A husband is abused by his wife’s girlfriends

“At last!” I shouted, after I sneaked a peek through
the blinds.

I wanted to make sure the Gang of Four couldn’t hear
me for two reasons. One, if they did, maybe they’d
turn around and come back. Two, they might high five
each other if they heard my exasperation.

But Laurel, Felicity, Mimi and Bianca were already
getting into their car in front of the house,
seemingly oblivious to the fact that they had
destroyed half of my Sunday.

“What is it with your friends?” I asked Ellen.
“Whenever they come here and I’m around, they find
ways to torment me.”

“What do you mean?” she asked.

“For instance, today they allegedly came to work on
somebody’s shower with you in the kitchen,” I said. “I
tried to stay out of the way in the living room with
the Sunday paper and iPad. But each of them managed to
get close to me multiple times and push me, nudge me,
bump me, scratch me, step on my feet, slap my ass,
give me a couple of wedgies and worse.”

“What do mean worse?” said Ellen.

“That sadistic Mimi. I can’t figure her out. She looks
like a miniature doll, but she’s vicious. Twice she
reached right into my boxers. One time she grabbed my
balls and squeezed them. Did you tell her you changed
your mind and didn’t want kids?”

“What did she do the other time?”

“Something really weird. She was sticking her fingers
between my ass cheeks, and I moved away fast. I don’t
even want to think about where she was going with that

“Why didn’t you put on your clothes and go out

“So I should just let them drive me from my own home?
Sorry, I mean our home. They’re over here a lot, and
it’s the same every time, including this conversation.
What is it with your friends? You grew up with these
girls, and I’m not jealous that you’re closer to them
than you are to me in some ways. So what’s bothering

“Do you really want to know?” said Ellen. Her voice
was quiet suddenly.

“Yes,” I said.

“They hate you,” she said.

“What? Why? What have I ever done to them?”

“It’s not what you did to them. It’s what you did to

“What did I do to you?”

She looked at me silently. She knew I knew.

“That was eight years ago,” I said.

There was only one bad thing I ever did to Ellen, but
it was so bad that I try to suppress it. When I think
about it, I get scared, and my brain feels like it
will explode. Sometimes I dream about it, and it wakes
me up, and I can’t fall asleep the rest of the night.
I spend the dark hours reminding myself how I dodged a
bullet bigger than a cannonball.

I shouldn’t be happily married to the most wonderful,
most forgiving and most beautiful woman in the world,
and I know it. The only time she ever got angry with
me was after the umpteenth time I made told her how
perfect she was and how lucky and undeserving I was.
She said if I didn’t stop, she would leave me. She
told me that she was as full of faults as I was, and
it made her squirm when I talked about her like she
was a goddess for me to worship. Then I really lied
and told her I really didn’t feel that way, and I
promised her I would never bring it up again.

My friends never could understand how close I came to
jumping off a cliff. They’d remind me that we were all
bastards and jerks in college when it came to women,
and that often the women weren’t much better. They’d
tell me some of the things they did, and some of the
things that were done to them.

But none of them is married to Ellen. When I met her
my sophomore year, it was as if she stepped out of a
cloud. We knew almost immediately we were soul mates,
and we moved in together the next year and announced
our engagement the summer before our senior year.

Then came the slut. I still don’t know how she wove
her web. Probably, she just did what she did
automatically. I’m sure she had done it before me and
continued to do it after me. Once the spell was
broken, I could see there was nothing to her except
for the amazing body and the wild sex. But that was
later. When I met her in a first semester senior
class, my life did a tailspin.

Things inside of me came out that I didn’t know were
there, such as total selfishness, callousness and
obsession with pleasure. I didn’t lose all my values,
because I still realized that Ellen was something
special, so to be fair to her, I broke off the
engagement, and I did it to her face. She was stunned
and then devastated. She asked me again and again what
was wrong with her. I kept trying to tell her that it
wasn’t her, but she wouldn’t believe me.


The next day, I heard from each of the Gang of Four.
The conversations all went the same way. They sounded
concerned and wanted to know what happened, why did I
feel I had to break up with Ellen, what had she done?
They were all calm informational conversations.

But by the day after that, they had done some research
and compared notes. Then I got a second call from each
of them, and they let loose. They outdid themselves in
thinking of vile names for me and describing the
painful things they’d like to do to me. One of the
milder ones was reaching into my sockets with their
fingernails and tearing my eyeballs out. They detailed
the slut’s history and called her a bunch of names.

I acted the gentleman and stood up for her against the
raging banshees. How noble I was!

They told me that Ellen decided she couldn’t handle
college and left for home, but that they were going
after her. They wouldn’t let her ruin her life, and
they would get me for what I did to her if it was the
last thing they ever did.

There was only one thing the Gang of Four called me
that wasn’t true: stupid. Well maybe I was. It took me
three weeks to realize that I had made the biggest
mistake of my life. When I saw Ellen, a week after I
broke up, she was looking like she was among the
living dead, but I didn’t respond then, except to feel
glad that her friends had brought her back to campus.
They had already taken everything of hers from my

No, it wasn’t seeing Ellen that did it, nor anything
the slut did. One morning, I sat up in bed and felt
like screaming. No one else was around. If I had a
nightmare, I couldn’t remember it, but I was having a
wide-awake nightmare. It felt like a ton of bricks had
come crashing down on my brain. Something inside of me
finally worked out what I had done. I had thrown away
the only girl I ever loved and the only one I would
ever be happy with. I had humiliated her and even
driven her temporarily insane, to the point where she
had thought there was something wrong with her. My
life was over. I might as well k**l myself right then.

But my survival instinct was strong enough that it
f****d me to fight the quicksand before I went under.
When I tried to get to Ellen, the Gang of Four ran
interference for her. I soaked up their vicious
contempt like a sponge. I loved them in a way, because
they had saved Ellen and they were defending her from
a monster as ferociously as I would. But I had to find
a way around them.

By watching and stalking, I managed to surprise Ellen
alone in a clothing store. She was coming out of the
dressing room, when I fell at her feet and went to
pieces, begging for a second chance. Ellen is smart,
but that day she was stupid. She forgave me, and in
seconds we were on the floor together, holding each
other and sobbing as customers and salespeople
gathered around us. That’s where Mimi found us, and
when she saw what was going on, she became like a
female lion protecting one of her cubs. She was
slapping, punching, pulling and scratching at me to
tear Ellen loose and pull her to her feet and out of
the store so fast that Ellen seemed like she was
flying away from me.

I wasn’t allowed to see Ellen alone for two months.
Each time one of the Gang of Four was with her when we
met. It didn’t matter because Ellen and I talked as if
no one was there. I could tell that our words were
making her friends physically ill, but I spoke from
the heart instead of trying to play games. She
believed me, but they were disgusted listening to the
person who had trampled her under his feet just a few
weeks earlier. They were angry that Ellen was keeping
her promise to them to not do anything in haste, yet
they could tell she was still in love with me.

Finally, Ellen put her foot down and said she would be
seeing me alone. And then came the ring, the wedding
and all the rest. I took the Gang of Four out to
dinner by myself and told them how much I loved them
for what they had done for Ellen, and I hoped that I
would earn their trust by treating her the way she
deserved. They were silent, which at least was an
improvement over the imaginative curses and names they
had shared with me up until the re-engagement was
announced. I’m sure the reason they never brought up
what I had done again was because they knew it would
hurt Ellen. They loved her so much that I was sure
that they might even sacrifice their lives to protect
me, because they knew how much Ellen loved me. I guess
that’s why I put up with their mild a***e whenever
they were around.

