog.” Alexia said
looking at my now rampant prick with a rather stern look
on her face. ” I think you planned this all along,” she
continued, “you just wanted to expose yourself to me,
didn’t you?” She still had that stern look on her face.

“No!” I screamed feeling the b***d rushing out of my
head feeling faint. “I didn’t…”

“Quiet,” she snapped, “I think you did, I think you need
to be punished for what you’ve done, I think you’re some
kind kinky guy…but” she paused, “that’s okay ’cause
I’m a little kinky myself” as she smiled and turned
toward the hallway pulling on the leash. “I hope you can
keep up…and keep IT up.” She giggled and off down the
hallway we went. She wasn’t running but kept going at a
fast walk, I managed to stay with her and kept the chain
just taunt but not really pulling with any force.

“Where are we going,” I panted as we went into the den
and headed for the dining room.

“Just getting the b***d flowing,” she replied as she
looked back at me then down to my straining member. As
we turned back down the front hall and started thru the

Alexia stopped and said, “Okay hold up a sec… it’s
getting warm in here.”

Still holding the leash in her right hand she grasped
the hem of her shirt with both hands and pulled it up
over her head. This caused the leash to shorten and I
had to quickly move closer to her to keep my prick from
being jerked forward.

Alexia threw the shirt on the chair and reached up to
the center front snap of her bra. It was a lacy black
under-wire and as she had her arms above her head her
boobs were pushed up and together creating a lot of
cleavage. I was impressed, her boobs were even larger
than I thought.

Off came the bra and onto to the chair. Her tits defied
gravity. They stood straight off her chest and were
capped with the most beautifully puffy nipples that I
have ever seen. 34C was my assessment.

“That’s better,” she remarked, “Are you ready for more,”
she asked with a smirk and a quick side to side shake of
the leash that made my cock jerk back and forth. The
quick jerk caused a large dollop of pre-cum to fall from
the end of my dick, it stayed connected as the large
droplet was suspended by a thick viscous strand of the
dick juice.

“Ooooooh,” Alexia gasped as she quickly knelt down and
sticking her tongue out she captured the droplet on her
tongue. Raising her head up slowly she caught the entire
strand in the cradle formed with her tongue… right up
to the end of my dick where she put her full lips just
around the head and sucked up the flow from the slit.

“Mmmmmmmm,” she groaned, “that is the most delicious
dick juice I’ve ever had. I hope you can keep it

I didn’t think that would be a problem as the longer I
stayed in the high state of arousal I knew that I
produced copious amounts of the stuff. And I had never
been more aroused that I was right now.

“Off we go,” she exclaimed and out of the study and down
the hall we went!

She took me on another lap thru the main part of the
house and then we headed back toward the master suite.

Alexia slowed her pace and headed straight for the
bedroom. She walked straight to the foot of the bed and
stepped up on it. She stopped and turned to me and
asked, “Ready for your punishment,” as she kneeled down
on her knees facing me and added, “On your knees on the

I stepped up onto the end of the bed on my knees as
Alexia began to move backwards toward the head of the
bed. Reaching behind her with her free hand she stacked
the pillows up in front of the headboard and sat upright
against the pillows. She then, slowly, hand over hand,
began to pull on the leash drawing me closer to her on
my knees.

As she came to the end of the chain, her right hand was
holding the clip just beneath the ring. She tugged a
little more using the clip to move me forward until the
head of my cock came in contact with her lips. She
released the clip and simultaneously engulfed the head
of my dripping dick in her lips in a sucking kiss.

“Mmmmmmm,” she mewed again as she pulled the nectar from
my slit. She kept the sucking kiss going and I could
feel the pre-cum being pulled from deep inside. It was
the most amazing sensation I think I could remember. My
dick was hard as steel and flowing pre-cum as I looked
past her sucking lips to her tits. Those puffy nipples
were now as engorged as my dick. They were swollen and
the nipples had lengthened to a least half an inch.

She pulled her mouth off my prick and said, “Fuck my
mouth now, I want you all the way in… in my throat. I
want you to come in my throat. And squeeze my tits when
you fuck my throat… squeeze them hard.”

I reached for those fantastic tits but then paused, “Let
me take the ring out first, it might hurt you…”

“NO!” she said, “leave it in I want it in.” And she
engulfed the head of my dick again looking up into my

I began to move my hips forward slowly advancing my cock
into her mouth. Alexia reached up a grabbed both my
hands and brought them to her boobs. We her hands on top
of mine she began to squeeze my hands on her tits. She
then put her arms around me and grasp my ass and pulled

I could feel the tip hit the back of her mouth and then
she swallowed once and pulled harder. I could feel the
tip sliding into her throat. Alexia pulled until I
bottomed out then released her grip on my ass as she
established the fucking rate she wanted and I was on my

I pistoned in and out without ever leaving her mouth.
Somehow she was managing to breathe between strokes. She
squeezed my hands again, indicating for me to squeeze
harder. She grabbed my ass again to increase the tempo
of the throat fucking. Then harder on her tits! She was
now lunging forward to meet and maximize the thrusting
into her throat. She picked up the pace even more.

