A guy is drawn into a weird incestuous relationship with a brother and sister

Your sister is crazy,” said Wendell as he hung up the

“What did she say this time?” said Jane.

“It wasn’t her,” said Wendell. “It was Cal with one of
his wild stories, but when he told me Joan was going
along, I couldn’t believe it.”

“I could see your eyes getting huge,” said Jane.

“Cal told me he and Joan wanted to film a video of
themselves making love, and they wanted me to be the
cameraman,” Wendell said. “I told him there was no way
you would agree. Wait a minute? Why are you looking at
me like that? Do you know all about this already?”

“Yes, Joan told me about their plans a few weeks ago,”
said Jane, “and I thought she was crazy just like you,
but she’s been working on me, and I finally gave in.”

“Wait a minute,” said Wendell. “You told me before we
got married that you didn’t care about all the crazy and
disgusting things I did before the ceremony, even
including the bachelor party, but once the ring was on
my finger, you wouldn’t share me with anyone else.”

“It’s funny, but as hot as your sister is, I’m not even
that excited about filming her and Cal. They think
they’re the greatest sexual athletes on the planet, but
I’ve never heard about them doing some of the stuff that
we do.”

“Well, we don’t need to prove anything, do we?” said
Jane. “I don’t tell Joan much about our love life, but I
think she realizes that we’re way ahead of them, and
she’s jealous.”

“I thought you and Joan tell each other everything,”
said Wendell.

“Well, she tells me almost everything,” said Jane. “And
I tell her–well never mind. In this case, I decided it
would be safer for her if you were the cameraman rather
than some professional video person. Most of them are
legit, but I’ve heard of some stories of private videos
ending up on the Internet.

“While you’re there, I’ll be sitting here at home
thinking about your threesome and hearing all the
details when you get home unless you get me so hot that
I have to interrupt you so that we can make some
memories of our own.”

“Did you say threesome?” said Wendell. “Is there more to
this than Cal told me?”

“Oh, I didn’t say that right,” said Jane. “I just meant
the three of you. I’m still holding you to your vows.
You can watch them, but don’t you dare so much as touch
anything with any part of your body unless you want that
part cut off.”

Wendell laughed. “That’s more like it,” he said. “For a
second, I was worried whether you were feeling well. So
you really want me to do this Saturday morning?”

“Yes, and then I want you to come straight home,” said

Joan and Cal lived just a half-mile from them, but
Wendell took his time getting there, because his mind
was racing, and he needed to calm down. He was surprised
that this was actually arousing him, but he figured it
was because the whole scene would be the most bizarre
thing he had ever been involved in.

When he walked in, he could tell his sister-in-law and
her husband were even more excited than he was. They
were dressed in sweats as they eagerly explained the
set-up in their master bedroom.

There were so many bright lights shining from stands
around the room that Wendell blinked until he got used
to them. There were also four video cameras set up on
tripods around the bed, some high, some low. Cal handed
him a fifth camera and said he was to move around the
bed getting close-ups of the action, especially where
the genitals were involved, and he explained how the
other cameras were synchronized and would record the
action from a variety of angles at the same time as the
handheld camera. Then he and Joan would edit all

When everything was explained, there was an awkward
moment where Joan and Cal looked at each other and at
Wendell. He figured they were thinking the same thing he
was: Was this really going to happen?

But then Joan started taking off her sweats. At first,
she turned her back to Wendell as she began pulling her
top off. But then she stopped herself and pulled the top
back down and turned to face him. She was smiling a big
lascivious smile at him as she began a slow dancing
motion and turned her clothes removal into a striptease.
Cal was already naked and sitting in the middle of the
bed watching her, but Wendell barely saw him. Was it his
imagination or was Joan putting on a show for him rather
than Cal? He raised his camera, but she motioned him to
put it down. No, the striptease was for him, not the

She turned a few times in her dance and faced Cal, but
her focus was on Wendell, and when he could pull his
eyes away from her voluptuous body for a moment, he
could see that her eyes were cutting into him like a
laser. He felt himself getting red in the face, and was
so aroused that he had to adjust his shorts.

When she was totally naked, she stood facing him, her
legs spread, her hands at her hips. Her eyes were
telling him to come and get it, but then she laughed and
turned around and joined Cal in bed. After that, she
never looked at him again.

He tried to concentrate on doing his job, but his job
was to get the hottest close-ups of two bodies having
sweaty, energetic sex in unusual positions, and he had
to do a lot more shifting inside his shorts. The action
was almost nonstop, and he couldn’t tell which of them
was the most aroused and enthusiastic. She came with the
same short breaths and little sighs that Jane did, and
she did it often, exciting him even more.

Finally, they seemed to be exhausted. Joan had been
riding Cal and had just come again. She had collapsed
down on top of him, and Wendell was shooting a little
white come trickling out of her as Cal became soft. He
heard Cal’s voice saying something.

“Only one more thing,” Cal said. “We’re going to do a

“What?” said Wendell.

“I can see you’re hard as a rock,” said Cal. “It’s
always been a fantasy of mine to do a DP with Joan, and
I know this is the only chance I’ll ever get.”

“First of all, I can’t believe Joan wants me to do her
ass,” said Wendell, “and even if she did, Jane would
kill me. What am I talking about? I know it would hurt
Joan, and I’m not going to hurt her even if she wants me

Joan raised her head from Cal’s chest. “What are you
guys talking about?” she said.