Ellen was responding to my complaint. “I know it was
eight years ago,” she said, “and I forgave you quickly
and never regretted it one moment. But I don’t know if
they will ever forgive you completely, and it’s
probably my fault. Because they don’t think I made you
suffer enough before I took you back.

“Jeff, I love them for feeling that way, and I love
you. And I’m not going to give either of you up. And
I’m sure, deep down, they don’t want me to give you
up. And you’ve even told me you love them for what
they did for me.”

“What about Tinker Bell invading my naked body?” I

“If you want me to talk to Mimi, I will,” she said.
“There are a lot of guys who’d love her putting her
hands all over their private parts. And you know I’m
not worried that she’s trying to make a play for you.”

“Never mind,” I said. “I guess I’ll just have to put
up with their pawing and pinching as atonement for my
sins. But you can tell Tinker Bell that if she
continues to explore, I’m going to do some exploring
on her.”

“I will,” said Ellen and laughed.


A few days later, after dinner, she laughed again.

“What’s so funny?” he asked from the family room.

“I don’t know if you’ll think it’s that funny,” said
Ellen from her desk. “I’m warning you that you may not
want to see what Mimi attached to her email.”

My curiosity was aroused and I went and stood behind
Ellen, who was sitting in front of her big monitor.

“I told her that you may be sticking your fingers
where she doesn’t like it if she continues doing that
to you,” said Ellen, “and this is her reply. See where
she wrote, ‘This is what I’d like to do to Jeff.’ OK,
are you ready for the video?

“Yes,” I said, wondering what sick thing Mimi had come
up with.

The video showed a naked man on his hands and knees.
He was facing away from the camera, so you couldn’t
see his face, just his hairy ass. A small woman — it
wasn’t Mimi, thank goodness — came into the picture
carrying a jar. She opened the jar and scooped out
what looked like some grease and began smearing it
between his ass cheeks. She also put the grease on his
penis, which was drooping down between his legs, and
his testicles.

Then she kneeled next to the man, facing his rear, and
reached under him to grab his penis with her right
hand and began pumping it up and down, sometimes
shifting the hand to his testicles, which she fondled.
With her left hand, she reached around and pushed a
finger between his cheeks. His legs were spread, so
you could see the finger going through the hair right
into the anus.

She pushed some grease into him and began moving the
finger in and out. Then she pushed in more grease and
added a second finger, then more grease and a third.
Finally, she slowly pushed her entire hand in past the
wrist and moved it in and out at the same pace as her
right hand was pumping the penis. Each time she did
this, she pushed the hand in further.

All of a sudden, the man’s heavy breathing turned to
moans. He didn’t move, and she wasn’t doing anything
different. She picked up the pace, and then there was
a soft plopping sound as some stuff came out of the
end of his penis and fell to the floor below it.

Now she grabbed his penis hard where it joined his
balls and began pulling her hand down while squeezing
his penis. As she did, come started to ooze out of it.
It was like she was squeezing toothpaste out of a
tube. The man was groaning in pain because of how hard
she was squeezing his penis. After a few hard squeezes
and pulls, there was a pile of white come under him.
It was weird watching it because there was no sign
that the man had an orgasm, except for the dripping
semen. It seemed as if the woman had done all the work
and just turned the handle on a semen faucet.

I heard Ellen’s breathing, and it seemed heavy. “Are
you getting aroused by this disgusting video,” I said
when it was over.

“I’m sorry, but I couldn’t help it,” she said.
“Anyway, maybe this gives you a clue as to what Mimi’s
up to.” She laughed. “I’m sure she’d love to make a
video like that with you, and I know three others
who’d love it see it.”

“You forgot to count yourself,” I said as I left the


It was two Sundays later that the Gang of Four was
back in the house working on the wedding shower again,
but I hadn’t forgotten the previous time or the video.
I made sure to wear the boxers where the hole flapped
open with the slightest move and let my robe hang
loose so the Gang of Four got an eyeful.

Mimi came out of the kitchen one time and saw me
sprawled in a semi-exposed state across the couch. She
was quick, and she almost reached in and grabbed
something before quickly moving away as I reached out
for the crotch of her tight shorts. She laughed as she
spun away from my hand.

“I heard you really enjoyed that fisting and milking
video?” she said.

“Yeah,” I said. “Is that the kind of thing you like to
do with your boyfriends?”

“Don’t knock it until you try it,” she said with a
laugh. “Look at this nice, clean fist. I even trim my
nails short. Wouldn’t you like me to put it up your
ass and milk you?”

“What’s all this milking business?” I asked. “It looks
like plain masturbating to me.”

“That’s where you’re wrong,” she said. “Take another
look at that video. The woman is pulling on the penis
to get it ready, but it never really gets hard. It’s
the hand in the ass that makes it happen. The prostate
is somewhere inside there, and it’s like a button,
sort of like a male clitoris. If you press it right,
the come starts flowing. If the guy’s in pain, he
doesn’t get to ejaculate. His stuff comes out, and
he’s done, but there’s no satisfaction, except for the
woman, who’s in complete control. I think it’s one of
the most demeaning things you can do to a man.”

“How many times have you done it?” I asked.

“Never,” she said. “I respect my men. There’s only one
man I’d like to do it to. Bye.”

She went back to the kitchen.


That was enough of that for me. From then on, when I
knew the Gang of Four was going to be at our house for
an extended period of time, I was out of there. But
they were so much a part of Ellen’s life that I
couldn’t avoid them altogether. And whenever I
happened to be with one or more of them out of earshot
of others, I knew exactly what I was going to hear:
some variation of the fisting-milking invitation.

Laurel, Felicity and Bianca were the crudest. They
would compete to invent disgusting variations. One of
them was how they would reach inside me for my lunch
and then pull it out and feed it to me again. Another
was how they would scoop up my semen and frost a
brownie with it that they would feed me. Felicity was
all for seeing if all eight of their hands would fit
inside, and Laurel wanted to see if she and Bianca
could play handball with my testicles.

They were trying to be funny, but for some reason,
even though she attempted to make jokes, Mimi always
sounded serious enough to scare me, and I told Ellen
this. She said the girls had told her about the
running joke, and she told them she was starting to
feel uncomfortable about it. They said if she gave the
word, they’d stop, but she was always reluctant to
pressure them unless it was for something that she
knew was for their own good. She asked me what I

“I think this is going to blow up sooner or later,” I
said. “Maybe that will be a good thing.”

“And maybe not,” she said. As usual, she was the
smarter of us.


A few weeks later, after a girl’s night out — which
in her case always consisted of a women’s movie and
some dinner — she came home and told me that I had
made a good prediction. The nasty joking had come to a
place where it couldn’t go much further and couldn’t
get more bizarre.

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“They all explained it to me at dinner, and I don’t
even know why I’m telling you, except for the
strangest part of all. They told me that if you go
through with this, they promise that they will respect
you, they will never torment you again, they will put
the past out of their minds and they will love you
like a brother. I think the last part is not honest,
because they already love you like a brother, for my

“What do you mean by ‘going through with this’?” I

“Oh it’s too strange. You know that video that they’re
obsessed with. To try to get you to do that, they’ve
made it into a contest. It would be you against one of
the girls. I’m not going to tell you more, because
it’s too gross, and I’ve decided to butt out, so to
speak. I told them that from now on, they would have
to communicate with you directly, and I’m telling you
the same thing. There must be better things for people
to talk about.”

“I’m curious,” I said. “Are you going to be angry if I
talk to them, just to find out.”