I could feel my balls beginning to tighten up. Alexia
was picking up the tempo even more and I knew I couldn’t
last much longer. I was mauling her tits now. I could
feel the pressure building. I think Alexia could read
this thru my raging cock.

With her left hand on my right ass cheek, she mover her
right hand up between my legs and I felt her grasp my
ball sack. This contact was all it took, I could feel
the eruption as it start and so did Alexia. She squeezed
my balls at just the right instant. I lunged forward and
buried my cock until my public bone smacked her in the

I could feel Alexia shiver and shake beneath me… quick
powerful jerks like a seizure… she was cumming too.
She was orgasming from the throat fuck and squeezing of
those b***d engorged nipples.

The cum spewed forth like a geyser. I could feel pulse
after pulse pump out of my cock and down Alexia’s
throat. I was light headed as my cock continued to pump
cum into her throat. After what seemed like an eternity
the eruption subsided.

I slowly began to extract my spent cock from her throat.
As the head reached her mouth she trapped it again in
the soft sucking kiss and I could feel the cum left in
the tubing being pulled out. She continued the suction
until I thought I would pass out. I gently pulled back
and her lips released the head with a soft popping

She looked up and smiled and said, “Well I hope you’ve
learned your lesson. From now on, if you point that
thing at me you better be prepared to have it used!”

“I’ll go let Rowdy in now, but I’ll keep him in the den
until you leave…and by the way, you better move your
ass or you’ll miss your flight.” Alexia jumped up off
the bed and squeezed my cock as she headed out the door,
“Seeya in four days ya big perv.”

I looked at my watch. “Holy shit, I AM late.” I thought.
I jumped into my clothes, threw the remaining toiletry
items in my bag and headed for the garage. Just as I was
going out into the garage I remembered I didn’t have my
briefcase so I threw the bag in the car and headed back
to get it. I has set it down in the kitchen last night
so it would remind me to grab it on the way out.

I grabed my briefcase and headed back to the car. As I
passed the door to the den I heard Alexia scolding
Rowdy, “No come back over here, he’s leaving on a trip,
come back over here and finish….” He must have heard
me in the hall, I thought, and wanted to get out of the

The drive to the airport and the flight to San Diego
were both uneventful. I checked into my hotel, took a
short walk around the area to stretch my legs, had
dinner at a nearby restaurant that had been recommended
and turned in early. I had a couple of drinks at dinner
and so I drifted right off to sleep.

I dreamed of the events of the past day… Alexia… her
body…her sucking lips… her abandon… wait! Finish
what? Was she feeding Rowdy the rest of his breakfast in
the den… no he had plenty of time to eat while we were
in the bedroom… what had she said when I passed the
door? Come back over here… then she had repeated that
but what was the last part she had said as I was at the
far end at the garage…it hadn’t registered with me at
the time…

Was it… Come back over here and finish …eating me?
Was that what Alexia had said to Rowdy? My mind took
off. Did Alexia have another side of her kinkiness? Was
she into K9 stuff I wondered. I knew that she and Rowdy
had gotten along great which was somewhat unusual in
that Rowdy was not necessary easy to warm up to people.
He wasn’t aggressive, aloof was more like it, and
typical of the breed.

Rowdy was a five year old Rhodesian Ridgeback. We, my
wife at the time and I, had become interested in the
breed and had gotten Rowdy and then a bitch from another
breeder in South Africa. Bounce, the female, had gone
with Sandy, my ex when we divorced and I had kept Rowdy.
Both of them had excellent breed characteristics, were
both a dark rust color and while Bounce had been average
size, around 25 inches tall and 75 pounds, Rowdy was
above the breed average in size. He was about 30 inches
tall at the shoulder and weighed about 85 pounds.

Thinking about Alexia and the dog caused me to reflect
on seeing Rowdy mount Bounce when she was in heat. His
equipment was quite impressive as I recalled. We had
bred them twice and produced two litters but Bounce had
some problems so she was neutered after the second
litter. I remember Sandy commenting on Rowdy’s cock
after the last breeding.

They were in the back yard at the time and after they
had become knotted we were watching as they disengaged.
As Rowdy pulled out, his cock and knot were still
impressively engorged with b***d. Sandy had gasped and
said, “My god, look at that thing.”

His cock was at least eight inches long then and thicker
than most I had seen. It had a very pointed tip but
broadened out quickly to its maximum girth before
tapering down toward the root. The knot was another
matter, it looked, as I remember, to be as large as a
small orange, not quite as large as a baseball.

Would Alexia let Rowdy eat her out? I thought about that
hot session with her. I had dumped more cum than I had
ever shot at one time down her throat and I knew she had
had and least one orgasm and possibly more while my
cream was shooting down her throat and I had been
mauling her tits.

If she hadn’t reminded me of the time I would have
probably gone down on her to reciprocate or if my cock
had revived maybe I could have played a little hide the
salami with her. If I had left her hanging maybe she did
go to Rowdy for release. I woke up at that point with a
steel throbber and headed into the bathroom to take care
of it.

I thought… when I get back I’ll have to be more
observant of what goes on between the two of them!

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