A guy has a surprise encounter with a pregnant Jamaican woman

I grew up in southern Florida with my dad. When I
graduated high school, I received a full scholarship
and applied to Yale University and got in. Mom lived
with her sister up there so I stayed with them through

After college I found a position right away and got my
own efficiency apartment.

I was with the company six years when in conversation
with a supervisor it came up that I grew up in
southern Florida. He informed me corporate recently
finished building a new facility down there and was
offering its own employees first shot at positions
there, which involve a substantial raise. He also told
me I was up for a promotion already and he’d put in a
good word for me so I’d start down there in a higher

I said I’d take the job. I packed my meager belongings
into a U-Haul and headed south. I drove straight down
without stopping to sleep for the night and got there
in a little over a day.

The company provided me with an apartment so I didn’t
have to move back in with dad.

He always had women coming and going anyways, I was
horny enough without all that going on. Dad always had
a thing for black women, which had to be where I got
my taste for black porn.

I hadn’t been all that lucky scoring with black ladies
like dad does, not that I’d tried all that often. In
my case, gorgeous white girls tended to hit on me, so
I figured why “look a gift horse in the mouth” not
that any of those ladies were horses, mind you…?

Once I had finished college, I’d pretty much thrown
myself into work, I didn’t date all that much, plus
there weren’t really any black women at the facility
up north.

That changed, though. There were A LOT of beautiful
black women at the new facility. I felt overwhelmed.

And even hornier.

With my new position, I hold total control of my work
schedule. I put in the usual nine-to-five Monday,
Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, but I’d work nine-to-one
on Wednesdays. I enjoyed kicking back mid-week.

As summer drew nearer and the weather grew hotter, I
found myself spending more Wednesday afternoons at the
beach. It was my favorite place to be, I’d been a
lifeguard back in high school. But when summer did
arrive, the beach was too crowded with tourists for my

Then I remembered the old park. It was a huge place he
and his friends hung out at when he was young. It was
lush with exotic foliage, almost jungle-like.

In the center of the park was a small lake, surrounded
by foliage, almost impenetrable. Almost, but not if
you know the way in. I had many good memories there.
One of them was when I’d lost my virginity…

I drove into the park, paid the fee to the bored-
looking park attendant in his booth and drove to the
spot. As I remembered, the place was dead. Most people
went to the beach, or the newer park. I locked up the
car and opened the trunk. It was bare except for a
Hawaiian shirt, my Speedos, and my sneakers. I
undressed, laying everything neatly back there.

Checking to make sure no one was really around once
more, I then pushed down my boxers and slid them off,
throwing them in the trunk. I pulled on the Speedos
and Hawaiian shirt, then pulled the sneakers out and
placed them on the ground. I slammed the trunk shut
and stepped into my sneakers, kneeling down to tie

I whistled as I walked, tossing my keys up in the air
and catching them each time. I found the secret way
into the secret spot and made my way carefully through
the foliage.

As I came through I saw nothing had changed here. I
also saw I wasn’t alone.

A gorgeous black woman was lying out on a towel she
had on a teeny bikini, which showed off her massive
tits and her very pregnant belly…

She saw me and smiled. “Well, hello there!” She said
in a strong Jamaican accent as she turned onto her
side, facing me. Her tits threatened to spill from her
string bikini.

“Hi…” was all I could think to say. But I didn’t
have to say anything. My cock did all the talking for

“Oh, my…” She began. “Now that’s something I haven’t
seen since before I got pregnant…”

Her eyes were locked on my crotch as she licked her
lips. I looked down. My cock had gotten hard and
popped out above the waistband of my Speedos.

“Come over here, Sweetheart,” She said. I looked back
at her. She had sat up and was undoing her bikini top.
It soon fell away from her massive tits. Her black
areolae were very large and round, her nipples thick
from pregnancy and sticking way out.

Hornily, I moved towards her. She was on her knees now
and pulled my Speedos down below my nuts. Pulling my
cock down, she began to suck on it greedily. I moaned.
She worked on my nuts as she sucked me at a rapid
pace, her lips locked tightly to my shaft.

I lasted just over five minutes. I spewed my jizz
until her mouth. She moaned and swallowed each blast
down quickly. She kept sucking me until she was sure
I’d stay hard.

Letting my cock slip from her mouth she turned around,
baring her thong-covered butt.

It was huge and perfectly-rounded. She untie her
bikini bottom and let it drop to the ground.

She slid her hands between her legs from the front and
rubbed her very hairy and wet pussy.

“Mmmm, I’m so horny… My husband lost interest in sex
the moment it was obvious I was pregnant,” She moaned.
“I need that big, white cock so bad, give it to me!”
She said, wiggling her butt.

Practically drooling, I knelt behind her, lined up my
cock with her dripping hole, and slid it in.

“AHHH!!!” She sighed. Now that is what I need! Fuck me
hard, darling!”

I held her hips, and began to ram my cock into her,
careful not to put it all the way in. I was afraid I’d
hurt the baby.

She thrashed under me, moaning and groaning loudly as
I pumped my cock into her tight pussy hard. She
screamed in orgasm as she came intensely.

I never slowed my pace, ramming her through orgasm-
after-orgasm. I was sweating heavy, my sweat dripping
down on her wet, glistening back.

I lasted over forty minutes before I spasmed and blew
my load into her, spurting eight or nine times until
my cock began to lose power and start to soften.

When I slid out, still half hard, my jizz began to
ooze out of her as she moaned and lay back down on her
towel. Finally she rolled over onto her back, smiling.

“That was what I needed, sweetheart, thank you…”

“Anytime,” I smiled.

“Anytime?” She eyed my cock, opening her legs slowly.
I noticed my cock hardening once more.

“Oh, yes,” I grinned.

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