“Not at all,” she said. “Just don’t tell me anything
until the five of you have finally resolved this.”


The next Tuesday, it was a girl’s night out, minus
Ellen and plus one man, me. We met at the Denny’s near
our home, and when I entered, I saw them all talking
like conspirators at a table in the far corner, even
though the dining room was almost empty.

They began as soon as I sat down and paused every time
the waitress came within 10 feet of us and didn’t
resume until she passed beyond that invisible line

“What did Ellen tell you?” said Laurel.

“Not much,” I said, “except you’ve figured out a way
for me to go along with your strange fantasy, and in
return, you’ll lay off of me. She wouldn’t say
anything more.”

“Did she tell you that no matter what happens, if you
agree to this, we will put the past out of our minds,
we’ll respect you, we won’t torment you and we’ll even
go out of our way to do nice things for you and be
good to you, as if you were our beloved brother?” said

“We talked a lot about that, and a few of us didn’t
want to commit to that much, but I guess we really
want to do this, so in the end, everyone came around.
We are prepared to swear this in front of you, or
write it down and sign in our b***d, whatever you

“It’s the ‘no matter what happens’ part that sounds
worrisome,” I said. “I have a feeling I would end up
in the hospital if I go went through with this. I know
you love Ellen, so I’m curious about exactly how much
you’d be willing to hurt her husband. Then I’ll
probably tell you no.”

“That’s fair,” said Bianca, “so here’s what we thought
of. Please don’t ask me any questions until I’m done,
because we’re so excited about this that we have to
tell you, even if you end up shooting our idea down.”

“It starts with us wanting to make a video of you
getting fisted and milked. Of course, one of us four
would be the one who does it, but the other three
would get to watch and make the video. It would be for
the five of us only, unless Ellen wanted a copy, and
we swear it would never go on the Internet or be shown
to anyone else.

“We tried to think of what we could offer you to be
humiliated like this, but we were stumped until
someone suggested maybe you might enjoy humiliating us
as much as vice versa. Then it came to how we would
handle that since none of us wants to be at the
receiving end.

“Mimi is the one who came up with the idea of a
contest, something like a wrestling match. We’re all
in good shape, and, I’ll admit that since Mimi thought
of the contest, we’ve all been taking some lessons
from a former woman wrestler at the club. You’re not
going to get a chance to do that yourself, mainly
because I got the impression from Ellen that we better
do this right away or else forget it.

“So we have the advantage of the training. Also, in
our favor is that all of us are pretty good sized for
women, except Mimi. Of course, you’re in good shape,
too, and you’re a man and larger than any of us, so
that’s in your favor. You won’t know which one you’re
fighting until the second we start, so the element of
surprise will be in our favor.

“Here’s the contest. We have 45 minutes on a wrestling
mat. After that it’s over, no matter what happens, and
as we said, no matter what happens at the match, we
will keep our bargain. In those 45 minutes, one of us
is going to try to get her fist into you and then milk
you. We’ll have lots of lighting, and the other three
will have video cameras, so we’ll get the action from
all angles. Once we’ve squeezed every last bit of come
from you onto the mat, we’ll make you lick it all up.
As soon as you do, it’s over.

“Of course, that’s if one of us wins. For you to win,
all you have to do is stick one of your hands inside
our vagina and the other inside our anus. You’ve got
two goals, just like us. And the advantage for you is
that even if we’re in your anus and are pumping your
penis, you might be able to get both your fists in,
and if you do, you’ve won and we’ll have to stop. So
you would be spared at least part of the humiliation.

“We’ve figured that even if you’re too strong for us
and we can’t complete the milking, we might still be
able to mortify you a little. So that would be a win-
win, I guess.

“But we’re not after a win-win. We want a win-loss,
and we’re going all out to make sure that we degrade
you and make you suffer, while we walk away with no
consequences. And that brings us to the last part.

“We’ve never really trusted you since you did that to
Ellen in college, and we don’t trust you now. Because
you are bigger than us, you might try to violate the
rules. But we will have a backup security plan to take
care of any tricks. If one of us wins fair and square,
and you try to do something to her after you’ve lost,
we’ll be ready. With four of us against one, there’s
no telling what we might force on you. Any questions?”

“What makes you think this won’t injure me or I won’t
injure you?” I said.

“You’ve seen the videos,” said Felicity. “We’re
learning the right way to do it to you. You’re going
to be sore around your stretched anus and inside your
colon for a few weeks, and you might scream from pain
every time you go to the bathroom. We’ll try not to
laugh as we see you limping around. But there will be
no permanent damage. We could never do that to Ellen.
As for us, we’ve seen fisting videos of women,
including simultaneous fisting of the anus and vagina,
and we’re sure we’ll survive.”

“Well, I’m not so sure,” I said. “And I am sure that
no matter what precautions you’ve taken, if one of you
was accidentally hurt by me, Ellen would never forgive
me, no matter what promises she makes or what you’d
make her sign. So for me it’s a lose-lose.”

“So that’s your copout,” said Mimi. Her face was
twisted and angry, and she almost spit her words at me
with contempt.

I looked at them. Their eyes were glistening. They
were breathing fast, and their faces were red. They
were on the verge of orgasm just talking about this.
What strange people women are, I thought.

“OK, Tinker Bell,” I said. I knew she hated it when I
used my nickname for her. “I told you I was going to
say no, but I’ll wait until tomorrow to give you my
final decision, which is also going to be no, and
here’s why.

“Laurel, Felicity and Bianca are all average or above
average sized girls, so for the sake of your fantasy,
I’ll stipulate that they will survive one of my fists
in their ass while the other one is in their pussy.
But you are a different story.

“I’ve heard that some tiny little cuties like you have
enormous pussies, big enough to drive a truck through,
and maybe you’re one of those. But you’re going to
have to prove that to me by tomorrow night. You’re
going to have to prove that you can take my fists in
both holes at once. I have no idea how you’re going to
do that, but if it’s not proven to my satisfaction,
I’ll say no.

“Your only alternative is to agree that Tinker Bell
will not be the one wrestling me. I may still say no,
but then I’ll have to think of another reason. OK, I
need to get home to Ellen. I’m sure she’s dying of
curiosity, but of course before I get there, you’ll be
telling her everything on the phone. I’ll take care of
the bill. Thanks, ladies.”

When I walked in the door, Ellen said, “Get ready,
Jeff. They’re all on their way over here.”

“What?” I said. “That wasn’t part of the deal.”

“I can’t believe you made a deal with them,” she said.
“You have to tell me more about this later. But Mimi
called and said they had to pick something up and then
come here and see you just for a second. Here they are

They walked in without knocking. They seemed to be in
a kind of military formation, and Mimi was the
sergeant. “You know what to do, girls,” she said. They
moved swiftly. Felicity walked up to me and grabbed my
right arm at the wrist and pulled it away from my
body, Bianca took the hand with both of hers and
pushed my fingers into a fist. Then Laurel rushed up
and put a measuring tape around it. “Eleven and three
quarters inches,” she shouted out and took the tape
away. In a minute, the Gang of Four was out the door
without a goodbye.

I laughed, and Ellen looked at me in amazement. I told
her everything that happened at the restaurant.

“That was awfully mean of you to talk about driving a
truck through Mimi’s vagina,” was the first thing she

“You’re right,” I said, “I’m Mr. Meanie. They’re just
nice innocent young girls.

“I didn’t say that,” she said. “I guess I always look
at it from the woman’s perspective. Let me take a look
at that hand they measured.”

She grabbed my hand and pulled me upstairs. “Girls
night out is over,” she said. “Now it’s time for
girl’s night in.”

