A girl wonders about her mother’s sex life and makes a startling discovery

For the past 2 weeks Marie had noticed when she got home
that her mother was already there and locked in her
bedroom. She could hear sounds on the other side of the
door but was unable to clearly hear what was going on and
it bothered her that Mona was keeping something from her.

The next week, when she got home from work, again she
heard her Mona in her room, and this time she noticed the
door was not locked. Quickly moving to the end of the
hallway, she turned off the hall light and returned to
the door and very quietly opened it. Since the door was
in a recessed nook she was able to get into the room
without Mona seeing her.

When she finally got up the nerve to peek around the
corner all she could see was Mona’s butt up in the air,
and there was nothing covering it. If the room hadn’t
been so dark Marie just knew she’d be able to see Mona’s
butt crack staring her in the face. Then she noticed the
sounds coming from Mona. Instantly she recognized them as
the same sounds she tried to stifle when she was
masturbating in her own room. Mona was definitely

Then Mona actually said something.

“Ok, lover, give me that big red cock you’ve got stuck
between those legs.”

Marie was shocked and quickly used her hand to cover her
mouth so she wouldn’t make any undue noises. Then she
watched as Mona lowered the upper portion of her body and
Marie was sure her mother was giving whomever it was
beneath her a blowjob.

“Damn! I wish there was a light on in here so I could see
who’s in here with her.”

Then she really got the shock of her life as she heard
Mona say, “Shadow, you’ve got the best cock I’ve ever
sucked on. I love the way your cock feels as it slides to
the back of my throat.”

Marie was now beside herself. Not only was someone in the
room with Mona, but it was their St. Bernard, Shadow.

“You mean to tell me Mona is sucking a dog’s cock?” she
said to herself. “I never would’ve thought of that one.”

Without thinking about it, Marie lowered her right hand
to her pants and quietly inserted it into her panties and
began to rub her clit with her fingers, trying to make
herself cum while watching Mona and Shadow. She peeked
around the corner and this time her eyes were used to the
dimness of the room and she could see that not only was
Mona sucking on Shadow’s cock, but Shadow had his head
between Mona’s legs and was slathering away at Mona’s
open cunt. Marie’s fingers began to move faster within
her vagina, the wetness beginning to soak her fingers.

“Don’t be shy, dear. Come from that corner and join us.”

Marie didn’t realize Mona knew she was in the room. She
stepped into the bedroom and moved towards the bed, never
removing her fingers from her own cunt.

“Don’t be alarmed, dear. I’ve been planning this little
get together for some time now, and we were wondering
when you’d finally get the nerve to join us.”

“What do you mean, mother?”

“Come on, Marie. I know how frustrated you’ve been
lately. I’ve been up when you’ve come home from your
dates and I’ve listened at your door while you frigged
your pussy and made yourself cum all over your fingers,
like you’re doing right now.”

Without thinking about it, Marie removed her hand from
her panties and hit it behind her back, afraid of being
caught, even though it was way too late to worry about

“You’ve been spying on me?”

“Well, not really spying, just concerned. When I saw how
bad you needed something I thought it was time to do
something about it, and this is it. Now why don’t you get
undressed and join me here on the bed?”

Without a word, Marie got out of her clothes and then sat
on the side of the bed.

“Yes, I know you have some questions, but let me begin
first. Shadow and I’ve had a thing going now for almost 2
years. He’s got the biggest and best cock I’ve ever had
and he doesn’t go around town bragging on what he just
got and how good it was, and all I have to do is keep him

Mona got off Shadow and sat next to Marie, rubbing her
hand on her daughter’s thigh.

“Go ahead. Ask me anything you want to.”


“Because I was lonely and didn’t want a commitment with
someone who would turn out to be a class A jerk and then
leave me once he got what he wanted from me. You know me.
I like to be as independent as I can and with a man
around it’s just not possible.”

“But why with Shadow? Isn’t that nasty?”

“I’ll admit, I hadn’t planned it that way, but things
happened and it got out of control and by the time I was
over with I realized how good it had been and decided to
try it out and see what happened. I was sitting on the
couch one evening and was playing with myself and I think
I’d leaned my head back against the couch and, with my
legs spread and my fingers working to make me cum. I
suddenly felt something cold against my thighs and when I
opened my eyes Shadow had his nose up my crotch and was
starting to lick my pussy.