“Cal wants me to do you in the ass while he does you on
the other side,” said Wendell. “It’s called a double
penetration, and they do it on porn videos. You must
have seen it.”

“No, I never have,” said Joan, “and there’s no way I’m
going to do that. I only did anal with Cal once, and I
couldn’t walk right for a week, so he knows that’s out
of bounds. I’ll admit I’ve fantasized being with you,
Wendell. Yes, Jane knows, and she knows I’d never do it.
This thing is over, Cal. Let me up.” She tried to remove
Cal’s arms, which were wrapped around her back.

“Not on your life,” said Cal. “You’re going to tell
Wendell it’s OK to screw you in the ass. I’m already
hard again thinking about it, and I know you can feel

“You’re crazy,” said Joan. “I will never tell Wendell
that, and even if you hold me, I know he’s not going to
rape me in the ass.”

“You’re right,” said Wendell. “No matter what you say,
Cal, I’m not doing this.”

“I’m not going to persuade you,” said Cal. “Joan is,
because unless she does, I’m going to tell you a couple
of things about your wife.”

“What?” said Joan. “You bastard!” She managed to get her
arm free enough to slap Cal hard on the face before he
grabbed her hand. She began sobbing hysterically.

“What are you talking about?” said Wendell.

“Ask Joan,” said Cal calmly. He began moving in and out
of Joan with his penis. He didn’t say another word. Joan
stopped crying and lifted up her face and looked at Cal,
who looked back at her with a stone face.

“You really would do that, you asshole,” she said. “Just
for your stupid fantasy, you would hurt my sister and
Wendell, and you don’t mind that your wife would
experience horrible pain. After four years of marriage,
I don’t know you at all.”

“Nothing you can say will change my mind,” said Cal.
“I’ve thought of this a long time. I don’t know how big
Wendell is, but I figure even though it will hurt a lot
when Wendell screws you in the ass, you will be fine in
a week or so.

“I know you’re going to make me pay for this. And I’m
prepared to make this up to you in many ways. It’s just
that this is one of those once-in-a-lifetime things, and
I know I’ll always regret not giving it a shot.”

“As for what I’ll tell Wendell, I don’t think it will
hurt him as much as you and Jane do. He’ll get over it.
It’s not going to ruin anybody’s life. But I promise I
won’t say a thing if I get my DP.”

“There’s nothing Joan can say to me that’s going to make
me do this,” said Wendell, “so you may as well tell me
your secret.”

“No!” Joan cried out. “Don’t say anything, Cal, or so
help me, I’ll scratch your eyes out.” She began sobbing
again. Cal continued to slowly move in and out of her
from below as she cried. Wendell couldn’t believe his
eyes and ears.

“You have to do it, Wendell,” she said quietly after a
few minutes. “I’ll be able to handle it.”

“Not on your life, Joan,” he said. “I’m not even that
hard anymore. I’m not going to hurt you no matter what
you say.”

She looked up at him. “Take your clothes off, Wendell,”
she said quietly. “You have to trust me that what you’re
going to do to me will hurt me less than what Cal is
threatening. Whenever I’ve asked you for a favor, you’ve
never hesitated. I know this is the biggest favor I’ll
ever ask, and I promise you that Jane will never find
out unless you tell her. But you have to do it or I
don’t know what I’ll do to myself.”

“How can you let her talk like this, Cal?” said Wendell.
“I never realized you could be such a bastard.”

“Don’t be stupid,” said Cal. “Yes, I’m a bastard, but
she’s a drama queen. Doesn’t Jane ever pull that stuff
on you? She’s not going to kill herself over what I
would tell you. It means nothing in the long run.”

“Shut up!” screamed Joan. “If I’m going to do this for
you, Cal, you better not say another word. Just enjoy
your sick fantasy that I’m giving you. I’ll be thinking
of how you’re going to pay for it.”

She turned to Wendell. “Please,” she said. “Let’s take
this slowly, Wendell. First, just take off your clothes
and come over here.”

“Before you do,” said Cal, “place your camera on the
stand just to your left and turn on the switch to start
all the cameras. I’ve got everything all set up to shoot
the DP.”

Wendell was trying to think of what to say. He was sure
Cal was right. Joan wouldn’t do anything foolish because
she wasn’t that kind of person. But she seemed awfully
distraught, and what if she did hurt herself? Jane
wouldn’t blame him for not taking her ass, but that
would always be there between them. He felt sure Jane
wouldn’t want him to take any chances with her sister’s
health – or her life.

He put the camera on the stand and aimed it where the
three crotches would come together, and then he stood
still for a moment. The room was quiet. He heard the
sound of Cal’s penis going in and out of Joan. It was a
gurgly sound, because his member was moving through a
lot of semen that Cal had deposited inside her.

When he started taking off his clothes, he did it
quickly. He wanted this over fast. He heard Joan gasp.
“Omigod,” she said, “it’s even thicker and longer than
yours, you bastard. He’s going to rip me open. No, no,
Wendell, don’t stop. I’m just exaggerating, like Cal
said. It’s not going to be that bad. Now come over here.
Cal, you can loosen your death grip now. I’m not trying
to get away, but I need to be able to move.”

When Wendell stood by the bed, she moved her body toward
him as Cal continued to pump her, and before Wendell
knew what was happening, she had swallowed a large part
of him and was sucking him like a vacuum. She was as
good as Jane, he thought, as he became hard in less than
a minute.