For the next hour and a half, I couldn’t keep up with
her. She was like a wild woman. In the back of my
mind, I knew that my meeting with her friends had
something to do with her passion and her multiple
orgasms — and my multiple orgasms that resulted from


“So you aren’t going to say anything?” I said the next

“No, I told you that before,” she said, speaking from
her desk, “but I am going to show you something. Come
in here, please. Mimi said I was not to forward this
to you but only show it to you on my computer and then
make sure it was totally deleted, including out of the
waste basket.”

I stood behind her. “Blow it up,” I said.

“There,” she said. “I guess she showed you.”

There were three photos of Mimi attached to the email.
The first showed her sitting at her kitchen table with
the other three around her. On the table were two
giant matching dildos that looked like real human
penises except they were too large. The measuring tape
was around one of them, and when the photo was blown
up large enough, it showed the dildo was 12-inches

In the second and third photos, Mimi was alone and
naked from the waist down. In one of them, she was
lying on her bed with one of the large dildos pushed
into her vagina. In the second one, she was on all
fours, and the dildo in her vagina was joined by a
second one sticking out of her rear.”

“Let me sit down here for a second,” I said.

“OK,” said Ellen, “but I’m going to be watching you to
make sure you don’t try to send that to all your
friends. I can’t believe that Mimi can take those two

I looked at the photos closely. There was something
strange about the second and third ones.

“I can’t believe it either,” I said, “and she didn’t.
They’re Photoshop, not bad for a rush job, but they’re

“You could really hurt her,” said Ellen. “She must
really want to hurt you badly.”

“Are you telling me that I should turn them down?” I

“I’m not telling you anything,” she said.

“Not so fast,” I said. “Just like I thought, this is
turning into a lose-lose for me with you. I thought
about this, and I decided that I’m going to do it. I
know that they’re going to try to trick me, but even
if they do, I could live with it.

“But you need to work out this thing with Mimi. I have
a funny feeling she’s the one, because she hates me
more than then other three combined. And though right
now I feel like I’d love to put my fists up her cute
little ass and her vagina, no matter what size it is,
I’m going to hate myself if I rip her open and she
bleeds all the way to the hospital. You’ll hate me,

“So you’re going to get involved with this whether you
like it or not. Here’s what I want you to do today.
Email her right now and tell her that I’m onto the
Photoshop fake and that you need to talk to her at
lunch. Then you need to question her and give me a
report tonight.

“Tell her I know she’s going to try to trick me, but
what if she makes a mistake or I see through the
trick. I can pick her up with one hand and do whatever
I want with her. If you feel like it, tell her that
you’ll be angry with me if I rip her, but you’ll also
hate her for forcing me to do it and you might cut her
out of your life for a year. Maybe that’s too strong.
But you know what to do.”

“Yes, I do,” said Ellen, and she left for work.


“You have my approval,” she said when I walked in the
door that night.

“Tell me,” I said.

“I’ve never seen Mimi like that,” she said. “She
wanted to tell me what she was going to do to you if
she was selected — I’m pretty sure she’s going to
fight like hell to be chosen — but I told her I
didn’t want to hear. I told her no matter how
confident she was, things could go wrong, and no
matter how good she was on Photo Shop, that wasn’t
going to help her body recover from your huge fists
ripping her plumbing apart. Those are the words I

“I told her that afterward you and I would be even
sorrier than her, and that I would probably need some
space to deal with the guilt, since I’m the only one
of all of us who could shut this whole thing down
before anyone gets hurt. I told her I couldn’t even
guarantee that I would ever want to see her again. I
made it pretty strong.

“But she has something inside her about this now that
goes beyond what happened in college. The contest has
taken on a life of its own, and taken over her life,
too. She swore to me that in her preparation she had
been sticking larger and larger things inside both her
vagina and anus even though she knew she would win.

“She swore to me that you couldn’t hurt her even if
you tried. I guaranteed to her that you would never
attempt to consciously tear her, but it might happen
anyway. She said that because of her build, that could
happen when she has her first c***d. For everything I
brought up, she had a ready answer, and in the end
that helped me make my decision. Because even though
she’s crazy, at least she’s been thinking a lot about
this and realizes what you could do to her.”

“By the way, it’s on for tomorrow night. I told them
they could use our family room since it’s a larger
space than any of them have in their apartments.
They’re coming over after work to set things up, and
you’re not supposed to show up until 9 p.m. They
wanted to make it a Friday night, so everyone could
have some recovery time over the weekend before going
back to work.”


When I arrived at 9, I had to admire what the Gang of
Four had accomplished. They had turned our family room
into a video studio. There were lights all over the
place, and thick rubbery mats covering the carpet. I
took off my shoes and sank deeply into the mats as I
walked around. There were several cameras on high
tripods all around the edge of the mats and next to
them several at just above floor level. The girls
wanted video from every possible angle in addition to
what they were going to get on the three handheld
cameras. They told me one handheld was for my
expressions, one for my opponent’s expressions and one
for our genitalia.

Laurel told me to go upstairs and change into
something easy to take off. I noticed they were all in
sweats and bare feet. I put on shorts and a T-shirt
and came back down.


“I’ve been elected spokeswoman,” said Laurel when I
got back, “so I’ll be doing whatever talking is
necessary, but everything’s been worked out by the
four of us, and we agreed on everything I’m going to
say. We’re ready for action. Ellen wanted to watch,
even though we warned her it might make her sick to
see what her friends are going to do to her husband.
She’s going to be over there in the dark behind those

“We have our insurance ready that you agreed on —
remember Jeff? — in case you break the rules. No, I’m
not going to tell you what it is. I’m also not going
to tell you which of us you will battle. We decided
that all of us would prep, so that the three who
aren’t fighting would feel a little of what the two
fighters are feeling.

“So listen carefully. We’re all going upstairs to your
beautiful spacious master bathroom, where we’ve got
equipment set up. The girls will take turns cleaning
themselves out and Jeff. No, Jeff, you don’t get to
put the enemas in us, even though we get to put them
in you. We’ll all get the same amount, two large doses
to make sure there are no ugly surprises on the video.

“After the second dose, we’ll put in a third one, but
it will be a lubricant to protect us from things that
might go in where they normally don’t. When the two
combatants go at it, they will be pumped full of
lubricant, so some of it will squirt out during the
action, but the pads on the floor are all sealed so it
will just collect on them and not hurt the floor.

“Once we’re all lubricated, we’ll go back downstairs
and get started. Try not to let any lubricant squirt
out as you walk down the stairs. Ellen said she didn’t
want to see any of the prep, so she’s staying down

In the bathroom, everyone took off their clothes, and
I got a good eyeful as I was filled up twice by
Bianca. The Gang of Four was parading around me, and
some of them even reached out and touched the pole
that was now sticking straight out from my crotch.

If anything, they were even more beautiful than I had
imagined. I sometimes wondered if the abundance of
chest that Laurel, Felicity and Bianca had was as
natural as Ellen’s. It proved to be so. And like her,
none of them had tattoos, piercings or shaved pubes,
so my body responded to them like gangbusters.

As for Mimi, she didn’t look like the androgynous
fairy of her nickname. She was much smaller than the
others, but perfectly proportioned for her height,
with nice full breasts and a breathtakingly round
rear. Only between her legs did there seem to be
anything unusual. She had twice as big a bush as the
others, and that really turned me on.

