A gorgeous blonde housewife is f****d to pay back her husband’s gambling debt by spending a weekend at a black bikers club

Margret had butterflies in her stomach this morning. She
had been dreading this day for the past two weeks. She
looked at the clock. It was already mid morning and they
would be here to pick her up in another hour.

All she could think about were those thugs that loaned
her husband the money he owed. Ten thousand dollars.
Billy must have been insane the night he borrowed that
kind of money. Sure. He had a gambling problem but he
never spent that kind of money before he met those
thugs. Those animals down on Van Dyke Ave.

That was the home of the Black Ravens. An all black
motor cycle club located just north of downtown Detroit.
That was a neighborhood you just didn’t get caught at in
the middle of the night. You could get robbed there or
even killed if you were white and looked like you were
lost. How Billy got mixed up with anyone from that club
was a puzzle in itself.

Billy loved to frequent the casinos in downtown Detroit.
He never spent much money. He always set a limit of
twenty dollars each Friday night he would visit one of
the downtown casinos. One night about a month ago Billy
was playing blackjack when an attractive blonde
approached him and started to flirt with Billy.

Billy bought her a drink and continued playing
blackjack. He started to win that night. Soon, his
twenty dollar investment turned into a thousand dollars.
This blonde woman that had been hanging on Billy soon
disappeared. She returned shortly afterward with her
boyfriend. He was a guy they called Thick. He was a
black guy. Very tuff, built like a gorilla and stood at
6’6″ tall. This woman they called Amber was the
girlfriend of this black guy named Thick.

She had gone and told her boyfriend about Billy’s good
gambling luck at the black jack table so Thick wanted to
have a look at this guy having all the luck that night.
Amber introduced Thick to Billy that night. Thick bought
Billy a couple drinks. They got chummy and soon after,
Thick laid out a wade of money on the table and wanted
Billy to play it for him.

Billy won a few rounds. Thick kept putting his money
down for Billy to play. Things turned ugly when Billy
lost it all. Thick wanted Billy to pay up saying it was
his fault. Things got even uglier later that night when
Billy started to get in his car to leave. Thick and a
few of his friends were waiting for him. They threatened
Billy and even took his wallet and started going through
it looking for cash.

They had Billy drive to the nearest ATM machine and take
out all the money he could. Fifteen hundred dollars they
got that night and they still wanted more. Thick took
pictures of Margret that night from Billy’s wallet and
made note of the address. The next day Thick and a few
of his thugs showed up at the front door while Billy was
at work.

Margret was scared to death when Thick and his friends
entered the house. Margret had no idea what they were
going to do that afternoon. Thick kept looking at her
like she was a tramp. The conversation wasn’t long.
Thick just wanted his money. Margret even offered Thick
some jewelry but Thick wasn’t interested. Margret did
cough up and a hundred dollars she had hidden inside her

Thick kept starring at Margret ordering her to turn
around in a circle. He wanted a better look at the
housewife-mother. Margret was indeed very attractive.
She was 5″6″ with long blonde hair. Rather slim with a
tiny waist and a pair of large full breasts that would
please any man.

It was very clear what Thick wanted and that made
Margret very nervous. She was wearing a tight pair of
jeans that afternoon with a cotton black top and white
sneakers. Thick tried to imagine how Margret would look
dressed in something sexy. After what seemed like hours
to Margret. Thick finally made her an offer.

“Look. We’ll forget about the money your husband owes me
if you agree to my terms.”

Margret looked pleadingly up at the tall muscular black
man standing in her living room. She nervously replied.
“What’s that?”

Thick laughed. “I want you to spend a weekend down at
the club. After that. We’ll forget about the money your
old man owes me. Deal!”

Margret was so nervous she opened her mouth but no words
escaped. In a cracking scared voice she finally replied.
“Ok, I’ll do as you want… My husband won’t owe you
anything if I agree?”