From the moment he stuck his tongue against my clit I
knew it would be impossible to make him stop, so I let
him lick me until I came all over his tongue, and it was
the best decision I ever made. I have no regrets about
it, and I don’t think you will either, once you let him
get that wonderful tongue of his up your pussy, either.”

“Have you, you know, let him fuck you yet?”

“Many times. And he never seems to get enough of it and I
love it, too.”

“Show me what to do and let me try it for myself.”

“OK. Lay back and spread your legs and let me get you
ready first.”

“What do you mean by ‘Get me ready first’?”

“Just lay back and you’ll find out.”

At first reluctant to do so, she finally let Mona push
her back onto the mattress and then was told to close her
eyes and not to open them until told to. So once she was
flat on her back and her legs spread as far as she could
get them, she closed her eyes and let Mona begin.

“You’re going to like this part, too.”

“I hope so.”

Marie felt Mona’s hands on her small breasts and felt the
fingers pinch and tweak her nipples until they were rock
hard and she was beginning to moan from the pleasure.
Then the fingers were replaced with Mona’s mouth, as she
began to lick each globe and then to suck on the nipples,
nibbling them with her teeth, not enough for pain, but
plenty for the pleasure.

Again, Marie let out a long, slow moan of pleasure.

After she finished with her daughter’s nipples she slowly
moved her tongue down to Marie’s belly button and licked
there for a little while, before moving further down and
licking the vee of her legs, carefully avoiding the slit
before her face. Slowly she teased her daughter with her
tongue and would only approach the target before her
eyes, eagerly waiting for the moment when she would stab
her tongue into her daughter’s vagina and lick those
sweet juices she knew would be waiting for her.

As she licked on Marie her thoughts went back to the
first time she’d made love to another woman and how much
she’d loved it and had missed since then. It was while
she was in college and her roommate, Gerry gave her, her
first lesson in lesbian love. She was hooked on it from
that point and, though she didn’t really consider herself
a lesbian, she enjoyed eating a wet pussy and much as
sucking a hard, uncut dick.

Her late husband had been blessed with one of the largest
cocks she’s ever seen and he was also uncut and had such
an access of skin on his cock-head that she just knew
she’d accidentally c***e on it when she went down on him.
He had died almost 2 years ago and she still missed his
cock as much as she missed him.

She shook the thoughts from her mind and dove into the
hot wet slit in front of her and thoroughly enjoyed the
heady taste and aroma of her daughter’s cunt. It was like
nectar to her and she intended to enjoy it much more in
the future.

Marie couldn’t believe that Mona was actually sucking her
cunt and just the pleasure of it was enough to make her
cum several times before Mona stopped and got up and laid
beside her.

“Now, it’s your turn to pleasure your mother, dear.”


“Yes, you. Don’t you think it’s only fair to pleasure my
pussy like I did yours?”

“Well, I guess so. But I’ve never done this before. How
do I know I’ll do the right thing and make you feel

“Just do like you felt me do to you, and then go from
there. Don’t worry, if you do something wrong, I’ll let
you know about it when you’re done. But for now, just
make me cum with that tongue of yours.”

Marie pushed Mona back onto the bed and spread her legs
and placed her hand on her mother’s mound, pushing two of
her fingers into the crack and rubbing the clit. Mona
moaned with pleasure and the fact it was her daughter
make it all the more pleasurable.

Once Marie could feel the wetness of Mona’s cunt on her
fingers, she pulled them out and then leaned over and
placed her mouth on the pussy in front of her and stabbed
her tongue into the wetness and began to lick with
abandon. She found that the taste was better then she
thought it would be and really got into sucking the
juices from the depths of her mother.

While she sucked her first pussy she was unaware of
Shadow as he moved behind her and planted his snout into
her own cunt and began to lick.

Without missing a beat on Mona, Marie opened her legs as
wide as she could and let him get deeper into her,
enjoying the feel of the long canine tongue up inside
her. She concentrated on Mona for a while and after
making her cum several times pulled back and let Shadow
lick her to a climax as well.

“Now, I think it’s time you got introduced to his cock,

Shadow lay on the floor and rolled onto his back, his
cock-sheath exposed, with a portion of his pink cock
pocking out, glistening with the juices of his own

Marie watched as Mona reached out and grabbed the cock
and stroked it until it had gained more length and was
swollen to a size she didn’t think possible for any male.
Then she watched as Mona leaned down and took Shadow’s
cock into her mouth and preceded to suck on him, making
him shake with the pleasure.