When she saw me staring at it, she first pretended
embarrassment and covered it with her hands. And then
she calmly walked over to the toilet seat, which was
still down, sat on it, leaned back, lifted her legs up
with her arms and pulled them wide apart. The furry
growth at her crotch parted, and I saw right into the
puffy spread lips and the red juicy fruit inside them.
“I wish Ellen could see this,” I said, and Mimi
laughed and closed her legs quickly.

Once everyone had two turns on the toilet — at least
that part was private — and we were all clean and
lubricated, we walked back down without bothering to
put any clothes on, and I heard Ellen gasp as we
entered the family room.

“We’re now ready to begin,” said Laurel. “Since Jeff
agreed that he has a physical advantage, we have the
element of surprise. All of us are equally prepped,
but he doesn’t yet know which one he will deal with.
And he won’t know until I announce my name or one of
the others. We’ll all be standing facing him about
four feet from him, and both Jeff and we will all be
allowed to get into whatever stance we want. As soon I
announce the first syllable of the woman, she will be
free to attack. Jeff will have only a split second to
figure out which of us is coming at him. Then the
battle will be on.

“The fight is over once Jeff has put his fists into
both of our holes or we have put one of ours into his
ass and milked his semen out and made him eat it.
Everything is fair except intentionally hurting the
opponent. For instance, biting, pinching, scratching,
gouging and things like that aren’t allowed. If it
happens, the person doing it forfeits and must submit
to the winner. Since she’s watching and is fair, if
one of us thinks the other has violated the rules and
forfeited, Ellen will be the one who decides.

“Once Jeff wins or one of us wins, the loser must
depart the ring without any attempt at revenge or
dirty tricks. We have some insurance to make sure that
happens. It’s only for Jeff, because he’s bigger than
we are. If one of us loses and goes after him, we’re
sure he can handle us. So Jeff, do you understand?
Once you are defeated, you must stop fighting
immediately and walk away. If you agree to all the
rules, everyone say yes out loud.

“Yes!” said all four women and me. Then I heard a
strange noise, sort of like a ketchup bottle
squirting. I looked around and saw Mimi had a strange
expression on her face.

“Oops, watch out,” she said, I heard the noise again.
This time I saw some lubricant running down her legs
and onto the mat we were standing on. There was
already some there from the previous squirt, and it
looked shiny as it spread and formed into puddles. I
felt like a stuffed turkey with all the lubricant
inside me, but so far felt no need to expel any.

I was thinking about my strategy. Earlier, I thought
to myself, would they really let little Tinker Bell go
up against me? Maybe. She really wanted it the most.
But the other girls had more muscle and heft that they
could use against me, so it didn’t make sense. Then I
decided that trying to anticipate which one would be
fighting me would render me almost helpless to the
attack I was sure would be coming.

They couldn’t afford to wait for me to adjust, because
once that happened, I would have an advantage that
they couldn’t overcome. They needed to use the element
of surprise and would be going at me immediately with
all their strength. So I had to come up with a
strategy that would work for whoever attacked.

It was actually very simple. I would focus on balance,
with my legs just a little further apart than my
shoulders and my upper body leaning forward. It would
look like I was going to attack them. But as soon as
one of them came at me, I would jump back out of the
way, watch where she landed and then make my first

“Is everybody ready,” said Laurel. I heard another
squirt of lubricant and wondered if it was Mimi again.
Time to concentrate.

“I’m going to yell the name out right now,” said
Laurel. “It’s Meeeee-meee.”

I saw Mimi launch herself at me and stepped back
quickly. It was over in seconds.

That little bundle of energy didn’t even try to grab
for me or knock me over. Like she was in the Olympics
swimming competition, she dove, not into the pool, but
right between my legs. She was almost all the way
through before I could take a step backwards. She was
sliding on the lubricant she had squirted out of her
ass. Why that dirty, tricky– I stopped thinking and
started screaming. On her way through my legs, she had
lifted her head up and slammed it right into my

I froze and tried to keep my balance and deal with the
pain at the same time. But she was lightning fast. As
soon as she got through my legs, she turned around,
bent down, grabbed my ankles and threw her entire
little body back as she pulled on them. I did a belly
flop and landed loud and hard on the greasy mat. Then
she jumped up, ran back to me and sat down on my back,
facing my feet.

The pain in my balls was still agonizing, but I tried
to lift myself up and throw her miniscule 110 pounds
or so off of me. But before I could, she had stood up
and then jumped in the air, landing with both feet on
my back, squashing me into the mat and knocking the
wind out of me. I tried to recover, but she did it
again and then again. Once, she slipped on the
lubricant and came down even harder than she had

I also helped her with my efforts to get up, because
when I managed to lift my stomach a few inches, her
body slamming down on me and my legs sliding away
increased the momentum driving me into the mat. Soon I
was dizzy and gasping for air. She stopped for a
second to listen to me and stopped jumping, but she
did stand up with her feet on each side of my back and
then sit down hard a few times.

I was starting to feel faint, and then I felt her
fingers prying open my cheeks. She was leaning her
body down and using both hands. I tried to move, but
then she lifted up her butt and slammed it down on me
again a couple of more times. I was nauseous and
lightheaded and stopped moving. When she saw I was
quiet, one of her fingers entered me.

She pulled it out, bringing a lot of lube with it, and
then stuck it back in, adding a second finger. It
didn’t take her long to get four fingers moving in and
out of my ass. I decided to just lay there because if
I moved, her cute little ass would come down and knock
me unconscious, and I knew if that happened it was all

I felt her adjust her four fingers, and then I no
longer felt her fingers stopped by her thumb. I
remembered the fisting video and knew she had tucked
her thumb behind her fingers and was now pushing all
five fingers into me. I also knew what was coming
next, and sure enough, she was not just going in and
out anymore, but was adding pressure each time she
pushed in. I groaned as I felt the pressure stretching
me. My ass wanted to let her in and end the pain, but
it didn’t know how.

Finally, my body worked it out, and her hand burst
into me all the way past her wrist. I couldn’t help
screaming with pain, but above my scream, I heard
cheers from the girls with the cameras. Mimi relaxed
and stopped slamming her body into me. She was
breathing heavily and trying to recover her strength.

I tried to think. I needed to get Mimi’s hand out of
me, but how? I couldn’t get up, because she’d knock me
down hard again, so I tried to move in other ways. I
twisted and squirmed and slid all over the place. Mimi
had made her hand into a fist inside me, and all I did
with my twisting was create tremendous pain inside my
anus as her fist pulled at my insides. Wherever I
went, her fist went with me.

Finally, I stopped to catch my breath from the pain
and my exertions. She was rested now, and she leaned
back as far as she could without pulling out of me and
whispered. “OK, Jeff, milking time,” she said. “I’m
going to get off of you on the side and twist my hand
around as I get behind you. Then you’ll get up on your
hands and knees and we’ll begin. The more you help me,
the faster I’ll get done and we can be finished.”

“No way, you bitch. I figured you’d be tricky, but you
played dirty.”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean that head butt into my balls. You had me
totally fooled when you dived between my legs, and I’m
sure you would have still be able to pull my legs up
and jump on me, but no, you had to make sure by
cheating. You’re not going to get away with it.”

“Oh that,” she said, trying to sound surprised. “That
was just an accident.” I could tell she was lying, and
I told her.

“Well, I’m so competitive, and losing is just not an
option for me,” she said. “I may have gone a little
too far. But you just admitted that I would have got
you anyway. Plus Ellen didn’t stop us, so she thought
it was fair.”

“That’s because the way you did it, nobody could see.
When they watch the video, it will be plain as hell
from all those wonderful camera angles you have.”