She lifted her head and said, “OK, Wendell, you can do
it now.”

“I’m not doing anything unless there’s some lube,”
Wendell said, and even before he finished he saw Cal
reach under the bed and pull out a squeeze tube.

“When I put my finger inside with the lubricant, I want
you to relax as much as you can, Joan,” Wendell said.
“Then I’ll put a lot more in with two fingers to get
your muscles back there to loosen up so it won’t be as

But despite his suggestion, he saw her tense up the
moment she felt his finger, and she stayed that way.
When he inserted two digits, she screamed for a moment
before she could control herself.

He went in slowly, but she gasped and squirmed and
moaned and shrieked at every movement. A couple of times
she stopped him so that she could calm down, but as soon
as he started again, so did the sounds of her pain. When
he was completely in, he felt Cal’s hands touch his
balls. “You did it,” he said with glee in his voice.
“Now get started. I’m going to try to hold off coming
until you do.”

Wendell didn’t move until he heard Joan sobbing and
saying, “Do it, Wendell! Please. It feels awful. Please
finish fast.”

Wendell started moving in and out of her slowly. He
didn’t feel excited, but her tight muscles clenched
around him kept him aroused. He didn’t feel like he
could come. Joan couldn’t stop crying except when she
was gasping or making terrible sounds of pain. After a
few minutes, she screamed at him.

“Faster, Wendell. I know it will hurt more, but I don’t
think you are going to come going this slow, and every
second is agonizing. Please do everything you can think
of to speed this up. I’m dying.”

Wendell began moving faster. He looked down at his
member going in and out of the small, tight hole in the
middle of her beautiful rear. He pulled it out further,
as far as it would go without coming free, and plunged
it all the way back in. As he was doing this, he felt
himself becoming aroused. He went faster and started to
bump her rear. She was shrieking in cadence with his
thrusts, and Cal was matching his rhythm. He felt the
urgency beginning, and a minute later, he was blasting
his semen into her bowels.

He waited until he was completely soft before pulling
out, and then he did it as slowly as he could, but she
still cried out a couple of times. He got up and went to
the bathroom and washed up and then got dressed and went
home without saying another word. He didn’t look at
either of them.

At home, Jane was boiling over with excitement. At
first, he didn’t respond, but she wouldn’t be denied,
and they went at each other for over an hour before she
stopped to catch her breath. “That was good,” she said,
“but I thought it would be even wilder. You seemed a
little more subdued than I thought you’d be after
watching Cal and Joan. Now let’s eat something, and I
want to hear all about it.”

Over lunch, he told her of every position Cal and Joan
had demonstrated, and she stopped him frequently to ask
details. When he finished, she looked at him.

“There’s something you’re not telling me,” she said,
“and now I know why you weren’t so enthusiastic when you
came home. Something bad happened, and you’re not
telling me because you don’t want to upset me. But I
need to know. What did Cal do to Joan? No matter what it
was, I will accept it, because this was between the two
of them. But you have to tell me.”

Wendell tried hard to hold back, but she wouldn’t give
up. Finally, he told her everything and watched her face
go from curiosity to anger to shock. “I’m so sorry about
what I did, Jane,” he said. “I hope someday you can
forgive me.”

“I’m not angry at you, Wendell,” she said through
clenched teeth. “I’m glad you did what Joan asked you to
do rather than take any chances. But I don’t know if I
can ever look at that bastard Cal again. Excuse me, but
I have to call Joan right now.”

She was holding back her tears while comforting Joan on
the phone. She wanted to go over there, but Joan told
her no. After she hung up, Wendell said, “What were
those secrets that I wasn’t supposed to hear. I thought
we didn’t have secrets from each other.”

Jane looked at him in a daze. “Secrets?” she said. “Oh,
yes. Joan was protecting me. Damn her. I wouldn’t have
cared if Cal had told you. Damn her!”

“So what were they then?” Wendell said.

“It’s so stupid,” she said, talking to herself.
“Secrets! Horrible secrets! You know what one of them
was? Remember that time I surprised you after I blew you
and let you come in my mouth. It was a huge amount of
semen because you had just come home from a trip.

“Remember how upset you were when I forced my mouth over
yours and pushed all of the come into you so that you
were choking and swallowing and sneezing it out all at
the same time. Then you ran to the bathroom and retched
for 10 minutes. I just said that I wanted to try it one
time, and I promised I’d never do it again.”

“How could I forget that?” he said. “It was horrible.”

“Well, what I didn’t tell you was that Joan had told me
about doing that. She said it was called giving the man
a snowball, and that she had mentioned it to Cal, but he
was deathly afraid of come, so he wouldn’t do it. She
said you wouldn’t do it either. We had too much to
drink, and I bet that I could get you to do it. She said
I’d have to prove it, and so we agreed that she could
hide a video camera in our bedroom. I turned it on
before I began blowing you and positioned you so that
the camera got a good shot of the snowball and your
reaction. She wasn’t supposed to, but she told Cal about
it after he swore he’d never tell you.

“I didn’t tell you because I knew how angry you’d be,
but mostly because I wanted to spare you the
humiliation. I can see I was right.”

Wendell’s face was white, and his words were terse and
robotic. “She said secrets,” he said. “There was more
than one.”