Lifting her head, Mona told her, “OK, now it’s your turn.
Suck on that prick like you would any mans prick.”

Without any hesitation, Marie did as she was told and
grabbed the prick and then lowered her mouth to it and
took as much as she could into it, sucking it for all she
was worth. It wasn’t long before she realized that she
liked sucking on Shadow as much as she liked sucking on
Mona’s pussy.

She didn’t notice it when Shadow began to shake and the
next thing she knew, he was shooting into her mouth,
gagging her from the surprise of it, but she held her
mouth on the cock and sucked all the jism out of Shadow
and swallowed it all. When she was done she looked at
Mona and smiled.

“How did I do?” she asked.

“Looks like I’ve got a natural cock sucker on my hands,

They both laughed and knew that this was going to be a
great time to spend time with Mona and Shadow.




Marie enjoyed the feel of Shadow’s cock in her mouth, as
she sucked on him for all she was worth. What had begun
as a soft, 5-inch prick, now measured almost 9 inches in
length, of hard, pink dog-cock. The taste thrilled her,
as she fingered her pussy while she sucked on him. In no
time she climaxed all over her fingers, as she plunged
them into herself as far as she could get them — never
allowing Shadow to pull out of her mouth. A few minutes
later she was rewarded with a mouthful of his hot dog-
cum, shooting down her throat.

“You seemed to have a good time there, dear,” her mother
told her.

“Yes. I did.”

“So tell me, does it still seem nasty to you?” Mona
asked, throwing Marie’s own words back at her.

“Not really. I never thought it could be so good, and I
never dreamed I’d be sucking off a dick like that, let
alone one attached to a dog!”

“Just wait till he sinks that hard meat into your sweet
pussy, then you’ll know real pleasure.”

Shadow moved to a corner of the room, where he proceeded
to clean himself up and then got up and went to his
favorite room — the kitchen — where he got a drink and
then went to his corner and went to sleep.

“Looks like you wore him out, dear.”

“Come on, mother. I imagine you’ve done the same thing.”

“Many, many times.”

The two ladies sat on the bed, Marie only half dressed,
Mona completely naked, and were quiet for a while, each
with their own thoughts.

“Mama? Were you and daddy happy?”

“Yes. Very happy.”

“In bed?”

“Of course.

“Your father was a great lover, dear. The first time I
saw him naked I almost screamed! Even soft his dick was
huge! He was uncut — uncircumcised — and his foreskin
seemed to almost be as long as his limp dick! That’s what
really turned me on. I’d suck that dick till it was as
hard as it could get and then play with his skin, pulling
it back to expose the purplish head and watch as it
slowly retracted to cover the head again.

When I’d suck him it was as if his dick reached halfway
down my throat and I had to practice taking it in without
my gag-reflexes kicking in. Took a while, but I finally
got the hang of it. He would offer to hold the skin back
for me but I wouldn’t let him. Heck, that was what really
turned me on the most, all that skin. It was so sexy I
could almost cum just playing with it!”

“Did you have a dog then?”

“Oh, no. We didn’t get a dog till you were about 10. A
German Shepherd, I think.”

“Ever do anything with him?”

“No. And it was a ‘her’,” Mona laughed. “Never entered my
mind that something like that could be done with a dog.”

“Then, how did it get started?”

“Just full of questions tonight, aren’t you, dear?”

“Of course.”

“Ok. To answer your question, I thought about it when I
accidentally walked in on Mrs. Franklin.”

“Mama Franklin? Next door?”

“The same.”

“But, she must be pushing 75 by now!”

“Actually, she’ll be 86 sometime later this year!”


“Tell me what happened.”

“It was about a month after your father died.

“I went to her house to borrow something — can’t
remember what it was — and when Bessie didn’t come to
the door I got a little worried. You know she has heart

Anyway, I came back to the house and got the spare key
she gave us and went back and let myself into the house.
I called her name, but no she didn’t answer.

“It was then that the noises from the back of the house
got my attention, so I went back there, thinking Bessie
might need some help.

“Can you imagine how I felt when I saw her, on her hands
and knees, with Jack fucking the hell outta her??”

“Yes. Actually, I can,” Marie answered, remembering how
she felt when she’d walked in on Mona and Shadow.