“What are you two talking about,” yelled Bianca.
“Let’s see some milking. We’ve only got 35 minutes

“OK, I’m sorry I did that,” whispered Mimi to me, “but
now I have to finish.”

“Not with my help,” I said. “I’m just going to lie
here for the rest of the time. You’ve succeeded in
humiliating me, so you’ll have to be satisfied with

“Jeff, I thought about this, and I have to tell you
now why you are going to get on your hands and knees
so I can milk you. This is what is going to happen.
When I get behind you, I’m going to slap your butt
with my left hand. That will be the signal for you to
get up. If you don’t respond, I’m going to push in a
little further, past the wrist, maybe halfway to my

“You’ll feel my hand inside. Maybe I’ll wiggle my
fingers or something to make sure you stay alert. Then
I’m going to slap your butt again and wait for you to
rise. If you still don’t make a move, I’m going to
push in past my elbow. If you still don’t respond,
I’ll keep slapping and pushing until I’m all the way
to my shoulder. Each time I stop, I’ll do some hand
exercises inside you. Then I’ll pull quickly out of
you all the way to my wrist and then push all the way
back in as hard as I can. So first you’ll feel like
I’m pulling all of your organs out of your body, and
then like I’m pushing them all back in.

“Once I’m up to my shoulder, I’ll slap your ass again.
If you still don’t respond, I’m going to start putting
fingers from my left hand into you and push them in
and out until I think you’re ready to take a second
hand. Then comes a second arm next to the first one.
Then both arms start moving in and out of you
together. Then both arms are pulled all the way out
and then pushed quickly all the way in to the
shoulder. And then — but I think you’ve got the

She moved her hand inside me as she dismounted me and
got behind me and slapped my ass with her left hand. I
held out for a few slaps until the first arm went in
almost to her shoulder. The room was totally still
except for the squishy sound of lubricant coming out
of me around her arm as she pushed it in further. But
when I got up on my hands and knees, there were cheers
from the three with the cameras. I still didn’t hear
anything from Ellen.

Mimi began tugging at my limp penis. I didn’t feel any
excitement at all. She fondled my testicles with her
left hand and then went back to my penis. Back and
forth. At the same time, she was slowly moving her
right hand inside me. She had pulled her arm back out
until she was now in only to the wrist. She grabbed my
penis tightly and slid her hand up and down. Even with
the lubricant, there was so much friction that she was
rubbing it raw.

I felt a little stirring, and she leaned forward and
whispered. “That’s it, it’s getting a little hard. I
think I can do it now. Don’t worry about trying to
come. You can’t. Just relax and think of nothing and
let my hands and your body do all the work. I’m going
to start moving my hand inside you to feel for your
button. I’m also going to yank your balls and cock
harder so they are primed. When I hit your button, you
will hardly feel a thing. Some sperm will come out
automatically, just like your knee jerks automatically
when the doctor hits it with the rubber mallet. You
may not even know anything came out until you hear the
girls cheer.

“After you’ve started, I’ll be squeezing your penis
like a toothpaste tube, like you saw in the video, to
get the rest out. It will hurt a little, but it will
soon be over. Once I see no more is coming, I’ll let
go. Then I’ll guide you by making a fist inside you
and pulling it in the direction I want you to go. Once
the puddle of come is right below your head, you can
lean down and lick it all up off the mat like you’re a

“When it’s all cleaned up, I’m going to slowly pull my
hand free. To make it more dramatic, I’ll be making it
a fist and pulling it very slowly. When it pops out,
your asshole will be wide open and huge. It’s called a
gape. The cameras will shoot it closing up in slow
motion. Then we’ll be done.

“Now it’s time to tell you about the insurance. Did
you hear any strange noises coming from the kitchen?
No. Well there’s a dog in there named Roger. It’s
Laurel’s dog and it’s a schnauzer. Not a miniature
schnauzer. A large schnauzer. Did you know large
schnauzers have among the biggest equipment of any

“His penis is long, but definitely not as wide as my
arm, so it will go into you easily. But after a while,
he has a surprise for you. It’s called his knot, and
Roger’s is as big as a grapefruit — in other words
more than double the size of my little fist. Roger
can’t finish mating until he pushes his knot into you,
so be prepared to be stretched a lot more, along with
a lot more pain. After he gets it in, he’ll come and
then be locked to you for a half-hour or more before
he finally gets soft.

“If you don’t want to experience Roger, all you have
to do after my fist comes out is get up and walk out
of the room. If you try anything else, the girls are
committed to stopping you and making sure you are
rogered by Roger. Do you understand?”

“I hear you Tinker Bell, but since you’ve been kind
enough to tell me about all this, I’ll also give you a
warning. I’m the loser in this contest, but you
cheated, and if it’s the last thing I do, Roger or no
Roger, I’m not going to let you get away with it. Do
you understand?”

She laughed. “Jeff, why do you always have to make it
hard on yourself,” she said. “When you dumped Ellen
for that slut, you nearly screwed up your entire life,
and you didn’t realize it until weeks later. Today you
can cut your losses, but you’ve got to be macho and go
down fighting, so you’re going to experience even more
pain and humiliation from Roger’s knot.

“I’m not worried about your feeble sore loser
attempts. I’ve got three other pairs of hands and one
big dog helping me. So go ahead and give it all you’ve

The pulling and rubbing with her left hand became more
painful and violent. I was sure I could never come
this way, but she was right. Her hand searched around
inside me, and she must have found the button. All I
felt was a slight tingle, but I heard a huge cheer
from the other three, and then she began the
toothpaste squeeze. I tried to focus away from the
pain in my penis as she squeezed and began to start
breathing slowly and rhythmically. I tried to regain
my composure and start thinking instead of reacting,
but it was hard.

I felt her hand inside me form into a fist and tug
back slightly. This was my signal to move. I moved
back until I could see the pool of sperm below me. I
had to overcome my nausea and try to concentrate on
what I was going to do next rather than the smell and
taste of it as I licked it up.

I licked very slowly and felt my strength returning to
me even as I fought back the urge to gag.

“He’s almost done,” yelled out Mimi. “When I pull out
of him, he’s going to try something, so bring Roger in
here. And I need all of you to help, so put down the

“OK,” said Felicity, “but I really wanted to get a
close-up of his gape and his face at the same time. Do
you think Ellen can take over on one of the cameras?”

“Ask her,” said Mimi. I understood clearly now that
she was the one in charge.

“See if she’ll focus on his face,” said Mimi. “Laurel
will handle Roger until he’s coupled, Bianca is the
strongest one of you and she’ll help me handle Jeff.
You can shoot the gape, Felicity, but the second it
closes, you need to drop the camera and help Bianca,
me and Laurel. Everybody understand?”

I counted in my mind. Four of them could handle me,
but two of them would be temporarily busy with the dog
and my gape. I didn’t stop to think what either thing
meant, but my calculations added up to a chance for me
if my timing was good and I had enough strength. I
heard barking.

“Roger is all set,” said Laurel. “I’ve primed him and
he’s ready to plunge into the first hole he can get
to. Bianca and Felicity are ready, too, and Ellen has
a camera.”

For a second, I was shocked. I looked up and saw Ellen
in front of me, aiming the handheld at my face. The
look on her face was one I’ve never seen before. I
couldn’t read it at all. She was a space alien. I felt
like crying, but I focused on my anger and my plan.

“OK,” said Mimi, “get ready. Here I go.”

