A man finds treasure in the trash behind his favorite bar

I’m an average guy nothing much to look at 5’10” about
250 not huge but not small either. I don’t get laid
much but when I do its usually some sloppy drunk fat
whore who nobody else will touch. Which explains why I
don’t even go to the club until closing time on
Saturday night. I was cruising downtown last Saturday
night looking for a skank to bang when I found myself
outside a real dive called Rick’s.

Rick’s is so sleazy hookers don’t even go in there but
the beer is cheap and I anted to be drunk before I
found my lady for the evening. I was just about to go
in when I heard a noise from the alley next door. I
walked over to see what was going on as I got closer to
the source the sound became louder and louder it
sounded like a banging trash can but there was also the
sound of grunting When I located the source I couldn’t
believe my eyes.

There in the alley bent over a trash can for all the
world to see was the biggest juiciest white ass I ever
seen in my life it had to be at least sixty inches
around and pale as the driven snow. There was one
problem with my angelic dream girl she wasn’t alone.
One of the bouncers from Rick’s was behind her up
turned ass drilling it balls deep with a look of pure
satisfaction on his face. Usually I wouldn’t watch
another man fuck but her ass was just calling me
begging me to stay.

The flesh covering her ass rippled like the ocean tide
as the bouncer picked up his pace. The bouncer’s eyes
were screwed shut and he was cursing under his breath.
His body shook all over as he pumped his load into her
upturned pussy. Yeah bitch take that shit He grunted a
couple of times then pulled off her she stayed bent
over with her head in the trash. The bouncer looked
around to see if anyone saw his little escapade.

I hide before he saw me. I waited until he had his
pants up and was turning to go back to the bar before I
poked my head out She still hadn’t moved as a matter of
fact she hadn’t moved or made a sound the whole time I
was watching I snuck closer to her just make sure she
was alright. Lady are you alright lady. I put my hand
on her shoulder and shook her gentle she still didn’t
respond I checked her pulse and realized that she must
have been pasted out this whole time.

I know I should have called the police or at least went
in Rick’s to find that damn bouncer but it was just
something about that ass and the little stream of cum
leaking from her crack that drove me mad. I had to have
some of that ass I pulled my dick out and spat on it
for lube. I lined it up with her slit and went for it
the first stroke was like heaven my eyes rolled back
into my head it was so good.

I knew I would cum quick and usually this would be the
time to start thinking about base ball or the latest
soccer scores anything to stop the rising tide but this
time I didn’t have to who would care if I blew my load
after a few minutes of tight twat. I knew she wouldn’t
tell. All she knows is that her pussy has been well
used. The knut was boiling in my balls I couldn’t stop
it if I wanted too Two more hard stokes and it was

I pulled out to take a good look at her used pussy It
was swollen and red like I expected I touched it softly
at first then I began to finger fuck her First two
fingers then three before I knew it I had my whole hand
in her pussy. I started pumping my fist deep into her
pussy while I stroked myself to a new hard on. Fuck
what was I gonna do now I knew she was too stretched
from my fist fucking to give me any pleasure.

I looked at her brown eye checking it too she how much
I could stretch it when I was sure it could take me I
used some cum from her pussy for lube and start
pressing the head of my dick against her ass I tried to
ease my dick in gently butt fuck is still a butt fuck
and I knew even pasted out she wasn’t going to stay
that way while I reamed her shitter. It started with
soft moans and grunts. “What? What’s going on?”

I panicked and pushed her face deeper into the trash.
Shut up don’t move or say anything bitch. “Get off me
I’m gonna call the cops.”

I was terrified by now but my dick was hard as steel.

She started screaming I clapped my hand over her mouth
which only got me bit. If anyone came around the corner
and saw this woman fighting me with half my dick up her
ass I was screwed. I pulled my shirt off and wrapped it
around her face. I grabbed the ends and pulled it tight
across her mouth muzzling any further screams.

Something about her gagged mouth and her tear-filled
eyes that drove me insane. I pulled tight on my shirt
and f****d the rest of my dick up her ass. Her entire
body jerked and quaked as she tried in vain to take my
cock. Her convulsing body caused her asshole to twitch.
Each twitch brought me closer to the edge and I wanted
with all my being to go over the edge. I looked down to
watch my dick slide in and out of her tight ass.

B***d was dripping off my cock as I got closer to
orgasm. I must have busted a hole in her colon but,
that was her problem not mine. She was going to suffer
for this nut. She was going to pay for ever hot chick
that ignored me my entire life. She was going to spend
the rest of her life shitting in a diaper and she was
going to have me to thank.

I felt the orgasm hit me with force of a lightening
bolt my legs buckled and we both went tumbling to the
ground. I expected her to try and run or at least pull
herself off my cock but she couldn’t do either. She was
out cold. I lay on the ground with her fat ass stuck on
my dick I tried to pull away but her ass was clinched

I lay there in the trash waiting for my dick to go
soft. When it softened up enough I pulled out and got
my pants up as quick as I could. Reality started to
sink in I just raped someone. I ran as fast as I could
from that alley and I never went to Rick’s again.

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