A frustrated wife seeks help

The knock on the door had been gentle. When I opened
the door Kay’s voice was very nervous. And now we were
sat opposite each other on the arm chairs drinking
coffee. And Kay was clearly upset. We had known each
other for many years, but not as strong friends. Kay
and her husband Tony would sometimes pass the time
chatting to either me of my wife Judy when we met, but
we didn’t go to each others houses or socialise more
than that.

It was me who broke the ice. “So what’s the problem,

Kay was in her late forties with short dark hair, and
while her body was filling out a bit she was still very
shapely and attractive. She also looked quite
vulnerable as she began to cry. It took her a couple of
minutes before she hesitantly began to speak.

“I’m sorry, but someone I work with said I should come
and talk to you. That you or your wife might help.”
Again she began to sob, so I passed her some tissues. I
apologised that Judy was out, but made encouraging
noises and Kay hesitantly continued.

“It’s Tony.” Tony was a kind friendly man, but was
perhaps twenty years older than his wife. Again, after
a pause Kay continued. “It’s Tony. We’ve been sleeping
apart for over ten years now. He’s no interest in…”
Kay hesitated, embarrassed. She continued. “We
haven’t… for ten years.” Suddenly she blurted it out.
“I need it!”

We sat in silence. I was stunned, Kay embarrassed.
After a few moments Kay blustered “I’m sorry, sorry, I
shouldn’t have said that. I must go,” She leapt to her

I help my hand up and spoke in my strong voice. “Kay.
Sit down.” She stopped, and tentatively sat down.

It was me who broke the silence, but in a gentler
voice. ” What you mean Kay” I looked hard into her
eyes. “What you mean Kay is that you need a bloody good

At my choice of language Kay went even redder and
looked down. I continued. “Is that what you want to

For several seconds Kay said nothing, but then I heard
her quiet “Yes.”

I felt I should push this just a little further. “Then
if that is what you mean, then you must say it.”

“No, I can’t,” Kay quickly got out.

Again I paused. “You must say it, Kay.”

Another pause, but this time she said it very quietly
and demurely. “Bill, I need a bloody good fucking.”
Suddenly she became a little more animated. “But I
can’t give in, you must take me. You must do it. You
must…” I held up my hand and stopped her. I stood up,
walked to where she was, pulled her to her feet and
within seconds had lifted her in a fireman’s lift. She
was shocked, but she did not struggle.

Kay was wearing a black skirt and blouse, the skirt
riding up as I held her in the lift. I carried her to
the bedroom and threw her gently onto her back on the
bed. “Don’t move!” I ordered. I knew should would give
in to anything, now, but she needed to feel I was
taking her, making her do this against her will. As
that was what she wanted, I felt I could take her much
further than she imagined, and would open her to more
pleasure in the future.

I went to her, reached behind her and undid her skirt,
and with one move removed both skirt and panties. She
moved to cover herself with her hands to hide her

I spoke gently to her. “I will not allow you to cover
yourself, stop that.”

The bed was ready prepared for good times, so I sat on
her, and within a couple of minutes had her tied
spread-eagled on the bed, arms and legs stretched wide,
with the silk bands that were attached to the corners
of the bed. We use silk because it’s strong, but
doesn’t rub or hurt. Remarkably Kay remained quiet,
despite the humiliation of being naked from the waist
down and being tied to the bed with legs apart.

“Kay,” I spoke to her gently. “Have you ever used toys
at all.”

Kay suddenly looked frightened and confused. “No,” she
said nervously. “Never wanted to.”

I went over to the dressing table and picked up a
vibrator, perhaps 7 inches long with an attachment on
the end which rested against the clitoris, and took it
to the bed and showed it to her. It was a special toy
with a remote control which I worked. “Kay.” Again I
spoke quietly. “You are obviously very agitated and
excited. I am going to put this in you for perhaps
twenty minutes to remove some of your agitation. Then
we will make love. I am going to watch your twenty
minutes. Watch everything that you do.”

Kay looked shocked and struggled against her bonds.
“Please, no!”

I ignored Kay’s protests as I gently tickled her
already sopping pussy for a moment before sliding the
vibrator slowly inside. As I turned it on I watched as
her eyes opened wide, heard her catch her breath as I
set it to 3 on the dial. I sat back in a chair and
watched, as the vibrator was clearly having an effect
whirring inside her as well as vibrating against her
clitoris. Despite herself, Kay’s breathing was getting
heavier, her body beginning to buck, and after about 3
minutes she screamed out as an orgasm ripped through
her body, her hips thrusting into the air.