“I’m not telling you the other one yet,” she said.
“That’s enough anger and humiliation for one day. I’m
suddenly exhausted, and all I want to do is go to bed
and hold you.” She wept in his arms a long time,
occasionally saying, “Poor Joan,” before falling asleep.
He pulled free of her and got up, but she didn’t wake up
until almost dinnertime and went to bed early that

For a week or two, she was not herself, but then she
snapped out of it. One day at dinner, she said, “Cal is
going all out. He’s taking Joan to an expensive resort,
and you should see the ring he bought her. They’ve
patched things up, but he doesn’t know Joan like I do.
She takes a long time to forget things, and until she
does, she can be dangerous.”

“What do you think she’ll do?” said Wendell.

“I don’t know,” she said.

“But you will,” he said, “because she tells you


Six months had passed from the night of the DP, when
Wendell got a phone call from an excited Cal. “We need
you for another video session,” he said.

“I don’t believe you,” said Wendell.

“It’s all Joan’s idea this time,” said Wendell “If you
think last time was wild, you ain’t seen nothing yet.
For the past three months, she’s been researching the
Internet and finding the most strange and exotic sex
practices from all over the world. And then she’s taught
them to me, and we’ve been doing them. Some of them are
crazy exciting, and some of them are just crazy, but now
she wants to make a video of us doing them.

“I wasn’t so eager, because it took a long time for her
to forgive me for the DP, but she said that if I
promised not to pull any more tricks, she’d do the
video, and then she shocked me, and you know I’m not
easy to shock.”

“What are you talking about?” said Wendell.

“She told me she would toss my salad,” said Cal.

“She what?” said Wendell.

“Toss my salad,” said Cal. “You know, she would eat out
my asshole. I almost fell over. I’ve seen porn videos of
that, but even I would never have thought about asking
her to stick her tongue in my asshole.”

“She’s pulling something over on you,” said Wendell.
“She would never do that.”

“Well, she promised,” said Cal. “But even if she’s
lying, and she doesn’t do it, the rest of the stuff will
be amazing. I watch the other video all the time, but
this one will make it seem tame. Wait until you see what
we do?”

“Somehow, I don’t think Jane is going to let me do this
again, even if I wanted to,” said Wendell. “After she
heard what you did, she wanted to go over and castrate
you. Because of how you’ve treated Joan since then,
she’s feeling better about you, but this dredges up the
whole nasty thing again.”

“But Jane already agreed,” said Cal. “It’s all set for
Saturday morning.”

“But I haven’t agreed yet,” Wendell said.

“I’ve got to go,” said Cal. “Please talk to Jane.”

When he told her what Cal had said, she said, “Yes, I
want you to do it. I talked to Joan about it, and she
convinced me. She’s crazy, but she’s my sister.”

“What about that salad tossing thing?” he said.

“Yes, when she told me, I almost barfed,” said Jane.
“But she said that she would absolutely do it. I’ve seen
the other video, and I couldn’t watch the end of it. I
don’t know if I want to see her face in Cal’s ass.

“Yes,” said Wendell, “I know. But she’s your sister.”


When Wendell arrived at Cal and Joan’s Saturday morning,
the setup was just like before with the lights and
cameras. This time there was no hesitation. As soon as
he said he was ready, they went to it and pulled out all
the stops for almost 40 minutes.

Wendell had never seen some of the strange contortions
they got themselves into. Some of them were only
bizarre, but some of them were exciting, and he found
himself adjusting things inside his pants again,
especially when Joan was having multiple orgasms. This
time she didn’t ignore him but stared at him with a
lascivious expression every time she started coming. He
tried not to show how much this aroused him.

Cal and Joan were lying next to each other taking a
break when Joan said, “I think we’ve just about covered
everything, Cal. We’re getting close to the salad
course. Wow! As tired as you are, that got you to
attention pretty fast.

“Don’t look so disgusted, Wendell. Did you know that
before you came over, I gave Cal two deep enemas? That
was the really disgusting part, but he was eager to have
them as a condition of me tossing his salad. But now
he’s sparkling clean and fresh inside, so I won’t be
tasting anything gamey when my tongue is in there.

“First, though, I want you on your back, Cal, in the
Viennese Oyster position that I was in a little while
ago. There was a reason why I had you practice it, too.
You love how it opens me wide and makes me look like a
contortionist. It’s going to open you wide, too.

“That’s it. Put your legs up in the air and move them
back. I know you’re tired, but I’ll help you. Let’s do
it slowly, so Wendell catches everything on camera.
That’s it. Get your feet back behind your head. Careful.
We don’t want to pull any muscles. But I know you’ve got
the hang of it.

“Now put your arms straight up in the air. That’s it.
Now bring your right arm down over your right leg and
push your hand under your back. That locks your leg down
so it stays put. Now the same with your left arm. Down
it goes over your leg, and your hand goes under you.

“Wendell’s camera is now capturing your ass sticking up
into the air and spreading wide. I must say, it looks
really obscene and disgusting, your open asshole. Now
I’m going to get on the bed in this position.”

“What are you doing?” said Cal as she sat down on top of
his thighs, which were pushed into his chest, doubling
him up with his legs stretching out behind him.

“There’s one thing we need to do before I eat you out,
Cal,” said Joan. “I have to tell you where I came up
with the idea. It was after what you did to me at the
video session. I was so angry at you that I got into
some weird places mentally, even weirder than my normal

“I was looking for a way to get back at you that would
humiliate and hurt you as much as you did me. For a
while, I got all involved in cuckolding. I went to the
sites where women talked about how they betrayed their
husbands and the excitement when they told their
husbands and watched their reactions of anger and

“From those sites, I found out where there were actual
videos of cuckolding. They weren’t as good as the true
stories, because the husbands were obviously
participating in their humiliation in front of the
camera, and they were probably getting off on it. But
sometimes it looked realistic, and I wondered whether
some of the wives might actually have forced their
husbands to be on the videos.