Thick and his thugs laughed. He replied. “No. Not a

Thick said his girlfriend would call later in the week
and give her a list of things to buy for that weekend.
He almost started to leave but turned back around just
as he was going out the door and said.

“You got kids don’t you?”

Margret replied, “Yes. Two. A boy and a girl.”

Thick stepped back into the house and paused as he
starred at the frightened housewife. He looked her
straight in the eyes and asked, “You on the pill?”

Margret replied nervously, “Yes.”

Thick replied in a demanding tone of voice, “Get them.”

Margret hurriedly rushed toward the dining room where
she kept her purse and pulled out the packet of birth
control pills. She brought them into the front room
holding the packet out for Thick. He grabbed the pills
out of her hand and slid open the package. The package
was brand new, no pills were missing yet.

Margret volunteered, “I started taking them again

Thick closed the packet reading the doctors name on the
outside of the case. He then slipped it into his jacket
pocket than starred at Margret and said, “You’re going
to stop taking these as of right now. Do you

Margret had tears in her eyes as she nervously replied.

Thick added, “I know this doctor. If I find out you
called him for another refill I’m going to want my
money. You do exactly what I saw and don’t tell your old
man anything about the pills. Do you understand?”

Margret was almost crying as she replied, “Yes.”

Thick turned and walked out the door. That was the last
Margret ever heard from him and that was almost 3weeks
ago. Thick’s girlfriend Amber called a couple days later
and verbally gave Margret a list of things to purchase
and how she was supposed to be dressed the day she would
be picked up.

That included. High heels with at least 6″ spikes with
straps around the ankles. A pair of black thongs. An
open half black bra which were wired and held up the
breasts but left them completely open. Large size
condoms. Thank God they were going to use protection. At
least that was what Margret thought. Also on the list
was a black mini skirt and a shear black top.

Margret started to dress. Thank God the kids were
visiting friends for the weekend. They wouldn’t see
their mother dressed like a slut leaving the house that
day. Billy was out in the living room pacing the floor
as Margret adjusted the black skirt around her tiny
waist. She had to sit in a chair as she slipped on those
high heels. It took a couple minutes to hook the thin
straps around her thin ankles. She applied rich red
lipstick to her lips as she was instructed and finished
with a tiny splash of perfume. She looked in the full
length mirror. She looked like much younger than her
thirty-one years.

She looked like someone who was single ready to go out
hitting the clubs to pickup men. Oh�She almost forgot.
She grabbed her wedding rings with her right fingers and
started to wiggle them off her left hand. She tucked
them safely into her jewelry box and closed the lid. She
took one last look in the mirror and shut off the light
before heading out into the living room where Billy was
pacing the floor.

Billy took one long look at his gorgeous blonde wife and
sighed. Margret nervously grabbed her purse off the
table and sat down on the sofa to wait for her ride.
Billy sat down next to her rubbing the palm of his hand
on her knee.

“Honey. I’m really sorry you have to do this.”

Margret pushed Billy’s hand away, “Billy. Just shut up
and leave me alone right now.”

She was mad because Billy allowed this to happen. If he
never went to that casino that night they would be in
this mess. Billy already promised her he would never
gamble again. Let’s just see if he holds his word. The
sound of a car door closing filled the front room. A
moment later there was a knock at the front door.

Margret stood up and opened the door. A woman stood on
the porch smiling.

“I’m Amber. You must be Margret?”

Margret cracked a slight smile as she let Amber into the
house. Amber looked over at Billy who was still seated
on the sofa than turned to Margret and said, “Are you

Margret nodded than reached for her purse starring at
her husband one last time. Amber placed her hand on
Margret’s purse and said. “Do you have your cell phone?”

Margret replied, “Yes I do.”

Amber replied as she looked over at Billy, “Good. You
can keep him updated during the weekend.” Amber than
said to Billy, “Stay close to the phone. Your wife will
be calling you with lots of updates.”

As soon as the front door shut, Billy stood up watching
his lovely wife get into the car with Amber and watched
until they were out of sight.

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