“Yes, I’m sure you can,” Mona laughed again.

“Anyway, Bessie had a blank look on her face, like she
couldn’t see me, and seemed to be enjoying the assault by

“What did you do?”

“I stood there, doing nothing but looking at the scene. I
wasn’t able to move at all.

“I wanted to grab Jack and pull him off her, but I
couldn’t do it. It was like my feet were frozen to the
floor. I stood there till Jack dismounted and left the

“What happened then?”

“Bessie got up and sat on the bed, patting the mattress,
asking me to sit next to her. I did and she placed her
hand on my knee and asked me if I’d been shocked by what
I’d just witnessed.

“I told her I was. She told me not to be ashamed of it,
and she slowly moved her hand up my leg to my thigh.
After that I only remember bits and pieces of what
happened next.”


“The next thing I remember is she’s got her hand in my
then-wet panties, playing with my clit until I came all
over her hand. Next she’s pulling off my clothes and
pushing me back on the bed, spreading my legs at the same
time and pushing them back till my knees are rubbing my

It was then that I felt her mouth on my pussy, as she
pushed her tongue inside me and sucked my juices till I
couldn’t stand it anymore. Her mouth felt so good that I
didn’t want her to stop. I think I must have climaxed at
least 4 or 5 times while she continued to use that
talented tongue on me. I’ll tell you this, even though I
loved your father dearly, I’d never come that hard with

“I couldn’t stay still, not with that tongue doing those
things to me. I remember bucking up, pressing my pussy
against her mouth, like I couldn’t get enough of her down
there. I didn’t want her to stop, but soon she did. I was
about to ask her not to stop when she circled around and
straddled her legs over my head, with her puffy pussy now
hanging over my face as she lowered herself until I had
no choice but to do the same thing to her, use my tongue
on her pussy. She was still dripping Jack’s cum and it
went right into my mouth and I made my tongue as hard as
I could and started to fuck it into her wet hole.

“I’ll tell you this, Marie, that was the best pussy I’d
ever eaten.”

“I take that to mean that it wasn’t the first time you’d
eaten another pussy?”

“You’d be right, too. But that’s another story.

“Yes, I did like it, and until she had that stroke about
6 months ago Bessie and I, along with Jack, and later
Shadow, had an affair we both enjoyed very much.”

Marie got quiet again at that point. She seemed to be
deep in thought.

“What’s wrong, dear?” Mona asked.

“Well, I’ve been having my own affair lately.”

“Really? Who is he? Do I know him?”

“That’s just it, it’s not a ‘him’, it’s a ‘her’. Her name
is Justine.”

“Justine Rogers?”


“Your roommate?”

“One and the same.”

“When did this start?”

“My junior year at college.”

“Tell me about it.”


“Well, I knew something was different with Justine when I
met her. Other girls were nervous around her, but the two
of us seemed to hit it off from the beginning. I had
heard the rumors but never paid any attention to any of

“When did you now for sure she was a lesbian?”

“About halfway through the first year.

“One night I heard something coming from her side of the
room and when I went to investigate I found her with a
vibrator stuck up her twat, and she was licking her own
juices off her fingers. When she saw me, she sat up and
grabbed my hand, pulling me towards her. I fell on top of
her and without even thinking about what we were doing,
we began to kiss each other and then we were feeling each
other up, grabbing boobs and sliding hands to each others
twats as well.”

“What did you do?”

“At first I went along with what she was doing, only
later realizing how good it felt to have her doing to me
what I was doing then to her as well. Pretty soon she’s
gotten me off her and had me on my back and her head was
between my legs with her tongue up my wet, and getting
wetter, pussy. I loved the feel of her using her mouth on
my clit and sucking it into her mouth, stroking it with
her tongue, and making me come in her mouth.

“Pretty soon we had reversed positions and as she sucked
on me I started to suck on her, mimicking the things she
was doing to me. You have to realize, this was the first
time I’d ever done anything like that. I was a novice,
but I was learning quickly, and loving every moment of it
as well.

“What really appealed to me though were her nipples. They
stood out almost a full inch when they were hard, and for
some reason I was drawn to them, sucking on them like a
baby would, and she loved the attention I paid to them as
well. While I sucked on one nipple she would pinch one of
mine with one hand and rub my clit with her other hand.
Soon we were sitting facing each other and playing with
nipples and clits at the same time. I think we sat there
for hours, enjoying the feelings between us.”