“The most degrading thing these husbands did came after
they watched their wives have sex with another man. Some
of the wives ordered them to eat the come out of their
vaginas and even their anuses. A lot of the cuckolds did
it enthusiastically, but I would swear that some of them
were really reluctant, and in a couple of cases, where
they looked like they were going to throw up, the video
ended abruptly.

“As I watched those, I kept thinking about how I could
cuckold you, Cal, and then force you to eat the come out
of me. A lot of times, the guy in my fantasy was Wendell
here, because if I ever cheated with anybody, it would
be with him. Jane knows how much he turns me on, but she
also knows I would never do that to her.

“I thought about finding someone else to cuckold you and
how I would do it, but finally I had to give up. I
wasn’t going to hire someone or seduce someone to have
sex with me one time just to punish you. And then I’d
have to tie you up or something to get you to
participate. Too many things could go wrong.

“One day I was still fantasizing about how I could do
it, and the answer came to me. What if I were the
cuckold. Instead of you watching me having sex with
another man, I would watch you have sex with another
man. And then I would eat the come out of your anus,
just like the male cuckolds. I thought about it, and
that’s when I decided I would toss your salad. And I
will, I promise.

“But the salad’s going to have some creamy white
dressing, lots of it, because Jane promised me that
she’s been making excuses for the last five days and
Wendell hasn’t had any sex. And I remember from last
time how much come he shoots out.”

“Wait a minute,” said Wendell. “I’m not having sex with
a man, no matter what you and Jane planned.”

Cal started to struggle, but Joan was still sitting on
the back of his thighs, so he could barely move. She
raised her hand and whacked him hard on one of his
buttocks. “Quiet down, Cal,” she said. “You’re not going
anywhere.” She bounced up and down on him a couple of
times, driving his thighs into his stomach and pushing
the wind out of him. He began gasping.

“She can’t make you do this, Cal,” he yelled. “Don’t
listen to her. Pull her off of me.”

“I’m sorry, Joan,” he said, “but he’s right. It felt
creepy enough last time, feeling his dick moving almost
right next to mine as I was in your ass. I’m just not
into the gay thing at all.”

“Don’t worry,” she said, “I’ve got it all figured out,
Wendell. You’ll do just fine.”

“No,” screamed Cal. “I’ll tell him about Jane. I promise
you I will, Joan.”

“I already know about one thing,” said Wendell. “The
snowball that she filmed for Joan? What are the other

“There’s only one other one,” said Joan, “and Jane gave
me permission to tell you. I wanted to spare you, but
Cal is making it impossible. If I tell you, will you

“I’m not promising anything,” Wendell said. “You say
you’ve got it all figured out, but I was hard as a rock
a few minutes ago and now I’m down to nothing. I don’t
think there’s any way for me to get aroused enough to
screw Cal in the ass even if I wanted to. It was
different with you.”

“Just leave it to me,” said Joan. “Here’s the secret:
Cal fucked your wife.”

“What!” yelled Wendell. “You bastard! How the hell–?”

“Wait a second,” said Joan. “It was bad, but not that
bad. It was before you were married. The way Jane told
me, you had just started dating, and she really liked
you, but she wasn’t sure how much you liked her. She was
dating several other guys, and then Cal came along, and
you know how he is. He won’t give up. So she slept with
him before she slept with you.

“Later on, she found out that you had told him about
meeting her and how much you liked her, and for some
reason, this made him want to have sex with her before
you did. So he was a bastard. After your third date,
Jane never went out with anyone else, including Cal, but
when she discovered he was your friend, she didn’t want
to tell you what happened. She couldn’t believe it when
I fell in love with Cal, but she told me he’s changed a
lot from what he used to be. Not enough, though, because
that’s why he’s getting it in the ass tonight. You
should have a lot of motivation now to make him suffer.”

“It’s not that easy,” said Wendell. “Sure I’d like to
punch him in the face, but I still don’t think I can do

“Wait a minute, Wendell,” said Cal. “Joan thinks she’s
hidden that video of you getting the snowball from Jane,
but I found it on her hard drive and made a copy. If you
do anything to me tonight, it’s going viral on the
Internet tomorrow.”

“No, it’s not,” said Joan, “because something that
despicable would mean that half your assets would be
mine. Yes, I couldn’t stay married to you if you pulled
that, so you’re going to have to think long and hard.
And just like you, once I finish our video tonight, I’m
going to make it up to you. Maybe you’ve been lying when
you tell me you’ve never found someone with a body like
mine who’s willing to do the things that I do with you.
But I don’t think you’re stupid enough to throw that
away. So you’re not going to do anything with the
snowball video.”

“Oh yes, I will,” yelled Cal. He began screaming at her
and occasionally at Wendell at the top of his lungs,
threatening, pleading, begging and cursing in turn.

Joan smiled at Wendell and motioned for him to come
close to her. She pulled his head down to hers and spoke
in his ear. “Let him go on for a while,” she said. “When
he’s had a chance to let off some steam, I’ll tell you
what to do.” She bounced a couple of times on Wendell,
and he had to stop to catch his breath, but then he
began screaming again.