For a moment I turned the vibrator off to let her catch
her breath. Kay gave the impression she thought that
was going to be the end, but perhaps two minutes later
I turned the vibrator on again this time set to five.
Kay cried out “No, please…” but couldn’t resist the
effect. Within a minute her body was squirming against
the silk bonds. She moaned softly, her breathing
getting heavier. Again, after perhaps three or four
minutes she screamed in orgasm again.

Again I turned the vibrator off for a moment. Again Kay
expected to be released. Again I turned on the
vibrator, this time on full. Her third orgasm ripped
through her body, as did her fourth and fifth with the
vibrator. Ten years of pent-up frustration were
released in that twenty minutes. For me, it was a
wonderful show. For Kay the mix of bondage, humiliation
and stimulation had given her a twenty minutes of
pleasure like she had never experienced before.

After the fifth Kay seemed exhausted, so I went to the
bed and released the bonds and removed the vibrator. As
I did she held onto me, hugging me tightly. I stroked
her hair gently until she relaxed and I could lie her
on the bed, kissing her gently while my hand softly
caressed a breast, still held in bra and blouse. For
several minutes I kissed her and let my hand caress her
breasts, then began to undo her blouse, then reach
behind her and unclip her bra. Her ample and full
breasts fell clear – stunning for a woman of her age.

I took her left breast in my mouth and nibbled her
already erect nipple, then moved to the other. Kay lay
back relaxed, enjoying the attention. At last I spoke
to her.

“Kay, you are mine. But I need to take you to the last
bits of your submission.”

In her relaxation I heard her murmur softly “Yes
please.” I sat astride her chest and rested my cock
between her breasts, pulling the breasts up to encircle
my cock. I began to slowly slide my cock back and
forwards, the tip pointing at Kay’s face. It felt so
good that I sped up, fucking her beautiful tits. It was
only as I was about to cum did she realise what was to
happen, but I held her tightly as I fired my cum all
over her face. She was so hot I seemed to have gallons.
There were strands all over her face and hair.

As I relaxed I got off her and with my hand smeared my
cum all over her face and through her hair, then we lay
together in each others arms. Once or twice she moved
her hand to remove my cum but I stopped her gently and
she did not force it.

We lay together for perhaps twenty minutes until I
spoke to her. “Kay, there is one last part of yourself
that you have not yet given.” Kay tensed and looked at
me as I continued. “Please roll onto your stomach, rest
your head on your hands and raise your beautiful ass as
high as you can in the air.”

For several moments Kay lay there trying to work out
what I meant, and I felt her tense as she clearly put
it together. She spoke worriedly. “Please no. No-one
has ever been there. It will hurt. It is too tight.”
She went silent and we simply lay there side by side.
After two minutes I felt Kay begin to move, watching
her rolling over and raising her as with her legs. She
was such a hot woman I was more than ready for this.

I knelt behind Kay and rubbed some KY Jelly onto my
cock before putting the tip to her asshole. Again she
tensed, but didn’t move. I caught hold of her hips and
pulled her towards me as I plunged strongly deep inside
her. Kay screamed, but did not try to pull away. I held
still as I felt her relax, although her hole still held
me tightly.

After a couple of minutes I slowly slid out of her and
pushed back in, and heard her moan with pleasure. I let
my fingers move and tickle her clitoris as I slid out
and in again, and again she moaned and was already
breathing heavy. I stopped and had a thought.

I reached for the vibrator I had been using earlier,
and with my cock deep inside her I slid the vibrator
into her pussy, with the attachment against her
clitoris. I turned on the vibrator and felt it through
the membrane separating her ass from her pussy – it
felt good. Kay clearly felt it as her hips began to
buck, sliding on my cock, responding to the vibrator.
Her ass muscles were clenching my cock in spasms as she
– and I – rose towards our next orgasm. Suddenly Kay
screamed in pleasure, cumming hard, squeezing my cock
until I too began to spurt my cum deep inside her. Her
body writhed squeezing every last drop from me, until
we both fell exhausted, me on top of her.

Perhaps ten minutes later I whispered to her. “Perhaps
you need to shower, and I’ll meet you downstairs.”
Twenty minutes later we were sharing coffee this time
much more relaxed. Kay was delightful, but I knew this
would be an infrequent event – without doubt she adored
her husband and would try to be as loyal as possible.
When she left half an hour later I knew sometime she
would be back.

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