As Marie told her story Mona began to play with her
daughter’s pussy, slowly pumping 3 fingers into her wet
hole, while stroking her own clit with her other hand.

“Before long it was time to eat each other out again and
this time we just took turns, she did me first and then I
returned the favor. I’ll tell you this, those 4 years at
college were some exciting years for me and Justine.”

“No regrets?”

“None. Why should there have been? From then till
graduation we were lovers, even luring others into the
room and enjoying them.”

“Ever fuck a boy?”

“Actually, no.”


“Justine was giving me all I needed and I never thought
of men.”

“So, you’re still a virgin then?”


“You about ready to lose that cherry?”

“You mean? Shadow?”

“Who else? You’ll love it.”

“Why not?”

“You want to get him ready, or should I?”

“Let me!!”


“Shadow!! Come here, boy.”

The huge St. Bernard bounded back into the room, jumped
onto the bed, rolled onto his back and spread his legs.
He knew what was about to happen and was ready for it.

Marie grabbed the cock-sheath and began to massage it,
slowly coaxing the red cock from its hiding place. Once
it began to emerge she lowered her head, laying it on
Shadow’s belly, and began to lick the tip of the organ.
Slowly she jerked the cock until it fully emerged and was
completely erect, then she began to draw the cock into
her mouth and used her tongue to slather it up and get it
ready for what was to come next.

Meanwhile, Mone was working on Marie’s pussy. She had
already pulled her daughter’s lips apart and was busy
licking the engorging clit. Closing her lips around the
tiny bud, she sucked and stroked it with her tongue,
causing Marie to jump slightly as she enjoyed her
mother’s tongue inside her.

It wasn’t long before Shadow’s cock got too big for her
mouth and she pulled back, continuing to lick it all,
settling for that feeling of the cock against her tongue,
bringing her close to a climax without even sticking that
organ inside her drenched pussy. When the precum began to
leak from the end of the cock she quickly licked it up,
savoring the taste of what was to come.

While all this went on Mona continued to use her mouth on
Marie, sucking her lips into her mouth and sliding her
tongue around them, feasting on the taste and texture,
drawing in the juices that exuded from the pussy she was
munching on. She would harden her tongue and stick it as
far into the wet hole as she could, curling it and using
it like a straw to draw out the juices from as far as she

Then she moved around and focused her attention on the
cock that Marie had already gotten hard and started to
use her tongue on the wet, hard cock, licking up one side
as Marie licked down the other side. Between the two of
them they sucked and licked Shadow’s cock and balls,
stopping short of causing him to shoot his load into
their mouths.

“Get on your hands and knees now, dear,” Mona told her.

Once Marie was in position Shadow knew what to do. Mona
had trained him well and once he realized that Marie’s
ass was in the right position, he climbed onto her back,
wrapping his front paws around her waist and began to
buck, trying to drive his tremendous organ into the wet
hole waiting just inches away. With some coaxing from
Mona, Shadow jabbed until his cock located the wet hole
and sank it into Marie’s pussy. Once he was inside her he
began to pound into her, almost shoving her off the side
of the bed.

Mona watched as her bay finally got her first cock fuck
and smiled as she remembered her first time as well. She
watched for a few more minutes and then moved around to
the head of the bed and positioned herself in front of
Marie, with her pussy just in front of Marie’s face.

“Suck my pussy while Shadow fucks your pussy,” Mona told

Marie didn’t even think twice about it.

“Pull yourself open, Mama, so I can really get into your

Mona did as she was asked and soon her wet pussy was
staring Marie right in the face and without delay she
dove right in, spearing her tongue into her mother and
enjoying it very much. With Shadow fucking her, and her
sucking the pussy in front of her, Marie was in heaven.
She felt Shadow’s knot as he pushed it into her for the
first time.

This only made her feel like she was fuller then she ever
thought possible. It actually felt good inside of her.
She had never realized that fucking could feel so
intense. At the same time she continued to suck on Mona
bringing her to an orgasm several times before Mona
managed to pull away, completely worn out by now.

After she’d rested a few minutes, Mona moved to where her
head was positioned beneath Marie’s pussy, watching as
Shadow drove into her. She reached up and slid her tongue
along the cock-stuffed pussy, licking both Marie’s clit
and Shadow’s cock, enjoying the feeling it brought to

And more was yet to come!!