After a while, his voice got hoarse, but he didn’t give
up until his yelling was barely above a whisper. Joan
sat quietly on him, bouncing a couple of times every few
minutes and smiling at Wendell.

“I think we’re ready,” said Joan. Cal started squirming
under her, but she bounced on him once and he stopped.

“I don’t think I can do this, Joan,” said Wendell.

“I want you to stop thinking right now, Wendell,” she
said. “Put everything out of your mind except what I’m
telling you. Look at me. Come around here in front of me
at the foot of the bed. Cal’s feet are back over his
shoulders and you can’t see them. All you will see is me
sitting here facing you. Move a step to the right.
There. Now, you can’t see anything but me. Don’t look

“But I know it’s there,” said Wendell, “and I know it’s
Cal’s ass.”

“That’s OK for now, Wendell,” said Joan. “Now please
turn around and put your camera on that tripod over
there, and then move it to the letter A that I marked on
the floor with crayon and aim it behind me so it will
shoot Cal’s facial expressions. Now move the other
cameras to B and C and aim them where I show you.”

When the cameras were positioned, she said, “OK, now
turn them on with the master switch and go to that easy
chair and lift up the blanket that I put there. You see,
under the blanket there’s a plastic pouch with a long
tube attached. Bring it over here, please.”

“Thanks. This is usually for an enema, but Cal is
already cleaned out. I filled the thing with lubricant,
and I want you to hold the pouch high in the air and
just look at my face. Well, maybe close your eyes for a
minute, because I’ve got to bend down and stick this
tube as far into Cal as I can.

“I just saw Cal’s face for a second, and he looks
horrible,” said Wendell. “I don’t know if he can take

“Don’t look at him,” said Joan. “Open your eyes now and
look at me. This isn’t hurting him at all. He’s just
anticipating. I’m protecting him. He’ll be so full of
lube that he’ll be inflated like a football. When your
long, thick hose is all the way inside, there will be
plenty of lube to keep it moving smoothly.”

At these words, Cal began squirming again, but his
efforts were feeble. Joan didn’t bounce on him. She
lifted her head and looked at Wendell and smiled. “The
lube seems to be flowing in nicely,” she said. “The
pouch is almost half empty already. Don’t look so
worried. You’re going to be fine, Cal’s going to be
fine, and I’m going to be very happy.

“It looks like it all went in. Now hand me the pouch
please. I’m putting it on the bed and slowly pulling the
tube out of Cal. There. Please take the bag and tube to
the bathroom and put them on the counter. Then you can
wash your hands and come back.”

When Wendell returned, she had him stand in front of her
again so that she was blocking his view of Cal. “Now I
want you to take all your clothes off, Wendell,” she
said, “but I want you to do it slowly. I’m sure this is
the first and last time we will ever make love, and I
want to savor every second of it. Look straight into my
eyes as you are getting naked. Yes, like that. You look
like a frightened rabbit, but I’m going to change that.

“Your big thing is sad and droopy when you aren’t
excited, isn’t it Wendell? Don’t get upset. I’m just
taking it all in so I can enjoy the contrast later. Now
that you’re naked, I want you to crawl onto the bed and
face me on your knees. That’s it. I know you are afraid
to come too close, but you’re not touching anything
right now.

“Listen to me closely, Wendell. This is the last time
I’m going to mention Cal. He isn’t here anymore. Today
you are making love to me, but it’s special, because you
aren’t going to say anything, and you are going to be my
slave and just follow my instructions. You aren’t going
to think of anything except following those

“I want you to scoot forward a little until we’re almost
touching. That’s it. Now I want you to lean forward and
kiss me.”

There was silence for nearly a minute, and then Joan
said. “Wow! You are some kisser. When I stuck my tongue
down your throat, you really perked up. Or was it when I
started stroking your penis and testicles with my hands
covered in lube. No, don’t look down. Look straight at

“I’d like you to stroke my breasts with your hands now.
That feels so good. Do you like my breasts? Are they as
sexy as Jane’s? No, don’t say anything, just keep
stroking. You see how hard my nipples are? Is that why
you’re getting so hard in my hands?

“I’ve wanted to make love to you for a long time,
Wendell, and I never thought I’d have the chance. I’m so
excited about this, but I’m worried that you’re so big
now that you’re going to hurt my pussy. So I don’t want
you to do anything except stroke my breasts for now. I’m
taking you and slowly putting just a little of you into
my pussy.

“There, you’re in me. You’re so tight I can barely stand
it. That’s why I’m squirming like crazy. But ignore my
squirming. Don’t I feel good inside. Move closer and
push in a little more. I want another kiss now, and
while we are kissing, I want you to slowly move deeper
and deeper into me. Don’t hurry this. Let’s make it last
a long time.”

There was silence again except for some fast panting and
barely audible hoarse moans from Cal.

“That kiss was even better, Wendell. I’m out of breath.
And you’re starting to feel so good inside me. Just look
at my breasts while I look down at my pussy. Move in
just a little more now, and there, you’re all the way
inside. It looks so exciting to me. Let’s just stay like
this for a second and enjoy it. Do you mind if I stroke
your chest a little?

“I think I’m ready now, Wendell. I want you to move out
of me an inch or two. Just guess because I want your
face focused only on mine. Then move back all the way
in, and as soon as you’re in, begin pulling out again.

“Each time you pull out, I want you to pull a little
further, and then each time you push in, I want you to
pick up the pace just a little. Keep looking at my face
and my breasts. That’s it. Don’t rush things. Just a
little faster and farther each time. Perfect.

