A Girl spends a disgusting afternoon with her grandmother

Zoe sat staring at the white haired woman sitting in
the room with her. It was a Sunday afternoon and once
again Zoe’s parents had dumped her off at her
grandmother’s house while they went to visit some
friends in the countryside.

Usually Zoe would protest finding her Grandmothers
small suburban house boring but lately she was
beginning to enjoy the stays with grandma Ellis.

Her parents had a very busy social life and had little
time for their daughter. She often thought them selfish
even though she knew they loved her they didn’t spend
much time with her now she was thirteen.

Zoe had begun going through the change recently, when a
girl becomes a woman. She had recently developed peach
like breasts, which attracted the attention of many of
boys eye at school and her hips had started to widen
out. With these physical developments had also come
some certain urges.

Lately Zoe had been having sexual fantasies and
touching herself at night under the covers while she
was in bed. Once in bed her fingers would dance over
her tender breasts finding her extremely sensitive
puffy nipples, which she loved to pinch and twist.

Then her hand would glide down her stomach to inside
her pyjamas and further inside her wet panties. There
she would find the most sensitive part of all her clit.

She would take to finger stick them in her mouth until
they where coated in saliva before rubbing her little
button until climax while her twisted lust filled
images flash through her mind.

She knew this wasn’t uncommon, many times her friends
had discussed their crushes and the thoughts of dirty
acts they would do the objects of their affections
given the chance. Most of the conversations ended in
fits of laughter or some saying how gross they are but
this was different Zoe’s object of lust was her very
own grandmother Eve Ellis.

She knew theses thoughts where wrong. Most girls
thought about boys. Zoe thought about women and the one
she wanted more than ever was her own grandmother. Over
the past couple of months Zoe’s masturbation fantasies
consisted of the things she wanted to do to her white
haired widowed sixty four year old plump granny.

In her grandmothers living room on a bright Sunday
afternoon sitting in an armchair in front of a
television once again these thoughts crept into Zoe’s
young head. Her Grandmother sat on the couch on the
other side of the room reading one her books deep in

Zoe admired her grannies looks. Eve Ellis face was
covered in the lines of aging especially around the
eyes, which Zoe found strangely attractive. She had
saggy skin at the jowls of her mouth and chin. Her
once brown hair now white soft and slightly thick for a
woman her age. Her body was plump with a large belly
that sat in roles when she sat down; atop of that sat
two of the largest breasts Zoe had seen. These sagging
tits could hardly been contained in her Grandmothers
bra despite them being the largest pair she could find
in town and the large cardigan granny Eve wore clung to
her tits like a second skin. The floral skirt that hid
her short stumpy legs lead down to her large ankles
which Eve had had problems with nowhere days because of
the heavy weight she put on the.

Zoe fidgeted in her seat while the thought of what her
grannies pussy might look like rushed her head. She
could feel herself getting wet in her panties and
rubbed her jean-covered thighs together to relieve her
arousal, which only made her even more, turned on. Her
puffy nipples had become erect and protruded from the
top she wore.

Eve Ellie had noticed her brunette granddaughters
fidgeting across the room. She had been acting
strangely lately but Eve put it down to her becoming a
teenager. Her gaze left the books pages and met her
granddaughters. They stared into each other’s eyes a
moment before the silence was broken by granny Eve,
“Would you like a cup of tea?” she asked in her sweetly
old lady voice Zoe found so attractive.

“Yes please,” replied Zoe.

Eve climbed out of her comfy sofa and then shuffled off
into the hallway heading towards the kitchen. Zoe heard
the familiar sound of the kettle switch being turned

With her Grandmother out of sight she quickly
unfastened the button and zip of her jeans. She buried
two of her fingers into her hot wet hairless cunt while
letting out a soft moan. If she could just get a few
moments of relief she would be ok she thought.

Eve forgot to ask how many sugars Zoe wanted. Zoe had
told her many times before how many sugars she took in
her tea but at Eve’s age she often forgot. Eve walked
into her living room to find a scene that almost gave
her a heart attack. There in front of her was her
thirteen year old granddaughter masturbating.

