A loving aunt teaches her nephew that it is ok to touch himself

My aunt by marriage to my uncle (my mom’s brother)
lived with us while he was living in Europe for 4
months on a business project.

She was 38 and I was 18. She was also a larger woman…
like my other aunt, she had huge breasts. She did not
dress sexy but in fact dressed very conservatively…
dresses and sweaters. She did not give sloppy kisses
but she was affectionate and loved giving lots of hugs.
She had a very contagious laugh and was very happy to
be around.

She slept in the guest room which was at the other end
of our house in the basement (same floor as my
bedroom). There was never any sexual chemistry with her
or anything that led up to what happened. She never
flirted with me, that just wasn’t her personality. She
did have a cute face… but wasn’t ‘pretty’. She was of
Italian descent and had nice olive colored skin.

The ‘incident’ that happened was innocent enough. At
18, like most other boys, my hormones were raging and I
started to notice hard-ons in the morning and then more
frequently as I started to think about girls. My
parents never talked to us about sex or the birds and
bees so we were pretty much left to our own discoveries
and learning. I didn’t know anything about
masturbating… literally nothing. It was by accident
that I noticed if I rubbed my penis while I laid face
down in my bed that it felt good.

I actually didn’t learn about the ‘real’ way to
masturbate (stroking my cock with my hands) until I
went to college. So, the way that I made it feel good
was by moving in a fucking motion face down against my
sheets and in my pajama bottoms (no underwear). Again,
I didn’t know it was a fucking motion as I was
completely inexperienced. I was a very late bloomer
compared to my friends and I didn’t even start growing
hair on my privates until I was 18.

What I learned was that if I rubbed up and down against
the sheets, I would get a very enjoyable feeling on the
head of my cock. I never had an orgasm but it always
felt good and I thought that I just needed to pee to
relieve myself. I did this almost daily for about six
months every morning to relieve the incredible hard-ons
that I would wake up with. I still wake up with a hard
on every morning!

I didn’t know what an orgasm was or even what sperm/cum
was until one morning I had a very strong feeling in
the head of my penis. At first, I thought that I peed
the bed and I thought I was going to get in trouble.
When I got up I noticed only a small amount of wet
stuff on the inside of my pajamas and just a little on
the sheets. It was mostly clear.

It was then that I really started to feel guilty about
touching myself and felt like I wasn’t normal. My
parents never talked about sex… never.

The next morning I did it again… every morning doing
it and the feeling in my cock was getting more
pleasurable. It didn’t take long at all for it to spurt
out and I was quickly hooked on masturbating. I was
afraid to do it any other time of day and only did it
early in the morning before everyone else got up… or
so I thought.

My aunt moved in with us about the time that I was
really getting in to a regular morning routine. What I
didn’t know was that she liked getting up really early
to shower, get coffee and read the paper. She never
slept well and I guess she felt like it was more
productive to get up instead of laying in bed and
waiting for everyone else to get going.

I guess saw me rubbing myself against the sheets and
she knew exactly what I was doing. I was not aware of
her watching until about the 4th or 5th day after she
moved in.

That morning when I first saw her, I only caught a
glimpse of her going into the bathroom and didn’t
realize that she had seen what I was doing. Of course,
all she really saw was me under my covers with my butt
going up and down. Regardless, I was mortified! I felt
dirty. I was scared she was going to tell my parents. I
was even more worried about what she thought of me… I
was sick about it and didn’t rub against my sheets for
several days… totally embarrassed.

She never let on to anything after that morning that I
know she saw me. I tried to avoid her as much as
possible… staying in my room to do homework. My only
real contact with her for those next several days was
at the dinner table and I purposely didn’t want to make
eye contact. After a few days of her not saying
anything… I started to wonder that maybe she didn’t
see me?

As I said, the only glimpse I caught of her was as she
ducked into the bathroom. Could I have been so lucky? I
thought to myself, please god, I will never touch
myself again if only you could make sure she didn’t see
me. Of course, that was an empty promise because I have
been touching myself ever since.

I think on the fifth day after our the ‘incident’, she
came into my room when she got up early in the morning.
I tried to pretend to be asleep but she knew I was
awake. My heart was in my throat because this was the
first time I talked to her since the ‘incident’. She
smiled as she walked in and sat on the edge of my bed.
She asked why I had been avoiding her for the past
several days and I tried to play ignorant. She said she
missed my hugs and cute face and wondered if I was mad
at her.

I said no way… I said that I wasn’t mad and that I
was glad that she was staying with us. She paused for a
second (the longest second in the world!) and looked me
in the eye and said, “You know, there is nothing to be
ashamed of for what you were doing. I hope you know

I did feel ashamed and actually started to cry just a
little… we were very conservative in our house. She
hugged me like she always did and said that she would
always love me. As she got, up she said that it was
very normal to do what I was doing (without actually
calling it masturbating). She said all kids learn to do
it at some point during puberty, so don’t feel like
you’re not normal. In fact, she said the only thing
that would not be normal would be for me to stop doing
it. She said to be discreet about it.

She said if I had any questions I should ask my dad. I
immediately said no way could I ask my dad. She asked
if I would be comfortable asking her about it and I
said yes if she promised not to say anything to my
uncle or my parents. She said our secret was safe with

As she left my room, she said I hope that you feel
comfortable enough now and that you continue learning
about your body. She winked and I know I blushed big
time. That began our little secret understanding…