A Fun Night With My Mom

The time was around 5:30pm and I got home and wanted to jack off. While jacking off, I was looking at porn and dreaming of doing it with my “hot” mom. This was in my bedroom. After I cummed, I went into the bathroom to clean myself up.

My bathroom door was open, and while cleaning myself, my dick was fully erect. I heard a “what are you doing?” and I turned around and it was my mom! I told her that I was going to take a shower, and she said “can I join you?” and I said sure, so we went downstairs to her bedroom and got into the shower. I asked, “why do you have so much hair down there?” She replied since your dad has been away I haven had the need to shave it, but her friend was coming over that night so she decided to shave for her and I.

Never being with a naked woman before, my dick was pointing straight up, and hard as a rock. She covered her vaginal area with shaving cream and started shaving, picking one leg up left a beautiful view of her tight pussy. After completely shaven, she took my hand and ran it over her pussy, I thought I was going to explode right there, my managed not to. She wrapped her hand around my 8″ dick and began to rub it, saying “I never thought it was this big!” She got down on her knees and began giving me a blowjob, it was great. She stopped before I cam, and it was my turn to eat her out. She sat on the shower floor and I got down and started licking her, she was very wet and started moaning. She got up and I asked “where are you going?” she said “lets get out and you can fuck me” So we got out dried each other off and went into the bedroom.

I laid down on her bed and she got and top of me and guided herself in, I was in heaven. She began moving up and down slowly and then increased quickly, her nice 32D tits were bouncing everywhere. I told her I was going to cum and she said cum in my pussy. I started to cum and she bounced faster and faster. She said go upstairs and get some clothes on, I went upstairs to change when the doorbell rang. It was her friend, my mom answered the door wearing a robe and her friend asked” if your son here” she replied he is not feeling well, and is sleeping. I followed them were they couldn’t see me and they went into her bedroom. They both started stripping and started kissing.

After watching them for about 10min. I went in to surprise them. I was wearing some flannel pants and a t-shirt, I got on there bed and looked at her friend, who had a bald pussy with half of a double dildo in her and huge 36DD tits. My mom gave a few quick strokes of the dildo then took it out and got into position and they started pussy riding each other. I was extremely hard again and my mom’s friend began to take my pants off. She took my cock in her hands began rubbing it slowly.

They got off each other and I got on top of my mom’s friend and started titty fucking her. I felt great. Then my mom’s friend sat on my dick and my mom sat on my face, I was licking my mom’s pussy, and they were kissing while I was finger my mom’s friends ass. We switched position to where I was doing my mom doggy style and her friend was under her licking my balls and playing with a vibrator on my ass.

Her friend took my dick out of my mom’s pussy and put it right at her ass, my cock went in without a problem and it was very tight. I told her I was going to come and fill her ass up, some of the cum poured out of her ass and onto her pussy. I laid back and they both got into doggy style with the double dildo. My mom gave my another blowjob and I cam quick and then she shared it with her friend by spitting into her mouth and kissing. We all got into the showing and they were having fun peeing with each other.

We got out, and all got into the same bed naked and fell asleep. I woke up the next morning with my dick hard and in between my mom’s friends legs, I reached around and gabbed her tits while putting my dick in her pussy. We fucked for 5min. then went outside and went swimming in the pool, where we all layed out in the sun playing with each other and resting enjoying the day.

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