Zoe’s hand was inside her panties rubbing her most
intimate girl parts while the other had massaged her
young breasts. Her eyes where closed while see
concentrated on pleasuring herself unaware her
grandmother stood in the room staring in shock unable
to say a word. Eve watched as her granddaughter bucked
her hips in ecstasy, breathing heavily. Then something
unexpected happened. “Fuck Me Grandma” let out Zoe in

Eve could feel pussy getting wet, something that hadn’t
happened since her husband passed away six years ago.
Her own granddaughter who her son and daughter in law
had left in her care for the day was fantasizing about
her and it was tuning her on. Without even thinking her
hand went to her left breast, which she began to rub

Zoe’s eyes opened to see what at first she thought was
just her imagination. Her grandmother was in the room
fondling herself; Zoe’s brown eyes met her
grandmother’s bright blue eyes and in that moment they
both knew for certain they wanted one another. Zoe’s
removed her hands from her underwear stood up and
walked across the room to where her beloved grandmother
stood. Without a second thought she kissed her. Zoe’s
own soft lips met the small ones of her grandmother.

Eve lost in the moment wrapped her arms around her
granddaughter holding her close while Zoe’s own hands
ran along her grandmother back. Feeling body she
squeezed her grannies large ass, which Eve seemed to
respond to as she opened her mouth and pushed tongue
into her granddaughter’s mouth. They French kissed for
a while exchanging saliva. In her younger years Eve had
been quite wild and surprised Zoe By taking her by the
arm and guiding her two slightly still wet pussy juiced
covered fingers and putting them in her mouth sucking
the juices from them.

Eve removed the fingers from her mouth and went back to
passionately kissing Zoe. Zoe could taste her own
juices in her grandmother’s mouth and it was
intoxicating. Breaking off the kiss Zoe looked lovingly
at her grandmother. She took her by the hand and
silently led her to the sofa. Kissing once more softly
on the lips before finally speaking Zoe longingly
asked, “Grandma I want to eat your pussy.”

Hearing such filth from her granddaughter sent thrills
through Eve’s body. “Are you sure about this?” asked

“I want you Granny, more than I’ve wanted anyone ever
in my life, I think about you all the time.”

“You can’t tell anyone about this or we will be in a
lot of trouble,” warned Eve knowing their relationship
would change forever.

“Don’t worry this will be are dirty little secret,”
answered Zoe with a sly grin creeping across her
freckled face. Eve wondered how this sweet little girl
she had known had turned into such a cunt hungry slut.

Zoe nervously undid the buttons of her grandmother’s
cardigan, which hugged her chucky frame. Eve removed
the cardigan and then took off the sweaty arm pitted
vest underneath leaving her with just a bra covering
her upper torso. “I’m going to need help getting this
bra off,” asked Eve.

Zoe reached behind her grandmother’s back and
unfastened the locks, which held her gigantic saggy
tits in place. Free of their constraints Eve’s large
tits sprung free drooping down wards.

Zoe looked over her grannies form. Her large tits
sagged downwards with a plump flabby belly underneath.
Zoe then began taking off her grandmother’s skirt. She
pulled it down her Gran’s cellulite covered legs to her
feet pulling off and discarding next to her.

Her grandmother wore a pair of old large white panties
which now where beige in colour and the front of them
had a large wet patch. Zoe could see her grandmothers
grey curly pubic hairs poking from the sides. Her
grandmother sat up a little while Zoe removed her warm
soaked panties.

The first thing Zoe noticed once discarding the panties
by the rest of her grandmother’s clothes was the smell.
Strong fishy odour, that filled the room coming from
between her grandmother’s legs. It was the most potent
smell Zoe had smelt in her life. She moved back to her
grandmother positioning her body between her
grandmother’s legs, resting each arm on a leg for
support. The sight that met Zoe was more amazing than
any she had ever witnessed.

A big plump vulva slightly discoloured and covered in
sticky grey pubic hair. Her large labia jetted out like
a glistening meaty flower between which Zoe could see
her grandmother’s wet fleshy treats.

Zoe had never actually eaten pussy before but had spent
enough time on the Internet fingering her pussy while
watching lesbian porn to have a pretty good idea. She
blew her warm breath lightly on her grandmothers hot
fuck hole. Eve let out a whimper her pussy was dying
for attention. She began to squeeze her tits, rolling
her hard brown nipples between her sausage shaped

Zoe looked up at her grandmother’s face before
preparing to bury her face in the object of many a
recent nights fingering fantasy. Eves face heavily
lined was filled with lust; she liked her lips still
fondling her large breasts. The geriatric woman said in
an almost animalistic tone “EAT MY PUSSY MEAT YOU

Without hesitation and with the seal of approval she
had longed for Zoe moistened her mouth with saliva and
lowered her angelic freckled face onto her grannies
cunt. Her tongue entered the thick folds of Eve’s pussy
lips. A tangy taste not unpleasant taste filled her
mouth. Zoe withdrew which was met by a loud moan from
her grandmother.