I felt her behind me moving back on the mat. I knew
that after she pulled her fist out of me, she would
scurry back and hide behind the others and the dog.
Now she was as far back as she could go, and her arm
was straight out in front of her. Her body was
stretched toward me, too. I felt the fist pulling
against my anus. Thank goodness she’s small and has
short arms, I thought. Maybe I have a chance. Did I
feel her legs at all anymore. Yes, I felt her knees
brush my ankles. She was trying to pull them back
further, but she had to scoot up a fraction in order
to get the leverage to pull her fist out slowly. She
could have easily contracted her hand and been gone by
now, but she really wanted to open me up so the video
would capture my gape.

I felt the fist pulling against the muscles around my
anus and realized that if I could surprise Mimi, I had
the best chance for my plan. I moved back toward her,
pushing her hand back into me. She knew something
wasn’t right about that and scooted back away from me
again and began pulling harder. Now I concentrated on
counting down from 10 to zero. At zero, I was going to
take a breath and push the muscles in my anus out. I
was hoping it would loosen me enough that her fist
would pop out before she was ready.

Four, three, two, one. Push. It worked. She let out a
cry as she fell back unexpectedly. My anus felt like
it had been ripped wide open, but as soon as her fist
came out and she fell back, I turned around as fast as
I could and grabbed her ankles and pulled them toward
me. She came flying at me as she slid on the
lubricant. As she realized what was happening, she
screamed out, “Help!”

I felt some activity behind me, but I didn’t care. I
reached for her legs and quickly pulled them up in the
air and then pushed them back over her head. I leaned
against them to push them back further, lifting her
ass off the mat. Her ankles were so small that I could
hold both of them in my left hand, so I was easily
able to find her vagina with my right. I quickly
inserted two fingers, then three, then four. She was
screaming, and I felt hands behind me prying my cheeks
open and something hard poking around my rear.

I put my thumb behind my fingers and began pushing
into her. “Get him off of me,” she screamed. “Forget
the dog.” But it was too late, too late for me and too
late for her.

I felt the dog slam into my rear and start pumping me
like a piston going 60 miles an hour. But at the same
time, my hand burst into Mimi, and I saw her face
begin to grimace from the pain. “Help!” she said
again, and her voice was just a whisper. I felt hands
pulling at my shoulders and my arm.

“Hold it a minute if you don’t want Mimi to get hurt,”
I said, puffing as I felt the dog pounding inside me.
Mimi was right, he was smaller than her arm. But she
had torn up my insides so much that despite all the
lube, his rapid thrusting still caused me horrible
stabbing pains. I need to finish before that knot
comes out, I thought.

“Listen, I’ve got one hand inside Mimi’s vagina, and I
just made it into a fist. If you try to pull me off of
her now, her entire body is going to be pulled up in
the air by my fist, unless it’s too heavy. In that
case, my fist will be ripped out of her, and she’s so
small that it could cause major bruising or even tear
her, and she’ll need to go to the hospital for
stitches in her vagina. Are you ready to call 911?”

The hands let go of me, but the dog kept pounding. I
thought I felt something pushing against my anus, and
it was scary big. I needed to finish in a hurry.

“Now everybody sit down and stay calm while I finish
with Mimi. You can sob all you want, Mimi, but I’m not
listening. You know why I’m doing this. So try to get
comfortable with my hand in your vagina, because I’m
now putting two fingers into your anus.

“OK, before I go any further, I’m going to push your
legs back behind your ears, one on each side, and I
want you to put your hands straight up in the air.
Please cooperate, and you’ll make this less painful
for both of us. That’s it.

“Now bring your hands down to your sides and over your
legs. Bring them under your body and grab yourself.
Good. That opens you up more and will make access
easier and less painful. Now I’m putting a third
finger inside your rear and pushing it in and out,
gently. I know it hurts, believe me, I know. Now the
fourth is going in, and now I’m putting the thumb
behind the other four.

“Good, we’re almost there. I hear you screaming, but
hold on so I can finish quickly. Now, I’m starting to
push a little with all five fingers. Look at that goo
squirting out. I can’t believe this, Mimi. You didn’t
need to use Photo Shop. You are really going to take
my fist. I feel something start to give. I’m almost
there. I’m in. Ohhhh noooo!”

The exclamation was because just as I pushed my hand
into Mimi, I felt Roger push through my resistance and
put his huge knot inside of me. At the same time, Mimi
let out a b***d-curdling scream.

Roger’s knot felt like it was ripping me open. I
wondered if I was bleeding. I heard excitement behind
me, but I think they didn’t want to cheer because of
Mimi’s position.

It took me a minute to recover, and then I said, “OK,
ladies. Here we are. Roger’s knotted to me, and I’m
double knotted to Mimi. We’re going to stay that way
until Roger gets soft.”

Mimi was whimpering like a beaten dog. “That will be
nearly a half-hour,” she said. “You could work your
hands out of me right now, Jeff. What more do you want
from me?”

“I want to make my hands into fists inside you, Mimi,”
I said. “Then I want to see if I can wiggle my fingers
inside you and get a reaction. I want to see if I can
feel my left hand with my right hand through the wall
separating your anus from your vagina. I want to push
them both into you up to the elbow. But I won’t do any
of those things, because I’m not as sadistic as you

“So until Roger is done, I’ll just enjoy looking at
your beautiful, sexy bush and your beautiful perfectly
proportioned breasts. You are like a perfect doll
who’s come to life and is so hot that you’re turning
me on even though I’m in more pain than I’ve ever been
in. How can such a sick mind inhabit a body so
beautiful and alluring?”

Mimi kept whimpering, but I heard other voices now. I
strained my ears and heard Bianca say, “You’re
kidding, Laurel. He really does that? Do you think we
should —”

“Shhhh,” said Laurel. She was quiet a moment and then
she whispered something. I couldn’t hear it. She said
it a little louder, and I felt the dead weight of
Roger shifting on my back. She kept repeating it over
and over without speaking louder, and then I finally
heard it clearly. She was saying “Here, boy!” I yelled
at her, but it was too late.

Roger had lifted one of his legs up and brought it
over me to the other side. I felt his knot twist
inside me and another stab of pain. Now he was facing
away from me and looking at Laurel. I looked behind me
and saw Bianca running to the kitchen and coming back.
“Do you think he likes these,” she said. “Oh yes,”
said Laurel.

“Let me,” said Bianca.

“OK,” said Laurel, “but be careful.”

Bianca was holding some kind of cookie or cracker
thing in her hand, and she was on the mat crawling
toward us. “Here boy,” she said as she stopped a few
feet away and reached the snack out to Roger. He
licked it out of her hand and into his mouth.

“He likes it,” said Bianca. “Here, boy.” She moved
back a little and held out another snack. Roger
couldn’t reach it, so he began walking to her. I felt
a huge pain in my backside as his knot tried to pull
out of my rear. I moved backwards quickly to ease the
pressure, and as I did so, I pulled Mimi toward me by
my hands inside her. Her little body slid toward me on
the lubricant.

“Stop it! You’re killing me!” she screamed.

“I can’t help it,” I said, “Your friends are playing
games with the dog. Get ready, here we go again.”

Bianca led Roger all around the mat. I tried to move
backward as fast as I could to follow him and warned
Mimi when to move with me. As the three connected
animals moved erratically around the room, I heard
Felicity say, “This is amazing. Wait until you see
this video.”

Finally I felt a looseness inside me, and soon Roger
was out of me and sent back into the kitchen.

“Last scene,” I said. “I’m going to pull out of Mimi
one hole at a time. I should make a big fist like she
did so you can film her gape, but I’m going to squeeze
my fingers together and make my hands as small as I
can and do it very slowly to minimize her pain and
keep from ripping her open. You wouldn’t do that for
me, would you, Mimi? Just another way we’re different.
OK, Mimi, you need to work with me.”