“Now you’re going at a good pace. Don’t speed it up
anymore, but stay in that rhythm, and yes, work my
breasts with your hands in the same rhythm. That was a
great idea. But keep pulling out further each time. I
want to eventually feel you pulling out of me completely
and then plunging back in. That will be a special
feeling for me, and I’m sure it will make my body really
jump. There, you did it. Did you feel how my body went
wild. What a feeling to have that huge thing rip out of
me and then push in all the way to the bottom. There’s
nothing like that. Do it again! Again! Again!”

She was looking down as she said this, and there were
shrieks of pain coming from Cal, but they were weak, and
Joan’s voice was getting louder, so all Wendell heard
was her.

“OK,” she said. “I think I’ve had enough of that. Now I
want you to do something else for me. I’m going to lean
back a little, and I want you to lean forward. I’m going
to move closer to you also and hug you until I feel you
crushing my breasts. I want that feeling. There. Now I
want you to think of your lower body as a machine. I’m
holding your upper body tightly, and I want you to hold
me, too, but your lower body is a sledgehammer, and I
want you to start pounding it into me as hard as you
can, slowly at first.

“That’s it. Do you feel how my body is bouncing off you
as you slam into me and then bouncing back to meet
yours. When we collide, you’re slamming into me twice as
hard. It’s making me squirm and move even more than
before. OK, keep holding me tight. I hear your
breathing, and it sounds like you’re ready to come.

“I’m going to make it even better for you because I’m
reaching one hand down to your balls and grabbing onto
them as you pound me. I’m going to squeeze and pull them
now to heighten your excitement. It’s working, I think,
because your breath is getting crazier and you’re almost
out of control and pounding me even harder.

“Now I’m going to reach around you with my other hand
and grab one of your buttocks. I can barely hold on
because you’re going so fast. Make some kind of sound to
let me know when you think you’re almost there. Already?
That was quite a sound. Like a wild animal.

“OK, now listen. When you come, you can pound into me
once or twice more, but then I want to you really smash
down and stop completely while you are all the way
inside me. I want all that come to go deep down into my
pussy. And then I want you to just lay on me until Mr.
Big Man becomes Mr. Little Man. There. You’re coming. I
can feel you spurting into me. I’m putting both hands
around your ass and pulling you in as deep as I can.
What an amazing feeling!

“Now rest on me, Wendell. I love the feel of your sweaty
body on mine. You did it. I knew you could. You don’t
have to focus on me anymore. I see you’re soft, so you
can get up if you want to. You sure did that fast. OK,
run to the bathroom. It’s all right.”

When he came back, she said, “I know this may be tough
to watch, Cal, but I need you to focus on getting this
last part on video. So try not to think about what you
just did or anything else. You are now a professional
videographer and just doing what the customer wants. You
aren’t involved in any way.”

She bounced on Cal a few times, but other than a soft
whooshing, there was no sound. “I think he’s too worn
out to give me any trouble,” she said as she got up off
him. He had a horrible expression on his face, but he
didn’t say anything as she gently lifted his arms away
and grabbed each foot in turn and slowly brought it from
behind his head back down to the mattress.

“I’m going to need your help turning him over, Wendell,”
she said, and after they rolled him onto his stomach,
she had Wendell lift him up so that she could crawl
under Cal in the 69 position. Cal was collapsed on top
of her, but she directed Wendell to push a thick pillow
between them where her breasts were touching Cal’s
stomach. The pillow propped up Cal so that it looked
like he was on his knees with his rear in the air. From
below she spread his legs and then asked Wendell to
position some small cushions under her head. Cal still
didn’t move.

“That’s perfect, Hal,” she said. “My mouth is just below
his anus. Now get the camera ready and when I tell you,
push my head just a little more forward with the
cushions so I can get my tongue inside him.”

“Why do you want to do that now?” said Wendell. “I don’t
even think he can appreciate what you’re doing the way
he’s lying there like he’s dead.”

“I’m doing it for two reasons,” she said. “The first one
is because I promised, and the second one is that even
though he may feel nothing now, he’ll get to watch it on
the video. OK, push the cushions forward.”

He filmed her licking around his anus, then pulling it
open and thrusting her tongue in as a little semen began
to come out. He filmed her catching some of the semen
with her tongue and swirling it around a little in her
mouth and then swallowing it. She began thrusting in and
out of Cal’s slimy anus as if she were banging him with
her tongue.

Finally, she stopped. “One last thing, Wendell,” she
said. “Please listen carefully and remember, because I
won’t be able to remind you. I’m now going to attempt to
get every drop of semen you deposited in Cal into my
mouth. After that, I’m going to wake him up. And after
that — well, you just need to capture everything I do
close up with your camera. Remember, you’re no longer
involved. You’re just the cameraman. Now bring me that
bulb syringe. It’s on the same chair where the enema bag

“I don’t see a syringe,” he said, “just a rubber ball.”

“That’s it,” she said. “Turn the ball over and you’ll
see a long tapered snout. Give it to me, please. See,
it’s full of air, and I’m pushing the spout deep into
Cal and then squeezing all the air into him.

“The only way to get all the come out of him is for him
to push it out like going to the bathroom. But he’s too
exhausted to do that, and even if he could, he wouldn’t
because it’s painful. I remember how much it hurt on the
toilet for a couple of weeks after you ravaged my ass.