Zoe began licking her grandmother’s pussy lips wanting
to savour the experience. She plastered her pubic hair
in saliva. Sweat began to drip down Eves face now. Her
granddaughters face slightly hidden between her legs.
“That’s it, eat granny’s pussy, that’s it, be granny’s
like cunt whore,” she said.

All this dirty talk really got Zoe going. Zoe placed
two fingers in her mouth before easing them into her
grandmothers dripping wet pussy. There wasn’t much
resistance as Eve was quite loose. Zoe sucked her
Gran’s extremely large clit while she worked the
fingers in and out her Eve’s pussy twisting them a
little while see went.

Slick sloshing sounds emanated from Eves pussy. Eve was
letting out loud moans while her tit play and speed up.
She tweaked and pulled each breast. She was breathing
hard and fast while little Zoe was making slurping
noises from her clit sucking antics. Taking a hand from
her breast Eve put a hand upon Zoe’s head, gripping her
soft brown hair.

Zoe knew her grandmother was getting close to an orgasm
now and began sucking on he clit hard while sticking
all four of her fingers in her grandmothers leaking
cunt. Eve began screaming every obscenity under the sun
at her little granddaughter. “THAT’S IT YOU PERVERTED

Zoe stuffed her whole hand up her grandmother’s pussy
making a fist. She fist fuck her as hard as she could.
Zoe put two fingers on her free hand into her
grandmothers pussy juice wetted brown anus. The fingers
met a lot more resistance than the ones she put in
grannies pussy did. But the puckered wrinkled hole soon
gave way and Eve began to scream in delight momentarily
terrifying Zoe when she did.

Serious heat was really coming from Eve’s pussy now.
Zoe’s hand that was fisting her grandmother felt like
it was on fire. “I’m cumming!” screamed Eve which was
all the signal Zoe need to remove her fist from the
pussy and sweat juiced pussy and replace it with her
cunt hungry tongue. Zoe used her pussy juiced covered
hand to rub her grannies clit was fast as she could.
She f****d her tongue as deep up granny Eve’s pussyhole
as it could go licking the retracting walls of her
pussy inside. Pussy juice flooded Zoe’s face soakings
her. She swallowed as much pussy juice as she could.

“Filthy stinking bitch!” screamed Eve between waves of
orgasm, grinding her pussy into Zoe’s face while her
hand pushed the girls’ head hard into her wrinkly old
meaty pussy.

The orgasm loosened her bowels making Eve shit herself,
which wasn’t an uncommon experience for a woman her
age. The Shit mashed round Zoe’s thrusting fingers in
Eve’s asshole. Zoe still aggressively liked her
grandmother’s pussy until the humping had subsided.

Se slowly pulled away as her grandmother’s hand had
loosened from her head. A trail of spit and muffs juice
drooling from her red sweaty face. Eve too was read
faced and sweaty; the room stank of pussy juice, shit
and sweat. Eve was breathing heavily she smiled sweetly
at her grandmother who smiled back. Zoe’s shit covered
fingers still in her ass.

“I shit myself,” said Eve slightly embarrassed.

“That’s OK!” replied Zoe. She pulled the brown covered
fingers from her grandmother’s tight anus and without
saying a word shoved them into her mouth. Eve looked in
disbelief although after wanted had just taken place
could she really be surprised her granddaughter liked
eating shit. “Enjoying yourself dear?” asked Eve.

“Yep,” mumbled Zoe with her fingers still licking the
last remnants of her Gran’s shit from her fingers.

Zoe then lowered herself to her grandmothers shit
stained ass and began licking the rest of the brown
turf from her spinster.

Eve ran her hand through her sweaty bush and gently
rubbed her now tender swore clit. Once Zoe was done
with last of her shit licking she sat up on the sofa
next to her grandmother and took her nipple into her
mouth. “So what are we going to do now as mom and dad
won’t be here to pick me up for a while?” asked a shit
breathed Zoe after removing her mouth from Eve’s tit.

“Oh Granny can think of a few things,” replied Eve with
a wicked grin before engaging in a French kiss in which
she could taste her own shit and pussy juice at the
same time.

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