Mimi cooperated and it was a lot easier for her to
disengage than it had been for me. Once she was free,
she screamed and slapped my face as hard as she could
and pounded on my chest with her little fists. That
was a mistake, because I still had enough strength to
grab her and pull her greasy body to me. As exhausted
as I was, the feel of her flesh pressed to mine
managed to arouse me, and as she felt it, she flinched
and then stared down at my penis.

I put my arms around her and pushed my lips on hers
and f****d a kiss on her, pushing my tongue inside her
mouth as far as it would go. I held her like that for
a minute, and then I got a shock. She seemed to be
returning my kiss with her tongue and began rubbing
her greasy crotch against my penis, arousing me even

I waited for her to try and knee me or kick me, but
she kept on kissing me passionately and rubbing
against me. She didn’t stop until I pulled away and
stared at her. For a moment, she returned my gaze, and
I saw there was a strange expression on her face that
I had never seen before. Then she laughed a nervous
laugh and jumped up and ran to the bathroom.

I was exhausted and fell to the floor. I saw the other
women put down their cameras and smile at me. I tried
to smile back, but I don’t know if I succeeded.


“Please call me Tinker Bell,” said Mimi a month later
when the Gang of Four, Ellen and I were having dinner.

“I thought you hated that name,” I said.

“Not anymore,” she said. “I like that you have a pet
name for me. I know you were using it to torment me
because my body is not as voluptuous as the other
girls. But unless you were lying, you were really
lusting after me when we had our contest.”

“I wasn’t lying,” I said. “If I wasn’t married to the
most beautiful and amazing woman in the world, I’d be
coming on to you right now.”

“Thank you,” she said. “I’m so tired of guys telling
me how cute and tiny I am, like I’m a doll on a shelf.
I think it gets me angry, and that carries over to
other things.”

“I know what you’re talking about from painful
experience,” I said with a laugh. Looking around, I
could see that all the people in the restaurant were
staring at our table and wondering what was that one
average looking guy doing having such a great time
with those five incredible beauties. I loved it.

Everything had been quiet after the contest was over.
Ellen and I didn’t say a word to each other when we
went to bed, and I fell into an exhausted sleep
immediately. I woke up the next morning and felt great
until I stood up. Then I felt tremendous pain between
my buttocks that seemed to spread into my colon and
from there radiate through my entire lower body. I
tried to find a comfortable position for walking and
sitting, but it was impossible, and two weeks later
there was still an occasional twinge.

Ellen was little comfort. “I’m sure Mimi is feeling a
hundred times worse,” she said. “How could you do that
to her?”

“Did you see the video of what she did to me?”

“Yes, I did, but two wrongs don’t make a right.”

I asked Ellen what she was feeling while watching the
contest and why she volunteered for video duty.

“I can’t answer those questions,” she said. “I’ve been
asking them to myself. All I can say is that something
came over me while I was watching you and Mimi. It was
like I was in a trance, but at the same time, I was
getting tremendously aroused. Friends have told me
that they could sometimes orgasm just using their
minds, without even being touched, and now I believe
them. I came three times while watching you and Mimi
and Roger.”

The Gang of Four and I managed to avoid each other for
a couple of weeks, but then we were all at the gallery
opening of a friend of Ellen’s. We tiptoed around each
other for a while, but at almost the same time, we
decided to hell with that.

As we began talking, the meanness and nasty humor of
our previous conversations weren’t there anymore.
Instead, I began finding out more about them, and the
more I found out, the more I liked them. Why had I
been so stupid, I thought to myself. They were friends
of Ellen, and Ellen wouldn’t have friends who weren’t
nice people.

Felicity did some video editing at work, so she took
on the project. With all the angles from all the
cameras, it took her two months to make the 35-minute

The world premiere was at our house, and all the
participants except Roger attended. We all watched in
totally mesmerized silence. Felicity had added some
nice music and other touches, but the brutal reality
of what we had done overwhelmed everything else.
Afterward, everybody seemed nervous and careful when
talking about it. The consensus was that we had shared
in a unique moment in the history of the world,
whether there was anything significant in it or not.

I didn’t watch it after that, except on the
anniversary of the contest, when we all got together
for a screening. But the other women apparently saw it
a lot.

One night, when Ellen came home from a girl’s night
out, she said that they had a viewing after dinner.

“You have to promise me something in case I get run
over by a bus,” she said.

“What’s that?” I said.

“First of all, if any of my friends are married, you
have to promise not to destroy their marriages. And if
more than one is still single, you’re not allowed to
marry any of them. You’ll have to let all of them move
in here and be your harem.”

“Where is this coming from?” I asked.

“It’s because they all love you so much,” she said. “I
become jealous when I listen to them. They want to
know everything that happens to you, and they worry
about you a lot more than I do.”

Even on days when she doesn’t watch the video. Ellen
uses it to get herself aroused, just by talking about
it. “I know I can never imagine how much discomfort
you went through that night,” she said one night, “but
maybe for some special occasion, like a really
important anniversary or birthday if you would
consider letting me milk you. I promise I won’t be as
brutal as Mimi was, although I have to admit I loved
what she did.

“Maybe you’d let me do that if you got to fist me
first in my vagina, or both places at the same time,
like you did to Mimi?”

On another night, she said, “What would you think of
me hiring a big man with a really huge penis to make
love to you in your ass while I was lying under you in
a 69. After he fills you with an incredible amount of
sperm, I would eat it all out of your ass. Or what if
he did that to me, and you would eat it out of my

Of course, it was all talk, but for her it was an
aphrodisiac, because after these conversations, she
turned into a nymphomaniac, and I couldn’t keep up
with her, although I had a great time trying.

Another time, she came home from a girls’ night out
and told me, “We spent the entire night talking about
a fivesome with you, how it would work, who would do
what to whom and so on. It was getting more and more
real to us until Mimi said she wouldn’t participate
even though the idea sounded incredibly hot. She said
we wouldn’t know until afterward whether it would
destroy our marriage and friendships, and no matter
how good the sex was, it wasn’t worth that price.
Let’s go to bed.”

“Let’s go to bed,” was what she said when she was
anxious for a night of wild sex. While we were going
at it, I thought about the fivesome idea and about
Mimi shooting it down. I hoped Ellen didn’t see that I
was a little sad when I heard the story.

That’s because I knew Mimi wouldn’t let the girls do
anything that would change the way things are now.
Mimi and I are in deeply in love, both emotionally and
physically. Sometimes I think Ellen knows it, but
she’s smart enough to never bring it up.

Mimi and I have never spoken of our love, because we
don’t have to, since we know that it will never be
consummated again — if you can call that long kiss
and her rubbing against me a consummation. We both
love Ellen too much to ever hook up.

Even though we’ve never discussed it, we are both
careful that we are never alone together. When I greet
the Gang of Four and kiss them each on the cheek, she
and I exchange the fastest kisses of all. When I
unconsciously look at her with sadness and desire and
she spots me, she quickly yawns or gets up or turns
the other way or does something to make me snap out of
it. But most of the time, she’s the one who lets her
guard down, and I’m the one who has to leave the room
or distract the others until she can get hold of

When Ellen told me we needed to find Mimi a husband, I
jumped into the project enthusiastically. Ellen says
I’m too picky, and that Mimi would love to be married
to someone like me. I told her that she had to pardon
me for bringing this up again, but although I was
happy and grateful she had settled for me, there was
no way I was going to let Mimi make a mistake like

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