A little slut’s punishment

She wasn’t sure how all of this had happened so fast, she was now bent over in her bathroom, her freshly shaved pussy being pounded. She had gone into the bathroom early that morning and removed the butt plug her husband had put inside her before he left for work and jumped into the shower. Washing her body, she was slowly teasing herself with soft caresses.

She had just gotten out of the shower and started drying off when she glanced out the window realizing she had forgotten to close the blinds. She saw her neighbour standing there staring at her towel drying her hair. She had caught him looking at her before and it turned her on. She smiled and gave a little wave and he just stared. She turned to the mirror and started to brush her hair. A few moments later it happened, her front door was thrown open and he rushed into her small bathroom. He grabbed her and kissed her hard on the mouth his tongue roaming hers while his hands mauled and squeezed her large breasts. He told her what a little slut she was for leaving her blinds open to tease him, and that she needed to be taught a lesson.

He was a large man well over 6’6” with large muscles and tanned skin. His blonde hair was only a few inches long and had sexy curls that she longed to run her fingers through. She was about 5’2” with long red hair which was soaked from her recent shower. She wasn’t the kind of girl you would find wearing designer clothes, she was the sexy girl next door. She was a full figured girl with large tits and a nice ass.

He kissed her neck and although she wanted him she pushed him away and asked him what the hell he thought he was doing. He grabbed her and pulled her close to him, holding her tightly so that any struggling would have been useless. He told her he was just going to give her what a slut like her deserved.

His rough hands started roaming her body once again over her tits, and her full hips. His hands moved down her thighs as she wondered what he was going to do. He ran his fingers over her smooth pussy and she gasped. He moved his mouth over her right nipple and started sucking, one of his arms snaked around her waist while his other hand was teasing all around her pussy. She moaned loudly and that was what he wanted. He slid his finger up and down her wet slit causing her to rock her hips towards his hand.
He found her clit and rubbed it, slow teasing circles all around it. She could feel his hard cock pressing into her hip as he moved his mouth to suck her other nipple.

She ran her fingers through his hair, and held his head in place. He nibbled and sucked on her nipple. Slowly he ran his finger back down her slit and slowly pushed it into her tight pussy. She moaned and leaned back against his arm.

He told her she was lucky she was so wet or he might hurt her with what he had in mind. He released her from his grip and unbuttoned his jeans; he pulled them down allowing his large cock to spring free. He placed his hands on her shoulders and f****d her to her knees. He ordered her to suck his cock and as she opened her lips he shoved it fully into her throat. He started ramming his cock into her mouth; she just took his a***e, loving every second of it.

Watching her accept his a***e was almost too much to stand. He pulled her off his cock and f****d her to bend over the counter. He slammed his cock into her violently, her long hair swaying with every thrust. She moaned and screamed as he assaulted her pussy. He pushed her down forcing her face to be pressed into the counter.

Her mind raced, she thought of her husband coming home and seeing her like this, she wondered what he would do, would he stop it or watch his poor wife being held down against the counter as this man who was practically a stranger f****d his large cock into her pussy.

She could feel her orgasm building and her body was starting to quiver, he slid his large cock out of her pussy and with one swift motion he buried it into her ass. She screamed as his large cock stretched and tore her ass open. A few hard strokes later she was moaning and begging him not to stop. She started meeting his rough thrusts, raising her ass to allow him a better angle to fuck her. He grabbed her hips hard and told her she was a good little slut.

He reached a hand around and started flicking her clit, her body convulsed and she screamed as wave after wave of pleasure racked her body. Her ass tightened around his throbbing cock as she came, he felt her hot cum rushing out of her pussy covering her legs and his balls as he pounded into her. He let out a grunt and slammed his cock deep into her; she felt his hot seed filling her ass. She moaned and told him to fill her up so her husband would know that she was a cum slut. He collapsed on top of her both of them spent, his cock still shoved in her hot ass with his cum leaking out around it. He kissed her neck and whispered in her ear that she would keep that cum in her ass until he came to see her tomorrow.

He grabbed the butt plug she had sitting on the shelf next to them, and when he removed his cock from her ass he replaced it with the plug. He watched as her asshole slowly closed around it, he admired his work looking at her soaking wet pussy, and now bruised hips. He grabbed her fresh panties and told her to lift a foot she did and then she lifted the other allowing him to slip her panties on. He slapped her panty clad ass and muttered that those ought to hold it in place. He stood her up and turned her so he could look at his work. Her hair was a mess, she had a large red mark on her face from being pressed into the counter, and her tits had distinct bruises the size of his hands from his pawing.

He reminded her that she was to keep his seed in her ass until tomorrow when he would come back to continue her punishment. Without another word he walked out of the bathroom and out the front door. She stood there looking at herself in the mirror, wondering how she could explain the bruises that were all over her body, and how to tell her husband her ass was filled with another mans cum. She glanced out the window and saw him and his wife standing in the window facing hers. His wife had her hand down her panties; she must have watched the whole thing.

At that point the girl heard her door open once again, she glanced at her watch, and she knew it had to be her husband. She had better come up with an explanation quickly she thought.
He called her name “Carrie?”
“I’m in here!” Her voice squeaked.

She exited the bathroom half limping due to the pounding she had taken; she walked into their bedroom and collapsed on the bed. He came to her and held her close asking her over and over what happened. She slowly repeated the story to him just as it had happened and as he ran his fingers over her ass he felt the butt plug lodged in her ass.
“So, what time is he coming back tomorrow?” He asked.

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