“There, I just squeezed a second ball of air into Cal.
He’s out of it, but his body is starting to squirm. I
think he’ll wake up after the third air injection,
because he’s going to be extremely uncomfortable. Four
should do it.

“You banged him so hard that he’s too tired to keep
control for long. Eventually, he’ll have to fart out the
air, and with the air, he’ll fart all the come you
deposited into him. He’ll scream from the pain, but he
won’t be able to stop, and all the come is going to
shoot into my mouth. That’s why you’ve got to be ready
now, because as soon as that stuff fills my mouth, I
won’t be able to talk. So just focus in close on the
action and keep following me no matter where I go and
what I do.

“There, that’s the second bulb full of air inside him. I
can feel him starting to react. And there’s the third
one. Look at him now. The discomfort is waking him up.
After the next one, I’m going to hold on for dear life
so that I can keep his anus lined up with my mouth.”

When Cal let loose, he screamed, but his scream was
almost drowned out by a sound like a gun firing, and a
huge wad of come flew right at Joan. She got most of it
in her mouth, but some of it splattered over her face.
Then there were smaller eruptions, and more screams, and
the come began flowing out of Cal like running water
right into Joan’s wide open mouth. After a while, the
come slowed to a trickle and then to drops.

Joan pulled herself free from Cal. Because the pillows
were elevating his lower body, she easily pushed him
over onto his back. Wendell kept filming. She crawled
onto Cal and sat on his stomach. Cal had his eyes open
but wasn’t totally awake. He was blinking, but he seemed
to be in a trance. Joan’s cheeks were bulging.

Joan leaned over Cal and slapped him hard on the face.
He shook his head, but his eyes were still somewhere
else. She slapped him hard a second time, and this time
he began blinking faster and then focused on her. He
tried to move, but she bounced on his stomach a few
times until he stopped.

He stared at her and she raised her hands to both sides
of her face and pointed at her bulging cheeks. His eyes
widened in horror and he began squirming again. After a
few more bounces quieted him again, she moved forward
onto his chest and then leaned over and kissed his eyes.

At least that’s what Wendell first thought as he filmed
her face and Cal’s close together. But when she raised
her head, he saw that what she had done was open her
mouth just enough to dribble come onto each of his eyes,
which Cal had now tightly shut.

She looked over at Wendell, and he thought she was
smiling, although he couldn’t be sure, because she
looked so grotesque with her cheeks bulging out. Then
she lowered her head for a few seconds to Cal’s nose.
When she lifted her head, there was a huge gob of come
on his upper lip. She moved her index finger to it and
started to push the come into his nostrils. Cal’s eyes
were tightly shut, and when he tried to move his head
away from her fingers, she just followed him. Finally,
she had pushed all the come from his upper lip into both
nostrils, and Wendell could see they were filled with
the thick white fluid.

She lifted her head and looked at Wendell again with
that expression that might have been a smile. Now she
looked at Cal’s nose stuffed with come, and then at his
mouth. His lips were tightly sealed, except for slight
cracks at the corners where he was trying to breathe.
She gently placed one hand over his mouth and then
slowly pushed down, sealing his mouth. He began moving
his head in every direction again, but her hand stayed
with him, and no air could get through it. Though they
were covered with semen, he opened his eyes wide in

Now his body was starting to move around, too, and he
was kicking his legs. Joan watched him with her strange
expression as he struggled. Then his struggles became
weaker, and Joan looked over at Wendell and motioned
with her other hand for him to get closer. She pointed
at Cal’s face, and he knew she wanted a good close-up of
what was about to happen.

Finally, she took her hand off Cal’s mouth, and there
was a sound of desperate gasping. Cal’s mouth opened
wide to pull in air. While he gasped, Joan took his head
gently in her hands and turned him so he was looking
directly at her. Her face was about six inches above his
as she opened her mouth and a huge torrent of come fell
from it directly into Cal’s wide open mouth.

Then Cal’s sound changed to a mixture of choking
gasping, sputtering, gulping, spitting and sneezing.
Most of the come went down Cal’s throat as he swallowed
fast to keep from choking. But a lot of it was sneezed
out through his nose and onto his face, and some was
spit out as he gasped. His face was covered with a thick
coat of semen. Joan got off of Cal and took the camera
from Wendell. She filmed Cal for five minutes until he
was breathing normally again. He was shaking, and it
looked like he was crying as she turned off the camera
and went into the bathroom.

She didn’t close the door, and Wendell heard her
gargling three or four times. Then she was back with a
hot wet towel. She turned to Wendell, who stood like a
statue with his mouth hanging open. “You can go now,
Wendell,” she said, and then she began gently washing
Cal’s face.

As he got dressed and left, he didn’t look at them, but
he heard Cal sobbing and Joan kissing him and soothing
him with her words like a mother soothing a crying baby.

“Joan told me you made her come twice,” said Jane the
next day. “Just your hands on her breasts and watching
your dingus going in and out of Cal. Don’t look so
pleased. You’re never going to see her body again,
except maybe in a bathing suit.

“She said that Cal is getting over it, but she suggests
that we keep the two of you apart for a while. I should
be getting my copy of the video next week. Do you want
to watch it with me?”

“No,” said Wendell. “Once is enough for that kind of
weird stuff.”

“Ok,” said Jane, “but I’m warning you that when I watch
it, well — you know what it will do to me, so you
better be ready for some heavy action that night.”

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