** ** ** ** **

Two nights later, Marie was visiting with Jennifer, the
girl who lived around the corner from her and Mona.

Jennifer was about the same build as Marie, with darker
hair and a slightly leaner body, with smaller breasts and
wider hips. Just the type of body Marie liked to seduce,
and she was determined to do just that. Not only to
Jennifer, but to Baxter, Jennifer’s huge Great Dane. She
could only imagine how good Jennifer’s pussy would feel
wrapped around her mouth while Baxter fucked her from

Yes, she had great plans set up for Jennifer and Baxter.

** ** ** ** **

Jennifer had watched Marie and Mona from a distance. She
could tell that the two were close, but she didn’t know
how close.

Jennifer’s a lesbian, with designs on both Mona and
Marie. She’d fantasized about both of them for a long
time and she was determined to eat both of them, one way
or another.

** ** ** ** **

Mona had talked to Marie about trying other breeds of
dogs and when Marie told her she was going to try and get
Baxtger, Mona was thrilled. She’d fucked a Great Dane
almost 5 years earlier and that one had been much larger
then Shadow is now and he had completely filled her pussy
so much that she’s ached for days afterward. The almost
came just thinking about it.

One day, while walking around the neighborhood, Mona and
seen Baxter out on the street. It was unusual for Baxter
to be out of his yard and she quickly caught up with the
dog and grabbed him by the collar, taking him back to her
house so she could call Jennifer and let her know where
her pet was.

There was no answer when Mona called so she decided to
keep Baxter in the house and try again later. She got
herself something to drink and went into the livingroom,
sitting in her favorite chair. Her thoughts were drawn to
Baxter and what he must be like and while she though of
him she began to finger her clit and it wasn’t long
before Baxter caught the scent in the air and joined Mona
in the livingroom. Once there he moved closer to Mona and
stuck his nose in the are of Mona’s crotch, sticking out
his tongue and lapping at the exposed lips.

Mona had had her eyes closed while fantasizing about the
neighbor’s dog, so when the wet tongue slithered through
her pussy lips she was startled and jumped just a little
bit. When she realized what was happening though she got
still and spread her legs a little wider, pulling the
crotch of her panties further to the side, granting a
larger area for the dog to lick on. She leaned back in
the chair and let the situation gain ground, hoping she’d
be able to climax on his tongue, knowing that she
eventually would.

After a couple of minutes Baxter stopped and Mona opened
her eyes to see what was wrong. Baxter stood there, now
sideways, showing his exposed prick to her. It seemed to
hang to the floor. But there was something else that drew
her attention to the dog’s prick. She’d never heard of it
before and she really had to get closer to get a better
look, but it looked as if Baxter’s prick had foreskin
attached to it!!

“No way,” she thought.

Yet, as she got closer she discovered that that was the
case. This huge dog not only had an even larger dick then
Shadow, but he also had excess skin on the head of his
dick that opened at the end of the tip, just like her
husband’s skin used to do. She was amazed and was
instantly drawn to the prick. She reached out, afraid
that if she touched it the skin would disappear and the
normal dog-prick would be there. However, once her hand
made contact she found that she wasn’t dreaming and the
excess skin was actually there.

She was going to love going down on this dick.

It’d been years since she’s sucked on an uncut dick and
she was about to make the most of this one hanging in
front of her face.

She pulled the skin back, exposing the pointed head, and
began to jerk on it like she’d done to her husband. Then
she lowered herself and crawled under the dog and took
that skin into her mouth and sucked on it, enjoying the
skin in her mouth once again.

“Man, I’ve missed this,” she thought as she pulled the
skin down into her throat, savoring the taste so long
missing in her life.

Baxter’s cock hung so low she was able to lay the back of
her head on the floor and still get most of it into her
mouth and she worked that cock like it was the last one
she’d ever taste.

While Mona worked on Baxter, Marie worked on Jennifer.

** ** ** ** **

Marie made a social call to Jennifer earlier in the day
and they both agreed to meet at Jennifer’s house for a
light lunch.

When Marie arrived for the meal the way she was greeted
at the door shocked her.

Jennifer was in a short teddy, clearly see-through, with
her nipples jutting out from her chest.

Before Marie had a chance to react, Jennifer had embraced
her and was planting a huge kiss on her, sticking her
tongue into Marie’s mouth. Marie gladly returned the

Needless to say, lunch was soon forgotten.

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